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1/Clam Heat-Shrink UF Splice Kit

  • Kit contains 1 8 in. piece of heat-shrink tubing
  • Designed to splice 14/2 AWG and 8/3 AWG UF wire
  • Rated for use up to 1000-volts
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Product Overview

Tyco Electronics' Heat-shrink splice kits quickly and conveniently insulate and seal buried electrical connections rated up to 1000-Volt. The robust, yet compact, design is engineered to handle the harsh environments of direct burial and manhole applications. Heat-Shrink splice closures are equally well suited for insulation and jacket repair.
  • For splicing 14/2 AWG - 8/3 AWG UF wire
  • Designed for direct buried applications
  • Includes (1) 8 in. piece of heat-shrink tubing
  • Includes (1) mechanical UF connector
  • UV stable, 600-Volt
  • UL Listing to US and Canadian Standards



Post-Shrink Diameter (in.)
Pre-Shrink Diameter (in.)
Product Depth (in.)
Product Height (in.)
Product Length (in.)
Wall Thickness (in.)


Electrical Product Type
Electrical Tools Features
Flame Retardant
Operating Temperature (F)
-40 C to + 75 C
Package Quantity
Shrink Temperature (F)
Tubing Type
Heat Shrink

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Questions & Answers


Need to connect a 12/2 UF cable with 3 THWN 12awg individual cables that are twisted around each ...

Asked by JJN May 10, 2021

There should be plenty of room. I connected two 12/2 Romex cables together and there was still plenty of room to spare. The heat shrink tubing is fairly large and I could have easily put in another wire or two. (IIRC, the IF connector accommodates two Romex cables on each side, so it is designed for more wire than what I used it for.) If you have any doubts, you may want to research getting one of the larger shrink tubes, just to be safe. The main reason I bought this kit is because it easily accommodated the cable I was using and it included the UF connector. You can get the same results by buying the necessary components separately.

Can this be used on 10/2 wiring ?

Asked by MB October 1, 2019

Yes, this will work on 14 down to 8 gauge wires. There are 4 connections available on the connecting block, but they don't all need to be used.

Is shrinking the tube required before a line test? Tried to repair cut driveway lights and tried...

Asked by Hose August 11, 2019

I tested mine before shrinking the tubing to make sure I had a good connection. Once you shrink the tubing, it is not coming off again.

Has anyone used this for #6 AWG stranded?

Asked by Bull30290 March 21, 2019

You follow the listing and labeling of the instructions.

Have you mixed up pre-shrink and post-shrink - post shrink is smaller than preshrink?

Asked by Neil July 1, 2018

In the specifications for this product it does appear that Home Depot mixed up the dimensions for post -shrink and pre-shrink. It is definitely smaller post shrink. Maybe Home Depot will catch it's apparent error and correct it

Can I use this above ground and meet code? Specifically I need to splice 10/2 uf wires running ...

Asked by Reboot May 11, 2018

Reboot, I am not an electrician- just many years of handyman work- with that understood my answer would be no. The splice kit is designed only for direct burial application- no other use. My understanding in my area that outside wiring above ground has to be in appropriate conduit. The code in your area may be different-but this splice kit is only for direct burial.

How can this be removed? I have applied this and followed the instructions to the letter, yet the...

Asked by DIYer June 25, 2017

If you snip a small split in the edge of the shrink tube, then heat with a heat gun along the length of the tube it will slowly open like a zipper. There is a Youtube video showing this.

What is the finished diameter of the repair? I have a UF line run through pvc conduit that was c...

Asked by Sinc June 15, 2017

Nec does not allow splices in conduit.

Can this splice be legally used inside a wall in a location where a junction box isn't practical?

Asked by Tim December 24, 2016

No, but there is a product made for this that is code compliant under certain circumstances. http://www.homedepot.com/p/Tyco-Electronics-Romex-Splice-Kit-2-Wire-1-Clam-CPGI-1116377-2/202204326

Can this tubing be used to wrap around a cable, as opposed to threading the cable through the tube?

Asked by birdie July 22, 2016

NO! Shrink tubing must not be cut lengthwise. Read product instructions to do it right.

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A little on the spendy side considering some of the alternatives, but it is a well-made and durab...
A little on the spendy side considering some of the alternatives, but it is a well-made and durable kit with everything you need to splice a couple of underground wires together. I only had three wires (positive, negative, ground) to connect, but there is room for one more wire if needed. BEFORE starting, pull on heat shrink wrap to one of the wires on either side. After cleaning up the wires to approximately the same length, insert them into the metal connector and tighten down the screws. Pull on both wires to make sure they are secure and won't pull out of the connector. Next, attach the two pieces of tape on each side of the connector to cover the wires. I had enough material left over that I also covered the metal connector. The one thing that I didn't like is that the tape was super sticky and hard to manipulate. I thought it would be more like electrical tape - easy to handle and apply. Afterwards, I pulled the heat shrink wrap over the connector and shrunk it with a heat gun. Overall, a very easy operation that took less than a half-hour. Will definitely use this kit again if I need to repair any underground wire connections.
by Tsunami
I have used these spice kits for several years without any problems. I have used them to repair...
I have used these spice kits for several years without any problems. I have used them to repair underground lines to wells, pole lamps and out buildings. They are relatively easy to use- on your wire strip back the outer wiring cover 1.5 inches, separate your wires and strip ends leaving about 5/8 inch bare wire. Slide wire thru balck tube. Install bare end of wire into brass connector, tighten securely, making sure it matches up with appropriate wire connected to the other end of the brass connector- i.e. black to black, ground to ground, etc. Wrap furnished tape around wire at point where you cut off jacket, 1.5 inches from end of wire-slip black tube in place- making sure it is centered over splice- and heat with torch- it will shrink to fit the connector and the tape used will seal the ends as the tube shrinks. Make sure you read the directions furnished by Tyco that comes with the kit.
by oldmanhandyman
Seems to work very well.
This kit works very well. It has simple to follow instructions and quality components. One can repair many different sizes of wire with it too. Note that if you are repairing a damaged wire, it is best to expose the wire such that it can be pulled up above the ground, since you need to be able to apply heat around the entire heat shrink tubing. As such, a true splice requires two of these kits. I used an electric heat gun/paint stripper to shrink the tubing because I don't think an open flame should be around wires. This kit seems like a real professional product.
by RogerCoulon
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Simple, easy to use UF splice kit
I bought this kit to repair a broken 14/2 UF cable running from my house to a post light about 50 feet away. The kit comes with a ~1" diameter mechanical (set-screw) butt-connector and an 8" section of heavy duty (~1/8" thick) shrink wrap with mastic adhesive to seal the connection. Instructions are included on the back of the package, and are clear and concise. Note: you can use a heat gun to shrink the shrink wrap, but it will take you a bit longer than a propane torch. The heat gun I used was a cheap-o two temp. gun - I used the highest setting (1100­­*), and it took about a solid 5 minutes to get everything to shrink, but it worked. The post light works again, so I couldn't be happier, especially considering the alternative of digging up my front yard while being careful to avoid the irrigation system lines, main water line, gas line, etc. If this splice fails at any time in the future, I'll report back.
by Steve
7 people found this helpful
Rating provided by a verified purchaser...
Rating provided by a verified purchaser
by HomeDepotCustomer
Easy to use. Used it to repair an electrical line in the middle of a pasture. Sure beat replacing...
Easy to use. Used it to repair an electrical line in the middle of a pasture. Sure beat replacing the wire.
by Earlybird
Rating provided by a verified purchaser...
Rating provided by a verified purchaser
by HomeDepotCustomer
Rating provided by a verified purchaser...
Rating provided by a verified purchaser
by HomeDepotCustomer
Shrink wrap is great for covering up a power cord...
Shrink wrap is great for covering up a power cord that was run over by it's vacuum. Insulation was good on the conductors (wires) but the outer covering was torn. the heat shrink slipped over the plug and up to the tear. I used a heat gun to shrink the piece tightly around the cord. Saved the owner from waiting 2 weeks for an expensive new cord. helps to repair wire fishing poles too. or over worn handles on many tools.
by Don314
Connector was used to splice-new wire to older wire. Both...
Connector was used to splice-new wire to older wire. Both wires were the same gauge but the 20 year old wire is sleightly larger in diameter which made it very difficult to get it into the connector. Finally got it in and all went well after that. Using new wire, this is a well made device.
by Ricky
Showing 1-10 of 82 reviews