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Rhino Series 4-Stage 300,000 Gal. Whole House Water Filtration System with 20 in. Pre-Filter

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  • Supplies clean, healthy water to every faucet in your home
  • Protects your appliance and plumbing from hard water
  • Low maintenance tank designed to last up to three years
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Product Overview

The Aquasana 300,000 Gal. Whole House Water Filter supplies clean, great-tasting water to every faucet in your home, cabin, townhouse or condominium without requiring electricity, drainage or back-flushing. Chlorine and volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) can evaporate in shower steam, contaminating the air you breathe. Breathe easy with cleaner, healthier air. Rated for up to 300,000 Gal. , the system reduces more than 97% of chlorine present in tap as well as reducing other harmful contaminants such as pesticides, herbicides, rust, sediment, water-soluble metals and industrial solvents.
  • Reduce more than 97% of chlorine for healthy, great-tasting water throughout your entire home
  • Easy installation and replacement of tanks, lasting 3 years or 300,000 Gal.
  • Improves air quality within your home by reducing harmful volatile organic chemicals
  • Enjoy the healthiest showering experience for softer skin and shinier hair
  • Does not require electricity, drainage or backflushing and does not waste water
  • Stage 1: 20 in. sediment pre-filter reduces rust, sediment and silt
  • Stage 2: a blend of patented copper-zinc media reduces chloramine and water-soluble heavy metals while inhibiting the growth of bacteria and algae
  • Stage 3: activated carbon reduces herbicides, pesticides and other chemical compounds
  • Stage 4: post-filter reduces any remaining sediment and organic particles
  • Optional UV well kit (model # RT-WELL) attachment offers whole house protection from harmful well water contaminants, scale buildup, bacteria and viruses common in well water

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Rhino Series 4-Stage 300,000 Gal. Whole House Water Filtration System with 20 in. Pre-Filter
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Contaminants FilteredChlorineLead, Chlorine, Copper, IronLead, Copper, Iron
House Hold Size5-6 people8+ people3-4 people5-6 people
Filtration MethodKDFCTO,Carbon Block,KDF,Polypropylene,SedimentManganese Dioxide,Mechanical Filtration,SedimentUltraviolet Light
IncludesFilter,Hardware,Installation kitFilterFilter,Hardware,Installation kitNo Additional Items Included
Number of Stages4 Stage3 Stage1 Stage1 Stage
FeaturesNo additional featuresNo additional featuresBypass valve,Permanent settings memory,ProgrammableNo additional features
Application TypeWater TreatmentFood Service,Household,Water Treatment,Well WaterIndustrial,Water Treatment,Well WaterWater Treatment
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Fitting size (in.)
Product Depth (in.)
9 in
Product Height (in.)
46 in
Product Width (in.)
27 in


Application Type
Water Treatment
Bacteria Reduction (%)
Chlorine reduction (%)
Contaminants Filtered
Copper Reduction (%)
No additional features
Filtration Method
Fitting style
Fluoride Reduction (%)
House Hold Size
5-6 people
Filter,Hardware,Installation kit
Iron Reduction (%)
Lead reduction (%)
Maximum feed water pressure (psi)
Maximum feed water temperature (F)
Maximum filtered water flow (gallons per min.)
Minimum feed water pressure (psi)
Minimum feed water temperature (F)
Number of filters included
Number of Stages
4 Stage
Pack Size
Product Weight (lb.)
35 lb
Replacement Filter Type
Whole House Replacement Filters
Water Filtration System Type
Whole House

Warranty / Certifications

Certifications and Listings
NSF Certified
Manufacturer Warranty
3 Year

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The water filtration system is quiet and efficient and my water tastes great. Had it professional...
The water filtration system is quiet and efficient and my water tastes great. Had it professionally installed.
Response from Aquasana Service TeamAug 14, 2018
We appreciate your feedback, tdj!. If you need future assistance, please let us know! AquasanaServiceTeam
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We have this system installed and it just leaks. We keep trying to reach aquasana and they offer ...
We have this system installed and it just leaks. We keep trying to reach aquasana and they offer partial payment for a plumber. Even though it was installed by their recommended plumber. The tanks are not durable and will keep leaking water. Its been a headache for us for 2 years now. Their tanks don't even last an year. We have had to shut off the water source to it.
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    I had this installed and it immediately took away the smell of chlorine from the city water. Ver...
    I had this installed and it immediately took away the smell of chlorine from the city water. Very happy with the price, ease of installation and the filters ability to remove the odor in our water.
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    I reviewed a number of water treatment and filter systems before I chose the Aquasana. I have a ...
    I reviewed a number of water treatment and filter systems before I chose the Aquasana. I have a medical problem and I would like better water and this filter system delivers excellent water that removes chlorine, heavy metals, cyanide. The 300,000 gallon system that we installed has a suggested life of 3 years for a family of four. We are a family of two so we are hoping the system will last a little longer. We had Velocity Mechanical install the system for us. The price was very reasonable through Home Depot. We have had it a month now and are impressed with the water we get from the system. We have been able to purchase some of the glass water bottles through Aquasana and have almost stopped using the plastic water bottles altogether. The water taste is far superior to the bottled water from the grocery stores.
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    Very Pleased!
    I bought this filter because I live in central Texas and our water is extremely hard and has an oppressive amount of chlorine, so much so that we don't cook with our water, let alone drink it. Recently, the water began to have a negative effect on our skin and hair as well. The Home Depot shipped this to my house for free, and way faster than expected. The filter itself was packaged very nicely and came with all the parts and hardware as advertised. The instructions aren't terribly helpful, they actually focus on warning you about what not to do. This really isn't an issue because the concept is very straight forward and the filters themselves clearly indicate the flow direction, so it would be difficult to make a mistake. If you're going to do the install yourself, you should probably factor in at least $50 for parts. I actually spent about $150, but I went overkill on the installation and I had to buy a couple tools. My total install took about 6 hours, but that includes two trips to the HD and my time-consuming "measure six times, cut twice" construction policy. With a little planning, this filter system is extremely compact. I actually squeezed the whole system into a little more than 1ft sq of floor space. I designed my system so the filter could be completely bypassed in case of a leak or structural failure (not that I'm expecting that). I also added a hose bub downstream of the filter so I can flush new filters while they're installed, rather than doing it outside and hauling a filter full of water into the garage. Overall, I'm very pleased with the ease of installation. I drained my water heater before I turned on the filter and once the lines in the house were flushed, the difference was immediately noticeable. The chlorine smell is 100% gone and the water feels noticeably better on our skin. I don't think it actually reduced the hardness of our water, but the perceived hardness is greatly reduced. Its been a couple weeks now and the water quality is better than ever. I really love this filter and would definitely buy another and recommend it to anyone with issues similar to ours. Thank you.
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    Absolutely the best upgrade to our home
    Aquasana The Aquasana filter system was ordered online from The Home Depot. It arrived much earlier than expected, was very well packed and everything was in perfect condition. The complete instructions were very carefully followed to the letter and the installation proved to be very straightforward, without any difficulties. The results have been far beyond our expectations. Once the entire house system was purged of the old water the quality of the water from all faucets was superb. Not only does our drinking water taste great but the improvement in the flavor of tea and coffee is enormous. In the shower the soap and shampoos work quickly and we no longer need to use nearly so much to achieve a lather. Rinsing off leaves us feeling really clean. Our older dishwasher now works so much better with everything coming out perfectly clean and with no streaks. We have no regrets at all. We wish we had made this purchase much sooner and we heartily endorse it with no reservations whatsoever. It's definitely worth the investment.
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      sweet, delicious water!
      The number one thing people want to know about a water filter is how it performs. That's pretty simple. The RT-200 from Aquasana rocks. The number two thing that people want to know is what it takes to get there. And that answer is a bit more complicated. UNPACKING This filter is large. Very large. It came nicely packed, and with all of the necessary plumbing and hardware. All the pipes included were 3/4" grey plumbing PVC. The manual is pretty worthless, with NO installation instructions, and most of it spent detailing an optional UV attachment, which is not part of this unit. For something this complicated and critical, more attention should have been placed on the support. Lucky, in this modern age of technology, there were a number of YouTube videos that did a great job of showing a few different installation techniques. PLACEMENT My house in Los Angeles is a 1947 raised foundation single story SFR. The house does not have an attached garage, and no large vacant places near the laundry room, necessitating the placement of this filter outside. There was pretty much only one suitable installation location for this beast, and that was just outside the kitchen. Your situation might be quite different, but keep in mind this filter is really tall (41"), and needs a good 24" on either side for piping and valves. I got lucky in that this location is mostly shaded, as this unit should not be in direct sunlight. INSTALLATION Honestly, the actual installation of this filter was a total nightmare. Multiple trips to Home Depot and hours spent in a dark and dusty crawl-space under the house were required to get this unit up and running. I ended up spending over 12 hours start to finish on the placement, setup, and interior / exterior plumbing. The largest challenge was getting all of the copper piping situated correctly underneath the house. I have a good amount of experience sweating copper pipes, but the amount of actual modification was wholly unexpected. The problem was that the water comes into the house from the front, and then goes to the back of the house in one long run. Along that length of pipe, in multiple locations there are taps for the bathroom, laundry room, kitchen, etc. It would have been much easier to simply tap into the supply right at the entrance and bring those two pipes outside to where the installation was taking place. However, then all the water to the back yard (sprinklers, plants, etc) would have been filtered as well! And since probably a third of the water in the house goes to water the lawn, this would have been poor use for a water filter. In addition, this would have significantly reduced the life of the filter, and in essence increased the cost per gallon of filtered water. I decided to bite the bullet and create a branch near the input. One branch would be a straight run all the way to the back yard, and the other would get diverted to the filter, and then feed the rest of the plumbing. This, of course took much more time than anticipated, and ended up adding significantly to the cost. Copper pipe is not cheap, and all the additional hardware and supplies ended up adding an additional $200 to the total cost of the system. PERFORMANCE Thus far, i have no complaints about the performance of this Rhino water filtration unit. My biggest concern was that there would be a significant drop in pressure once this unit was installed. I've had bad experiences with shower-only filters that dropped the pressure to near unusable levels. With this whole-house unit, I am happy to report that there has been NO NOTICEABLE DROP in pressure! This most likely has to do with the supply being 3/4", while the destination pipes are 1/2". As far as taste, The water in my opinion tastes a tad bit sweeter than it did before. This is probably due to the chlorine removal which is a standard additive in municipal water supplies. I am thrilled that i can finally drink from the tap! One more thing to remember, is that this unit is not serviceable in any way. After it has completed it's task of 300,000 gallons, it must be replaced completely. Thankfully, this was thought out ahead of time, and the included plumbing couplings will make future replacement of this unit a snap. SUMMARY A nice water filter whose performance is just fantastic. Causes no drop in pressure. Installation is a bear, so make sure to plan your install well ahead of time. Know where you want to put the filter and get to know the layout of your pipes. Make sure to factor in the cost of additional hardware and supplies need for the job. Manual is worthless, but YouTube has some good videos.
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      Good carbon filter but over priced and non refillable
      This is a whole house carbon filter with pre-filter and 1st stage copper/zinc & mineral stone filter. The unit is large for a house without a place to tie into the water main in a basement, garage or water heater closet. Installation is easy and the grey PVC fittings are code for the water supply lines. PVC is not ok for the distribution lines which is why we typically don't see PVC in house plumbing. The main filter unit has 1" connections, but reducers are used to get it to match the 3/4" per filter. My house line is 1" to reduce pressure drop until the hot water and lawn sprinklers split off. Plan where the filter ties in so you reduce pressure loss and don't filter the water for the sprinklers. The performance is good for a carbon filter. The water tastes noticeably better. If you had any plastic taste in your water the carbon will remove it. The best course of action before purchasing any filter is to test you water to determine what you want to remove. There are many filter technologies and they all address different problems. There are a couple problems with this system, which is why I don't recommend it. First, the carbons filter holds 0.6 cubic feet of granulated activated carbon. This carbon cannot be replaced without buying a whole replacement unit for about the same price as the filter system. GAC is only $100 per cubic foot and many other brands of carbon filter do allow refills. A refillable unit costs about the same and will save you a lot of money after a few years when the carbon is spent. There did not appear to be anything special about how the carbon bed was packed to prevent this from being a refillable unit as claimed in the Aquasana website. Second problem is the first stage with the copper/zinc and mineral stone is mostly empty. There is about a cup and a half of this material in the two units I have. This could be a defect, but for both units to be this way is suspicious. A filter bed does not work unless the water can pass through the bed. With this small amount of material, the water would bypass to the outlet. Before buying, inquire about the amount of the copper/zinc media that should be in the 1st stage filter. The product literature implies a full bed of copper/zinc media, not a small amount that would just swirl around. Overall the filter will make your water better if the problem is something carbon will remove, like chlorine and other voc's. you should test your water first. I feel a refillable carbon filter is a better value. The copper/zinc filter will do nothing since it is not filled with enough media for the water to pass through.
      Response from THD CSAug 27, 2013
      Jason, We reached out to the brand about your review, and this is their response to you: "Thank you for taking the time to review our whole home filter. We were pleased that the resulting filtered water was noticeably better than the incoming tap water at your home, but did want to address a couple of items in your feedback to ensure that we are being as transparent as possible regarding our product and its performance. You mention that the amount of copper/zinc media in the upper tank of the system is insufficient. Aquasana has optimized the unit to upflow the copper/zinc media in the upper tank, thereby continually “fluffing” the media and allowing a maximum amount of contact time with the incoming water – higher contact time results in more effective contaminant reduction. This unit specifically stays away from creating a filter bed with the copper/zinc media as it is prone to channeling and therefore suffering from an unnecessary reduction in performance. The performance claims for this unit were independently certified by NSF and we are proud to stand behind these claims. We do appreciate your feedback regarding our product literature and will address the documentation to ensure clarity. Secondly, you indicate your preference for a product that allows the customer to refill the media. While this is possible, our concerns regarding the customer manipulating a +/- 100 pound saturated unit and correctly refilling the unit in a sanitary manner preclude us from recommending this approach. We have engineered our system and installation kit to allow the customer to easily swap one unit for another once a unit is in place, thereby avoiding any additional charges from a plumber. When compared with its peer group, we feel that the system offers customers a tremendous value proposition. If you have any further questions or concerns feel free to call us at 866-662-6885 and ask for Tony Wilson. Thank you."
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      Works well, no more chlorine taste. Relatively easy installation...
      Works well, no more chlorine taste. Relatively easy installation
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