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1000 ft. Horizontal/Vertical Rotary Laser Level Self Leveling Complete Kit with Bright Green Beams & Hard Carrying Case

  • Level, align, square and plumb an entire room from one position
  • Visible line range of 1000 ft with ±1/8 in accuracy up to 100 ft
  • Bright green-beam laser is 3x brighter than standard red beam
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Product Overview

Bosch GRL300HVG being used by 1 person to level out space.

Complete Leveling Solution

The Bosch GRL300HVG Self Leveling Green Rotating Laser features a 90° Plumb and Layout Beam. Bright green beam laser provides 3x brighter visibility than the standard red beam.

Bosch GRL300HVG being used with target for long distance leveling.

Long Distance Leveling

This rotary laser provides exceptional accuracy over long distances to help ensure that your interior and exterior jobs are done with confidence and accuracy.

Bosch GRL300HVG being used with receiver to adjust between horizontal and vertical self-leveling.

Accurate Laser Leveling Anywhere

The Bosch GRL300HVG offers fast horizontal and vertical self-leveling with disturbance monitor. It provides accuracy up to ±1/8 in. at 100 ft., range of 300 ft. without receiver, and 1000 ft. with receiver.

Product image of Bosch GRL300HVG with layout beam.

Self Leveling

Fast horizontal and vertical self-leveling with disturbance monitor — for level and alignment, plus a 90° layout beam

Bosch GRL300HVG mounted on wall to level tray ceiling.

Versatile Positioning

This rotary laser comes with a wall mount with a vertical sliding platform for secure positioning.

Close up of Bosch GRL300HVG for indoor layout and leveling.

Layout and Leveling

Ideal for professional applications such as general leveling and layout, HVAC ducting and vents, concrete leveling and more

Features GRL300HVG also including RC1 remote, wall mount, laser glasses, target, carrying case, (2) D batteries.

A Complete Leveling Solution

Includes self leveling rotating laser, full function remote control RC1, wall mount, laser glasses, magnetic target and carrying case

Infographic of laser level with beam.

Versatile Function

Electronic self-leveling and exceptional accuracy ensure all interior and exterior applications are done with confidence

Infographic of target.

Fast and Accurate

Accurate up to ±1/8 in. at 100 ft. (horizontal and vertical)

Infographic of laser tool and vertical arrow signifying extended working range.

Increased Range

Visible green line range of 1000 ft. with ±1/8 in. accuracy up to 100 ft.

Infographic of workers in hard hats.

Save Manpower

Two-person job now becomes one with a self-leveling horizontal and vertical rotary laser

Infographic of eye indicating high visibility.

High Visibility

Green beam visibility enhancements variable speed selection and variable scan angles for maximum visibility

Infographic of battery.

Long Runtime

Up to 40 hour battery life on (2) D-Cell batteries

The Bosch GRL300HVG Self Leveling Green Rotating Laser features a 90° Plumb and Layout Beam. Bright Green Beam Laser For Better Visibility - 3x brighter than standard red beam. Full selection of beam visibility enhancements such as variable speed selection, variable scan angles for maximum visibility in all light conditions. Protected Cage for head assembly also provides access to quickly hand position the laser beam on a known point or work area. Electronic Self-Leveling in both Horizontal and vertical Position - With 90° layout beam for easy set-up and square layout. Full Selection of Beam Visibility Enhancements - such as variable speed selection, variable scan angles for maximum visibility in all light conditions.
  • Fast horizontal and vertical electronic self-leveling
  • Up to 40 hours of battery life on 2 D cell batteries
  • Self-leveling, up to 5°
  • Includes: GRL300HVG self leveling rotating laser, full function remote control RC1, wall mount, pair of laser glasses, magnetic target, carrying case, D battery

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Info & Guides

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Product Depth (in.)
Product Height (in.)
Product Length (in.)
Product Width (in.)


Battery Type Required
Compatible Battery Type
D Batteries
Hand Tool Type
Laser Level
Battery(s),Wireless Remote Control
Laser Color
Laser Level Mounting Method
Max Laser Distance (ft.)
1000 ft.
Measurement Accuracy (in.)
±1/8 in.
Number of Batteries Required
Number of beams
Number of Measurements
Tools Product Type
Hand Tool

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty
2 Year

Questions & Answers


It is stated that this is 5 piece kit. What exactly are those 5 pieces?

Asked by 19BarnBuilder73 December 30, 2018

Thank you for your question. The GRL300HVG 1000 ft. Self Leveling Rotary Laser Level Kit with Extra Bright Green Beam comes with wall mount, pair of laser glasses, magnetic target, carrying case and 2 pc. D battery. For further assistance, contact us at 1-877-BOSCH99 (1-877-267-2499) from Mon-Fri 7A-7P CST.

what's the accuracy at 100'

Asked by kamby June 28, 2016

Thanks for your question. The GRL300HVG is accurate up to +/- 1/8" at 100 feet (horizontal and vertical).

how much is the compatible receiver?

Asked by dmcbuilders1 March 3, 2015

Good Question as of 6/20/2018 it is $147 http://www.homedepot.com/p/Bosch-Green-Beam-Rotary-Laser-Receiver-LR1G/203392605?keyword=bosch+lr1g

can i buy the bosch green rotary laser in a kit?

Asked by corey December 8, 2013

Thank you for your question. We offer the GRL300HVCK rotary laser complete kit, however it comes with a red laser instead of a green laser. The GRL300HVG with green laser is not available in the complete kit, however the tripod, grade rod and receiver are available separately.

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Out of the box I found the self leveling kit fairly easy to operate. The beam will self calibrate...
Out of the box I found the self leveling kit fairly easy to operate. The beam will self calibrate itself until it is level, to me this calibration occurred very quickly. I plan on using this for various projects one of which will be for my entertainment system. You will need a tripod with a 5/8" mount to connect this to it. The green lines are visible to me and bright, so the included glasses are essential for eye protection. The grips are rubber molded and are comfortable to me. I emphasize "To Me" because everyone is different and has there own taste. Overall this product worked well for my needs
by SmokedNeckbones
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This is truly a professional product. It works well and does what it says it will. The Bosch gree...
This is truly a professional product. It works well and does what it says it will. The Bosch green laser level has numerous features and parts. Here is how I used it. We have a house in the San Francisco Bay area that has settled since it was built in the 1950's. That is not unusual for this area but in our case it was caused by an abandon city drainage ditch. We wanted to determine the amount that the house and garage had settled, and which parts had settled. This Bosh GRL 300 HVG worked quite well in making that determination. The laser level has several features that can be used and for our purposes we used the Rotational Operation which throws a rotating beam in a 360-degree circle around the machine. It has different rotational speeds which allows you to choose between very fast or slow. The beam is a bright green light that is seen better indoors than out. For outdoor use a Green Beam Rotary Laser Receiver is available as an option for around $140. It is not included with this product. It has a very cool self-leveling feature. The body of the laser level does not self-level, but the laser head does. The tripod or support that you place it on, does not need to be level. When you first turn it on it shines a single point of green light on the wall. Then you can watch that light as it moves up or down automatically to get to the level position. Once done it will start spinning, to throw out a level light beam around the room. While it does this a beam is also projected straight above the unit onto the ceiling and gives you the exact point above the unit's location. It can be used in a rotational mode, a line operation where by the head rapidly moves back and forth over a limited angle to project a line on a wall or it can be used as a single point where it just beams a point on the wall. It can also be used by putting it in a vertical position and measuring up a wall as a plumb line. It will self-level in the vertical as well as the horizontal position. If you want to use it outdoors to level a dirt on a plot of land it can be used also. But, the Receiver would be highly useful for that as it automatically registers the beam, whether you can see it with your eyes or not. It comes with a wall mount that allows you to hang it from a ceiling strip or mount it to a wall for usage. It also has a remote unit so that you can change up the kind of beam it is throwing from a distance and not have to walk or crawl over to it depending on whether you are in a warehouse or under a house. I have attached a video to show how I used it. The video shows a garage to show how much the corner of the garage has sunk over the years. Answer: 6.75 inches. It also shows under the house to find the low spots where the floor has sunk over the past 60 years. It turns out the center of the living room has sunk 2.35 inches in one spot as well as the hallway. And then it shows the laser in a vertical position and how our carpenter made the book case perfectly level. And if you just want something fun to do with it, then put in on a tripod and measure your pictures on the wall. You can see how many are level. One more nice feature. If you walk around it and disturb the level due to floor vibrations, it stops, finds the level spot again and the continues in the mode you are using. All in all a very nice product. If you will be doing yard grading, home repair on old houses, picture frame leveling, installing a raised wooden floor, or many other construction and or home DIY projects, this is a very good tool to have.
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The Bosch GRL300HVG Self Leveling Green Rotating Laser is going to be a great addition to my cons...
The Bosch GRL300HVG Self Leveling Green Rotating Laser is going to be a great addition to my construction layout tools. First impressions: Indoors the Green Laser is bright and easy to see. Outdoors in daylight the green laser was barely visible in the shade and not at all in sunlight (at ~30 ft.). With a tripod (not provided) the wall mount can be used to securely hold the laser when projecting a line in the vertical plane. This feature was a nice surprise. The question for a consumer becomes is the brightness of the green laser indoors worth the additional cost when compared to other Bosch Red Laser Level kits? The GRL300HVG self-leveling rotating laser includes a full function remote control RC1 (w/bat), wall mount, a pair of green laser glasses, a magnetic target, a hard-shell durable carrying case and 2 - D batteries for the Laser. The case is lined with Styrofoam with molded pockets for specific accessories like the wall bracket, the remote, laser receiver w/ clamp, 2 D batteries and manuals. The Rotating Level is easy to set up. Basically, you just need to open the battery drawer and install the 2 D batteries watching for correct polarity and reinsert the drawer into the laser body and lock the rotating latch. The level laser is built tough and has handy caring handles and a protective cage around the rotating laser. The auto leveling laser will self-level (if within 5 deg.) of level (horizontal) or plumb (vertical) when the power button is pushed. The level the laser starts rotating when auto level is complete projecting a 360-deg. circle and a single green dot that is 90 deg. to the projected rotating laser beam. If bumped the laser turns off and relevels itself. There are 3 rotational speeds for the laser and also 3 different lengths of a partial line segment that is made by oscillating the laser in a short arc projecting a short line segment. A tripod, measurement stick and a laser receiver are “not included” with GRL300HVG. You can use the laser without these items, but it will be difficult to not lose your initial reference point if the laser level is bumped or moved in anyway. With the tripod the laser level is more secure from bumps and vibrations. I obtained these items separately. The Bosch parts numbers for these items are: Heavy Duty Aluminum Quick Clamp Elevator Tripod with Shoulder Strap (BT300HD), Aluminum 16 ft. level rod (GR16) and the Green Beam Rotary Laser Level Receiver (LR1G). Indoors in my 28 x 36 ft. shop the Green Laser beam was very bright. I tested the laser in both horizontal and vertical planes. In the vertical plane I’m currently using the laser to locate nailer boards for drywall in the ceiling. When I went outside in the early morning (9:30 am) the rotating “Green Laser” was not visible in the shade against my white garage door at ~30 feet distance and not at all in full sun light. When I switched the laser to a stationary point the laser could be seen on the garage door. Using a laser receiver, I was able to establish grades and levels outdoor without any issues. While testing, I used the remote for speed adjustment and line segment length changes. The remote is pretty cool because you don’t risk bumping the laser. The remote works best when facing the laser body control panel (the front). The Bosch GRL300HVG Self Leveling Green Rotating Laser is a quality tool for layout. I don’t have any experience with the Bosch Red Laser levels to compare to the Green Laser level. According to Bosch the Green Laser is 3X times brighter than the Red Laser. The Green Laser is certainly bright indoors and this could be a real advantage. Outdoors I did not see any advantage with the Green Laser, I had to use the laser receiver to know the height of the Green Laser. The quality and ease of use of the Bosch Laser level is wonderful. I’ve only used this tool for about a week but it not complicated to learn how to use it. I would recommend the “Green Laser Level” to friend especially if the bulk of the work was indoors.
by Chipmaker
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Long-range laser level. Very well built! Accurate. Wonderful hardshell case. Nice accessories inc...
Long-range laser level. Very well built! Accurate. Wonderful hardshell case. Nice accessories included, not a full set. I have an old transit, actually a Rancher's Level. I have used it to lay ditches and sewer lines. It is a lot of fussy adjustment and really wants a second person to hold the rod. These modern laser levels are a treat! Like water, they find their own level, eliminating thumb-screw re-leveling every set-up. Instead of peeping through a telescope while your rod-man sets the rod on key points, you leave the laser in the middle of your site and set the rod yourself. Faster, saves a wage, and you get the exact points you want. Like all BOSCH products, the details are done with care. The laser housing is quite substantial, except the top which must be spindly for full laser coverage. When you turn it on, it whrr-whirrs a few seconds and you see the laser head servo-trimming itself to true level. (This is not one of those wobbling pendulum levels!) When happy, the laser spins to give an all-around level line. This can be switched to a narrower brighter arc, or a stationary dot, for working at a specific corner or point. The laser dot is bigger than a pinpoint but it is very easy to center it to better than 1/16" reading. Bosch makes several similar kits and it is hard to know what each one includes. The GRL300HVG is a large hard-case, the long-range laser head, the remote control, a wall-bracket, a wall/ceiling target, green glasses, batteries, and manual. This is all you need for hanging suspended ceilings. For other jobs, you may also want a level rod, a surveyor's tripod and plumb, marker, and notebook. And of course you should understand the basics of transit/laser leveling. The included manual covers specific details, not general concepts. While a laser-level saves many steps compared to a transit, it won't magically make your work level. One thing to know looking at the specs: laser-level "range" is commonly given as a "diameter". "1000 feet" really means 500 feet from the laser. Some jobs, especially trim and ceilings, you can set the laser in the center of the site and level a 700x700' room in one setting. Other jobs the laser has to be set outside the work zone, so the spec implies a 500 foot reach. Also the spec requires using a "receiver", a handheld or rod-attached unit which will pick up a beam too weak for the eye to see. And this GRL300HVG kit does not include a receiver (about $150 extra). Without the receiver, the GRL300HVG is rated 330 foot diameter (165' reach). This will cover the average residential or small commercial building project adequately. In many cases it can reference the building level to street level even 200+ feet in from the street. (Of course you can level any distance by leapfrogging.) Any laser is hard to see in sunlight (the receiver may help). Working in late afternoon, I could eyeball the beam out to around 40 feet from the head. In late dusk, just light enough to walk around, I was finding the beam well past 200 feet. When working rough (ditching) it helps to carry a large sheet of foamcore, a bigger target than your rod, as a beam finder. Once found, the beam was easy to read on an old (pre-laser!) rod-- the matte high-visibility finish on most transit rods shows the laser beam well. I did not attempt to verify the accuracy claim. There is a check procedure in the manual which echos the time-honored process in any old survey text: shoot two walls, move the level, and compare. I am sure the servo-controlled auto-level finds true level more accurately and FAR quicker than I can diddle the leveling screws on my transit bubble. Some spot-checks on known elevations around my property show no difference between servo-laser and bubble-transit readings. Except the servo-laser is MUCH faster. Also the servo-level "knows" when it has been bumped or has lost level. The beam stops while it re-levels. If a bump is severe enough to make the setting invalid, an error light comes on, telling you to come back and check on it. The auto-leveling works even if the head is considerably off-level. I set it on a warped skid, it whrred to the max and showed "error", I put a pencil under the low spot and it leveled itself quickly and accurately. The spec is 8 degrees, which is very obvious to the eye. If it looks near-level, it will probably level-out perfectly; if not, it tells you quickly. A slick trick: there is a laser dot out the top of the head. Set the head on its back about a foot out from a corner. Now you have a horizontal line with an all-around plane that is dead-square to the line. Set the the line parallel to the existing wall. Now build and adjust your new wall against the rotary plane beam. Dead square corner and dead plumb wall, without giant L-squares or tedious math. A tripod with plumb bob, and the top-beam, will transfer a point on the floor to a point on the ceiling, without spending a lot of time on top of a ladder with a long plumb string. The accessories are perfect for leveling a suspended ceiling. The wall-mount holds the laser head at a convenient place, either on wall or clamped to the grid. The target has magnets: stick it to your grid bars and adjust your hangers all to the same level. There are several options for mounting both wall-mount and ceiling target. The remote control lets you change from all-around to large or small arc or point, change rotational speeds, move an arc/point in small increments, or reset the shock system, without hiking back to the head. This is especially useful when doing small leveling far from the head. The green glasses (included in this kit) reduce non-green light and make the beam show a little better. Range is increased but not a huge amount. Obviously these do not block the laser light and are NOT eye protection. Do not look into the laser! I'm loving it.
by Paul
Rating provided by a verified purchaser...
Rating provided by a verified purchaser
by HomeDepotCustomer
This is definitely a device intended for the professional contractor or advanced home DIY’er with...
This is definitely a device intended for the professional contractor or advanced home DIY’er with lots of projects that require pin-point accuracy. The cost of this level is high, but I consider it worth it IF YOU HAVE A USE FOR IT ON A FREQUENT BASIS. This level has many features. The best for me was its self-leveling feature. My old level had to be manually leveled, so I really keyed in on this feature. Once you turn it on, it takes 5 seconds to self-level. I used mine indoors, so it’s bright green laser light was instantly visible on all my walls inside an approximate 40’ X 20’ room. I don’t have a tripod, so I set mine on a ladder top and it worked like a charm. I was mindful of it’s precarious mounting, and would definitely recommend more stable mounting, which is possible via an included wall mount unit. This unit allows for horizontal leveling, and if you need vertical leveling, all you need do is turn the unit on its side and turn it on. Again, stable mounting is important, but I simply laid mine on the floor and the beam worked its magic. The device allows you to have the beam rotate 360 degrees, or you can adjust it to make a much small projection line or even a pin point mark on your work surface. The latter two laser projections are adjustable via the provided remote (check your specific model to determine which accessories are included). Once the “smaller” laser line (say it’s 6 feet long) is projected on your work surface, your remote can be used to move that 6 ft line right or left to exactly where you need it. For most outdoor work, the laser will not be visible to your eye, and requires a sensor to detect the beam, especially at longer distances. This device is rated to project its beam 1,000 feet. So, outdoor work will require additional accessories, such as a tripod, leveling rod and laser receivers. The kit comes in a hard, sturdy case. When stored for longer periods, it’s recommended that you remove batteries from the main unit and the remote.
by Doug
I wanted my first laser level to be a good one and I finally decided on this one. I love that th...
I wanted my first laser level to be a good one and I finally decided on this one. I love that this self levels, you just turn it on and if it's reasonably close to level, it finishes off the rest. I've already used it on a couple of projects. indoors I set it up to do wainscoting around my kitchen, living room and hallway. I was able to set this up in one spot and had a line to work to instead of tons of measuring on every surface. The furthest distance was about 50 feet from the unit, which was no problem at all. the line was still super thin and perfectly in line with everything else. the second project I used this on is leveling the ground in my backyard for a patio I want to put in this year. When I first bought this level I was convinced that I would have to get the receiver that goes with it, but it hasn't been necessary yet. I simply took a 2x4 that I had laying around and marked a line on it where my grade needed to be. I was able to see my line with a little difficulty at about 50 feet in bright daylight. I could probably go to 100 ft before I ran into any line visibility issues in direct sun. I kind of wish I got the pack that has the tripod, but those are pretty inexpensive to pick up separately. I definitely recommend this level.
by DIYer
laser was OK but the staff is in feet and inches - no good for most of the world and definitely not for an Aussie - if you wanna be global you need to fit in.
by MrJims
Great Tool
I've always wanted a construction laser and this one is great. Simple to setup and use and is accurate.
by Engineer1961
Good tool, just 1 feature away from being great
I love the power and accuracy of this tool. Extremely bright green beam. Comes in very nice and durable hard case. Laser itself is not too big, nor too heavy or bulky. Made of durable materials, with comfortable handles built in. Open cage design allows for quick manual rotation of laser head. One great feature is the built in 90 degree laser beam, in relation to the rotating laser plane, which is very helpful in the layout process. The locking mechanism for the battery compartment seems a little flimsy, and worries me that it may come unlocked during use, i would like to see a more solid locking mechanism for the battery compartment. The remote works good, although there is one feature that this device is missing, that other brands do have, that would make this tool even better. It seems to state in the manual that you can rotate the beam with the remote while the unit is in vertical mode. But you can not do this. The manual is incorrect. When the laser is in horizontal mode, you can rotate the beam in small increments with the remote, or on the unit itself. While the laser is in vertical mode, the same buttons that were used in horizontal mode to move the laser dot around, do not do the same thing in vertical mode. Rather, they rotate the whole plane of the beam. This is a huge disadvantage while trying to maneuver the laser dot around for layout in walls, ceilings, and many many other circumstances. If this feature was corrected or added, this laser unit GRL300HVG would be a 5 star plus! Other than this lack of functionality, the GRL300HVG is a good laser unit, and is a must for use outdoors, and even better visibility indoors.
by Daniel1982
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