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19.3 oz. Better Boy Tomato Plant

  • Grows 16 oz., smooth-skinned tomatoes for classic taste
  • Plants grow between 5 and 8 ft. high
  • Fruits start to mature 70 to 75 days after planting
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Product Overview

Mature Dimensions
Hardiness Zone
Sun Needs
Create Your Own Herb Garden
One of the most popular tomatoes grown in the U.S., Better Boy is also one of Bonnie’s all-time best sellers. It’s no wonder, either, as plants produce lots of large, smooth-skinned red fruits bursting with classic tomato flavor. Perfect for slicing! This plant performs well in many areas of the country. Vines will grow tall, so be sure to stake or cage plants for support.
  • Extremely popular tomato variety in the U.S.
  • Large, smooth-skinned fruit for classic tomato flavor
  • Great for slicing
  • Indeterminate, meaning it continues to grow and produce tomatoes throughout the season
  • Disease-resistant tomato variety
  • Light Requirements: Full Sun
  • Space 36'' apart
  • Vegetable of the nightshade family
  • 56 - 74 Days to Harvest
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Mature Height
5 to 8 feet
Planting Depth (in.)


Additional Characteristics
Annual / Perennial
Average Shipping Height (in.)
Best Time to Plant
Spring to Summer
Blossom Color
Botanical Name
Lycopersicon esculentum ‘Better Boy’
Common Name
Tomato Plant
Days to Harvest
Edible Type
Granular (Yes/No)
Growth Habit
Hardiness Zone
10 (30 to 40 F)
Number of plants included (Pack-Size)
Recommended Space Between Plantings (in.)
36 inches
Shipped As
Sun Tolerance
Full Sun
Water Requirements
Twice a week
Wildlife Attracted
No Wildlife Attracted
Wildlife Deterred
No Wildlife Deterred

Questions & Answers


Can the tomatoes that come with a cage be left in the pot or do I need to put in the ground?

Asked by Cary June 27, 2019

Cary, We recommend you transplant any indeterminate style tomato but any determinate or bush type will work great in the cage provided.

What is the price during the one day sale you made me research by sending me email?

Asked by twotired May 16, 2018

It would be nice if they put the 5 for $15 on a sign somewhere. Nice selection, I passed because everything was marked full retail. I have other options that are free.

Any warranty on Bonnie tomatoe plants purchased 5 for $15.00 keep inside garage and watered ...all plants are wilted

Asked by Mjessup April 20, 2018

I don't know about a warranty, however, I have had fantastic luck with these tomatoes. It sounds like they got cold. Try putting them in new potting soil and try to find a little warmer area, also some sunshine. Should do okay.

How long can U keep tomato plant in a sunny window before planting

Asked by cityfarmer March 26, 2018

Cityfarmer, This tomato will need to be transplanted into a larger container soon. You can still keep it in doors in a sunny spot. They require 6+ hours of sun a day. A Better Boy Tomato will not be a good choice to grow indoors due to they can reach 7ft. high.

How big is the pot these come in and what dimension is the 4.5in.? Is that how tall they are when...

Asked by Mouse March 6, 2018

It's the diameter of the top of the pot.

This little guy arrived a few weeks ago looking rough - most of the soil had tumbled out of the p...

Asked by lulaylulay April 13, 2017

Get it in the ground if there is no longer a chance of a freeze, and be sure your soil is ready - - a good fertilizer or compost or whatever is needed in your part of the country to replenish soil nutrients. If weather is "iffy," add a bit of good potting soil to the poor baby until it can be planted. Tomatoes are pretty hardy, so it should survive, if not exactly thrive, until it goes in the ground.

How can I prevent the blight that affected last years' crop? I live in southern Alabama and have...

Asked by Bob March 2, 2017

Contact the Agriculture agent from your local University/ extension or Co-op on this one. He/she will know your local plant diseases and to prevent them. I was separate to save my yellow tomatoes two years ago, and an extension agent from Texas A & M was so helpful!

how long to germinate?

Asked by rick February 7, 2017

We estimate 78 days after planting our transplant. You can find more information in this link: https://bonnieplants.com/product/big-boy-tomato/

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Super taste!
I bought these last year and they were so delicious and productive that I bought more this year for my little raised bed garden. The fruits were perfect sized for slicing. We always use Tomato Tone to feed them and I think that really gives them an extra boost. I ordered online last year and again this year. The plants arrive very well packaged and healthy looking.
by RebeccaS
Not too successful - Arizona March/April /May
Planted according to instructions.. Decided to moderate "direct sun" mandate for Hot AZ. About 2 weeks into growth, plant were wilting.. Repotted them in potting soil so they could be moved to accommodate the morning sun only.. With adequate watering, some 50% of plants began to wilt leaving only 3 out of 10 actually flowering.. The biggest plant is now 2' tall but still no sign of fruit.. So it seems I did something wrong..!!
by Pete 2
So delicious
This was our first time planting anything and it was so easy to do. We got a very plentiful harvest of juicy plump tomatoes. So many that we were constantly giving them away to neighbors, friends and coworkers. We started with 3 of those small containers from The Home Depot, put them in a small dirt area along a wall, 3 plants there was too much because they overwhelmed each other and even like that they grew over 6 feet tall. Our plants have constantly produces large very flavorful tomatoes. We didn’t fertilize or mulch them but will definitely only put 2 down next year and mulch to help retain the water better. This tomatoe variety is def a keeper in our tiny garden. Added a picture showing how overgrown they have gotten, currently waiting for these to ripen. Thank you Bonnie for the better boy.
by MrsTGuz
My Go To Tomato For Braggin' Rights
I've planted Better Boy Tomatoes from Bonnie for the past nineteen years and they've never let me down. Always big, tasty, and meaty. One slice covers the bun. No soggy bread like less meaty varieties. The full flavor can be experienced even on a fully loaded cheeseburger. All this combines to make this the greatest sandwich and burger tomato ever.
by Clay
2 tomato plants lived, 1 died
2 plants lived, 1 died. Rather upset because I have to try to return a dead plant. All 3 were planted side-by-side and received identical care. Hard to understand. Will try again next year but it will be last attempt if I get the same results.
by LA area
A great standard Tomato with so many uses.
I was blessed in 2019 with 5 Bonnie Plants tomato varieties that grew outstanding for me. This was one of them. A classic - great sliced and eat fresh, in BLT sandwiches, salads or recipes. The vine was vigorous and the production was great during our high humidity summer.
by Kathi
Great Flavor but splits
i have been growing Bonnie Better Boy tomatoes for nearly 20 years along 100% South facing brick wall. The plants get enormous and so heavy i have a difficult time keeping them supported. The plant produces quite well, and I really enjoy the flavor of the tomato. However there is always 2 problems every year. The tomatoes split a few days prior to ripening, and many literally rot on the vine. i reach in to harvest, only to grab a handful of rotten tomato. I live in Missouri where there are periods of heavy rain followed by periods of heavy drought. i typically water ever 2 - 3 days during drought. Not sure if anything can be done to avoid those 2 problems
by HomeGrown
Lots and lots of classic tomatoes.
I saw this one listed in the box stores as "America's Favorite Tomato" of course America also likes Wonder Bread so I did have some skepticism but grabbed a plant to give it a try along with 6 other different varieties from what I had last year. This is not my largest plant, but it does have the most fruit on it and the flower clusters just keep adding more and more tomatoes like a Cherry Tomato not just 3 or 4 like some other varieties I have planted. Thanks to this one I have so many tomatoes I can provide gifts of scrumptious ripe tomatoes for friends and neighbors. The flavor is also quite good, and they don't have the huge woody core you get in beefsteak varieties. My Big Beef is not bad, even larger plant, but the Better Boy has a lot more fruit on it and the fruit are less "woody" inside. This is my first year single stemming the plants, last two years I never bothered to educate myself on tomato cultivation and let the suckers all grow and spread across the ground. The robust 8 foot steak and single stem technique is much improved and heavier yield per area with no fruit lost to rot on the ground. One improvement I will make next year is some finishing nails into the side of the stake periodically as even a tight tomato tape tie up every 8 inches does not stop some of the varieties from sliding down the pole, (my Cherokee Purple is recovering from a slump last month.) I am hoping some sideways nails holds the tape in place. One note, don't try to grow tomatoes in containers, mine are in the ground. Unless you are growing a determinate variety bred for containers they will not be able to get enough water and suffer blossom end rot. Peppers and Eggplant are fine in containers, but not these big indeterminate varieties of tomatoes. Put it in the ground, I suspect a lot of people complaining about blossom end rot made this mistake.
by Savoy Airport Garden
No real good results
I live in San Diego and have grown tomatoes for years! This variety has never gotten too much bigger than a handball, disappointed.
by Hebus
Cure for end rot
If you are getting blossom end rot (black on bottom) the plants needs more calcium. Feed with Tomato-Tone or dissolve some Tums in water and pour a few ounces on the soil. As the root system develops later in the season end rot will lessen.
by wally in cincy
Showing 1-10 of 43 reviews