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  • Great for heat-shrinking electrical tubing and terminals
  • Compact for quick repairs in confined spaces
  • Easy 1-handed operation for quick and efficient use
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Product Overview

Gardner Bender Pocket Butane Torch is ideal for heat shrink electrical tubing and terminals in splicing wire connections. The compact size is great for quick repairs in tight spaces. Please use extra caution when fueling.
  • Economical self-igniting mini-torch
  • Compact torch fits into pockets and tool pouches
  • Easy 1-handed operation
  • Includes 0.92 oz. can of butane fuel for refilling
  • Always be sure the unit is cool and the lighter is removed from the torch's case before storing, keep in a dry place away from children
  • Do not refuel in kitchen near sink or pilot light, use only as directed, intentional misuse by deliberately concentrating and inhaling the contents can be harmful or fatal
  • Click here for more information on Electronic Recycling Programs
  • California residents

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Questions & Answers


Is this available to buy in store

Asked by Brett April 17, 2020

Yes. That is where I bought mine.

How do you refill it

Asked by Vini March 2, 2018

Has a cheap, plastic, refillable butane lighter inside the cover.

How do you refill?

Asked by Fredma297 September 29, 2017

The red canister comes apart in two pieces (note the horizontal seam in its construction). Once taken apart, there is a butane cartridge inside that resembles a standard lighter. That cartridge loosely sits in place and easily comes out. That is the butane cartridge that gets refilled easily through its built in nozzle. After full, pop the cartridge back in place, and snap the two torch pieces together

how do you refill it?

Asked by Arleen March 16, 2017

You remove the lighter inside the pocket torch housing and then fill that and reinsert it into the housing. https://gardnerbenderfaq.wordpress.com/2013/10/28/the-mstr-torch-how-do-i-add-fuel/

How do you refill it?

Asked by Arleen March 16, 2017

Standard butane refill available at any drug store. But the unit is junk. Dont buy it.

Does this have zone impurities

Asked by daynnite March 2, 2017

I honestly don't nor ever even thought of such things. I think the best place to get that answered would be with the maker of the torch. Gardner Bender. There's a link to thier website below. I looked but didn't find anything to what you were asking. Maybe u can call them instead. http://www.gardnerbender.com/en

How to put a lighter in?

Asked by Tunchie April 11, 2016

Here is a link to the refilling procedure: https://gardnerbenderfaq.wordpress.com/2013/10/28/the-mstr-torch-how-do-i-add-fuel/

Inside piece ouside.

Asked by Ajmes November 1, 2015

You need to contact Gardner Bender technical support, they'll be able to assist you. tech.support@gardnerbender.com

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Purchase only if your handy with tools
Product came empty with a fill refill container. Had to disassemble unit to fill & drill out the spot where the fill orifice was. After filling unit would not stay lit. Had to disassemble again to adjust the butane flow. Operation is a learning process. There is a safety lock that must be pushed forward before you can depress the light button. This button has two stops for some reason. You must press hard enough to push it past the first stop to the second stop to light the flame.
by Customer
1 person found this helpful
DONT. enough said! As one review stated, it is just a BIC lighter inside a cheap plastic case. I wish it was a Bic lighter, it might actually light
by aandk
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Summary: don't buy this. the wall of text that follows is a rare bad review from me - this is mea...
Summary: don't buy this. the wall of text that follows is a rare bad review from me - this is meant to satisfy my desire to feel less bad about buying this with hard-earned after-tax dollars. PRO: the butane fuel works well. CONS: this is a refillable bic lighter shoved into a conduit that brings fuel to the ignition area, which leads to highlights such as: conduit doesn't connect at all, connects but leaks fuel, plastic mating apparatus fails to stop fueling after button is released. If you manage to get the thing connected and it actually lights, you get a few seconds of flame before the bic lighter (let's call it a bic lighter, to make things easy) dies as soon as you move your hand, change angles, or get distracted and forget to hold your breath. If during those seconds spent marveling at the fact this thing stumbled into a successful fire triangle you want to adjust the flame, you are out of luck. you can't reach the slider even though some worker taking his first baby steps using a pirated copy of solidworks managed to put a hole in the plastic mold, but failed to place it in a usable location. No biggie, let's forget we just spent TWENTY dollars on this red plastic bic lighter holder, use both hands (another CON [or lie? you decide, either way this ain't a one handed tool]) and take it apart so you can adjust the fuel level. By now you might be an expert at mating the conduit-ignition path to the bic lighter (another PRO: practice at chinese puzzles). Unfortunately, these skills only lead to the inevitable frustration offered through the clipboard-police's favorite mechanism: the safety switch. This switch requires patience, forgiveness, and two hands to operate. Add to that the 5/1 misfires you'll enjoy on this model and you have yourself a twenty dollar bill in the shape of some premium chineseum plucked right off the big rock candy mountain. It's not even a usable bic lighter, it's a bic lighter without a flint. I can't believe this would pass a usability test and how it got through sourcing to the shelves in the store is quite the oversight. I will chalk this up as a prank and stay positive and go buy myself a Benzomatic like I should have in the first place. added PRO: if you haven't gone through this process, you will learn how returns work at Home Depot. In my case, my store, (Poway, CA) is amazing and the people working there are fantastic.
by Slag
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It has a regular Chinese refillable lighter inside. You can't reach the flame adjuster. Have to t...
It has a regular Chinese refillable lighter inside. You can't reach the flame adjuster. Have to take the lighter out. To make it bigger. Just max it out. Ehh, it works.
by Iroc34a
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I'm not a big bad review writer, I would rather keep it positive, BUT this is absolutely worse th...
I'm not a big bad review writer, I would rather keep it positive, BUT this is absolutely worse than poor, less than one star. Shame on you Home Depot. It's just a little bic lighter in a larger piece of plastic junk. It also doesn't work. Stop making plastic junk that doesn't work. Terrible product, send it back to china.
by Clamp
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a 3$ lighter in $20 of plastic
i bought this because my cheap refillable lighters were always breaking. here there is just another cheap lighter inside. it's going back asap.
by karma
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It is fine, the only thing I would have liked...
It is fine, the only thing I would have liked was an adjustable flame. It works well for what I purchased it for. Small, pocket sized, just right for me.
Hope nobody will buy this no class lighter.just westing of...
Hope nobody will buy this no class lighter.just westing of money.
Response from Gardner BenderDec 10, 2020
Thank you for your honest review- we are working diligently on a superior replacement GBOnly
The torch was not as expected. Kind of flimsy. I...
The torch was not as expected. Kind of flimsy. I gave it to a friend. I needed the fuel for my other torch.
by Coolclbrown
this product was terrible
I wish i had of kept my receipt, this fell apart in my hands and the flame never worked.
by Ray G
Showing 1-10 of 228 reviews