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1/4 in. x 15 ft. Plastic Drum Auger

  • High-impact polymer housing ensures reliability
  • Zinc-plated lock-tight thumbscrew for secure fitting
  • Works with most sink, shower and tub drains
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Product Details

Designed to clear clogs in most sink, shower and tub drains, this BrassCraft Plastic Drum Auger helps clear 1-1/4 - 2 in. lines. It features a 1/4 in. x 15 ft. high carbon spring wire and high impact polymer drum housing.
  • For most sink, shower and tub drains
  • Use to clear 1-1/4 - 2 in. lines up to 15 Ft in length
  • 1/4 in. x 15 ft. high carbon spring wire with an open wound boring head
  • High impact polymer housing
  • Zinc-plated, lock-tight thumbscrew
  • Safe, reliable and easy to use
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Bathroom sink Hair Ball
Jeff's review, particularly his explanation of how to use the auger, is excellent. I looked carefully at the more expensive drain augers and saw improved quality. However they were all larger and heavier. My bathroom sink work area is confined, so this small light auger was easy to handle. The Home Depot salesmen were right on when saying that all models have the same principle in terms of use. Jeff's observation about the core inside the cable of more expensive augers is correct. A stiffer cable could help if your clog is really hard material but the soft cable in this model made it easy to navigate the bends in my ABS drain pipe. Initially, it was difficult to determine whether I hit a bend or a clog when manually feeding the cable through the drain. But I managed to hook and remove the 2 hair balls after 2 tries. All I can add to Jeff's explanation is: Be patient, manually push the cable thru the drain pipe, hook the hair ball, turn the handle a few times but do not turn the cable too many times to avoid cable stress and possible breakage(this is all about feeling the cable for pressure and tension). Then, pull out the cable from the drain pipe to see what you have caught on the end of the cable auger. Just like fishing! Finally, to check that I got all the hair balls, I ran 14.5 of the 15 ft length of the cable past the last hair ball and felt no resistance in the drain pipe. So I was confident no further clogs were present for at least the distance of 14 feet. Reattached the drain U joint and turned the tap on to see the water drain. I was overjoyed. A very similar product is sold in Canada's Home Depot. Picture of auger and hair ball is attached. WARNING: Hair ball is YUCKY looking..
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I was able to unclog my toilet! It worked amazingly...
I was able to unclog my toilet! It worked amazingly @ very easy to use
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Work just like it said it would...
Work just like it said it would
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Fixed the problem!...
Fixed the problem!
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Works great
Works great if you know how: slow and easy works best, pushing too hard or too fast could make the cable kink. I bought the one that lets you connect a drill but I didn't even use that feature 'cuz you need to turn it SLOWLY and the hand crank works just fine for that. But buy the one that has the thumb control at the front instead of a set-screw.
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Should have gotten one sooner.
I have 6 members in my family and two dogs, who all use the same tub. It's shouldn't be a surprise that the drain is always getting clogged up. Finally, the clogs got so bad one day that a liquid unclogger and plunger did little to nothing. After some research I decided I needed to try an Auger. I was able to purchase this at my local store after making sure the store sold it by searching online. I have zero plumbing experience so I learned on the spot. The cable has to be feed manually and you have to wiggle it until it will "snake" it's way down the pipes. When you hit a snag, or find the clog, you tighter the screw so that the cable does not slip, and begin to turn the handle on the back. This causes the auger to rotate and the front is suppose to catch and clear the obstruction. Wiggling and turning (I found) helped the cable to bend through the curves in the pipes. I slowly started to pull out and to my surprise there was a glob of hair that came out caught on the front of the auger. Time spent: probably 10 minutes. Now the negatives. The way the design is set up, your hand is going to get tired. But, it really isn't an issue. This thing is cheap for a reason. The more expensive auger have an insert in the cable that makes it stronger. This is just a metal coil so it can break relatively easy, so don't rush. Also the cheap metal rusts quickly. Leave the cable out and let it dry in the sun. Unlike the previous person, I had a good experience. For the price and the effectiveness, I'd definitely recommend this to a someone else.
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don't waste your money
falls apart with the slightest use. Don't waste your money.
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