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I is a great product that I have now put in every closet in my house. Check out my video I how I...
I is a great product that I have now put in every closet in my house. Check out my video I how I install it.
by Mike
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great storage solution
I was not a fan of wire shelves, but these are very sturdy. we bought 2 and it happened to be that one was produced in 2011 and the other in 2015 which means they had some different parts, actually the 2011 had way more in it (extra long shelf, shoe rack brackets and some extention clips)
by sam1012
Master Closet now Truly Masterful with Closet Organizer Kit from Home Depot
The Closet Organizer Kit was easy to install, the quality is excellent and this product turned a so so closet into one any prince or princess would he happy with. With adjustable shelves and racks, plenty of feet for hanging dresses, suits, pants, shirts and outerwear. It truly made the closet master worthy.
by linda
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Nice and easy!
I have a 5 ft by 5 ft walk in closet so I had to decide how to split this kit up between the two sides. I had a lot of fun "designing" my closet. I added the 4 drawer kit which holds ALL of my t-shirts, undies, socks (I have a lot of socks!) and summer shorts. I did not use the shoe shelf because I keep mine in clear plastic boxes - so I have them stacked on the shelves at eye level. It's so much better than stacked on the floor!
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Made a small room into a walk-in closet
Very easy to install and was able to arrange the shelves as needed for space. Can't wait to finish the rest of the room that was made into a walk-in closet
by Kitty
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Excellent product for the home handyman
I used the product throughout the whole house. Two 7-10' units were installed in the master closet. It is very versatile and can be modified to personal taste and needs very easily. My only problem was that the plastic anchors vs. the screw diameter are a mismatch. Before the screws would go all the way into the anchor the anchor would spin in the wall and would have to be removed and replaced with a larger anchor. I solved the problem by purchasing the next smaller diameter screws from the hardware.
by Wes1930
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One of the best purchases i ever made
I love, love love this closet organizer. I turned one of my bedrooms into a walk in closet and my husband who is no handyman was able to quickly and easily install this. I get so many complliments on this product. It looks better than some of the professionally installed and I saved a ton of money by installing it ourselves
by 1234A
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Easy to install
I have invested a lot of money in XXXX closet systems over the years and had no intention of leaving it in my house when I sell it. I purchased this to replace the XXXX system in my walk-in closet. The holes in the hang-track lined up perfectly with the existing holes, so it went up quickly. Overall, it looks good so the prospective buyers should like it. One concern: I removed some Closetmaid shelves from this house 12 years ago (left by previous owner) because the shelves felt sticky and I couldn't clean them to get rid of that feeling. The vinyl coating on the new stuff feels fine, but I have no faith that it will stay this way. And no, I don't go around touching the shelves all the time, but every time I did touch it I felt like I had to wash my hands immediately, Ick. But for the price, it's a good deal.
by aggeek78
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Easy assembly
Easy assembly
by Wig
Closet organizer
This unit was easy to install. Once you get the head rails level the rest is simple. I was lucky my closet was wider than the unit and I didn't have to make any cuts. Best part you can make design changes after install.
by DIYTony
Showing 1-10 of 38 reviews