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Bidetmega 200 Electric Bidet Seat for Round Toilets in White

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Coway Bidetmega bidet toilet seat is designed to give you optimal cleanliness, comfort and convenience in the bathroom. Coway Bidetmega bidet can be tailored for all body types and needs. Features include innovative i-wave water technology, hygienic stainless-steel nozzles and user-friendly controls with Braille.
  • Coway Bidetmega 200's unique i-wave technology is designed to fit every body for a comfortable cleaning experience
  • 2-stage cleansing process keeps the water flow channel and dual stainless-steel nozzle hygienic at all times
  • Users can customize the water temperature, water pressure, direction and flow, and the built-in dryer gives post-cleansing comfort
  • Sensor seat are heated and the 3 level temperature can be adjusted to your preference
  • User-friendly buttons, including child-friendly controls and braille for the visually impaired
  • Special eco mode helps to reduce the total energy consumption of the unit
  • IPX5 rated Bidetmega 200 can resist a sustained, low-pressure water jet spray
  • Easy installation simply connect the Coway BIdetmega 200 to the regular toilet bowl with common household tools
  • Bidetmega 200 requires electricity, please make sure that there is a power outlet nearby, power cord is 47.2 in. and make sure that the bidet fits your toilet, please see guide for more details

  • California residents

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is control removeable from toilet ?

Asked by don February 26, 2021

I wish it was, but no, it's not.

How long is the electric cord and where does it attach on the toliet seat? where is it made?

Asked by Wyrrd June 3, 2020

how long is the electric cord?? how long do you have to set on it before you are DRY DRY???

any idea when this unit might become available?

Asked by kh March 29, 2020


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Great fit and functions perfectly.
Great fit and functions perfectly.
by Canyoner
Simply love this bidet , very useful.
[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] It's very useful and we all simply love our bidet in our toilet. I love the feature of controlling the temperature of the seat, it's very useful, especially during the winter time. Also there are three level of adjustment , we can adjust as per our need. Love the super i wave technology , it gives a comfortable clean for every body type or age of person. Its super useful and i love the two level of cleaning and the nozzles and water flow channel are also reminds clean. We can adjust the speed of water, temperature of the water and flow of it. Its super easy to instal. Didn’t required any additional special tools for it. I installed it myself with basic tools i had at home. Although it needs a power outlet for this bidet , which i only one in my master bathroom, well i figured a way to use it in discreet .but it has some eco mode to reduce the consumption of power for the unit. The controller has child safe controls and it has braille for virtually challenged people. First when i got this bidet , i was not sure if we will be using this often as this concept of bidet is new to our family but now , we all love it and use it. Its very useful and it safes us from lot of toilet paper. And it is very hygiene method of cleaning oneself after using toilet .
by Mallai
Works great after you get used to it. I've learned that if you keep the water cooler for females,...
Works great after you get used to it. I've learned that if you keep the water cooler for females, it will keep you from having female issues in the future. Other than that it's great.
by TPshortageoption
My wife & I love this bidet! I've been thinking of getting one for a long time to cut down on the...
My wife & I love this bidet! I've been thinking of getting one for a long time to cut down on the TP going into the septic tack. Now in this time of Covid19 & the TP shortage, it was time to pull the plug (so to speak). I did have to add a GFI plug, & had to raise the toilet tank to make room for this seat. I could not find one with all the features of this seat that would fit my manufactured home toilet. We love the ability to adjust the temperature & pressure as we each have our preference on each. I like the seat heat, she doesn't etc. it is all easy to adjust. Installation is easy if you have a plug close by & it fits you toilet, more difficult if you have to the alterations I had to but it still was not bad for a competent DIYer.
by Greytthreads
Works great, no TP needed
[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I got the Bidetmega 200 Electric Bidet Seat just in time for the COVID-19 quarantine. It was easy to install however it does require an outlet near the base of the toilet so if you don’t have one plan to have one installed. It has many different features but my favorite is the heated seat. This seat relieved so much stress during the quarantine as there was no worries about not having enough toilet paper. I have saved so much on toilet paper and we are all left feeling clean after going to the bathroom. I recommend everyone get one.
by Christie0713
Greatest thing since sliced bread
[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Got this beauty just in time for the Coronavirus outbreak of 2020. Even though we are good on toilet paper and wipes this was needed in case things got too bad. Sitting down on the warm seat is like sitting in my 2020 Lincoln Navigator. Seat warmer and comfortable. As soon as you sit down, it runs water down the nozzle like it does when it cleans the nozzle and even though I didn't read anywhere that it was supposed to do that, I like it. Great features like adjustable heat for the seat and water temperature is amazing. Some days you dont want warm water and some days you do. The rear rinse needed to be adjusted since the seat seems to sorry little further up on my toilet but was an easy fix. Front rinse for myself was really nice. Eco mode allows it to run in eco mode and cuts off but saves my settings. Easy shut lids makes it to where the seat or lid does not slam.The only downside that I have seen so far is the length of the power cord and how the seat actually fits my toilet. I do have to run an extension cord and since it is a 3 prong plug, it has to be a gauky thick cord and runs along the backside of my granite countertop. The cord could be a little longer in my opinion. The seat takes up a good bit of space, as I would figure, but it does not fit my toilet properly. It seems like it comes too far forward and leaves way too much underneath in the back, making it hard to clean my actual toilet(under the seat) and leaves somewhat of a gap in the front. It is installed properly so I'm not sure why it is this way. I do not know how much power this uses(I'm hoping not a lot) since it stays on a good bit after it's not in use. But overall I'm pleased with this product and would definitely recommend it! Stay safe and clean everyone and dont let this Corona virus thing get you down! Get you a bidetmega and bunker down!
Not a fan of the bidet
[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] We got the elongated seat and by the time it's installed and you're using it, you lose a lot of space and you basically have a regular size toilet seat. I don't want to know what it's like with the normal size. The adjustment feature didn't always work and the "girl" setting did not make me feel clean. The dryer takes forever to get you dry. I also felt weird sitting down and the seat "auto prepping" by dumping water.
by Mommax3
Excellent Features
[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I have been using this lately and I am learning more and more about it each day. Even though it is slightly larger than my old toilet, it works still and it works perfectly. I feel cleaner, it is not harsh, it is strong enough and I can control the settings which makes it better than anything else I have ever tried. It is simple to put on and it looks nice as well. I love that I can adjust it to my preferences. I like it one way and someone else can use it and set it easily to their preferences with just a few clicks of the remote. It is better than I anticipated. It is great for the environment and it is low cost to my energy and water bills.
by sekylawson
Works perfect
[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This is awesome the seat warms up to different temperatures and also the water will. It is easy to use as well. The buttons are simple just keep pushing it till you get the desired setting. It is a great way to save on toilet paper. It also can dry with a simple push of the button. Nest of all it is not loud at all.
by Justme123
I always wanted a bidet and finally have one!
[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I got this bidet at the perfect time, during the Covid 19 outbreak and when there is a toilet paper shortage. I always wanted one! First off when I opened the box I wasn't sure I would be able to install it myself. I found a video and that was very helpful, I would say about a 1/2 hour to install it. The features on this bidet are amazing. The best one is the temperature control and also the heated seat. It gets cold in NY and I turn down the heat at night. The other great feature is the child button. My 9 year old was excited to try it and it is perfect since it is more gentle on their bodies and is great because boys don't usually clean that well. Oh, forgot to mention there is also a front button for women's cleaning needs. I highly recommend this product. You save on toilet paper and also wipes and it also has an eco mode to sace energy.
by Shanin
Showing 1-10 of 195 reviews