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Wireless HD 720P White Pan and Tilt Wi-Fi Dome Standard Surveillance Camera with 2-Way Audio and Night Vision

  • HD- 720P, crystal clear viewing, detail and fluid movement.
  • Night Vision- See what's going on even in the dark.
  • Plug & Play- Download App, plug in the cord, connect to WiFi
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Product Overview

Bayit Cam HD allows you to keep an eye on your Home, Baby, Pets or Office. Just plug in the power cord, connect to your Wi-Fi network and start watching in minutes. With HD 720P viewing and Pan and Tilt functionality Bayit Cam HD will be your eyes when you are not there.
  • HD720P- video for crystal clear viewing with bright colors, brisk details and fluid movement
  • Night vision- infrared night vision so you can see whats going on even in the dark
  • Plug and play- downloads the free Bayit cam application, plug in the power cord, connect to your Wi-Fi network and start watching in minutes
  • 2-way audio- built in microphone and speaker so you can listen and respond to what's happening
  • Pan and tilt- control movement of Bayit cam HD from your mobile device so you can get a 360 degree view all the time
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Product Depth (in.)
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Camera Connection
Wireless Cameras
Camera Product Type
Camera Resolution
720 TVL
Camera Technology
IP/ Network
Camera Use
Indoor Only
Field of View
360 Degrees
Hardwired or Plug-In
Hub Required
No hub connection available
Image Sensor Type
No Additional Items Included
Night Vision Distance (ft.)
Number of Cameras Included
Operating Range (ft.)
Power Options
Product Weight (lb.)
Remote Access
Remote Access
Requires Hub?
No Hub Required
Smart Home
Smart Home Enabled
Smart Home Protocol
Voice Control Hub Required
No Voice Control
Works With
No additional compatibility

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Got a second one after running the first one for about 10 months. Now have both running with one ...
Got a second one after running the first one for about 10 months. Now have both running with one mounted outside under cover for much better view of outside activity. Have used the motion detection feature to notify you when something was moving but a bit too sensitive and it picked up the shadow of leaves blowing on the trees as motion. Set them up using the wired connection to the router, then disconnected the wire and use wireless only. So easy. Also, used the MIC and speaker to audio occasionally. Camera's work great and at the sale price an OK deal.
Response from Bayit Home AutomationMay 18, 2022
Hello Casey, Unfortunately, we are no longer able to provide support for this product as it has been discontinued from our inventory. bayithomeautomation
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    You can't beat this for the price. It's the perfect first step in home security or add on to your...
    You can't beat this for the price. It's the perfect first step in home security or add on to your existing system. Way more flexibility then my home security cameras. I love the audio function. I highly recommend it.
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    Not perfect, but...
    We got this to be able to monitor and talk to our 3 year old in her room. I love the features on this, which is why I bought it, but I would love them even more if they worked right all the time. Most of the time this camera is glitchy for us and we have to exit out of the app and go back in to refresh the picture instead of it staying up to date live on it's own. Also, the pan features rarely work while viewing live too (need to exit out of the app and go back in to refresh for this too). This camera system would get 5 stars if not for those issues. The setup was easy, and the picture is good. Because I got it on sale, and I really like the 2 way speaker feature, we are keeping it, but had I paid full price it would be returned for sure. It may be like this because we also have a different brand of wirless security cameras that might be interfering with the signal, but I can't say for sure. If you get one, save your receipt just in case.
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    capable, but rough around the edges
    SETUP The first step in setting up this camera was connecting it to a PC. Following a quick visit to the website to download a searcher program (not specified in the manual), the camera was detected and could be set up. Putting in the wireless network & password then allowed connection from a mobile device. QUALITY Unfortunately, despite being branded as a 720p, the quality of the video stream is lower than i would have wanted. There is no "zoom" feature, which limits the ability to really home in on one object. The vast majority of the time, regardless of the setting chosen, the quality dropped down to "low." This was frustrating as even when connected to the same WIFI, you couldn't get the best quality. CONNECTIVITY The connectivity gets mixed ratings. First off, it seems to drop out randomly. The video stream will be running, and then freezes all of a sudden. You know this happens because there is a time mark overlayed in the top right hand corner, and the seconds stop counting. Most times you have to back out, disable the stream, and re-enable it. The update speed of the settings is quite slow. If you change a quality setting or something similar, you get about a minute of update time before the image returns. When the video is running, however, there is about a 1 second delay from live feed until the change occurs on the video( on the same WIFI). The one unexpected feature in this camera is its remote ability. Once you have it connected to your device on the same WIFI, you can access this camera from ANYWHERE! I was literally laying on the beach, near a free WIFI connection, and i decided to see if i could access the camera. Low and behold, as soon as i started up the app, there was the live video stream! I am quite impressed with this camera's ability to get outside of the local network and firewall and be accessed without any additional settings. Pretty cool. APP & IMPLEMENTATION I download the app on both an Android Smartphone and an Apple iPad. The Android device seemed to drop out more, and the up-down movement was not accessible with swiping the image. You had to use the arrow buttons on the bottom. There is an app made for the iPhone, but not the much bigger iPad. I downloaded the app for the iPhone, and the iPad by default enlarges the entire thing to fit the screen. This made the previously mentioned "low" image quality even worse, as it was magnified. But at least the app worked. FEATURES Excellent night vision illuminates a very large room rather well. The infrared LEDs illuminate automatically once the light level drops down to a certain point. Unfortunately, you can see the LEDs in the dark, and it gives the camera's location away quite readily. Lots of wall mounting options are included in the box. The power cord, however, seems to be a bit too short, at just around 4 feet. Most of my outlets were around the 5' mark, limiting where i could place the camera temporarily. The audio was mostly clear from the room, but i didn't get a chance to test to speaker. SUMMARY This IP camera gets the highest marks in ease of setup, easy of application use, and ability to connect remotely. Lots of nice features such as two-way microphone along with remote pan & tilt elevate this camera to the big leagues. Unfortunately, connection & quality issues, along with un-refined apps for both Android and Apple mar what could have been a stellar product.
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    Security where you need it.
    I would recommend this camera, I am very impressed with it. All the parts needed come in the box. I had the camera and App up and working in about 5 minutes. You will need a smart phone to download the App. It has a pan and tilt wifi dome camera with 2 way audio and night vision. Just down load the App to your phone, Hook up the camera to your wifi and load up the camera. The camera has great clarity of picture. I set it up outside to show the clear picture on my phone. I could hear the noises outside and you can use a mic to talk with. I tried this camera out in different spots in my house and it worked great. I set the camera to watch my kids while I went outside and the picture was so clear and I could hear them talking. Lots of variety of uses for this camera. Night vision to see in the dark. 360 degree view. I can move the camera around, with just a push of the button on my phone. This camera is quality made and I am very happy with it. I think you will not be disappointed.
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    Very Good Camera!
    The Bayit Cam is a very good wireless 720P HD Camera. It is well built, looks good, and works well most of the time. Hardware Quality: The camera is well built and feels solid. Of course it is made of plastic but does not feel cheap at all. The pan & tilt movement feels solid and the motors appear to be strong. The wall mount bracket is also well made and feels solid. It requires minor assembly and allows adjustment before tightening. Setup: You need to download the App to operate this camera. It is available in Google Play (Android) and the App Store (iOS). You need to use the ethernet cable to connect the camera to your router for initial setup. But you no longer need the cable after you configure WiFi and get it up & running. The camera needs 120V supply and does not have a backup battery. The provided cable is a little short for mounting the camera at high level. Functionality: This camera allows pan & tilt and the range of motion is great and allows you to cover a large area (see video). This is controlled through the App by hitting the pan & tilt arrows or swiping the screen in the desired direction. The camera also allows 2-way audio although the audio quality and sound level are not that great. It allows connecting a mic & speaker to resolve that. The camera automatically switches to night mode in low light conditions. It takes a second or two to switch modes. You can zoom in using the app but quality will get distorted. The camera also has a motion detection function. You can record videos and take snapshots and save them to your smartphone. One of the negatives is that when I record a video it takes several minutes for the video to show up in my gallery. I'm not sure why that happens but in case it matters I use an HTC One (Android) phone. Another negative is that the App crashes sometimes, but it is reasonably reliable if you're not using it for a critical security activity or something like that! Video Quality: Video quality is very good. Resolution of 720P is suitable for most applications. You can use this to watch your kids, pets or whatever necessary knowing that the image will be clear and the colors will be vivid (see video). I am particularly impressed with the night mode, which of course is black & white but the quality is very good (see video). User Manual: Arguably the worst thing is the user manual for this camera. It comes with a good list of instructions on setting up the camera for the first time (which takes a couple of minutes only), but it lacks instructions for using the app and the different functionalities. You may need to figure things out on your own or request help from tech support. Tech Support: I needed help from Tech Support to figure out some things while using the App. I opened a case on their website and received an email response the next day, which was good. There is no phone number to request help by phone. Recommended? I recommend this product and it really earns the 4 stars, but I feel that providing better instructions, a phone number for tech support, a longer power cable, and a more reliable App will make this a 5 star product.
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    Received this camera as a Christmas gift to keep an eye on my dogs. It was easy to set up. Pret...
    Received this camera as a Christmas gift to keep an eye on my dogs. It was easy to set up. Pretty straight forward. The app can hook up to 4 total cameras. I love the pan function that lets me look at other areas of the room such as the back door. The pan custom presets are nice so besides manually panning you can just pan to different spots you pre-set with a single push. The mobile app works well and I have it set up at work all day streaming live over wifi. Night vision works well. The mic pics up words very well from at least 15 feet away so you can hear any noise thru the app, however the speaker is worthless. It is not loud enough to talk back to someone. They have to put their ear to it to even hear what is being said back thru it....so the 2 way audio is kind of worthless. Pics and video can be saved and recorded to somewhere. You can access them thru the app but there is no way to send them anywhere. They are not actually saved anywhere I can find on the phone or iPad or computer. So you have to take a screen shot with your camera. If there is a way to email or save somewhere on your computer or device it is not obvious and is not explained anywhere in the literature or Q&A. I could not get the motion alters and recording to work to my satisfaction but I did not try very hard. The biggest problem for me with their supposedly wireless camera is that if your wireless router has any special symbols in it (@$#&$*, etc) BayIt system does not recognize them and thus cannot log into your router to be wireless. SO, you must sit it near your router so you can keep it connected with an Ethernet cord. Completely defeats the purpose of wireless if your wireless system is with a cable provider (such as AT&T) and all their router passwords have special characters in them. This problem is a tiny footnote in their technical support literature that you almost cant even find. Kind of a big deal to hide away. For my use of mostly keeping an eye on my dogs either streaming or just checking in and the camera placement I needed just happened to be next to my router box so I could plug it in, the camera works just fine for what I need, although I wish I could talk back to them thru it and tell them to settle down, etc. But to actually use it to monitor the house would require wireless placement in a better position and being able to email pics and recordings to the police should anything happen. Something happened to my camera after 5 months and it would suddenly not work (I suspected a power surge). I called customer support and they mailed me a new one right away as soon as I provided tracking that I had put the bad one back to them in the mail. So I was pleased with their willingness to replace it, even without a receipt because it was a gift. Because of the wireless password issue, lack of ability to get to the video or pictures to share, and unusable 2-way audio because of the speaker I am only giving this 3 stars. But if you wanted to use it as a nanny cam or pet cam or baby cam and you happen to be able to put it where it can plug into your router or your wireless password can be changed to have no special characters so it is truly wireless, then it is a pretty decent little camera, but overpriced at $99.
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      Did not work upon set up ...
      Did not work upon set up
      Response from Bayit Home AutomationMay 18, 2022
      Hello, Unfortunately, we are no longer able to provide support for this product as it has been discontinued from our inventory. bayithomeautomation
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      Did not operate properly not satisfied with this device
        This would be a great product if it was $19.99 on late night tv (with free shipping). For a real...
        This would be a great product if it was $19.99 on late night tv (with free shipping). For a real product, it is a miserable failure. If you hook it to a wired network, all is good, but the wireless networking is very poorly implemented. I contacted Bayit Home and all they said was sorry, the wireless networking can work in some situations. Obviously there are much better products out there for not much more money.
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