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  • Silver-gray leaves and purple blooms with calming aroma
  • Plant grows 12 to 14 in. tall and 8 to 10 in. wide
  • Best for planting after the last spring frost
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Product Overview

Mature Dimensions
Hardiness Zone
Sunlight Needs
Create Your Own Herb Garden
Silvery gray leaves look gorgeous next to spikes of deep purple flowers. Wonderful aroma very calming. Deer-resistant plant also attracts loads of pollinators. Use fresh or dried, for crafts, baking, beverages or sachets.
  • Rich purple blooms
  • Calming aroma
  • Deer resistant
  • Attracts pollinators
  • Use fresh or dried
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Mature Height
12 to 24 inches
Planting Depth (in.)


Additional Characteristics
Annual / Perennial
Average Shipping Height (in.)
Best Time to Plant
Spring to Summer
Blossom Color
Botanical Name
Lavandula angustifolia 'Elegance'
Common Name
Lavender Plant
Edible Type
Growth Habit
Hardiness Zone
10 (30 to 40 F)
Number of plants included (Pack-Size)
Recommended Space Between Plantings (in.)
12 to 18 inches
Shipped As
Sun Tolerance
Full Sun
Water Requirements
Twice a week
Wildlife Attracted
No Wildlife Attracted
Wildlife Deterred
No Wildlife Deterred

Questions & Answers


Does it do good in full sun

Asked by Bic June 15, 2019

Yes I have 30 plants in full sun and they are thriving

Do they come back every year?

Asked by Coty April 15, 2019

I planted 4 of these last year. They got huge and the fragrance was wonderful but they did not come back. Disappointed and now I can't find any in stores. Would plant them again if I could find them even though they only last for one summer.

will lavender keep mosquitos away?

Asked by west April 17, 2018

Yes, this product can keep the mosquitos away.

I've heard lavender keeps ticks and mosquitoes away.does this plant do that?

Asked by Jen May 27, 2017

What kind of Lavender is this? Also as a younger plant is it normal for the flower spikes to be s...

Asked by Abigail May 20, 2017

Abigail, Bonnie offers a Elegance Lavender which is a Provence style as well as a Fernleaf Lavender which is the Spanish style. The ones pictured above are of the Elegance.

The photo shows multi-color plants. Are these traditional purple Provence lavender plants?

Asked by jgoldhd April 21, 2017

It's literally 'lavender' colored lavender.

Is this plants help with anxiety

Asked by Sit April 20, 2017

As someone who suffered from anxiety and depression the plant itself did not help my recovery but trying to garden did. Spending the time to do something I had always wanted to do, such as planting, helped encourage me that I can do something. Growing anything has helped me recover; I grew more than just lavender. I also grew peppers, kale, cucumber, tomatoes, and strawberries last year. Seeing them grow gave me a sense of accomplishment, and when they produced enough that I can eat/use gave me even a greater feeling of accomplishment. This feeling over the course of one summer was enough to keep me going for the rest of the year. I'm continuing to grow some in my small window garden this spring. I have some kale and pepper started from seeds as well as some other bonnie plants. Watching them grow and bloom really helps the recovery process. Best of luck

The main description states that this product is perennial in zones 4 to 8, but the specification...

Asked by TheD April 17, 2017

I live in NYC and I believe it's zone 6/7. I've grown them successfully indoors over the summer. I've also seen people grow them successfully in their garden. I don't know how the weather is for your area. For us, we get really hot and sunny summers which is great for the lavender. But I don't expect them to grow in the winter, possibly why it's recommended at Zone 10 (which I believe is like Florida). Best of luck

Is the scent strong I want my yard to smell all summer. other plants I can use that are very fragrant, I live wooded are

Asked by Elizabeth April 11, 2017

I keep mine in a contain indoors, last year I had it in a planter, and it isn't that fragrant. When it has a lot of its flowers it's stronger but you would still have to stick your nose to it to smell. I notice the tried buds are more fragrant than the new ones.

Can you grow this inside?

Asked by Kat April 9, 2017

Yes! I grow them inside! I put them in a window planter initially last year with some strawberries & kale growing with it together. It was kind of fun but really messy so I took them out and have it in their own container. They grow well when placed in a sunny window. I trimmed them a few times to dry and enjoy its smell before they plant died (because I went on vacation). I bought them again to grow in a terra cota this Spring and it has been doing well (except for 1 that has pests). Good luck!

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  • 58% recommend this product
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its still Alive...i think..
i actually got this one from walmart over 3 months ago.. though i think it spred out its leaves to take up more space in the large pot i planted it in, it still is putting up new green shoots. It has yet to flower for me, but i had snipped off about 3 of then upon purchasing it to try and aid it in taking up root in its new home.
by MaddyDrake
buy at the right time
bought 3 in early April for an herb garden. they have gotten minimal attention, started with a bag of fertilizer and soil.
by stephahknee
3 people found this helpful
they died
I purchased these online and 2 were already on their way out after 4 days of trying to save them they died and i would like a refund please
by Cher
Response from Bonnie Product ExpertMay 20, 2018

Please reach out to us at orders@bonnieplants.com so we can get you a replacement. bonnieplants
1 person found this helpful
Wonderful, fragrant lavendar.
My granddaughter surprised me with a lavendar plant a couple of weeks ago. It is already beginning to bloom! The leaves are fragrant with a delicate lavendar scent. Thank you, Bonnie!
by sarahsnana2000
Flowers are drying
I bought my lavender a month ago. It has flowers up high and some lower on the stem. The top flowers are drying. How do I prune them? Or what could be the cause?
by SuzyQ62
Need better quality
Bonnie Lavender dies every time I buy it. I stopped purchasing it for that reason. I followed the instructions still it dies. Not just me, ALL my friends said the same thing. Their's died also. So this means that something is wrong with your lavender plants. Please look into this matter so that we lavender lovers can go back to growing it.
by Lavender lover
Not blooming
It came looking okay but small, it not really blooming and I already repotted with fancy potting soil. Hopeful.... smells lightly fragrant.
by Urban Garderner
Great smelling easy to grow variety of Lavender!
For those wondering, I asked Bonnie support the exact type and it's Lavandula angustifolia 'Blue Scent'. I'm not sure why they don't mention it anywhere on the label or on their site. So far I've had mine planted for several months. Do note that lavender is different from other plants in that it likes to be drier. As long as you put it in a well draining mix (like Miracle Gro Potting Mix), you will be fine. I planted mine in clay soil but dug the whole a bit bigger than necessary and filled it with some of the potting mix to allow for the necessary drainage.
by KevinA
Better elsewhere
I purchased this plant after returning another plant( chocolate mint) that did not survived. Just my luck, this lavender plant started drying out even as I kept adequate water recommended level and in a sunny window spot in my house. I did not even have a chance to plant it in a pot outdoors, but I learned my lesson: don’t buy plants from Home Depot ( the Arbor Walk location), they will come in unmarked pots ( when I purchased it), and the Associates says is a Bonnie plant brand and guessed the size of container. I am so dissatisfied with their plants selection and service :( that I am not returning this lavender plant because they’ll just give me partial money back like my chocolate mint, since it is no longer in season.
by Ti
Response from Bonnie Product ExpertSep 19, 2019
Ti, please reach out to us directly at www.bonnieplants.com and click on the "Red Help" button in the lower right hand corner. bonnieplants
They arrived packaged perfectly,unfortunately only 2 our still flourishing.....
They arrived packaged perfectly,unfortunately only 2 our still flourishing..
by Ctack
Showing 1-10 of 71 reviews