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Dual Fuel 2-Burner Stove

  • Blocks wind for cooking in any weather
  • Two 14,000 BTU burners
  • Runs for up to 2 hours
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Cook breakfast, lunch and dinner in any weather, hot or cold, on the 2-Burnder Coleman Liquid Dual Fuel Stove. The full size cooking surface gives you plenty of space to prepare family feasts on 2-burners with 14,000 BTUs for up to two hours. It is also less expensive to fire up. This Dual Fuel stove offers you the option of using Coleman Fuel or unleaded gasoline. The stove's Wind Block system helps protect the burners from wind, keeping the heat steady. The hinged lid keeps the lid upright with or without windscreens connected to the case bottom. When you are done cooking, the removable nickel-chrome grate makes cleaning quick and easy. This stove is perfect for camping, hunting, tailgating and BBQs.
  • BTU: two 14,000 BTUs burners
  • Capacity: 2.5 pints
  • Run time: up to 2 hours on high
  • Powered: operates on clean-burning coleman liquid fuel or unleaded gasoline (sold separately)
  • Wind block: wind shielding system for maximum heat



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Still going strong
We've had this a while now. Maybe about 10 years and it's running strong and parts show no need to replace soon. We've only used it with coleman fuel. Wind shields work great, adjust easily and are easy to remove when needed.
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    Still Working Like A Champ
    We bought our Model 424 almost 20 years ago. I haven't used it in 11 years. I broke it out to use for our RV since my wife doesn't like cooking bacon etc. inside. I read the directions to familiarize myself with the operation, and even with 11 year old fuel it fired right up and worked flawless in my test kitchen. I can't wait to use it in the field next weekend.
      Poor Quality - Burner/Tube Does not line up
      This is now our 2nd replacement warranty stove in less then a year. There is misalignment with the fuel tank & tube, and burner assemlby when attached to the stove. Because of the misalignment, the tube does not properly fit into the 'female' burner . It appears the main burner assembly is not attached in the exact spot it needs to be for the tube to fully inside, and causes the tank not to hang properly on the front.
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          Colmen stove
          Great product and fast delivery as always thanks
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          My previous Coleman dual fuel 2-burner stove lasted 39 years....
          My previous Coleman dual fuel 2-burner stove lasted 39 years. It was a wonderful work horse that I used about 3200 times. By the end it often flamed up when simmering and had slight fuel leaks around the valve. Even so, I hated to part with it, but finally decided it was time to purchase another one, new. I love the new stove and will no doubt hand it down to my grandkids once it has outlasted my camping days.
            Fell at the starting gate
            Last week I bought a Guide Series 424 dual-fuel stove, similar to that purchased in the 1960s. Right out of the box, following all instructions (and experienced). The right burner lit up with yellow flames, continued with yellow flames after turning down the starter lever, and would not even out to clear blue flame unless I also turned on the left burner. Turn off the left burner, the right burner's yellow flame returns. There is never a steady, reassuring hiss of fuel being burner -- it sputters and chugs. I made a 200-mile trip to buy the thing, and expected to have a working stove. You would expect that, wouldn't you?
            Response from Outdoor & RecreationJul 12, 2021
            Thank you for posting a review. We appreciate you bringing this to our attention and we are sorry that our Coleman Guide Series® 424 Stove didn't meet your expectations. This is not the experience that we want you to have. It is normal for a Coleman® liquid fuel stove to burn with a large yellow flame when first started. Until the generator assembly is hot enough to vaporize the fuel, the stove will burn with a yellow flame. Once the generator heats up enough, the flame will turn to blue and settle closer to the burner. Under normal use, this can take from 20 to 60 seconds depending on the outside temperature. The colder the stove and fuel, the longer it will take. It is important to have the lighting lever on the side of the liquid fuel stove's valve in the ""up"" position when starting the stove and to leave the lever in the ""up"" position until the flame at the burner turns blue. When the lighting lever is in the ""up"" position on the valve, the fuel mixture fed to the generator contains less fuel and more air than when the lever is in the ""down"" position. Running this lean mixture when lighting the stove allows the generator to heat up enough to vaporize the fuel without building up excess fuel in the burner. If, after the flame at the burner turns blue, you turn the lighting lever to the ""down"" position and the flame at the burner turns yellow again, turn the lighting lever ""up"" for another thirty seconds. The yellow flame indicates the generator is not hot enough. On both liquid fuel and propane stoves it is a proper fuel and air mixture that produces the correct blue flame at the burner. On a liquid fuel stove, outside air and fuel from the generator are mixed at the Bunsen where the generator plugs into the manifold behind and above the burner. On the manifold, right behind where the generator plugs in, there are two holes that draw in air to mix with the fuel on the way to the burner. If either or both of these holes are blocked or if a spider or insect enters these holes and build a nest or web sac inside the manifold, the fuel and air mixture will be incorrect and there will be a large yellow flame at the burner that will not settle down to blue. On a propane stove, there is, under the cook top, a tube that runs from each burner to the valve at the front of the stove. Near the valve end of the tube are two holes that draw in air to mix with the fuel. These holes and the tube near the holes can also be clogged by a spider or insect nest or egg sac. This will cause a large yellow flame at the burner. For either stove, the solution is to run a small bottle or gun-cleaning brush or some pipe cleaners up inside the tube to dislodge the blockage and then to blow the Bunsen or tube clear. Over-filling the fuel tank can also cause excessive flame on liquid fuel stoves. You should always fill a stove tank on a flat, level surface with the generator parallel to the table top. Do not tilt the tank while filling. Inside the filler hole is a short neck reaching inside the tank. The maximum fuel level should always be just below the bottom of this neck. If the fuel level reaches up inside the neck or is enough to require you to tilt the tank to keep fuel from pouring out the filler hole, the tank is over-filled and the stove can flood when lighted. This will cause large yellow flames that will not settle to a blue flame." We hope this helps.
              Persistent leak at valve which only became evident when lighting...
              Persistent leak at valve which only became evident when lighting stove. Unable to troubleshoot and repair so returned. Note: rather then 90 day return gas products need to be returned in 30 days in order to get money back on card. I was given store credit instead.
              Response from The Coleman CompanyJun 23, 2021
              We're sorry to hear that our Coleman Dual Fuel 2-Burner Stove isn't living up to your expectation. Should you have any questions or clarifications you may visit our website. coleman-us
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              Flame control is woeful
              Bought a brand new 2020 model ‘424’ 2 burner stove and had it shipped from US to Australia. I have a Coleman ‘533’ single burner and a number of Coleman lanterns. So I’m familiar with the products made by Coleman. Very disappointed with a few aspects. Firstly the flame control is woeful compared to the ‘533’. It doesn’t like to simmer on the main burner at all. It’s either flat out or off. Secondly, the steel case is extremely flimsy.
              Response from Outdoor & RecreationFeb 26, 2021
              Thank you for posting a review, and we appreciate you sharing your experience with our product. We understand that it was not the quality you expected. Your feedback is important to us, and it helps us to continuously improve our products and services. If there's anything we can do to assist you, please don't hesitate to contact us at 1-800-835-3278, Monday - Friday from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm CST or you can email through our website coleman.com.
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