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Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier with Allergen and Odor Remover, Washable Pre-Filter

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Product Overview

Fresh air never looked so good.  Bringing a customized splash of color to your living space, this air cleaning powerhouse fits into any home environment.  With a simplified and user friendly one-button control, select your fan speed (low, medium, or high) and let the Blueair Blue Pure 211+ take care of allergy causing pollutants and odors.  Armed with three stages of filtration; colorful washable prefilter, particle and activated carbon your household particles don’t stand a chance.  Clean up your air and create the best breathing space possible for you and your family (including the furry pet family members).  All Blue Pure units come with a 1-year warranty by Blueair’s award winning Customer Service team, simply register your new unit to extend to a 2-year warranty.
  • Captures 99% of PM 2.5 airborne pollutants; allergies, mold, dust, pet dander, smoke and pollen with specially designed particle filter
  • Activated carbon filter removes common odors caused by smoking, pets, cooking, dorm room smells and VOCs
  • Top rated air purifier for lowest sound output providing quiet operation, Energy Star rated for best in class energy performance
  • Ozone reducing - air cleaner system, 3 fan speeds for use in large bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, college rooms or large offices
  • For medium to large rooms between 400 sq. ft. and 600 sq. ft., AHAM rated at 540 sq. ft.
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Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier with Allergen and Odor Remover, Washable Pre-Filter
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Maximum coverage area (sq. ft.)170540700800
Air Purifier TypeTowerConsoleTowerTower
Primary Filter TypeHEPA - TrueHEPA - TypeHEPA - TrueHEPA - True
CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate)110350G-17-088N/A
Package SizeIndividualIndividualIndividualIndividual
Control TypeElectronicManualElectronicDigital
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Maximum coverage area (sq. ft.)
Product Depth (in.)
13 in
Product Height (in.)
21 in
Product Width (in.)
13 in


Air Purifier Features
Air Purifier Type
Air Treatment Product Type
Air Purifier
Appliance Category
Air Purifiers
Automatic shutoff
CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate)
White, Blue, Black
Color Family
Control Type
Effectiveness (%)
Filter/bulb monitor
Filtered or Filterless
HEPA Filter
Number of Air Filters Included
Number of Air Purifers (Per Pack)
Number of cleaning stages
Number of Fan Speeds
Pack Size
Package Size
Primary Filter Type
HEPA - Type
Product Weight (lb.)
15.5 lb
Remote Control
Removes bacteria
Removes dust
Removes mold
Removes odors
Removes particulates
Removes pollen
Removes viruses
UVC lamp
Voltage (volts)
Wall Mountable

Warranty / Certifications

Certifications and Listings
AHAM Certified,CARB Compliant,ETL Classified,FCC Listed
Manufacturer Warranty
1 year, 2 year with registraion

Questions & Answers


How often do the filters have to be changed?

Asked by Karenj December 26, 2020

Depends on how dirty the air and the central AC ducts are in your house

Can the pre filter go on the inside of the machine, around the actual filter? Will it affect the...

Asked by Bill November 24, 2020

Why would you put it on the inside? Use it like it's meant to, it'll work well.

What exactly is an ionizer?????I’m assuming sometimes they produce ozone and sometimes they don’t...

Asked by Babs November 7, 2020

First of all basically you just cover it with the filter, plug it in and turn it on. It produces extremely small traces of ozone..I read 0.003 which is not considered harmful by the FDA. I can say this the air in my house is definitely cleaner. I noticed this after washing my floors and dusting. I don’t need to dust as often and when I wash my floors my mop is not as dirty. I am EXTREMELY happy with this purchase. I bought the 211+ And eventually plan to get a smaller unit for my bedroom. Would definitely recommend.

Does this have an ionizer also? Some experts say ionizers are bad for health

Asked by coolgal October 29, 2020


Are there larger versions for larger spaces? Such as a church or hall?

Asked by Joe October 6, 2020

I believe I racal seeing a larger option on the website. Mine if for a space if 600square feet

How many watts does it use

Asked by MrB73 October 1, 2020

It only uses 60watts. Less than light bulb

I want to put my Blueaire Blue Pure 211+ air purifier on a T.V. table to clean the air. Does thi...

Asked by Mark October 1, 2020

You should not experience a problem with having your Blueaire Blue Pure 211+ air purifier. I have mine off the floor and it’s been working well but having the Blueaire Blue Pure 211+ air purifier near the television there may be an issue. If you have a box fan put it near the TV, while running see if this causes any problem.

Which air filters go with this product? I am considering purchasing this purifier, I am just tryi...

Asked by LA September 25, 2020

This unit uses the Blue Pure 211+ Particle + Carbon Filter

What is the difference between TRUE HEPA and "TYPE HEPA" as stated in the stats on this unit?

Asked by Sherri September 22, 2020

HEPA is an acronym that stands for High Efficient Particulate Air. It is used as a measurement standard for how efficient air purifiers are when filtering out pollutants. In order for an air purifier or filter to be classified as TRUEHEPA, a filter must capture 99.97% of the particles that pass through it. We are proud to that all of our machines achieve 99.97% filtration down to .1 microns.

Is this purifier Energy Star Certified? The Blueair Pure 211+ model is NOT listed on the Energy S...

Asked by marilano September 6, 2020

As of today, the BlueAir Pure 211+ is NOT listed on the energystar.gov site as being approved. Therefore it is NOT eligible for energy-efficient rebates from many utility companies. I found this out the hard way when my $40 rebate was denied because the Pure 211+ (based on the model number) is not on the list.

Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier with Allergen and Odor Remover, Washable Pre-Filter - page 2

Customer Reviews

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  • 97% recommend this product
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It’s very functional and powerful, I had one black and one, and saw the dust by eyes, of course this product is very easy to replace the filter , wash!
Beautiful and works great
I’ve been using this product for about 3 weeks now. It is so good looking - I love just looking at it everyday which is very important to me. I can feel the clean air gushing out of it and my allergy is so much better (longhaired cat and all carpet). It’s very easy to clean the filter - just use a handheld vacuum to it or lint rollers so no need to take it off. Love it!
by Reeciepoo
A silent workhorse
I initially put a 211+ in the bedroom several years ago. It helped immensely with room’s air quality. It was purchased for an asthmatic adult living with two cats and a dog in a regularly cleaned but dusty house. I added another for the living room and it works well too. The pre filters are machine washable so I swap two sets while I wash the other once a week or so. With dust and dander in the house I find I need to change filters every five months with the units running on their most economical setting. This is also the quietest. Altogether, a well designed and minimally invasive unit. In a high traffic house, perhaps put one in every room. Recommended.
by hmess
Great buy !!!
Excellent product ! I love to have more pure air in my house. Thanks
by Nurith1975
Fresh Air
I live in CA and felt suffocated by the smoke from the fires. I bought two of these, one for upstairs in my bedroom and one for my living room. I was pleasantly surprised with them. The air in my home is the freshest it has ever been. You couldn’t even tell the state was burning down around me. My chest stopped bothering me and I was able to relax. They are a little loud for me at level 3, which I run it at all day. But if I want to watch television or sleep, I lower it to 1 or 2 and I easily forget about it. My husband is talking about buying smaller ones for other rooms. I would highly recommend this product, especially for anyone in high smog areas or who have preexisting health/breathing issues. It really is worth the purchase. Great to give the lungs a break!
by AngelM
Quiet with Noticeable Difference
We are Seniors over 65, and have owned 3 of these Blue Air 211s for almost TWO YEARS. We use them 24 hours a day to keep our air clean inside our home. I have sensitive ears and these are very QUIET. We did the research- Consumer Reports gives this the highest rating. We now have a noticeably healthier environment. There are 3 settings.The lowest is GREAT for sleeping. A small SOFT white LIGHT glows. The light turns orange when it's time to change the filters. FILTERS LAST a long time. It's cool, modern. Clean air is more important now than ever. This machine works SAFELY, and we tell everybody we know to get these. Great customer service for your questions.
by Yellow5
Saver from smoke
Purchased this to cut down on the odor and particulates from the western wildfires. Seems to be doing well. It is a bit noisey for bedroom use and the light is too bright for sleeping. I fabricated a platform with casters to make movement easier from room to room.
by Hans on two
Oversized for the space but helps wildfire smoke
First - it works well in Marin County during terrible air quality from Napa fires. I got one larger than my space requires but it seems to work quickly and runs mostly on low which is very quiet. The high setting is pretty loud. Also worked to clear smoke after cooking but the air output smells a little funny now and I’ve only had it for a few weeks so it seems early to have to change the filter to get rid of the smell. Big bonus (sort of) - the packaging is the ONLY thing my cat will consider using as a bed, and I’ve gotten him some pretty sweet beds in the past that he’s kicked and played with but never laid in.
by ahecks
211+ Air Quality Lifesaver
Here in Sonoma, CA, we’re battling every minute for clean air due to our states wild fires. Our pair of Blueair 211+s, and our pair of 411+a, all monitored with indoor sensors from (Purple Air) optimize the quality of air and minimize the particulate matter from the smoke. We rest assures each day because of our Blueair 211+s and 411+s.
I can sleep again!
I’ve been struggling with severe allergies and post nasal drip that had gone undiagnosed for the greater party of this year. As a last resort because my daily life had become racked with no sleep, constant coughing fits, and multiple doctor visits that we’re going nowhere. Finally a nurse practitioner suggested I see an allergist and look into finding ways to help my breathing. I researched best air purifiers and discovered BlueAir. I immediately purchased and while I waited for it to arrive, dusted, vacuumed and purged anything that wasn’t being used. Within 2 days of my BlueAir arriving and running on high I could literally smell the difference. After 3 weeks there is a noticeable lighter air in my home, I’m breathing better and the allergies are getting under control. I love my air so much I purchased the BlueAir 411+ for my bedroom.
by TxMiller
Showing 1-10 of 662 reviews