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MAP-Pro FirePoint Creator Tool Torch

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  • Built for single-handed use with easy on/off ignition
  • Slip-resistant handle facilitates comfortable grip
  • Lightweight design ensures easy maneuverability
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Product Overview

The Bernzomatic FirePoint Creator Tool pairs the power of precision with the intensity of Bernzomatic MAP-PRO heat to help you achieve truly unique creations. Experience full control for your detailed woodworking, metalworking, jewelry, art and home decor projects with this compact tool featuring an adjustable, precision flame and a slip-resistant, versatile grip handle. It is designed for single-handed use with auto on/off ignition and continuous flame lock option. The portable, lightweight fuel stand provides stability for a 14 oz or 16 oz fuel cylinder while you work and includes a heat-resistant torch dock to safely and conveniently store the hot tool after switching off the flame. The FirePoint Creator Tool is compatible with Bernzomatic MAP-PRO and Propane fuel. Limited 3-Year Warranty.
  • Adjustable, precision flame ideal for detailed woodworking, metalworking, glass, plastics, fluid arts and other materials
  • Slip-resistant versatile handle designed for pistol or pencil-style grip
  • Compatible with Bernzomatic 14.1 oz MAP-PRO and 14.1 oz and 16 oz Propane Fuel Cylinders
  • Portable fuel stand offers a heat-resistant torch dock to safely and conveniently store the hot tool after switching off the flame. Thoughtfully designed workbench-friendly features
  • Pressure regulated for consistent performance when inverted
  • Instant on/off ignition with flame lock
  • On/Off fuel control
  • Designed for single-handed use with auto on/off ignition and continuous flame lock option
  • Flexible 41" fuel hose makes torch lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Includes FirePoint Creator Tool and 1 lightweight, portable fuel stand compatible with 14 oz or 16 oz fuel cylinder
  • California residents

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A versatile tool that will satisfy the needs of the hobbyist/creator while filling in for many around-the-house chores (e.g., plumbing repair), the Fire Point Creator Tool comes with a molded polymeric base, flexible gas hose (41 inches long), and a handheld (comfort grip) torch. The base has provision to screw to a work surface (or carry-all that one could easily make) to provide stability when the 14 or 16 oz. MAPP or propane cylinder is inserted in the recess provided. A cylindrical recess is molded into the base (and provided with a metal sleeve) for storing the hand torch when not in use. Although the instructions indicate that this is to be used after the torch nozzle (“heat tube”) has cooled down, for intermittent use I found it to be able to accommodate the torch without damage to the surrounding material. The torch handle contains a push-to-operate control to start the gas flow and ignite the flame, while a flame adjustment know is provided to permit adjusting the flame size to the task at hand (small crafts or plumbing repair). The on/off control has a lock position to maintain it in the on position. At the opposite end of the hose is a regulator assembly to connect to the gas cylinder and provide a positive shut off for the gas supply to the torch. The manufacturer provides a 3-year warranty against defects in material and/or workmanship. When connected to a MAPP cylinder, the igniter provided instant flame when pushed and, although small in size, when used to sweat some fittings on copper tube, the results were quite good. While the flame adjustment will not allow a super small flame (as is possible with some “micro-torches”) the smaller flame size should be adequate for crafts such as stained-glass window soldering and brazing wire frame models or small metal sculptures. When used at a crafting workstation, the provision for screwing the base to a surface will be convenient and adequate, the tool would be more useful for other household tasks with the addition of outriggers and a carry handle. If this is your intended usage, it would be easy enough to fabricate same from a piece of plywood and a section of all-thread. This item will definitely be a go-to addition to your tool repertoire (maybe even use it in the kitchen for crème brulee)!
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Very handy for torch users
This is a very handy outfit if you need to direct the flame over, under and around objects and can't ever seem to get the gas cannister into the right position or positioned without it flaming out. Because this kit has a nice long hose and a compact flame "handle" you can do just that...reach around the item you are working on from a varity of positions without worrying about the torch flaming out.
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Works okay
The idea and concept of this torch is nice. The good first. With the hose setup, it makes it easier to get into tight places without fighting the canister around obstacles. The base for the tank is setup for the two most common tank sizes. The base also is setup with molded in screw holes so if you need to, you can add a piece of wood to give it a bigger and more stable base. The torch flame is fairly small in diameter, so it's a lot easier to control when you need to keep the flame tight. Now here's the bad. The hose, in my opinion is to short for a lot of jobs. It's only about 3 feet long, so you need your base pretty close to your work area. I would like it probably twice as long. The flame is small like I said so it does have limitations on how hot you can get something. I understand that it is designed that way, but it would be nice if you could get change something to get a flame between this and the standard torch. But overall, it seems to be well built and should last a long time. Oh yeah, it has a built in lighter, which works well.
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Really well thought out! Super useful!
Here is my review of the Bernzomatic FirePoint Creator Tool. Bernzomatic has really thought this tool through. From the wide stable base the multi keyed storage slot for the torch handle and the simple 1/4 turn to open the gas valve. The base can be mounted to a bench-top and will accept standard 14oz. or wide 16oz. fuel bottles. You can use regular propane or Bernzomatic MAP-Pro®! The gas valve is simple and safe. One quarter turn for on or off. The Bernzomatic FirePoint Creator Tool comes with a very generous 3 foot hose. The handle has an on/off ignition and has a continuous flame lock option. (see the demo in the video) The handle is made with a soft no-slip rubber and the flame adjuster in built into front half of the handle. One of the neatest features of the torch is the torch dock. It is keyed so that you can stick the torch in the position you like. It won't spin around or get tangled. Also, the dock is lined with a metal sleeve so you can dock the hot torch at any time while working. You don't have to wait for the torch to cool down. This Bernzomatic FirePoint Creator Tool has and will be used for so many projects. Bernzomatic includes a 3 year warranty. This a tool I can behind 100%!
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Great precise torch
This Bernzomatic FirePoint Creator Tool is a nice precise torch with an infinitely adjustable 7/8 inch to 2-inch-long very narrow, roughly 1/8 inch to a point, flame. It is really easy to adjust the flame using the dial on top of the hand-held tool. The on off trigger works as easy as an electric switch and since that is separate from the flame setting the adjustment stays the same as you turn the flame on and off. The instant flame on off works perfectly. I had a concern about the hose interfering with the handling of the tool but that is not a problem. The base that holds the tank can work with both tall and fat fuel tanks and the tool resting hole works very nicely to help avoid having the hot end find the fuel hose, a definitely undesirable event. The torch works with propane, MAP and BZ8360T gas making the range of uses quite wide. The design allows for all sorts of gripping for excellent control. One word of caution - when separated from the fuel tank the hose still has pressurized fuel inside which will be ignited by pressing the on off switch. I suggest closing the valve at the tank and burning off the tube contents before storing. This is a great addition to my toolset.
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Great tool
I need a good torch for some metal and jewelry working, and this was a great find. There was some really good ideas when they made this product. I love the stand as it keeps the cylinder stable and also allows the torch to be stored easily. The handle really comfortable to hold, and has the on/off switch right there. The control is great if you want a low or high flame, and stays consistent. Overall, a great tool to have.
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Great tool
The Bernzomatic FirePoint Creator Tool Torch is a great design and easy to use. The base holds the gas cylinder so it will not likely fall over or get knocked over when in use. I like the fact that you don't need a lighter to light the torch, just press the button to light it and slide it forward to stay on. The torch has an adjustable flame on the top of the hand-held part. The torch is a very useful tool and easy to operate. The base has a place to store the torch and the knob on top turns the gas on or off with just a 1/4 turn.
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Super fun to use!!
What a fun tool to use, I can’t stop!! I am new at making burnt wood signs and creations. I ordered this Bernzomatic FirePoint torch to learn the craft. It is so simple and intuitive to use. I like that the torch lights itself, simply push the ignite switch. There is a dial that adjusts the flame from low to high. I found that high flame will quickly darken a piece of wood, the low setting is great for more gradual burning. The control of the burn area is amazing due to the flame being concentrated in a small triangle. It feels like you are air brushing burnt color to wood, very precise. So far I have just experimented by burning scrap pieces of pine wood. I want to understand how it works before tackling something complicated. Check out my photos for ideas. It can stripe burn marks to wood by dragging the tip or make outlines using metal as a stencil. I used metal washers to see how it turned out. Overall a well designed and extremely fun tool to use.
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A Great Tool at your Fingertips
Bernzomatic really got it right with this Creator tool torch. It is a new Model. BZ8360T comes with a sturdy holder for the fuel which includes a metal torch stand. I really like the comfortable torch handle which includes an instant on and off button, an adjustable flame control, and a non-slip grip. I am able to work on my project over three feet away from the stand thanks to the long fuel hose. This is great because the some of the parts are 32 inches long. At the point where I screw the hose to the cylinder there is an off/on switch. When taking a break or quitting for the day, it is simple to turn off the fuel using the control switch. I anticipate many hours of creative work with this torch on glass, plastic and wood.
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Nice adjustable flame crafting torch
This is really a great tool to have around for many craft and hobby uses. It will accept a tank of either Bernzomatic MAP-Pro and Propane fuel so really the uses are multiplied by that versatility, and it can be used for soldering as well. I know PEX and a few other products have reduced the need to solder but out house is mostly copper pipe with soldered joints that from time. You get the torch which is on a nice long hose and a base for the tank that you provide. In the base is a well to set the hot tip down into when you need to set it down. The flame is adjustable right on the torch and it ignites itself when you push the on lever/button on the torch
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Showing 1-10 of 13 reviews