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3/4 in. x 4 ft. x 8 ft. PureBond Birch Plywood

  • Soy-based PureBond adhesive is formaldehyde-free
  • Hardwood plywood strength, performance and durability
  • Easily create lasting, beautiful furniture, cabinets and more
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Product Overview

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PureBond is available in a wide range of real-wood face veneers, for great design versatility in DIY and professionally-built projects.

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PureBond promotes healthy indoor air quality through its proprietary soy-based resin technology.

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Perfect for DIY Projects

Build cabinets, furniture, wall paneling, shelving, storage solutions, media centers, headboards and more.  

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Standard sheets are 4’ x 8’. Or choose smaller PureBond Project Panels at homedepot.com to minimize waste.

Veneered construction gives these decorative PureBond Birch Plywood Project Panels the strength, flatness and rigidity to satisfy the most discerning craftsman. Each 7-ply sheet is assembled with a soy-based PureBond technology to fortify its structural integrity, with the added benefit of being formaldehyde-free so it wills not off-gas toxic fumes over time as UF-constructed plywood is known to do. The decorative veneers are precision-cut from domestically grown, sustainably harvested birch trees, producing visually alluring wood grains on the face and back of the panel that exhibit the warmth, beauty and timeless quality of natural hardwood. Featuring real timber throughout, the core veneer consists of natural yellow poplar substrate laid in alternating cross bands for utmost stability and ruggedness. It's a cost-competitive alternative to urea formaldehyde-laden plywood and will not contribute to air-quality degradation like composite panels. For extraordinary results on your next carpentry or woodworking project, add this 3/4 in. x 4 ft. x 8 ft. panel to your arsenal for construction of cabinets, entertainment centers, wall panels, coffee tables, bookcases, toy chests, benches, desks, shelves and more. The decorative veneers have a smooth finish that allows painting or staining to make it uniquely yours.
  • 7-ply sheet is assembled with smooth, patch-free birch veneers
  • PureBond hardwood plywood is an environmentally friendly, cost-competitive alternative to panels manufactured with urea formaldehyde (UF), which may degrade air quality over time
  • Contains 100% natural wood bonded with a food-grade soy-based adhesive that does not emit toxic air contaminants
  • Decorative top and bottom veneers, measuring approximately 1/42 in. thick, exhibit the beauty and timeless quality of natural hardwood and are suitable for painting or staining
  • Water-resistant composition has a higher moisture tolerance than UF panels and is less likely to warp than solid wood
  • Allow panel to acclimate to interior climate conditions for several days before customizing - for interior applications only
  • For best cutting results, use an 80-tooth (or greater) table saw blade intended for sheet goods or a carbide-tipped circular saw plywood blade
  • Common: 3/4 in. x 4 ft. x 8 ft.; actual: 0.703 in. x 48 in. x 96 in.
  • Direction of the grain is the length of panel
  • Each panel weighs approximately 70 lbs.
  • Grade: C-3 - see grading guide for additional information
  • Available in additional species- maple and red oak
  • Note: Product may vary by store
  • California residents

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Hardwood Plywood
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Warranty / Certifications

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Questions & Answers


Does this plywood warp much?

Asked by Wamoo April 11, 2021

yes this a good product for that , i have bulit a number of shelfs and cabinet with this and have no [ropblem

Can I get 2 sheets cut into 2-18” x 8’ and 1-12” x8’ pieces to fit into my car?

Asked by Ken February 18, 2021

They will be more than happy to make your cuts. Realize you will not get the actual cuts listed because the saw kerf will reduce material by its width. Make sure you have a little extra width in the cuts you ask for. Have fun!

how much to rip it 4 times

Asked by charlie February 10, 2021

it varies by store management, but it's very minimal like maybe 25 cents a cut to free

Can this be used as a Subfloor in a bathroom and under a prefab pan? I recently installed this no...

Asked by DIYer12 January 19, 2021

Yes, you can use this as a subfloor but OSB would be a more cost effective material to use. Best of luck on your remodel.

for curbside pickup, could I have 2 cuts made on one sheet and 1 cut made on a second sheet? How ...

Asked by Mark October 25, 2020

once you place the online order, give it a few mins to call the store where you will be picking it up. Tell them the order you placed and ask them to cut to size.

If 23/32 is listed as nominal, what’s the actual?

Asked by Thomas October 15, 2020

I don't know for certain, but I suspect the listing is incorrect and the 23/32 is the actual thickness. That's an odd fraction to list as nominal, I'm guessing whoever put the listing together doesn't know what nominal means in this context.

Please don't answer unless you are a bona fide plywood boat construction expert. Can this Pure B...

Asked by Sandy September 19, 2020

No. This product uses interior grade adhesive between each layer. If your application involves continuous potential contact with water and the likelihood of condensation on the plywood; likely to cause this product to delaminate - you’d be profoundly disappointed with this material’s durability, not to mention that Birch is notorious for inability to resist fungal attack when wet. There’s a reason marine grade plywood gets its name; one of them is the adhesive is unaffected by exposure to water. The other is brute strength. Marine grade plywood also has antifungal properties; Pay for the performance you need. If you proceed and use this anyway - you’re one pinprick away from the rapid deterioration of this material. You'd be far better off using a timber more suited to moisture exposure - consider cypress. It’s light, strong, takes fasteners well, is rot resistant, and not that expensive. Sorry to be blunt. Don’t use this stuff (3/4” birch plywood) in that application.

Can I get it cut to specific sizes?

Asked by Casey August 14, 2020

Please ask that at your Home Depot store.

will the store make cuts on their panel saw on Plywood. I will need two sheets or 3/4 x 48 x 96...

Asked by Vance August 10, 2020

They will make the cuts, but their saw and/or their personnel won’t do it cleanly. Expect it to be completely splintered with pieces of veneer peeling off and it will need to be recut at home (based on my experience at 3 different stores). Best to just have them make enough cuts to fit the wood into your car for transport.

Can I have the plywood cut before pickup

Asked by RJ August 3, 2020

This is a question for the Home Depot staff.

3/4 in. x 4 ft. x 8 ft. PureBond Birch Plywood - page 2

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Can not work with it. Not durable
1.The birch veneer is thinner than cigarettes paper. 2.Chip very easy. 3.It's softwood so you can not finish it without preparing it. I had fill the edge with wood filler. Too many gap in plys. They also use weak glue or not glued all over so you may have to glue the veneer on some area on edge. Will not buy it again and will not suggest it for any kind of work.
by Vafa
Response from CFP Customer ServiceApr 14, 2021
I apologize for the issues you had with our product. I would like to discuss this with you in more detail and see what we can do to make it right. Please contact me at mhale@cfpwood.com or call 800-637-1609. Thanks - Michael
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Built a master closet...
Built a master closet
by HomeDepotCustomer
be sure to inspect carefully
I use this plywood for cornhole boards and purchase roughly 4 sheets per month, i have normally been very pleased but have had 2 pieces that looked fine until they were cut and 1 set that seperated once finish was applied. was told that once cut it cant be refunded but the issues did not show until the product was cut. i will continue to purchase as is the best quality that i can find in my area, but if you choose be sure to feel for any possible voids.
by JWWoodworks
5 people found this helpful
Bought 7 sheets of this stuff for $60 each, from the first rip, every thing started de-laminating, everything. This is THE worst plywood I have ever seen, and Home Depot should be ashamed for stocking such a poor quality item.
by Alex
Response from CFP Customer ServiceDec 6, 2020
I apologize for the issues you had with our product. You should not have had the issues you describe here. I'd like to discuss this with you in detail and see what we can do to make it right. Please contact me at mhale@cfpwood.com or 800-637-2609. Thanks -- Michael
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beautiful look, horrible quality
I bought a sheet of this to make some corn hole boards because the official specs for them call for birch plywood. This wood is absolutely beautiful, BUT... I spent a day cutting the wood to proper sizes, assembling it and then came time to paint. For my design, I wanted a 1" border around the outside edge, then would leave the inside of that bare wood, apply a monogram and then varnish it. So I used the regular painters tape and taped it off. When I removed the tape, pieces of the birch veneer came out. I'm not talking about some great powerful tape here, just regular old painters masking tape. I knew going in this was a veneer and not birch all the way through, but expected it to hold together using such a weak tape for painting purposes attaching pictures to show what it did to this. very disappointed that this would come apart like this, having to putty these places killed the look of these beautiful boards,
by papachaz
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beautiful look, horrible durability
I bought a sheet of this to make some corn hole boards. I do that as a hobby. I had someone contact me who specifically wanted birch plywood instead of the typical radiata pine cabinet grade I usually use. The only birch plywood available in my area, is this, and yes I knew when I bought it, that it's just a veneer. That veneer is thinner than paper though. The grain pattern and the look of the wood is amazingly pretty! so I bought a sheet. His pattern is a black 1" border, 1" from the edge around the outside of the board. Then leaving the wood plain, putting a vinyl monogram decal in the middle. I'll then apply 5 coats of polyurethene on top. That's my typical way of doing boards. So I got this sheet, cut it down to size. Used the blue scotch painters tape to mark off and paint the border. When I pulled the tape off, the birch veneer pulled off with it in several places. now my morning will have to be spent trying to putty and sand those areas and HOPE they look close enough to satisfy him. I'm not talking about gorilla tape, or duct tape or some super sticky tape, I'm talking about 'won't leave a mark on the wall when you take it off' PAINTERS tape. My next issue is that decal, if that painters tape pulled the wood apart, I KNOW the transfer tape from the decal will as well. I'm going to wind up either not making his boards and just using these boards for a paintable set to hopefully not have to waste the $55 I spent on this junk. photos attached to review...
by papachaz
Response from CFP Customer ServiceDec 6, 2020
I apologize for the issues you had with our product. I'd like to discuss this with you in detail and see what we can do to make it right. Please contact me at mhale@cfpwood.com or 800-637-2609. Thanks -- Michael
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First Time user
I was trying to decide between Birch plywood and poplar plywood. Did some research and decided to go with the birch plywood. This is my first time working with birch plywood. The folks at Home Depot were able to cut the boards lengthwise so I could fit it in my vehicle. I Purchased two 4 x 8 sheets. I used 140 tooth blade on my Skil saw and can say there was no splintering and very neat smooth cuts. They were only two little pockets in the ply that I noticed during cutting. No problem with horizontal or vertical cuts. The surface of the plywood is very smooth, no divots or no patches. I cut the plywood on the ground raised with two by fours which made handling a lot easier for me than using saw horses. Having a good blade and a long level made the long straight cut very easy.
by Gemini525
Used This for a bathroom counter top good quality finished nicely
Used This for a bathroom counter top good quality finished nicely
by Oldfart
5 out of 6 not too bad
I bought 6 sheets to make kitchen cabinets. The finish is really great and examination of the edges show very precise layers without and variation. This was true for 5 of the sheets. On one sheet in the middle of the project while sawing with plywood blade on table saw I had tear out. Since this was my large rough cut I just assumed I mishandled the piece. When I went for my final cut the tear out was worse. That is when I realized I had a huge void in the middle of the plywood. Approximately 12" by 5". This was a real bummer since I was in the middle of the project and needed the large pieces. I was not in a position to return it so the void on two of the pieces is now in the back section of the cabinet.
by Keith
8 people found this helpful
Great plywood with little to no voids. Used it to...
Great plywood with little to no voids. Used it to construct a closet system in my master closet. Stained very nicely
by Kirch
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