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BLAZE 165 ft. Laser Distance Tape Measuring Tool with Bluetooth and Full Color Display

  • Quickly measure and record length, area, volume from one position
  • Accuracy: ±1/16 in.
  • Full color backlit display for easy viewing
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Product Overview

Bosch GLM 50 CX being used to level and capture angle of stair railing.


Turn a two man tape measure job into a one person job by quickly and accurately measuring up to 165 ft. with this laser distance measure.

Bosch GLM 50 CX being used during dishwasher installation.

Advanced Measuring Solution

Measuring the time it takes a laser to reflect off a target and return, laser measures are very accurate and ideal for when measuring targets are out of reach.

Bosch GLM 50 CX being used with tablet for additional measurement features.

All in One Functionality

This laser measure offers a backlit color display with large numbers to see measurements, letters and words to provide simplicity when using its multiple measurement features.

Bosch GLM 50 CX being used to measure shelf.

Measure Anywhere

Measured directly by using the Pythagorean theorem (a2+b2=c2)

Bosch GLM 50 CX being used to mark measurements on wood.

Stake Out Mode

Pinpoints recurring marks along a line, e.g. every 6 in.

Product image of Bosch GLM 50 CX on jobsite.

Jobsite Ready

At only 5 oz. the GLM 50 allows for placement in a tool belt or pocket for easy accessibility while on the job.

Bosch GLM 50 CX next to phone showing connection and functionality for MeasureOn app.

Bluetooth® Connectivity

Measurements from the laser measurer to a smart device via the MeasureOn app

Infographic of curved arrow indicating automatic screen rotation.

Rotating Display

Screen automatically rotates vertically and horizontally

Infographic of target.

Fast and Accurate

Laser measure is extremely precise with accuracy of 1/16 in.

Infographic of digital numbers indicating digital display.

Digital Display

The Bosch GLM 50 CX offers a backlit color display with large numbers to easily see measurements.

Infographic of memory card.


Provides storage for up to 30 measurements

Infographic of line markings to indicate units of measure.

Unit of Measure

Can convert from imperial to metric as well as feet versus inches

Icon of Bosch MeasureOn App.

MeasureOn App

Ideal for capturing measurements on the job. Free download for iPhone and Android devices

The Bosch GLM 50 CX offers a backlit color display with large numbers to easily see measurements, letters and words to provide simplicity when using its array of features. In addition to screen enhancements, the GLM 50 CX offers Bluetooth functionality, so users can digitally transfer measurements to a smartphone or tablet. Extreme accuracy of 1/16 in.; unit has great range at 165 ft. The GLM 50 CX offers multiple modes; 3 indirect measurement modes including multi-surface area. A built-in inclinometer allows the user to determine the angle of pitch and confirm when the tool is level. Includes stakeout measurement that pinpoints recurring marks along a line, e.g. every 6 in.
  • Backlit color display
  • Bluetooth functionality
  • Laser measure is extremely precise with accuracy of 1/16 in.
  • Overall range is 165 ft.
  • 3 indirect measurement modes are offered along with a built-in inclinometer
  • Default real-time measurement shows distances move in relation to the target
  • Stakeout measurement
  • Handy pocket-size design
  • Includes: (2) 1.5-Volt AAA batteries, pouch, hand strap, target cards and ID tags
  • Free GLM measure and document app allows you to overlay your measurements onto photos
  • Create digital floor plans, import and edit existing floor plans, and then export your results with the free GLM FloorPlan app

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Info & Guides

You will need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader to view PDF documents. Download a free copy from the Adobe Web site.

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Measurement StandardMetric,SAE,USSMetric,SAE,USSMetric,SAE,USSMetric,USS
Max Laser Distance (ft.)165 ft.165 ft.165 ft.330 ft.
Hand Tool TypeRange MeterRange MeterRange MeterRange Meter
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Product Depth (in.)
Product Height (in.)
Product Width (in.)


Compatible Battery Type
AAA Batteries
Hand Tool Type
Range Meter
Max Laser Distance (ft.)
165 ft.
Measurement Standard
Tools Product Type
Hand Tool

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty
2 Years Limited

Questions & Answers


Is this tool good for measuring the distance of pipe? Up high for callculating footage ?

Asked by 2357 November 27, 2020

This tool is good for measuring distances up a wall, it uses its angle and distance to compute. I tried measuring a distance along the ceiling and it didn't do too well, I think you would have to physically put a target (think sticky note) at one end, and scan from the other.

Can it be set to measure in 1/16th increments vs 1/32? Seems oddto me that its not a option. Who ...

Asked by Me October 7, 2020

I have had mine for quite some time. I love having 1/32 accuracy. I just checked and there is no option that I could find to turn it off.

Would this be any good to measure trim?

Asked by Csm August 15, 2020

Hi there! The GLM 50CX Measuring Tool is designed to measure distance and height as long as there is a solid target and is not transparent or liquid. Also, it will only starts the measuring at 6". For further assistance, contact us at 1-877-BOSCH99 (1-877-267-2499) from Mon-Fri 7A-7P CST.

What is the main difference in length vs real time? Any accuracy differences?

Asked by 1dayumay August 8, 2020

Real Time give a constant measurement, so as it move the measurement updates. Length only give the measurement once the red arrow button is pressed (so on demand reading). Length also give instant level reading on screen, while real time does not. Some best uses for each mode: Real Time is good for quick measurements or to get a specific distance from the other side. Example is measuring 10ft off a wall, you can move the tool until you get the 10ft reading. Length is good for measuring already in place structures. Example would be measuring between 2 walls in a house (though real time is also good for this, the extra level on the screen can help make sure you measure a flat distance between the walls for a more accurate measurement). Accuracy will be the same for each mode. Biggest effect I've seen for accuracy is when hitting the red button to lock or take a measurement. Pushing the button does slightly move the tool causing a little variance in the reading (especially on soft surfaces, like carpet, which make it move up and down). Best way around this is if you have a bluetooth enabled version, as you can set measurements on and off on the phone (removing the slight movement of pressing the red arrow button completely).

Is this laser intrinsically safe?

Asked by Chris June 24, 2020

It is a class 2 laser. Laser safety is regulated by the FDA. The FDA website has lots of laser safety information. Can't think of anything made by man or nature that is naturally safe in all situations, so some degree of caution is always advisable in whatever you do.

Sorry if this is a dumb question but I am a newbie to DIY. Will this laser tool provide a volume...

Asked by DIYGUY June 7, 2020

Area and Volume are built into the device. Selecting those modes will add a readout of Length, Width, and Height (for volume). You just take each measurement needed one at a time. Once all measurements needed are taken, it will give the Square/Cube Ft totals right on screen. The app you use when connected to bluetooth is not needed. It will allow you to save projects and build a project in the app. It is an added feature, but not needed for the tool to be used.

Hi can I measure gutters length, or roofing square footage ?

Asked by elite6 April 16, 2020

I have never tried this as I use it solely for real estate room measuring. As long as you have someone hold a piece of paper up and the laser can hit it I don’t foresee an issue. Can try it out and if doesn’t work out save receipt you should have 90 days for a return. 1 year if you have a Home Depot Credit Card and use it to make purchase. I also work at Home Depot.

Does it have a bubble level like GLM42? I guess technically the inclinometer can work as a level ...

Asked by Shedtripper February 11, 2020

yes, in level mode; lay it face side up and it has a centering dot. Lay it on a side and it will show angles.

Since the MeasureOn app is no longer available, what will work now?

Asked by Jason January 20, 2020

It is currently the only app I also tried using the more apps in the bosch toolbox to see if you can download it from there. It looks like they were having issues with the app and it will be available in a few days??? I haven't contacted Bosch directly just passing on what I found hopefully they resolve this soon I really like the Measure On app.

Bosch GLM 50c

Asked by mloz1 January 18, 2020


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We use this very frequently to measure the square footage of flooring prior to cleaning. I do re...
We use this very frequently to measure the square footage of flooring prior to cleaning. I do realize that we are only using a 10th part of it's capabilities, but paired with the Bosh MeasureOn app it makes short work of measuring our jobs.
by AZRedDog
Works like a champ. ...
Works like a champ.
This works excellent indoors and I love the bluetooth feature to send dimensions directly to your...
This works excellent indoors and I love the bluetooth feature to send dimensions directly to your photo in the app. I found the measurements to be extremely accurate, and better than I could have done by myself with a tape measure. I love that after completing a "project" in the app you can export a PDF and Excel document with all of the measurements to save for later. My only real complaint so far is that outdoors it does not work very well. The longest I have been able to measure outdoors even in a shadow on a partially overcast day was 72', and that even took awhile to get the reading, but that is still less than 1/2 of the rated distance. I didn't really purchase it for extra long outdoor measurements so I still give it 4 stars.
by Jeepin
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Great for recording lots of measurements
The Bosch Laser Measure is loaded with features. Wow. Just read the description carefully. It has 9 different measuring functions, Color screen, compact, lightweight, Accurate, and of course Bluetooth. It does some angles and degrees, not just distances. Bosch has two apps you can install on Apple or Android. The Measure&Document app works on phones and tablets. This is the best little app. It works well, is easy to use, and records and catalogs the various measurements you make as you move through a project. This is the best part of this Laser Measure. It allows you to capture and document all of your measurements in one place on your tablet/phone. The Bosch FloorPlan app only works on tablets and is more complicated. It will also record your measurements from the tool, but it will take a little more work to learn the app and use the measurements. It's best for doing a rough sketch of a project. Accessories include a pouch, with belt loop, lanyard, and batteries. You can use Target Cards for those odd places where there is no surface (like the end of a table). Most of the functions are intuitive, but a quick read of the manual will help. Good instructions but as is typical with Bosch Manuals, they put the diagrams at the front of the manual and spend the next 40 pages referring back to the diagrams, causing you to flip pages constantly. It is primarily for use indoors. I tried it outside. It worked but the LCD screen was not always bright enough for outdoor use. Top it off with a 2 year warranty and you have a great laser measuring tool!
by JohnS
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Compact, screen easy to read and see
OVERALL: Screen easy to read in dark and light. Size of chunk phone, easier to pocket than older models. Bluetooth and function menus much easier to use than previous models. SCREEN: Looks like a lower end phone screen. Which is incredible given the calculator-like screens of past models. Bright and easy to read in pitch dark, and almost any light. BATTERY: Possibly the only draw back. It does burn through the 2 AAA batteries faster than previous models. To be expected with the brighter screen I suppose... just order some extra AAA.
by sdgiant
5 people found this helpful
Years ago when I was in real estate I had a large, clunky laser measure to use when helping customers determine room sizes, etc. so I knew I would love this smaller, work-intensive laser measure. It does not disappoint! The included lanyard and case make it very easy to keep at hand when in use. After downloading the app to my iPad it immediately synced with bluetooth. We are in the process of finishing our laundry room walls so this will definitely be put to good use - We won't need to move everything just to get measurements! This tool does so much that reading the manual is an absolute must.
by jeanieb
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Another Great Bosch Laser Tool!!
Bosch is the unchallenged champion when it comes to laser tools. I own many types of Bosch lasers, because they simply can not be beat. The boxes accurately describe what the tool does, and I achieve results consistent of what Bosch Tool Group claims. The GLM 50 C is a great top of the line laser level. I find accuracies to work well within a sixteenth of an inch, usually better. This is a great tool to use for almost as many things as a tape measure. It is a great accessory for anyone doing trim work, drawing up estimates, or working through issues. This new unit adds in several features that are new to me, so I will address this item by it's features. Laser Measure - Can choose between regular "length" and "real-time" modes. Both work exactly the same, and are extremely accurate. This tool allows you to choose whether you are measuring from the front of the unit, back of the unit, or from the tripod mount on the back. This will help measuring from various points and sources. Area / Volume - Does the math for you. Using the laser measure, you measure out the height, width, and depth (if for volume) and it multiplies it for you. There is a save feature that makes it nice to recall previous measurements that saves through the power off cycle. Indirect Measurements - Can be set for indirect height or length. Uses the extremely accurate inclinometer and the laser to measure something from a distance. Essentially, Pythagorean Theorem. Works very well. On a 9' wall, I was able to achieve accuracies within 1/8 of an inch. The differences were likely to be from the floor not being perfectly level. I was extremely surprised how accurate this was, since the slightest error in angle measurement completely throws the unit off. Works extremely well. I would not use it for finish trim work, but for many things it works very well when you can not get right up to the target easily. Stake-Out - This is a neat feature. Set a length increment, and the move the unit away from your target. The screen of the unit moves like a tape measure, and has big flags on the increments. So if you set it to 16" increments, there would be a big flag every 16,32,48,60,72" etc... away from your measuring point. This is a neat feature, but I find it is usually easier to use a tape measure for this kind of thing so that I am not fishing the unit in and out looking for a point. Maybe on very long surfaces, where a tape measure would not cut it this would be useful. I have not run into this situation, not to say that it would never happen. Nice feature to have should I ever need it. Level - Screen automatically rotates to whatever orientation the unit is in to measure angle. Also has a flat table top bubble mode, which is quite nice. As stated under the indirect measurement bullet, the tool is surprisingly accurate. I have uploaded a picture with the GLM 50 C against a dial level, torpedo level with a bubble and digital readout. The digital readout is not terribly accurate, I would trust the Bosch over it anyday. Bluetooth - Allows you to sync up with your phone. It will send measurements. Also allows you to use your phone to press the laser "shutter" key, and see measurements from a distance. Good for setting up things, but I will rarely take the time to use the Bluetooth feature. Again, a handy feature if it is ever required. There is also a Bosch App that will take photos and measurements to make layouts, but I have not messed with it very much. Other things of note - Unit of Measurement - Allows you to change the unit of measurement between imperial and metric. The biggest thing for me is that I can switch it to inches only, instead of feet inches. It will also do decimal inches instead of fractional inches. I prefer decimal inches only, having a machining background, so this is a GREAT feature since my brain works in decimal inches and not fractional inches (Im weird, I know). Holster - Exact same holster as the GLM 40. The GLM 50 is a bigger unit, and the holster is just too tight. Give it a little room. Batteries - On something like this, I am glad that it uses disposable batteries. I would not want to have to keep track of a tiny Bosch charger for this little guy. Wal-Mart has a million more hours of battery life. This is a laser measuring device. It is not a laboratory grade laser. It is hard to see the red dot in bright sunlight. Do not have unreasonable expectations for this thing. Overall, this thing is awesome. Do not cheap out and get something that costs less. You will regret it. Get something that performs exactly as well as you want it to.
by SGMillerDesigns
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Many great improvements
The GLM 50CX comes with 2 AAA batteries, a nice belt pouch, lanyard, 5 stick-on target cards for measuring narrow targets, the manual, and a quick start guide. A set of batteries will last for 2.5 hours of continuous measurement. It measures a petite 4" x 1.75" x 1". I have an older Bosch GLM 100C distance measurer that I've used extensively. My only complaints about it were that the display was difficult to read when the backlight was off or if it was viewed at more than a 45 degree angle, and that the buttons were a little confusing and I'd have to consult the manual occasionally. The new GLM 50CX fixes these issues in spades. The color display is bright and beautiful and, in combination with the larger font, easily readable under all lighting conditions and angles. The new user interface with fewer buttons and text labels is very intuitive - I was able to use most of the functions without opening the manual. There are new functions - a continuous "real-time" distance measurement, a bubble level, a "stake out" function to repeatedly measure a constant length, such as when marking stud locations every 16". The automatic memory function that remembers the last 30 measurements. You can also choose between two font sizes. One example of the thought that went into the GLM 50CX - on the old unit the display backlight goes out after 6 seconds and I have to push a button to get it back on. On the GLM 50CX, the display backlight stays on for 20 seconds and just picking up or tilting the unit restores the display. When powered on, the GLM 50CX defaults to Bluetooth off and "real-time" measurement. When I used the associated app on my iPhone to record measurements I was getting an error for "Invalid measurement for selected sketch". This is because it was expecting a "length" measurement and I was sending a "real time" measurement. If you use the app make sure to use the "length" function and not "real time" for sending length measurements.
by Camano
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Amazing tool
Been doing a lot of renovations around my house the last few months, but one thing I still am not great at is reading a tape measure, not to mention reaching very high areas of my house to get proper measurements without an extension ladder. Not the case anymore! With this handy laser measure I don't have to put myself in tight spots to get a super accurate measurement with zero effort. I did multiple tests around my house using this handy gadget and was amazed at the incredible accuracy and ease of use. I can't wait to take on my next project now with this in my arsenal!
by Cove
4 people found this helpful
Rating provided by a verified purchaser...
Rating provided by a verified purchaser
by HomeDepotCustomer
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