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6 in. Adjustable CCT Integrated LED Canless Recessed Light Trim 900 Lumens Kitchen Bathroom Remodel Wet Rated (12-Pack)

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  • Ideal for tight spaces; no can or joist needed for installation
  • Adjust color temperatures from Warm White to Daylight; dimmable
  • Easily installs in shower, bathroom, kitchen and under soffits
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Product Details

Brighten up your space by upgrading existing recessed lights into an energy-efficient LED fixture with Commercial Electric 6in. LED Recessed Downlight. The canless, ultra-thin design easily installs into low clearance or sloped ceilings, no need for cans or joists; ideal for new construction and retrofit mounting. Prior to installation, choose between (5) color temperatures of light output from Warm White to Daylight creating a luxurious ambient, decorative, task or general lighting scheme in your home or workspace. With its wet location rating, there are many possibilities for planning your lighting layout. Our LED light fixture provides long-lasting service and is maintenance free with no bulbs to replace. Great for kitchen, hallways, bedrooms, bathrooms, living room, office/den, basement, retail, sunroom, covered patio or deck and much more.
  • Canless ultra-slim design for low clearance or sloped ceilings - No Can Needed
  • COLOR TEMPERATURE OPTIONS: 2700K Warm White, 3000K Soft White, 3500K Cool White, 4000K Bright White and 5000K Daylight
  • 900 Lumens of brightness using only 15-Watts of energy
  • Replaces outdated 75-Watt incandescent bulb
  • Dimmable down to 10% - Suggested LED dimmer switches LUTRON: DVCL-153PR, CTCL-153PH, LEVITON: R62-06674-POW
  • Entire recommended LED dimmer switch list is located in Product Details, Additional Resources then click Specification
  • Wet rated for exterior applications, showers, pool area, sauna - Can be installed under soffit
  • Rated for Direct Contact with Insulation
  • Operates reliably in sub-zero applications down to -13°F!
  • 20ft. Extension Cable - Model# 906007770 - Available online
  • Maintenance free with no bulbs required
  • Rated life up to 50,000 hours
  • 5 year warranty
  • Click here for more information on Electronic Recycling Programs
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Questions & Answers

Q:Can I use these in a comercial building
by|Oct 2, 2023
1 Answer
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A:  We would recommend a fire rated canless downlight for this application. Home Depot sku # 326665915 https://www.homedepot.com/p/ETi-6-in-Fire-Rated-Canless-Integrated-LED-Recessed-Light-Trim-Downlight-1200-Lumens-Adjustable-CCT-Dimmable-63310101/326665915

by|Oct 3, 2023
    Q:can these be used in a metal soffit?
    by|Sep 14, 2023
    1 Answer
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    A:  Should be fine yes

    by|Sep 14, 2023
      Q:would I be able to use these lights in a metal soffit?
      by|Sep 14, 2023
      1 Answer
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      A:  yes it can be used.

      by|Sep 20, 2023
        Q:Is there an adapter that can convert these to retrofit an existing can light similar to the picture I have attached?
        by|Sep 7, 2023
        1 Answer
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        A:  Sorry it can not compatible with can housing,We have also considered your method, but canless has a power supply and cannot be placed in can housing.You can choose below SKU that can be compatible with can housing ,ceiling mount and canless install. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Commercial-Electric-7-5-in-White-Round-Color-Change-CCT-LED-Flush-Mount-Ceiling-Light-Fixture-w-Night-Light-3-Way-Mount-800-Lumens-56568191/319112751#overlay

        by|Sep 8, 2023
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          Great upgrade.
          The Commercial Electric Ultra Slim 6 in. Canless Color changing LED Recessed Trim all-in-one downlight 900 lumens Dimmable 4-pack came in handy to replace some kitchen lighting. The slim design makes them easy to install in place of older lights. The lights have 5 color temperatures to choose from and last up to 50,000 hours. This set also included the brushed nickel trim kits.
          • Recommended
          So easy to install you may look for places just to put a few more
          These LED canless lights have dispelled the darkness is many areas of my home. They are so simple to install and I like the color rendering switch that lets me decide the type of illumination an area needs. The separate bezel that come with this allows it to match any decor, or if desired, could be painted to match the mounting area. Just the energy efficiency of these lights alone make them a great value and the simplicity of design is an added bonus.
          • Recommended
          Great for new construction and modernizing the look and feel of remodels
          I am a fan of these canless fixtures. They are so easy to install and they are energy efficient. As long as there is a lighting circuit close enough to tap into, these lights can be placed virtually anywhere. The ability to change the color rendering and the addition of a separate bezel makes these lights match any decor and lighting requirement.
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          Rated for direct contact with insulation
          I installed these Commercial Electric recessed lights in my garage to replace porcelain socket fixtures. I selected these recessed lights because I have fiberglass insulation above the drywall ceiling and they’re rated for direct contact with insulation. The luminous flux is specified as 900 lumens but I wonder if that is constant at all five color temperature settings. I’m using 4000K color temperature (bright white) and it doesn’t seem quite as bright as the 3000K or 3500K color temperatures. I was unable to find 1/2" strain relief connectors to fit the 7/8” knock out hole in the electrical boxes so I used 3/8”, which are a little loose but workable. I installed the lights without the included trim piece because the built-in white trim matches my ceiling. Lights were made in China.
          • Recommended
          These recessed LED lights are wonderful. LED light tech has come along way and has become very flexible and provides ample lighting without the use of excessive electricity. I've replaced nearly all of the old recessed lights in our house with these. Installation is quite easy if you're familiar and comfortable with standard household wiring. Simply attach the white, black, and green (grd) wires to your existing wiring, then push the light into place. The two spring-loaded clips on each side of the light will press against the drywall/lath and keep them snug. I love the ability to adjust the color/hue. There's a simple slide-switch on the main wiring box. I chose the "Daylight" selection since I prefer a nice bright stark light appearance. These are well made and produce a very bright light equivalent to a 75 watt incandescent bulb yet only use 15 watts! They can be used in wet locations as well like outdoor patios or in bathrooms. Dimming is smooth, and the switch-on activation is fast. This kit includes the option to have either a white outer ring or matte black, which is convenient. (The black ring has two 'clasps' which you can bend that grab onto the existing white ring). If you're looking to upgrade your existing older style "can" recessed lights, these are a great economical option and will eventually pay for themselves over time due to the money you'll save on electricity. Sooooper happy with these! Way to go Commercial Electric!
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          Read this to know what makes a great LED recessed light
          I am always adding lights to my dark house and some are in wet areas such as the shower. So that is one of the many features of this light that are important to know. It is "wet" rated so it is safe to install in the shower area. You won't get electrocuted. Power consumption is only 11 watts for as much light as you normally get from a 60 watt bulb. The ability to choose from 5 color temperatures of the light is essential for two reasons, one you don't need the same amount of light for a small area as you do for a larger area and the color of the light source will affect how objects appear that are being illuminated. Ease of installation is vital since a light that requires a metal box or can is just extra cost and more work. This light also comes with its own quick connect junction box (see photo) so it can be installed in direct contact with insulation which most ceilings have. Otherwise, it could be a fire hazard. If you choose to add the trim, just bend the tabs over the existing light (see photo). You can't change the bulb in this light so it needs to last a long time, they claim it has up to 50,000 hours of continuous use and has a 5 year warranty. It comes in white but has a brushed nickel trim which will go with almost any decor. It worked for me where I installed it. Internet #323228448 Model #53808101ABNKT4P UPC Code #849489079622 Store SKU #1008848434 Commercial Electric Ultra Slim 4 in. Canless 3000K Adjust Color Temp Integrated LED Recessed Light w/ Brushed Nickel Trim Kit (4-Pack)
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          Makes my ceilings feel taller - I love these lights!
          I seriously want these in every room of my house now! These really open the room up, and make it feel as though the ceiling is two feet taller. I love these lights. Very straight forward and easy to install, ran them straight to my wall light switch. They have five different color/light selections to choose from, my current favorite seems to be 3000, which is really beautiful, and yet still feels cozy/welcoming. I love how slim they are, we were able to fit them in our ceiling in a few spots that no other lights would have fit, because of boards, A/C, etc. The trim kit is beautiful and adds extra uniqueness and character.
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          Beautiful upgraded lighting with trim - Easy to install
          These lights are awesome! We installed this set in our bathroom. It was so dark before, these made such a difference! They have five light/color selections, so you can choose your preference, or choose by room, etc. They are slim and very easy to install. They are also water rated, so worked perfect for above our shower, and for our bathroom needs. I like that they offer the trim color selections now too, so you can add more character to your room. We are very pleased with our lighting upgrade. Good quality materials.
          • Recommended
          Great Looking LED Canless Lights
          These lights are simple to install and come with everything needed. I chose to leave the black trim off and leave it white to match the rest of the house but I could see how the black accent would look good. The color switch is on the box which goes above the light. This means the color must be selected before everything is put in place and sealed up. A person could change the color later but you would need to get up into the wiring to change the switch position. We chose the brightest white color. Overall, I am happy with this light as it looks great, is easy to install and simple to use.
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          Excellent quality and features
          I just upgrade the lighting in my living room area going from a bulky yellow led light fixture to a way better lighting with this 4 pack of 4in ultra slim canless recessed light with CTC and changing trim kit, and we just love how easy and fast the upgrade was made. The features this lights offers are great, recessed ultra slim and canless which means that can be installed on any room around the house, even under a joist or slope roof; the integrated color temperature selector on each light fixture lets you choose the light output desired, the junction box and the push-in connectors makes it faster to wire up the fixture. Before install the fixture on the ceiling you can choose from a white light trim or change the fixture appearance by installing the brushed nickel finish trim on each light and that’s a great way to color matching with the surroundings. Each light energy efficient and uses 11 watts only going from 2700k to 5000k; can be installed on wet rooms because are completely sealed and no water filtration will occur and no bulbs replacement is required because is LED and this lights are dimmable too. Each light is made with excellent quality materials and updated features, and has a great competitive price. Comes with all accessories needed for installation (instructions, cut out holes) just tools needed for installation of installing for first time.
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          Trim TypeUltra-ThinUltra-ThinUltra-ThinUltra-Thin
          Recessed Lighting TypeCanlessCanlessCanlessCanless
          Indoor/OutdoorIndoor, OutdoorIndoor, OutdoorIndoorIndoor, Outdoor
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