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3-in-1 Magic Mini Cinema 640 x 360 nHD DLP Projector with 35 Lumens

  • Comes complete with 120-hours of preloaded kid-friendly content
  • Easy to connect to Wi-Fi to access video-streaming platforms
  • 5-hour rechargeable battery allows for carrying almost anywhere
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Product Overview

Cinemood is the worlds first, noiseless, ultra-light standalone content projector. Now you can convert any surface into your own do-it-yourself, 12 ft. personal movie theater. This smart projector includes over 120-hours of preloaded kid-friendly content and streaming capabilities for the entire family to enjoy.
  • Create your family's own personal movie theater in any room, backyard or even on your garage anytime, anywhere from the palm of your hand
  • Our 3 in. portable, smart projector with kid-friendly directional buttons, projects HD images over 12 ft. to create screens on any surface up to 150 in.
  • Designed as a standalone device with built-in 5-hour rechargeable battery, Cinemood is perfect for car or airplane travel, camping or backyard get-togethers
  • Make it a family affair just connect to Wi-Fi and stream your favorite movies and shows with built-in access to Netflix, YouTube and YouTube kids
  • With 16GB internal memory Cinemood brings the concept of Netflix and chill to the big screen, no matter where you are, download Netflix or Amazon Prime videos directly to the device in addition to your own family videos, pictures and slideshows
  • Magic of Disney is waiting inside enjoy anytime, offline access to over 65 Disney e-books and short cartoons along with more than 120 hours of preloaded family entertainment, including educational cartoons, popular lullabies and even shadow puppet shows
  • Experience crystal clear sound with our noise-free innovative cooling system, need bigger sound to enhance the theater feel - connect external speakers via Bluetooth or make it a personal experience by plugging in headphones to the audio-jack
  • Remote navigation with free IOS and Android apps allows for quick and easy control from your mobile device or Apple watch
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Product Depth (in.)
3.14 in
Product Height (in.)
3.14 in
Product Width (in.)
3.14 in


Aspect Ratio
Display Resolution
Electronics Included Components
Bluetooth,Built-in Wi-Fi,Portable,USB
Maximum Resolution
854 x 480
Projector Technology

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty
1 year limited

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This little projector is a handful of fun! Our kids love it and so do we. It is very compact fitt...
This little projector is a handful of fun! Our kids love it and so do we. It is very compact fitting in the palm of my hand while projecting a movie with up to a 70” diagonal size. Small in size but large in features it has a built in speaker with plenty of volume, a 35 lumens projector with 800 X 400 resolutions and a rechargeable internal battery that will power it for up to 5 hours. This projector is great for outdoor patio movie night cookouts, trips in the car or where ever you want to use it. It has built in Wi-Fi to give internet access as well as blue tooth to connect to wireless speaker systems. The user can download photos and video via the built in USB. It comes preloaded with 120 viewing hours of material including movies, books and cartoons targeted for kids of all ages. Adults can have fun with the provided Apps for Netflix, YouTube and Amazon video. A free Cinemood App from the Google play store converted my Android phone into a handy remote control that works well. The projector is easy to learn to use, very intuitive. A couple of precautionary notes; a large portion of the best content and Apps are downloaded automatically after you connect to your Wi-Fi. The operating system will automatically update at that time also. At 35 lumens the picture is dim in bright light or daylight conditions. You will need to dim your lights and darken the room to get a bright crisp picture. I have provided some actual screen photos taken during daylight hours with the curtains pulled. The DIY and a demo video was shot in a lighted room during daylight hours. I hope they assist the prospective buyers.
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cool for kid
This is a great device. It works best in a dark room. Wouldn't recommend for business purposes but it definitely keeps the kids entertained when we travel.
by Juanita
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    Want to love this but it never seems to work...
    Want to love this but it never seems to work without something glitchy in the app or the device itself. Spent hours trying to get Amazon Prime viewing to come up on it. And the so-called hundreds of Disney content does not exist. I will probably return it.
    by WonderlandLA
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    This projector is completely stand-alone, so you have everything you need in this little cube tha...
    This projector is completely stand-alone, so you have everything you need in this little cube that fits in the palm of your hand. Set-up was incredibly easy, and that is coming from someone who is not very well versed in technology. I was even able to pair it with my phone to play youtube videos in just a few minutes. As noted, it comes pre-loaded mainly with kids movies and shows, but its not just for kids - and its not just for camping and re-creating the drive-in experience. Because the unit omits virtually zero "white noise" (unlike lots of other projectors) you can use it effectively indoors, projecting on a white wall without it being awkward. We took ours to a beach rental that did not have a TV and this became our TV for the week. The picture is bright - depending on the brightness of the room you can just shrink the picture size and still have a good picture, and of course it looks great in a dark room easily filling an entire wall. The only complaint I have is the sound quality is not as great as the picture quality, but I hook it up to my Beats Pill and all is well.
    by Razor
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    3-in-1 Magic Mini Cinema Projector looks nice, My kids loved it . easy to configure with Wifi, yo...
    3-in-1 Magic Mini Cinema Projector looks nice, My kids loved it . easy to configure with Wifi, you can stream netflix , youtube , As any digital projector, you really need it to be pretty dark to get an great experience. Sound is also surprisingly good, but I’d recommend pairing with a bluetooth speaker to maximize quality. one concern , it would be great if they have option to connect laptop . had some struggle to connect laptop. rest its an nice device
    by Sam
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    Cinemood is the name of this product and it is absolute genius! The technology behind it is mind...
    Cinemood is the name of this product and it is absolute genius! The technology behind it is mind boggling. It's a 3" cube of your own personal theater that can go anywhere. Anywhere meaning, on vacation, in a car, and as the box states, on a train, plane or yacht. Since this projector is preloaded with cartoons, Disney videos, lullabies,ebooks geared around young children, this product seems to be more geared around families with young children. I think those families would derive an enormous amount of use from this projector. With all that said though, I who don't have children, am getting a lot of personal use out of the Cinemood. I am able to connect to and watch Youtube videos as well as having linked my Amazon Prime video account and watched Amazon Prime video programs on Cinemood. What I love is being able to watch my preferred programming wherever I want. I'm not confined to where there's a television, computer, Ipad, smart phone or laptop. I can watch the videos anywhere that it's dark (or I can make it dark) and where I can produce a light surface (a portable screen, bed sheet, ceiling, etc.). And I can watch at a size as large as a 12" screen. This projector has built in memory, wi-fi and bluetooth, a built in speaker and a 5 hour rechargable battery. There is a learning curve and some bugs I think the company needs to work on. For instance, once I was able to link my Amazon Prime video account (which took some trial and error) and bring up the Amazon opening menu on the Cinemood, maneuvering through the menu is very difficult. To pan through the menu from left to right in nearly impossible. Panning up and down isn't smooth. Customer support offered that I should try using the spreading of two fingers, similarly to the way it's done on a keypad. I found that slightly helpful but again, maneuvering around the Amazon menu on the Cinemood screen is cumbersome. Regarding Youtube videos, I had difficulty figuring out what arrow keys on the Cinemood to use to get back to the beginning Youtube screen, where I could type in a new search. Eventually I was able to do so but only after a lot of trial and error. With all that said, I've got to praise this company for the resources they put behind their customer support. Their customer support team is extremely attentive and quick to respond. They don't always have the immediate fixes but they continue to try to solve issues. I'm sure as time goes on, the company will provide fixes and upgrades to resolve some of the more repetitive issues consumers are experiencing. As a suggestion to the company, they might want to try to provide English Youtube videos showing specifically how to do things on the Cinemood (i.e. maneuver through Amazon Prime Video, etc,) Just to note another application, if I had a Netflix account, I would be able to log onto my Netflix account and watch their videos on the Cinemood. Cinemood does have a Facebook page that is well manned by Cinemood employees. It's a good source of further information on the Cinemood as well as some support service is offered through posts. All in all, I'm very pleased with this product. Being new technology, it has to be expected that there are going to be some bumps along the way through the use of Cinemood. None of the bumps I experienced have changed my attitude that this is a fine product.
    by Jaffy
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    I've been on the lookout for a projector that we can use for summer movie nights with our kids. I...
    I've been on the lookout for a projector that we can use for summer movie nights with our kids. I was excited to try the Magic Mini Cinema and had high hopes. It seems like my expectations were way too high for this product. The projector is small and compact with clean lines. However, none of the exterior buttons are labeled. The product is made in Russia and the directions read like, "press the button like Zeus' lighting bolt." It was odd from the start. Set up on the projector itself was clumsy and cumbersome. You can download an app to help you input all the needed log in information. However, I had trouble connecting to the projector from the app (using Bluetooth). I was extremely unimpressed with the "pre-loaded content." Think international nursery rhymes set to childish graphics. My kids asked me to turn it off almost immediately. Also, the packaging and description boast Disney content. As I assumed, this was a complete exaggeration. Think antiquated, never before heard of Disney characters in an "ebook." Useless. The projector functions fine, but the interface and set up were way too cumbersome to prove useful. I was able to link my Netflix and Prime Video accounts to the projector, but I was uncomfortable with the continued prompts for my credit card number (for in app purchases). Honestly, this just felt like a scam to me. I doubt it will get much use. Pass on this. Very disappointing.
    by BeckyS
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    My children were begging me to play Wreck-It Ralph poolside during the my youngest's birthday par...
    My children were begging me to play Wreck-It Ralph poolside during the my youngest's birthday party and were disappointed when my flimsy old projector wouldn't connect. Cinemood is a cubic movie-theater with enough battery life to screen TWO Lord of the Rings movies and that is without an extension cord or portable charger. My favorite feature has to be the ability to watch and download Netflix movies with or without wi-fi which has entertained my family through moves and power outages. At the end of the day, this device is perfect for children, cookouts or even a romantic date outside with your significant other.
    by Dave
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