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Haven Mosquito Repellent System Starter Kit

  • NuTone Haven Mosquito Repellent System repels biting mosquitoes
  • Provides season-long protection against all types of mosquitoes
  • Effective within 15 minutes
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Product Overview

"Season long* Mosquito Protection For protection and added comfort outdoors, the NuTone Haven Backyard Mosquito Repellent System produces an invisible zone of protection which repels biting mosquitoes. Each Mosquito Repellent Fixture contains a vaporizer that releases an odorless, invisible repellent that protects a 12 ft. Dia area. Use repellent fixture on a deck, patio or outdoor area for up to 440 sq. ft. of coverage. *Assumes season as 90-days/average use 2.4-hours per day.
  • Effective protection against all types of mosquitoes
  • Kit includes: 4 fixtures, 4 repellent cartridges, 65 ft. low-voltage wire, 1 controller
  • Creates a 440 sqaure foot zone of protection
  • Over 216-hours of mosquito protection
  • Provides protection within 15-minutes
  • Durable construction
  • Installation is easy
  • Install only once, enjoy season after season
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • For any questions regarding product features, installation, or specifications, please call our Technical Services Dept. at 800-637-1453, Monday-Friday, 8:00 am - 7:00 pm EST.
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Product Depth (in.)
11.376 in
Product Height (in.)
10.62 in
Product Width (in.)
10.128 in


Garden Pest Location
Not for Garden Use
Pack Size
Pest Common Name
Pest Control Type
Lawn Insect Control

Questions & Answers


The description says you can add a 5th fixture to this kit, how do you get this additional part to add to the kit?

Asked by dcline September 23, 2020

I reached out to the manufacturer directly and got this response: “Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately, we are not selling the individual fixtures by themselves at this time. The new Haven kit was just released a few months ago onto the market. We used to sell all pieces individually and then discontinued the original product. The part number of the repellent fixture is HVRFABR. If you can track down one of these, it will work with your current kit. We plan on releasing them individually next year.”

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This system is a game changer if you have a porch or patio area that is hard to use in the summer because of mosquitoes. This year seemed to be bad and I had looked at having our yard treated monthly. Before committing to that, we decided to give this a try, It was very easy to install. It was very similar to installed low voltage path lights. We place the stakes at different corners of the patio. The system runs for 4 hours and repels mosquitos quite well. It is much preferred to applying and reapply bug spray. The only downside I can see is having to replace the cartridges yearly.
by dcline
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This system works great but is expensive-that's why it gets four stars and not five. The initial ...
This system works great but is expensive-that's why it gets four stars and not five. The initial cost would make it a luxury item for me except for the fact that it makes our yard usable again. For that reason, to us, it is worth the $300 initial cost and the approximately $100/year ongoing cost for future years' replacement chemical cartridges. The system is relatively easy to assemble and install and does a great job of keeping the mosquitoes away from the yard. They have been particularly bad this season and we weren't able to enjoy the yard-our candles were not doing the job. I put the four stakes/dispensers in the four corners of our patio so they are about 10-12 feet apart (see picture 1). I temporarily placed the stakes in holes I drilled with a bulb planting auger and ran the wiring behind and between plants. When these seasonal plants die back I'll dig the trenches and bury the wires. For the pictures I pulled the wires out from behind the plantings and put them on the patio so these are visible. I laid everything out temporarily and tested it all because I wanted to make sure the system functioned as advertised. If you have concerns about the repellant chemicals you should read the safety data sheet (SDS) and research Metofluthrin. I hope you find this and the pictures' captions helpful.
by Baltoborn
IT WORKS! I am VERY impressed with this system. This is one of the longest reviews I’ve ever po...
IT WORKS! I am VERY impressed with this system. This is one of the longest reviews I’ve ever posted so if you just want the basics, don’t bother with the review AND JUST BUY IT! It’s easy to turn on by one quick depress of the only button which is located on top on the controller. It’s simple to install and while you don’t need any tools, it is easier if you have a drill to install the 1 backing plate. The 4 screws needed to install the back plate onto wood are provided. If you are going to screw it into brick or similar surface, you’ll need to supply those screws yourself. The instructions are clear and easy to follow. My only complaint is there are 2 small screws that go underneath which anchor the unit to the backing plate and those are tedious to install. On one side, the screw is located between 2 outgoing wires and it’s hard to get your fingers up in there to put the screw in. On the opposite underneath side, you can get the screw in more easily. 4 glass jars of the repellant are included and each lasts about 215/216 hours (dependent upon humidity & temperature). The light on the controller will start flashing when it’s been in use for a total of 195 hours, giving you time to order refills. One you’ve replaced the repellant, you can then reset the timer by holding down the “on” button for 5 seconds. There are 4 heads which you mount onto posts; they click into place easily and the repellent goes in these heads. You feed the wire from a head down inside a post and pull it out the other end. There is a flat piece of metal inside on either side of the post that you have to navigate the wire around but put a slight, gentle, downward facing bend in the wire & it’ll go right through. The posts then attach onto stakes which you stick into the ground. We installed these on a concrete patio so didn’t put the stakes in the ground; we only used the posts and put them into 6” pots filled with gravel. This made them top-heavy (really, the best way is to use the stakes and anchor them as instructed, into the ground). Now that we know how well this system works, I am going to get some really big pots and go back and anchor them correctly. To turn the system on, you depress the button on top of the controller unit and a little green light goes on (each of the heads has a small light as well) signaling it’s on and working. IT AUTOMATICALLY SHUTS OFF AFTER 4 HOURS. Because the system comes apart, you can pull the pieces (head, stake, tube) apart and move them around. While you can move the wire that connects to the controller, you cannot undo where you have connected the wires from the heads to the controller wire. For example, you could pull up the stakes and reconfigure from a square to a circle or move the system as a whole to cover a different area. To test this system, I used 3 people in our family who suffer horribly from mosquito bites. Many years ago I bought a big mosquito trap that works using a propane tank which mimics mammals’ breathing and is good for approximately ½ acre. It’s worked fairly well but about 2 years ago, the L.A. area was invaded by Tiger Mosquitoes which hover lower to the ground. The mosquito trap didn’t seem to be effective against these new pests and we wound up taking my mom to Urgent Care on 2 different occasions because of the mosquito bites and eventually we put her up in a hotel for a week. It was a miserable time. Since then, we’ve had professional companies come out and spray the yard; she won’t go out unless she takes extreme measures (2 pairs of knee-high socks, long pants & sleeves, DEET spray) and she still gets dozens and dozens of bites. Mom is 90 and suffers the most. The other two subjects are 35 and 68 years old and apparently are quite tasty to the mosquito population and get numerous bites but not as bad as Mom. We installed this system, let it run for about 1 hour and then drug Mom outside and installed her, wearing a knee-length, sleeveless dress on a chair and we all visited (the 3 bait people and I) for about 6 hours. A lot of wine was imbibed (of course, this was purely for testing purposes as alcohol in the blood is supposed to make you more attractive to the little buggers). Mom got 1 bite on her hand and that was when she was on her way from the door to the protected area. We were amazed and impressed. Because we had no mosquitoes to deal with, we lost track of time and the unit, as advertised, shut off automatically after 4 hours. It was still effective 2+ hours after being shut off. I rec’d this as part of the Home Depot Seeds Program. I was going to buy one of these systems for the others in our family but when I looked online to buy it, it is stated that they cannot ship to New York or CA because of environmental laws. In reviewing the SDS, it appears that’s because it’s toxic to fish/aquatics. Since that’s not an issue in Mom’s Southern CA backyard, I am not going to worry about it but I am disappointed we won’t be able to get more for the family as this is the ONLY system we have ever tried that works. The only improvement I can think of that could be made would be to have the ability for a remote control for it. It’d be nice to be able to turn it on before going outside so that you’re not exposed to the skeeters unnecessarily. Here is a link to the SDS: https://www.broan-nutone.com/getmedia/4ae6e750-58c8-40ae-996c-b0f977e80818/Repellent-MSDS.pdf?ext=.pdf
by ss
The Broan-Nutone Mosquito Repellent System is something I've been looking for some time now. This system was easy to install in all about 1 hour. According to the Manufacturer each repellent head covers about 12 ft. in diameter so I spaced them 12 feet apart along the perimeter of my backyard. Once I laid them out roughly where I wanted to place them I simply used a rubber mallet to put the stakes in the ground, coupled the wires together with the easy to use splice in wire connector clamps. I then mounted the control unit to the side of my garage and plugged it in. Once all units were tested and operational I buried the low voltage wire approx. 4-6" deep. I then installed the repellent cartridges in the uprights. The controller once on has a timer of 4 hours that will auto shutoff which is a good feature. My family and I have noticed the decrease in mosquito bites since installing the system so I must say it really does work.
by yesgreg23
We like where we live on the West coast of Florida, but one thing we are constantly battling are ...
We like where we live on the West coast of Florida, but one thing we are constantly battling are those little blood sucking demon mosquitoes. We have tried many products including spray repellents, bug lights, natural mosquito repelling foliage and the list goes on. The spray on repellents seem to have worked the best until we tried Broans-Nu Tone Mosquito Repellent System. I installed the Nu Tone repellent System recently and it seems to work pretty darn well. We always hated lathering up with repellent to enjoy early morning and late evenings on our patio but putting chemicals on yourself every evening just doesn’t feel safe. The install was easy. It took me about 45 minutes total. I performed a not so scientific experiment and went on our patio sans any type of mosquito protection and sure enough within minutes the little devils found me. I turned the Broan Nu Tone Mosquito Repellent System on and allowed it to warm-up and work for about 20 minutes. I returned to the patio with my coffee and was able to actually enjoy it with no mosquitoes. Like I say, this was an un-scientific trial (2 additional confirming trials would make it much better), but the system did seem to work well. The system works by heat vaporizing repellent cartridges that are contained in units that look like low voltage walkway lights. The units form an invisible umbrella or “mosquito force field” over an area of approximately 440 sq. ft. I have included several pictures below to give an idea of what the system looks like after installation. If you have tried everything with only limited success, this product may be worth a try.
by 2695hplc
This system is well constructed and is made of very fine materials. Mostly metals not plastics. Broan-NuTone Haven Backyard Mosquito Repellent system eliminated the mosquito bites on our bodies when sitting out at our patio in the evening before and after dark. The wife and I both are sensitive to the bites and needed an effective product to end our suffering or simply just not go out in our yard anymore to enjoy the summer and fall weather. This system was so easy to connect. Comes with instructions and brochures with all the do’s and don’ts you need to know about this product. But note because this was late to end of summer, I did not bury the cable in the grass as I will take the system up after the first frost and then property set it up and bury the cables in the spring. It is 100% full functional as I have it set up now otherwise and it works perfectly. I just hit the power button a few minutes before we plan to sit out on the patio so the system warms up the invisible repellent. It has a power indicator that lights up green on the power pack as well as each fixture (4) of them in this kit. After the set timer expires the system turns off so as not to waste the repellent when you are not in need of it. What I am a little concerned about is the future need for refills or replacement of the liquid repellent. I checked and so far, I did not see that they carried these items or have stocked until now at the local Home Depot store in my area. Note it may just be because this is a brand-new item. But I will definitely want to purchase more of the refill in the future as it looks like this system will last for many years and the repellent is only good for about 240 hours per fixture. This is a great product and I believe anyone buying it will not be disappointed with its performance. I recommend the kit and am absolutely with its performance. Worth every penny keeping us safe from possible disease spread by mosquitos.
by Jimbo
The BROAN-NUTONE MOSQUITO REPELLENT SYSTEM STARTER KIT works really well at keeping the pesky bit...
The BROAN-NUTONE MOSQUITO REPELLENT SYSTEM STARTER KIT works really well at keeping the pesky biting misquotes away. Our Home is within a couple hundred yards of a freshwater lake with some swampy areas along side. Needless to say we have issues with mosquitos all summer. I saw this and thought it sounded like a great solution! I put them around our deck because we like to relax there and I always hated using spays on my skin. I mounted the transformer and then ran the wire under the sand that we have and then under our deck stairs. We have bushes around the deck so I really I didn't have to Dig and cover the wiring. That making it easier for me to take it all in during the winter months. (This is not required, I’m just doing it) The system runs on low voltage provided by a transformer - similar to a sprinkler system. I have an outlet on my on the side of my house, so I plugged it in there. Each wire is joined to the main cord by a "bite" type connector that presses over the power wire with metal contacts that pierce the wire. Make sure that this is positioned properly and snap it in place well to ensure a good contact. Each vile of repellent provides up to 216 hours of use. We are very happy with it, so if you have A lot of mosquitos, this is a great solution! Highly recommend!
by HomeDepotCustomer
Effective and fairly well designed mosquito repellent system. Not a starter kit, as the instructi...
Effective and fairly well designed mosquito repellent system. Not a starter kit, as the instructions tell you not to extend the wire. So, you’re limited to the 65 feet of wire. The torches are high quality and well designed with push button opening. The stakes are metal and the anchors are larger than typical patio light anchors. The repellent is in a self contained bottle with its’ own wick. One down side is the transformer is on the heavy side. The instructions tell you to mount it on a wall. All mounting hardware is included, though there are no wall anchors. The cord is only 24 inches, so it’s the wall or it sits on the deck. Another shortcoming is the inability to have it started using a timer, which is stated in the instructions. Since it takes time (as soon as 15 minutes), you’ll have to start it up A little before you plan on using it.
by WayneC
The Broan-Nutone Mosquito Repellent System Starter Kit arrives nicely boxed with everything you w...
The Broan-Nutone Mosquito Repellent System Starter Kit arrives nicely boxed with everything you will need to install and use this product. The controller includes 65 feet of wire and a controller mounting clip. If your outlet is closed to the ground you have the option of not mounting the unit. There are 4 fixture head assemblies that include the fixture stems and fixture stakes. The connectors and repellent cartridges. I highly recommend this product.
by BUD
The Nutone Mosquito repellent system is an interesting idea - season-long "aromatherapy" of mosqu...
The Nutone Mosquito repellent system is an interesting idea - season-long "aromatherapy" of mosquito repellent at the touch of a button. It assembles and installs much like garden low-voltage lighting; the set comes with 4 "torches", a power converter, and 65 feet of low-voltage wire. The instructions recommend a 'closed loop' with the emitters spaced no more than 10-12 feet apart; they also say it covers approximately 440 square feet. That sort of makes sense (each must be effective for a radius of about 6 feet. At any rate, it comes with 65 feet of wire, and a warning to not extend it (I assume voltage drop would reduce effectiveness or keep it from working), so you have some interesting choices to make if you want to try to protect a larger patio or deck. The active ingredient is metofluthrin, which is known to be pretty effective. I was going to install it in the grass surrounding my roughly 450-sf deck, but I realized that won't actually cut it, so I will be deck-mounting it using torch holders on the wall and railings - there's no practical way to mount it in the middle of the deck as far as I can tell.
by Mr2Guy
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