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  • Offers erosion control
  • Use as ground cover or mulch
  • Great addition to flower beds
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Product Overview

Swift Straw Baled Pine Straw is here to help enhance the looks of your lawn. Use this straw to accent your lawn and help control erosion and weeds. These hand-raked pine needles provide a natural look to complement almost any landscape. It is used for erosion control, ground cover, and weed prevention. The straw adds nutrients and acidity to the ground to help keep your lawn healthy.
  • Offers erosion control and weed restraint
  • Beautiful color and natural texture can enhance your landscape
  • Natural product helps add nutrients and acidity back into the ground
  • Organic
  • Needles are manually feed into individual box balers, where they are compressed and tied to form a bale of pine straw
  • Note: Product may vary by store.
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retailers should grade each delivery from supplier to help customers
first about my latest purchase from home Depot. the pine straw was brown with no red. very little dirt. about 20 percent of the bails had some rot. delivery was very fast from my store and the driver was very efficient even though he was using a pallet jack and a lift gate, and going up my steep driveway. I was very happy with that......so now my suggestion. I have bought from home Depot and the blue team and even local landscapers. everybody has bad supply every once in a while. but I believe it is the responsibility of the retailer to sell their stock on anything that is natural by various grades. if I new I was getting rot and would pay less for the value, I would do that. but if I want top quality, I will also pay more for that. personally, I would always choose to pay more if I was getting consistent top quality. I am attaching a photo, left side is this latest delivery. you will notice it is more brown than on the right side. that delivery was a beautiful red/gold.
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    I don't know why there are so many bad reviews about this pine straw. Maybe I got lucky and got a...
    I don't know why there are so many bad reviews about this pine straw. Maybe I got lucky and got a good batch or maybe everyone is comparing it to some premium priced stuff? I don't know but my experience with it was just fine. I ordered 40 bales and there were very little sticks and out of the 40, around only 3 or so had some straw that was discolored. The way I feel is it's pine straw for $4/bale, you have to expect there to be some imperfections. If you're unsure about getting this, don't let the negative reviews sway you. Just go for it, you'll be glad you did!
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      Rolls rolls are smaller than the old rectangle bales!
      I have been in property management for decades and have bought tons of pine straw for properties I take care of. These new rolls of pine straw that Home Depot now carries are smaller than the bales I used to buy from the same place, yet they are advertised as more than twice the size of the old rectangle size bails, I am very disappointed and I will be looking elsewhere.
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        Rating provided by a verified purchaser...
        Rating provided by a verified purchaser
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        I buy a LOT of stuff from Home Depot, but I was very disappointed in this pine straw. I had it d...
        I buy a LOT of stuff from Home Depot, but I was very disappointed in this pine straw. I had it delivered to my home by Home Depot on two pallets; the delivery process was fine, and the delivery person was friendly and efficient. It's the product itself that was disappointing. The bales of pine straw contained a lot of weeds with lots of seeds that are now coming up in the area where I spread the pine straw (note: that area has landscape fabric over the dirt and has been in place for 3+ years; no weed problems prior to putting down this pine straw). Also, the bales contained good sized pine tree limbs (1-2" in diameter, along with big clods of dirt, a LOT of leaves and other debris). It was the dirtiest, worst-quality pine straw I have ever bought from anywhere (and I have bought a lot over the last 40 years).
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        This is for my local friends. I purchased 28 bails of Pine Straw at the Home Depot on Jonesboro Rd. McDonough, Ga. 04/14/21. If they had to list the ingredents, they would be, old dried out Pine straw, palmetto leaves, bark, sticks, ferns, and plastic. The palmetto leaves had turned white, so they stick out like a sore thumb. Now I’ve got to spend about an hour picking out the trash, then try to find some clean straw to cover this crap
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          Love it! A natural, responsibly sourced, inexpensive mulch.
          I'm never going back to pine bark nugget mulch in plastic bags!!! The bad reviews of this product are undeserved. I loved finding the occasional pine cone and odd stick here and there. It adds to the naturalized look. People thinking they deserve 100% sifted pine needles for this price point should check out the price for that product: it's TWENTY times more expensive from the rainforset site AND comes rolled in plastic netting! It's not like there's a ton of pine cones or sticks either. After forty bales, I'd say an average of one pine cone and three sticks per four bales. One bale had a small damp spot with some white probably fungus. People who expect a natural renewable resource to be pristine probably expect organic produce to be spotless and perfect too. Nature isn't like that. I appreciate the company's hard work and dedication to making such a wonderful product available to the public, even in the face of people who complain in such a spiteful way. If I was running the company and read the undeserved bad reviews it would kill my spirit. I hope they are able to tune out the entitled whiners. Just one small voice in the crowd saying well done and THANK YOU!
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            Dissatisfied with pine needles
            So much of this spongy stuff in all 10 bales of the pine straw I just got. I have to pick it all out. Very disappointing!
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              I purchased two bales and attempted to use them the same day; however, after removing all the dec...
              I purchased two bales and attempted to use them the same day; however, after removing all the decayed pine straw, twigs and pine cones, I was left with maybe one bale of usable pine straw. It was very disappointing! I'm staying as safe as possible by only using curbside, otherwise I would have gone in the store and requested a refund. Giving two stars rather than one since some was usable. (Pic of tub shows a portion of the unusable matter and other pic is a bale with the debris)
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              Perfect! Exactly what I wanted. Using as mulch around some vegetable plants and perennial flowers...
              Perfect! Exactly what I wanted. Using as mulch around some vegetable plants and perennial flowers in 4 garden beds to keep moisture in. I like the natural look of it and it was easy for me to pull out pieces as needed to use. Great value! Highly recommend.
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