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12.5 lb. 3-in-1 Weed and Feed for Southern Lawns

  • Each bag covers up to 5,000 sq. ft.
  • Prevents new lawn weeds, including crabgrass for up to 6 months
  • Kills broadleaf weeds including dollarweed, dandelion & clover
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Product Overview

Just one application of BioAdvanced 3-in-1 Weed & Feed for southern lawns kills lawn weed and prevents new ones, including crabgrass, for up to 6 months. Plus it greens, feeds and strengthens your lawn for a thick, healthy turf. It delivers season long weed control that is simple and easy to use and won't harm your lawn when used as directed. No need for frequent re-application. Up to 6 months of weed control plus feeding has never been easier.
  • Southern Lawns: BioAdvanced Weed and Feed is specially formulated for Southern lawns
  • 6-Month Protection: Prevents broadleaf, grassy weeds, and crabgrass for up to 6 months
  • Weed Killer: Kills weeds including Dandelion, Dollarweed, and Clover
  • Lawn Fertilizer: Feeds, greens, and strengthens your lawn
  • Do not use on bahia grass, ormond variety of bermuda grass, fescue, bentgrass, carpetgrass, kikuyugrass, ryegrass or dichondra lawns
  • What is the Best Fertilizer for my Yard?

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12.5 lb. 3-in-1 Weed and Feed for Southern Lawns
Name30-0-4 5M 12.5lbs. Weed and Feed Fertilizer17 lbs. Fairway Formula Spring Fertilizer with Crabgrass PreventerTurf Builder 20.07 lb. 4,000 sq. ft. Triple Action Lawn Fertilizer12.5 lb. 3-in-1 Weed and Feed for Southern Lawns
Season UseAll-Season,Fall,Spring,Summer,WinterFall,SpringFall,SpringFall,Spring
FeaturesControls Broad Leaf,Kills Chickweed,Kills Clovers,Kills Common Weeds,Kills Dandelion,Kills Dollarweed,Quickly Greens,Weed & FeedControls Broad Leaf,Controls CrabgrassKills Chickweed,Kills Clovers,Kills Common Weeds,Kills Crab Grass,Kills Dandelion,Kills Dollarweed,Weed & FeedKills Clovers,Kills Common Weeds,Kills Crab Grass,Kills Dandelion,Kills Dollarweed,Weed & Feed
Emergent TypePost-EmergentPre and Post EmergentPre and Post EmergentPre and Post Emergent
Compatible Grass TypeAll Purpose,Bent Grass,Bermuda,Bluegrass,Centipede,Fescue,Rye,St. Augustine (Floratam),Tall Fescue,ZoysiaBent Grass,Bermuda,Bluegrass,Centipede,Fescue,Rye,St. Augustine (Floratam),Tall Fescue,ZoysiaBluegrass,Fescue,Tall FescueBermuda,Centipede,St. Augustine (Floratam),Zoysia
N-P-K Ratio30-0-426-0-516-0-135-0-3
Delivery MethodGranularGranularGranularGranular
Coverage Area (sq. ft.)5000 ft²5000 ft²40005000.000
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Coverage Area (sq. ft.)
Package Size (lb.)
Product Depth (in.)
Product Height (in.)
Product Width (in.)


Active Ingredients
Dicamba acid, Penoxsulam, Indaziflam
Application Method
Application Type
Area of Use
Bag Weight (lb.)
Compatible Grass Type
Bermuda,Centipede,St. Augustine (Floratam),Zoysia
Concentrated or Ready to Use
Ready to use
Contact or systemic
Contact and Systemic
Coverage Area (sq. ft.)
Delivery Method
Dry Fertilizer Type
Dry Lawn Fertilizer
Emergent Type
Pre and Post Emergent
Equivalent ready to use amount
Extended Control
Extended Control
Kills Clovers,Kills Common Weeds,Kills Crab Grass,Kills Dandelion,Kills Dollarweed,Weed & Feed
Fertilizer Formula
Longevity (weeks)
N-P-K Ratio
Pack Size
Primary Active Ingredient
Dicamba acid
Safe for Edibles
Season Use
Time release
Slow release
Weed Type
Beggarweed,Broadleaf Plantain,Clover,Cocklebur,Common Chickweed,Crabgrass,Creeping Charlie,Dandelion,Dollarweed Lawn Pennywort,English Lawn Daisy,False Dandelion,Florida Betony,Hawkweed,Heal-All,Henbit,Knotweed,Lambsquarters,Lespedeza,Mallow,Matchweed,Nutsedge,Pennywort,Plantain,Shepards Purse,Smartweed,Speedwell,Spotted Spurge,Spurweed,Thistle,Wild Violet,Wood Sorrel

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty
Money back guarantee: If you are not satisfied with this product, we will gladly refund your original purchase price.

Questions & Answers


Does it kill fire ants

Asked by Trish October 10, 2020

Hello Trish! The 3 in 1 Weed & Feed product is just a weed killer and fertilizer. It does not contain any pesticides that would provide insect control. To control fire ants I would recommend applying our Fire Ant Killer Dust. This product may be applied directly to the mound. The dust does get carried throughout the nest to kill the queen and eliminate the colony. Jessica

how much?

Asked by cheng June 8, 2020

Bag treats 5,000 sf, there are spreader settings on the bag, Works best if you cut your lawn 2 days in advance and apply early morning while grass is still damp and temperature is lower.

How long do I have to wait to mow after I apply weed and feed ?

Asked by Camille May 6, 2020

Hi Camille! You may mow 2-3 days after application. We do recommend leaving the cuttings from the 1st 3 mowings on the lawn so as not to interfere with the preventative weed barrier. Jessica

if I put this down and get a pop up rain shower in two hours, what harm is it? We can not control showers in FL

Asked by SP July 14, 2019

For best results the weed and feed needs to sit on your lawn for 24 hours in order to soak in prior to rain. If a shower pops up prior to the 24 hour mark it makes the product less effective.

Is this a glyphosate only herbicide? How long should I wait after application before I should res...

Asked by 970FoCo April 10, 2019

Lawns may be seeded 12 months, sodded 6 months, and sprigged 12 months after applying this product.

My dog frequently eats grass in the yard. If she's kept out of the yard until the dust settles a...

Asked by dogparent April 3, 2019

I would be happy to assist! When using 3-in-1 Weed & Feed for Southern Lawns, you will want to keep pets out of the treated area, until it has been watered in and allowed to dry. Once it is dry, it will be safe for your pets to re-enter. It would not harm your dog if he consumed some of the grass blades, as this is not his main source of food. Jordan

can I mix w/ grass seed when spreading?

Asked by Newbie March 27, 2019

That wouldn’t be a good may harm the seeds ability to sprout.

OK..... so I applied this in Texas in mid-March. My grass is still waking up from winter (some ...

Asked by Shotslinger March 21, 2019

I understand your concerns. We recommend applying when the lawn is completely out of dormancy. This ensures the best results from the product. Applying to a dormant lawn, may result in little to no effect of the product. This is because the product is not drawn up by the weeds and grass. Jordan

Is this slow released or fast release?

Asked by Kelly March 19, 2019

Slow release

is this safe on bermuda grass

Asked by Rudy February 26, 2019

Yes, this product is safe for Bermuda grass, make sure the temperature is above 85 degrees when applied and if your lawn is dry, water deeply one day prior to applying.

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I applied this 3-in-1 product according to the directions on the bag. It has been one month and t...
I applied this 3-in-1 product according to the directions on the bag. It has been one month and the weeds are actually multiplying and growing faster due to several days worth of rain. Maybe some days of sun and heat will help kill the weeds. At this time I consider this purchase a waste of time and money.
by Stevo
Response from BioAdvancedApr 4, 2020
I am sorry to hear that you were not able to get the weed control that you expected from the product. That certainly would be disappointing. I would like to further assist you with this issue. Please give us a call at 1-877-229-3724. We are available Monday-Saturday 8:30-5 PM (CT). Jessica BayerAdvanced
I usually buy Scott's but I was in a hurry and grabbed this instead. The weeds are healthy, growi...
I usually buy Scott's but I was in a hurry and grabbed this instead. The weeds are healthy, growing, and doing just fine.
by LawnmowerMan
Response from BioAdvancedFeb 28, 2020
Due to the fertilizer in the product at first the weeds will appear to be getting green and healthier. After a couple of weeks you should see listed weeds begin to wilt and discolor. I would like to hear more about your application and further assist you. Please give me a call at 1-877-229-3724. We are available Monday-Friday 8:30-5 PM (CT). Jessica BayerAdvanced
Works on my Memphis lawn
[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Ok so I have to admit that I've been struggling with this front lawn since we moved in 2 years ago. Theres a big tree and it makes for a lot of shade. My neighbors have zoysia that is slowly spreading and I've mostly got Bermuda that I seeded last summer. I just wasnt having a lot of luck getting much to grow other than weeds. I tried this product in june (says you should put down in early spring) but I still feel like it was very beneficial to my grass. I used a spreader to apply. Went down easy. We got lots of rain since it is Memphis. So I think this definitely helped everything to soak in and do its job well. Within one week, I noticed the crabgrass and clover/broadleaf weeds turning lighter and eventually yellowing. It was noticeable that they were dying. Within 2 weeks, the clover and broadleaf were suddenly gone after I mowed. It kind of left some dirt patches because the weeds just disappeared. So now the grass can actually grow there. I also noticed a change in the color of my grass. It's more of a deep dark green and it just looks healthy now. Actually, it just looks like grass now and not a field of weeds. This product is great for southern lawns and a variety of grasses. I will use it again in the fall and continue using next year as well. It definitely works the way it says and I'm happy with my results.
by Jrc85
Response from Customer CareJul 15, 2019
Great! I am thrilled to hear about your experience with 3-in-1 Weed & Feed for Southern Lawns!
Great product
[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This is by far best Weed-n-feed for My Lawn. I have spent alot of money to keep the weed of my back and frontyard. This product not only kills and prevent them from coming back it also help the lawn to grow. There was a patch with lot of shade where the lawn was very sporadic. After putting this there, I can see it getting plushier that before. I had alot of weed viz;dandelions, chickweed goose grass etc... this elliminates everything.
by Aniket
Response from Customer CareJun 28, 2019
Wow! Thank you so much for sharing your photo! I am so glad you have had such great success with the product!
Grass is starting to look better
[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] We live in central Fl (zone 9) & put this on our entire lawn almost 2 weeks ago. We had plenty of dry spots and areas that had lots of weeds in our Floratam St. Augustine grass. As you can see in the pics, our lawn is definitely starting to look better. However, it’s been less than 2 weeks & the instructions say it’ll take a few weeks for the full effect. So I expect it’ll get even better in time. In addition, we’ve had lots of rain lately, so that’s also helped the lawn to look greener! But I do think the product has helped as well.
by Scott81
Response from Customer careJun 15, 2019
That is wonderful! I am thrilled to see your beautiful lawn!
Works amazing
[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Didn't expect much and was I so wrong, the lawn care treatment worked wonders on my yard the Grass is greener and thicker the weeds are almost gone, I love this product. Application was a breeze, just used a handheld seeder and spread as instructed on packaging, follow instructions and my yard looks absolutely beautiful.
by Turbotea
Response from Customer CareJun 14, 2019
Thank you for sharing your photos! Wow! What a difference!
My Bermuda Lawn is healthy and weed less!
[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I put this on my lawn a few weeks ago and now my grass is super thick, green, healthy looking! I followed the directions for my spreader and it was simple! I didn’t have any clumping issues either. The feed spread out nice and evenly! I didn’t have many weeds to start with, as I applied it just after my yard returned from dormancy and I put pre-emergent down during past winter. It usually takes a few applications before my yard bounces all the way back full with other products. When I use this product, it only takes one application, which save money! All in all, I am happy with the product so far and so is my lawn! Good stuff!
by Mrmill
Response from Customer CareJun 11, 2019
That is terrific! I am thrilled to hear about your success with 3-in-1 Weed & Feed for Southern Lawns.
Best formula
[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] The BioAdvance weed and feed for southern lawns works great. Is the best fertilizer for grass that will keep your lawn looking beautiful, very green in just a few days. This product is easy to use , just follow the instructions for best results. The advantage of this fertilizer is that it will kill and maintain away for an estimate of 6 months all kind of weeds including the hard ones like dollarweed, dandelion and clover. I personally recommended because is very effective and trustable brand that keep my lawn grass healthy and looking good. Thanks to this product my lawn is strength and my house look amazing.
by Gabriel28
Response from Customer careJun 5, 2019
Wonderful! I am thrilled to hear your lawn is looking beautiful!
Texas lawns are frequently a mix of multiple types of grasses; the Bio-Advanced product indicates...
Texas lawns are frequently a mix of multiple types of grasses; the Bio-Advanced product indicates the ability to treat all types of grasses AND provide a weed killer. This is economical and efficient in that only a single product cares for ALL of the lawn, relieving the pressure of "this product cannot be used on St. Augustine", "do not use on Bermuda grass", etc. This product comes in "right size" quantities, have used it for several applications and seems to do a good job of both greening the lawn and eliminating the weeds.
by Randy
Response from BioAdvancedJun 6, 2019
That is terrific to hear! I appreciate your positive feedback on 3-in-1 Weed & Feed for Southern Lawns. Jordan BayerAdvanced
Really Works
[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I have used this product twice on my South Florida lawn and it really works as described by Bayer. It has thicken my grass and eliminate most of the weeds.
by steve72
Response from Customer CareMay 18, 2018
Fantastic! I am happy to see that you lawn is looking beautiful!
Showing 1-10 of 903 reviews