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Contractor Grade AirShim Inflatable Pry Bar and Leveling Tool that Holds Up To 300 lbs.

  • Increases manpower and decreases work time
  • Perfect for window, door and cabinet installations and more
  • Replaces pry bars or wood shims that can cause damage
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Product Overview

The AirShim is Contractor-Grade inflatable air wedge for window, door and cabinet installations replaces damaging pry bars and wooden shims. It allows a single installer to position and hold items in place, saving jobsite time and reducing labor costs by providing a much-needed extra hand in installations. It's perfect for window and door installers, interior construction professionals, installers of appliances and small equipment, other skilled craftsmen and serious DIYs. Versatile - can be used in the shop, on the jobsite, in the home or anywhere you need to lift and align objects. The more you use AirShim the more uses you will find - appliances, beams, cabinets, doors, equipment, furniture, HVAC, plumbing, joists, countertops, mantels, bathroom fixtures, curtain walls, flanges, windows and more.
  • AirShim has been certified by SGS for a 300 lb. load rating that safely handles full size installations with just a single installer, saving time and labor costs
  • Lift, shift, align, level and plumb - by utilizing multiple AirShims below, above, left and right of heavy objects you can fine-tune their positioning with easy adjustments from all 4 sides resulting in faster, more secure placements
  • Rounded corner and internal stiffener gets into tight 3/32 In. gaps and won't fold under pressure durable
  • Wide 2-1/2 in. gap spanning capacity means greater lifting or pushing range and more versatility on the job or around the house
  • Soft, no-scuff cover leaves no marks and poses no risk of damage to surrounding surfaces
  • Easy one-handed operation using simple squeeze pump and precise bleeder valve lets you raise and lower to perfect alignments
  • Deflated size is approximately 6-1/4 in. x 6-1/4 in.

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Contractor Grade AirShim Inflatable Pry Bar and Leveling Tool that Holds Up To 300 lbs.
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Assembled Width (in.)8.5 inBar length (in.)0


Hand Tool TypePry BarIndividual/SetIndividual
Number of nail slots0Number of Pieces1
Returnable90-DayTools Product TypeHand Tool

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer WarrantyFull one-year limited warranty

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Easy to work with, and versatility for many different situations good amazing toll, I 'm looking ...
Easy to work with, and versatility for many different situations good amazing toll, I 'm looking if they are bigger sizes. Bbn
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The Air Shim inflatable pry bar and leveling tool is a nifty gadget to have around when you come across a task that typically requires two people and you are alone. Whether you are a skilled craftsman, an installer of appliances, a contractor that continuously installs windows and doors, or a serious DIYer this tool is a great time- saving device. When I first received the Air Shim it reminded me of the air bag that is part of the kit I used to use when I worked for a car dealership to get into a vehicle that a salesman locked the keys in. The uses for this tool are pretty much endless from leveling a washing machine to prying baseboard off of a sheetrocked wall. This inflatable tools simple squeeze pump and precise bleeder valve make easy work of any leveling or prying job and the durable cover doesnot leave any marks or damage sheet rocked walls unlike wooden shims, pry bars, etc. I have used this tool to level a washing machine and to move a display case in a room with wall to wall carpeting. I slid the Air Shim under the display case and pumped it up. After about six to eight pumps I was able to stick sliders under to move it.
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Very strong and handy!
This shim comes in handy all the time, whether installing doors and windows, leveling framework, or to just get a temporary hold or support on something. We've all had those moments when we've wanted to hold something temporarily in place but couldn't find the right object to fit the gap. Well, here it is! It's weightless so you can carry it in your tool belt just like a carpenters square and always have it on hand. It's perfect for shimming in an unknown depth or even to create a large enough gap to insert a prying tool. It's advertised to lift "up to" 300lbs. I can't verify how much it will take to blow it out, but I am around 220 pounds and I stood on it with no problem. The rubber is pretty thick (must be some kind of hybrid material). I'm not sure how puncture-resistant it is however, though it seems that it would wear out quicker this way than by pressure/weight, and I would be careful around sharp rocks.
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Cheapest help I've ever hired
Need a helping hand to set that door? need to level an appliance or a piece of furniture? Look no further. The cheapest help you can hire. This air shim is my extra set of hands. So many times a project requires 2 people but with this that is no longer necessary. Hanging a door. Simply slip this under the door pump set it in the hinges and insert the pins and your done. 300 lbs. lift ability there is very little air shim can't do. I've used this under my table saw to adjust the level under cabinets where ever you need lift, shift or move. This is a must have for everyone. The first time you need it it will pay for itself. Put it in your tool box, tool bucket, tool bag, kitchen drawer wherever but keep it handy you'll use more than you think.
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Inflatable Pry Bar and Leveling Tool
This tool will make my job a lot easier. It will lift up 300 lbs. I planning this month to put in some bathroom cabinets and this will help me leveling the bathroom cabinets. The range is from 3/32" to 2 1/2" high, plenty of high to do the job. It can be used to raise appliances, door and windows. It can also be used a prying to move the door jam over. A lot of uses for this. It comes with a one year warranty.
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Great tool
I was really surprised ho often I use this handy Airshim tool. It is so easy to lift items or pry them apart that the Airshim has made it into my toolbox and is not just sitting on shelf. To lift something at the rated 300 lbs. you need some strength in your hand to pump it up but it works just fine and is still much easier than lifting 300 lbs. The Airshim seems durable and should last for a while, just be aware of sharp corners that could puncture the device.
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Easy, Precise Lift
This product is approximately 6 inches X 6 1/2 inche; collapsing to 3/32 inches and inflating to 2 1/2 inchs. The integrally attached squeeze bulb and push-button valve allow for inflation and deflation with a reasonable amount of precision. I have used similar products from others and the two major differences which make this product stand out are the internal "stiffener" and the rounded corner. While seemingly minor, these two features facilitate insertion of the bladder into the intended space. Others, without the stiffener, tend to "bunch up" if you contact anything in the path of the bladder. Likewise, the rounded corner prevents the bag from getting "stuck" on rough surfaces or objects. I tried this out on a washing machine, and with a few pumps of the squeeze bulb, the washer was raised two inches off the floor.
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Clever concept will get lots of use
My pry bars and shims get lots of use on most of the projects around the house. Because I almost always work alone I have had to contrive 3rd 'hands' to help me out. This helper is going to get a lot of use. It consists of a tough rubber bag with an inflation bulb and a release valve. Before inflation it is less than 1/8 of an inch thick yet it expands to 2 1/2 inches and can lift 300 lbs. The day after getting this tool I was struggling to install a new washing machine that weighed over 200 lbs. The non-slip feet on the machine resisted my attempts to slide it into place and my wife suggested I use furniture glides to reduce friction but that meant lifting the machine to slip them into place. Normally I would have use a pry bar with one hand to lift the machine while slipping the slides in place with my other hand. Besides risking crushing my fingers I also could have chipped the tile floor or dented the new washing machine. The AirShim easily solved this problem by lifting and holding the machine while I positioned the glides. The Airshim was then used to level the machine and hold it while I adjusted the feet by hand. The release valve lets air escape slowly so I can see lots of uses leveling other heavy objects like doors and windows. This tool will see a lot of use, improve the quality of my work and reduce the chances of injury.
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Amazing Tool...Must have for anyone!
This thing is so simple and easy to use. I love the hard ridgid flat plastic piece built into the bag, makes it easy to insert into tight places. I keep finding uses for it in general construction and around the house, yes it can be used as a shim or a lift but not advertised so much as an emergency tool. I used this to pop open a door lock to save a toddler that accident locked himself in a room. It was a steel door/ frame and i needed to pull the frame away from the locking mechanism, i just slid the air shim under the lock between the door and frame, it created enough gap to push the cylinder back into the door and then it was open, took about 10 min. Only had the air shim for two days before that happened. To give credit where credit is due. I learned this trick from an emergency locksmith that's been doing this for years...if that doesn't tell you something.....long story short, you need this!!!
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Make your life easier !!!!
I have a refrigerator that fits very snugly into the wall. Its always a pain in the butt getting it in and out and you can never get it evenly spaced due to the lack of space to get your fingers in,, and using a pry bar would definitely damage to wood or the fridge,,,, I saw this and thought I would give it a shot.. I've seen tow truck drivers use them to pry open windows to get the rod in to unlock a car, and they worked well... I stuck it in the less than half inch gap on the close side, Pumped it up and it pushed the fridge right over to be exactly where it needed to be.. This is an amazing little tool and I can see it coming in handy for many, Alignment issues, lifting (up to 300 lbs.) Prying where you don't want to nark the wood,, Etc... And at this price I think I'm probably gonna order 1 or 2 more to kip in the toolbox
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