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32 in. Tall 1 Year Old Citrus Lemon Meyer

  • Delightful natural lemon fragrance
  • Perfect patio plant
  • Self pollinating
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Product Overview

Mature Dimensions
Hardiness Zone
Sun Needs
How to Plant New Trees and Shrubs
Known for its sweeter, less acidic fruit, the Meyer Lemon tree is also valued for the incredibly fresh, citrus scent of its blossoms. Even the skin is tasty and it is great for cooking or to garnish baked goods and liquid refreshments. Extremely hardy, it grows well both indoors and outdoors and provides fruit that will be enjoyed over a long period of time.
  • Attractive ornamental, self-pollinating, so only 1 tree is needed to produce fruit
  • Glossy evergreen foliage provides the background for vivid yellow fruit
  • Fully formed white flowers are delicately scented
  • Trees should be kept out of direct sunlight until planted
  • Full planting and care instructions are included with each tree
  • Prefer sunny location
  • Grows 6 ft. to 8 ft. tall
  • Plant 15 ft. apart
  • Perennial in zones 8-12



Mature Height
Mature Width (in.)
72 in.
Planting Depth (in.)


Additional Characteristics
None Listed
Annual / Perennial
Best Time to Plant
Botanical Name
Citrus Lemon Meyer
Chilling Requirements (hours)
Common Name
Lemon Tree
Days to Harvest
Growth Habit
Hardiness Zone
10 (30 to 40 F),11 (40 to 50 F),8 (10 to 20 F),9 (20 to 30 F)
Recommended Space Between Plantings (in.)
Shipped As
Sun Tolerance
Full Sun
Wildlife Attracted
No Wildlife Attracted
Wildlife Deterred
No Wildlife Deterred

Questions & Answers


Do these trees come in dwarf or miniature?

Asked by Lavender June 24, 2017

We apologize we do not carry dwarf or miniature Lemon Tree, these plants can grow as large at 8' but their height may be stunted by a foot or two when it's planted in a container.

Are your current (April 2017) 32 in", 1 yr old plants (April 2017) blooming size. What size co...

Asked by LizLimon April 24, 2017

Is this tree a improved meyer lemon?

Asked by Ricky March 2, 2017

Yes, even when they don't specify "improved" they are-the original species is not sold in the US and most trees were eradicated decades ago due to the disease they spread which resulted in the development of the "improved" species

Can I get delivery in 90 degree heat?

Asked by hottina44 July 7, 2016

are these trees gmo or not.

Asked by fishnchips May 31, 2016

Can this Lemon tree grow in a brilliantly sunlit flat?

Asked by hausfrau May 11, 2016

YES !! A Good, Sunny Exposure would be Great for Any Citrus Tree grown Indoors ! The Meyer Lemon is SO Productive ! Periodically rotate the Tree to keep the growth balanced. I had a Meyer Lemon for 25 Years ! Put it out on a East-Facing Front Porch for Summers….And brought it inside in October…since NJ Winters would kill the Tree. By then small Lemons were formed after Summer Flowering…which slowly grew Larger throughout the Winter Indoors. And come the following Spring, it was Loaded with 13 Large Ripened Lemons ! Neighbors were Amazed ! Weird…EVERY Spring the Tree had 13 Large Lemons ? Never 12…and Never 14 ?!! At one point, I moved from the Jersey Shore to the Pocono Mountains of PA. And gave the Tree to a Neighbor who was moving to Florida. She was going to Plant it in the Ground there ! She sent me Photos of the Tree's Progress for a few years. Then we drifted apart and loss contact. But….Happy Ending for the Tree ! So YES Again….Your Sunny Exposure would definitely support any Citrus Tree. You can Google "Growing Citrus Indoors" and that would give You more Detailed Info on it's Culture & Care. Or also same Search in You Tube for Videos. Good Luck !!!

Are these non GMO or organic trees? Does it have to say "Organic" on it to be organic?

Asked by Lindsey May 7, 2016

These trees are non-organic.

Is this meyer lemon tree available in the Brentwood Tn. Store

Asked by Snaberfrackle May 2, 2016

Thank you for your recent inquiry with The Home Depot, Snaberfrackle. This lemon tree is only available on HomeDepot.com and is not carried in stores. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you in the future. Thank you for shopping Home Depot.

This tree is not available at my store, but shipping is. Will shipping this tree damage it?

Asked by Mo April 5, 2016

Thank you for your recent inquiry with The Home Depot, MO. Packaging for this lemon tree is designed for safe shipping. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you in the future. Thank you for shopping Home Depot.

Is it better to move up in pot size slowly or go right to 1/2 barrel?

Asked by hottina44 March 25, 2016

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Lemon tree
Professionally packed with detailed instruction. Perfect condition. 100 satisfied
by Pitzwick
1 person found this helpful
Best buy
Bought this for my Mom. Tall, healthy looking leaves. Best price for size too. I would recommend.
by Amylouwho
2 people found this helpful
No Vendor support and Home Depot won't accept it as a return!!!
Don't expect any support from Bloomsz on this product because they never reached out to me after I contacted them on their site. I attempted to return the product at Home Depot and they won't accept "Live" returns that are purchased through third party vendors on their site. I followed the instructions and for the first several weeks, this product lost leaves and the remaining leaves are mostly curled up. I unpotted it to return it and left it in the box for 2 days waiting to hear from Bloomsz. Since I didn't hear from them I decided to shake as much soil off of the roots (this was soil from the original shipment) and I replanted the tree to hopefully see if it would grow. Within a couple of more weeks I began seeing new growth and I finally have blossoms starting. The plant is one stem with leaves and not a bunch of branches. If I could have done this over, I would have bought the plant at the store and had the option of returning it if things went South. I will never buy from Bloomsz again... and I can promise you that!!!
by Opalizer
8 people found this helpful
The plants were not suitable for indoors. They were trained to be a tree and I needed a bush. I expected a larger plant for the $40. I RETURNED.
by pAM
4 people found this helpful
The lemon tree looked nothing like the picture on-line. While it had dropped only a few leaves in transit, it still looked alive & healthy. However, it was pruned before shipping in a non-symmetrical & unattractive way and had no blossoms nor fruit. Assuming this was done by a professional, I'm going to leave it as is for a few months to see if it develops into an attractive & productive tree. I don't recall if the information on-line indicated it would be bare-root, so be prepared to have a suitable pot & soil to transplant it in if you live in an area where it will have to be kept inside most of the year.
by TMcGroy
7 people found this helpful
Hopeful recovery
I would recommend spending the money on a larger one. I was a little hopeful that mine would not necessarily be taller, but a larger trunk. It's a twig, and in shipping three of the branches gotten snapped off towards the top. I know not the vendor's fault, and there are directions to report damage immediately, most of the leaves have fallen off. I am giving it lots of TLC in hopes it comes back around. I also purchased a Lime tree, same size, that one was fine and is doing great, but still a small trunk, can't stand without a wire holding it. Overall shouldn't be to surprised, but in my opinion only worth about $20-$25 not $40
by TQ
5 people found this helpful
If only all plants were in this condition when you took them home, or any product for that matter. The tree arrived packaged so that even delivery could not destroy it!! Healthy, vibrant and in great condition. I wish I could get all my plants from there.
3 people found this helpful
What's the best thing to feed it. All citrus growers say No miricle grow
I've heard foliage pro vinagar & one gal of water will trim it ( leaves) deep green & make it flower any idea if that's good as they say?
by hottina44
4 people found this helpful
Great Surprise!
I was cautious ordering online and was concerned about the overall quality of the tree I would receive.The delivery was right on time and promised date. It was great seeing the large narrow box on my porch. There were clear instructions on the box to open it correctly and not harm the tree. The best surprise was opening the box and finding a tall tree; healthy and full of green leaves. It is beautiful and a wonderful addition to my garden.
by Jillgee
12 people found this helpful
Showing 1-9 of 9 reviews