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Solder and Flux Kit

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  • All-in-one plumbing kit for your soldering jobs
  • Use for soldering copper pipes and hot water heaters
  • Certified safe for use in potable water systems
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Product Details

About This Product

The Bernzomatic SSW400PK is an all-in-one plumbing solder kit. The contains the essentials to complete your basic plumbing soldering jobs. Ideal for soldering copper pipes or hot water heaters.


  • 4 oz. of silver bearing lead free solid wire solder
  • Water soluble flux
  • Sand cloth included
  • Flux brush
  • Convenient all in one package
  • Lead Free
  • NSF 61 certified safe for potable water systems
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Product Information

Internet # 203507471

Model # 333559

Store SKU # 872318

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Dimensions: H 5.8 in, W 7.8 in, D 1.1 in


Container Size (oz.)


Product Depth (in.)

1.1 in

Product Height (in.)

5.8 in

Product Width (in.)

7.8 in


Color Family


Flux required


Flux Type

Soldering Flux

Maximum Flux Temperature (F)


Solder Type


Soldering Product Type


Tools Product Type

Power Tool

Questions & Answers

Q:Why is it not good to use it wouldnt let the solder stick to the pipe
by|Nov 2, 2017
5 Answers
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A:  I had the same problem. I tried different flux and mine worked better too.

by|Feb 9, 2020
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A:  This is very difficult to answer not knowing what prep was done etc. It is very important to clean the pipe prior to applying flux or heat. I have used many different types of flux with good results, but the main thing was to always clean the pipe first. I suspect that the first flux you used cleaned the pipe well enough for the second flux to do its job...Hope this helps.

by|Nov 16, 2017

A:  Dear Leo, to answer your question, the solder itself is defective, just a bad product.

by|Jul 22, 2020

    A:  1st, did you clean the joints? Did you apply to much flux? Did you adequately heat the joint prior to applying solder?' All of these items can effect the quality of the soldering job. Grease from your hands can affect the joint. Always clean the joint, use flux sparing and ensure the joint is heated to a point where the solder liquefies upon touch to the joint.

    by|Feb 9, 2020
    1 found this answer helpful

    A:  it worked fine on my pipes. If you don't clean the pipe first, get enough flux on the pipe or get it hot enough then it wont stick.

    by|Feb 9, 2020
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      Hi I used this flux kit. Even though I not a professional plumber, I use this flux for soldering ...
      Hi I used this flux kit. Even though I not a professional plumber, I use this flux for soldering pipe to connect my water heater. It worked fine and no leak. I save around $800 by doing the job myself. Easy to use, no brainer.
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      This kit comes with a roll of solder, a can of flux, a brush and two small pieces of sandpaper. ...
      This kit comes with a roll of solder, a can of flux, a brush and two small pieces of sandpaper. For the average DIYer this would be an easy way to get everything you need to sweat a joint together in one convenient package...if it actually worked. However, the first joint I tried was an epic failure because the solder would not pull into the joint. I re-cleaned and fluxed everything, tried a different roll of solder and still no luck. On the third try I used different flux and the solder from this kit and it worked just fine. I tried another fitting just to make sure and had the same results. This flux just does not produce the capillary action needed to pull solder into the joints. Three of the four parts of the kit work fantastically. The flux is horrible.
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      The Bernzomatic all in one plumbing solder kit has everything necessary to solder or “sweat” copp...
      The Bernzomatic all in one plumbing solder kit has everything necessary to solder or “sweat” copper joints for your plumbing needs. The kit contains lead free solder (safe for joining potable drinking water joints), paste type flux and a small piece of emery cloth for prepping the pipe to be joined. As with most projects, preparation is the key. There are three components to a successful non-leaking solder joint. They are as follows; first properly clean the pipes to be joined with the provided emery cloth, second apply the soldering flux to both pipes to be joined and lastly heat the joints (not the solder) evenly and allow the solder to flow into the joint. I have used this product on several occasions around the house and have not had any issues. As a sidebar, I have added a comment on the part that soldering flux plays in the soldering process. I must attribute this comment to an on-line resource as I have often wondered why we must use this product for good soldering results. In high-temperature metal joining processes (welding, brazing and soldering), the primary purpose of flux is to prevent oxidation of the base and filler materials. For example, tin-lead solder attaches very well to copper, but poorly to the various oxides of copper, which form quickly at soldering temperatures. In summary, this is a nice kit to add to your home repair arsenal as it is an all in one package containing all that is needed (except a heat source) and is lead free for usage in joining potable water piping.
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      Flux is trash
      I was kind of insecure as I do quite a bit of plumbing but could not get these joints to hold. The flux was just not working how it should, then I looked at the reviews and see everybody has this problem with the flux!
        AVOID! Flux is junk
        AVOID AVOID AVOID I could not figure out why I was having such a hard time soldering some simple 3/4" copper fittings. Everything was cleaned and prepped well but the solder would just bead off and not wrap around and get into the joint. Then I read some of these reviews and realized it was the stupid flux from this kit which is apparently junk. I went and purchased Oatey's #95 flux paste and immediately went to work, soldering a few dozen fittings perfectly, cleanly, and without a single problem. I will say the solder wire in this kit works fine so if you've already got it, go ahead and use it. The flux in this kit is JUNK and should be taken off the market.
        Response from BernzomaticProductsExpertJan 24, 2023
        Hello, and thank you for your contact. We apologize that your experience fell short of your expectation. We stand behind our products; and with that perspective, we value all reviews as an integral part of continuing to improve our products. We would appreciate you contacting us at: Bernzomatic@WorthingtonIndustries.com so that we may learn more about your experience. Thank you. BernzomaticProducts
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          Zero stars - take this product off the shelf
          I bought this product a month ago to do a small plumbing job. The job should have been easy and quick, but the flux in this package is utterly useless. Instead of cleaning and tinning the copper, it actually tarnished the metal and PREVENTED bonding. There are NO applications where this flux is useful. Consumers: Avoid this product like the plague. Home Depot: permanently take this product off the shelf. Benzomatic/Harris: stop even making this product, it's totally useless!!
            Showing 1-10 of 59 reviews