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Only paper towel we use
This is now the only paper towel we use in our household. It may be a bit more expensive but we find that the rolls last twice as long as some other brands, making it worth it. It's more absorbent, picks up more and stronger so we use less.
by Prpeach1
We use an alternative brand that I honestly don't find a difference between the 2. It works, it has select a size which is great but that said so does my regular brand for a little cheaper.
by Leashamom5
Love full size sheets, hate select-a-size
I am having trouble finding full size sheet paper towels. I hate the select-a-size towels, so unless I can find what I want, I will have to go to a different brand.
by dainaa
Full sheet Bounty
I cannot find full sheet paper towels. I've bought so many select-a-size online due to dishonest sellers. I guess I'll have to switch brands & sell the select-a-size I'm now stuck with.
by brooke550
Trying to find FULL size Bounty
My family LOVES FULL size Bounty sheets. I can't find them anywhere. We don't like select-a-size at all. Please, please, please continue to make full size and ship both selections to stores. Thank you!
by Mindy8
Don't quit making the full size sheets!!!!!!
I have always used the full size sheets but now they are impossible to find. I can't stand using the select-a-size type. I hope I don't have to change to another brand because Bounty is the best.
by Linda70
We love the full sheets so much that we search all over to find them. Seems most local stores are now only selling only Select a size. We will have to find a different paper towel if we are unable to get full sheets. Please do not discontinue them!
by jonizuk
Great helper in thekitchen
This is a staple product in our house hold. It works great for small and big spills and is great for cleaning and my kids love the fact that you can rinse and use it
by shop4life3
Impossible to find FULL SIZE SHEETS....... PLEASE don't stop making them ! ! Bounty has been my favorite for many years, but I do not like or want select a size ! ! !
by Ambrosia
I will buy Brawny until you do. The select-a-size are awful.
by Patricia829
Showing 1-10 of 4,102 reviews