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10 in. Adjustable Wrench

  • Large Easy Adjust Knurl and Hex Jaw Design for reduced slippage
  • Large Jaw Capacity: 1-5/16" (34mm) Maximum Opening
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
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Product Overview

Crescent is a premier hand tool brand, offering a variety of tools to the professional tradesman and home DIYers looking for quality, durability and innovative functional in their tool box. This Crescent 10in. Adjustable Wrench Set is a staple for any tool box and features wide-capacity jaws to accommodate a variety of fastener sizes. Wrench features cushioned handle for increased comfort and control.
  • Laser etched scale in both SAE Standard and Metric sizes allows easy identification
  • Larger knurl for easy adjustment ensures a tight jaw fit
  • Hex jaw design reduces slippage by gripping fasteners tightly
  • Large capacity 1-5/16", 34mm jaw fits a wide range of fastener sizes
  • Wider handle improves comfort and reduces fatigue
  • Heat-treated forged alloy steel for toughness and durability
  • Tension spring stabilizes jaw and allows easy knurl adjustment
  • Chrome plated finish wipes clean easily and resists rust or corrosion
  • Polished head and satin finished handle
  • Polished head and satin finished handle

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Minimum Opening (in.)
Wrench length (in.)


Color Family
No Additional Features
Hand Tool Type
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Handle Type
Head Type
Single Open End
Maximum Opening (in.)
1.3125 in
Pack Size
Tools Product Type
Hand Tool

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty
Limited Lifetime

Questions & Answers


what is the weight of this wrench?

Asked by Mel April 13, 2021

Thank you for your interest in the Crescent 24" adjustable wrench. The part number is AC224VS. The weight is 9.680 lbs. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

Where is it made

Asked by Rg October 6, 2020

Good morning, models AC118 and AT18 are made in the US. We do have models made outside the US. If you have a specific model please let us know the model in question and we will be glad to assist.

is this wrench still made in the USA or is it china? I saw reviewers say USA but that was back in...

Asked by matt June 17, 2020

This product is made in China.

How much does this wrench weigh?

Asked by DoubleDuece November 21, 2019

Hey DoubleDuece, The Crescent 15 in. Adjustable Wrench weighs 2.95lbs. Thanks!

Why is this same wrench listed for 21.95 and this ones 34.95 is there a difference?

Asked by JB September 8, 2019

I would have to say the quality of one over the other differs slightly. The old saying you get what you pay for.

What kind of warranty do they have

Asked by ElisDee June 24, 2019

Hey ElisDee, Crescent Hand Tools are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. If any of the tools break or are malfunctioning you may return it to your local store if it was purchased there or contact our customer service team at 888-866-5259 for further assistance. Thanks!

Is this made in the U S A ? That is usually imprinted on the side.

Asked by Tom January 30, 2019

The picture showed it to say USA but the one I received was made in China.

Home Depot should double check their ad. The ad states the maximum opening of the wrench is 15/1...

Asked by longtimealaskan November 10, 2018

Hi longtimealskan, you are correct. The maximum jaw opening for this wrench (AC28VS) is 1-1/8 inches.

How wide does this wrench open?

Asked by Jj June 5, 2018

Chart says 1-11/16"...

Do you still make the three orfour inch wrench?

Asked by Packy November 18, 2017

Hi Packy, AC24CVS is available in store. It is a 4 in. model.

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A precision engineered workhorse
I have seen less expensive adjustable wrenches of this size, but none as well made and this wrench, which lives up to the standards of the Crescent brand. The finish is excellent and when I put the jaws under tension by torquing a large nut they were parallel to better then a hundredth of an inch as measure by my digital calipers. Accuracy and finish aside, this tool is meant for hard work. My current house was part of a ranch and the property contains a wealth of junked farm equipment that I regularly harvest for metal parts for new projects. The monkey wrench I had been using would damage the nuts and bolts but this wrench gets the fasteners apart without damage. It is going to see a lot of use.
by EricG
Quality you can count on
Everyone should have a minimum of TWO wrenches in their tool box : big & small. I usually opt for a 12" an and 8". This gives me a good amount of flexibility to control and tighten/loosen the nuts i need to, fits into smaller spaces, and yet minimizes the need to carry a full accompaniment of all wrenches of all sizes. USE I've had and used Crescent wrenches my entire life. I can't think of ONE example of a time when someone uttered the words "i need a different wrench" or "please give me a wrench that works instead of this one." Not - a - one. This speaks to the quality and reliability of these Crescent wrenches. In my experience, paying more (and even double in some instances) is TOTALLY worth it when it comes to tools. Made in the U.S.A. and durability are both qualities that i seek when i look for tools for my workshop. QUALITY When your body is contorted under a kitchen sink at some strange angle, with your back not happy and about to give out, it's great to have a wrench to fit these tight spaces. This means the work gets done faster, and correctly, eliminating the need for multiple repairs. This 8" wrench is just as mighty and powerful as it's and larger cousin, yet has the ability to close tightly on a target nut, and does so with essentially ZERO wobble. The adjustment worm gear keeps the movable jaw tightly coupled to the assembly, allowing for quality changes in jaw size without the wobble and uncertainty of other knock-off wrenches. Win! SUMMARY A well formed adjustable wrench with decades of history behind it give the buyer of this wrench a "warm & fuzzy feeling." And when it comes to fantastic build quality, coupled with stellar performance, the total package gives you a new reason to add this old favorite to your workshop.
by Steve
One Of The Best
I'm very impressed with this Crescent Wrench. Generally, I don't pay attention to brand because of marketing, pricing, etc. This wrench is lighter weight than some others I've used in the past, and there isn't any play at all in the jaw. I've always laughed at the sizing marks for bolt heads/nuts because of the play in the jaws, it would give you an 1/8" or more wrong size from pushing the slide-jaw back and forth. This wrench is tight enough that the sizing marks are accurate. I couldn't get a good picture because of glare but other things like the direction of turn arrow that you can see are handy for people who don't know about turning the wrench the wrong direction can torque the jaw.
by Anroyals
Typical Crescent quality
My biggest problem with adjustable wrenches in the past was jaw wobble and jaws that would not stay parallel. Of course they were not Crescent either. The adjusting knurl is large and well knurled. There is a reference scale on the side with pointer on movable jaw that is pretty accurate and handy for presetting in awkward situation. Jaw opening is right on 1 1/8”. There is also an arrow on the handle showing the direction of torque for safest use of wrench and the grip is wide and heavy. And hey, they have a FOREVER guarantee.
by PaulCoMat
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Typical Crescent quality
My biggest problem with adjustable wrenches in the past was jaw wobble and jaws that would not stay parallel. Of course they were not Crescent either. The adjusting knurl is large and well knurled. There is a reference scale on the side with pointer on movable jaw that is pretty accurate and handy for presetting in awkward situation. The actual jaw opening is 1 9/16". There is also an arrow on the handle showing the direction of torque for safest use of wrench and the grip is wide and heavy. And hey, they have a FOREVER guarantee.
by PaulCoMat
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Crescent will get you un-wrenched.
Solid 8" forged alloy steel wrench with a nice sized handle. I really like the measurements (scale) on the side of the wrench so if I know the size of the nut I'm tightening/loosening, I can set it without have to put the wrench on the nut. My old adjustable wrenches have locks on them, but this wrench does not. The wrench doesn't slip, so I guess this one doesn't need a lock. Guaranteed forever per the packaging. Quality wrench, but 'Made In China.'
by breynold2
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Good Wrench for a Caterpiller
I got this wrench to work on my bull dozer. I have a set of big sockets in my shop but I wanted something that would fit in the tool box under the seat to have with me when I am actually working the Cat. Most adjustable wrenches are WAY too small for the big nuts on this dozer even though, I believe, that it is the smallest crawler that Caterpillar ever made. For a big wrench the adjustment action is very smooth. It feels incredibly strong. I have no doubt that the corners on the nut would round off before the wrench failed. I hate to admit it but in an emergency it looks like it also make a hefty pry bar.
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Versatile one size fits all - handles the big jobs
This is a heavy duty Crescent brand wrench. I’ve used cresent brand wrenches for years, and this model does not disappoint. The design of the wrench allows it to be used on a range of nut/bolt sizes from very small to over 1 and 11/16 inches with this model. Adjusting is easy, just turn the screw mechanism on the head. It locks in tight and clean, and does not slip. The versatility of have one wrench fit so many sizes is great, and I choose this fifteen inch model because it can work on very large nuts/bolts, well beyond the range of a typical box/open end wrench set that usually max out at ¾ inch. The long handle provides plenty of leverage. This tool has heft – it could double as a hammer! Very versatile, a nice addition to a home toolbox.
by ToolTimeTony
I was 20 years old when I learned this is an adjustable wrench
Growing up in the 1960's my dad and my grandpa always called it a Crescent wrench. And they used it all the time for many different things. I remember being asked to fetch a "Crescent" wrench and I knew what it was. It wasn't until a decade later I learned that Crescent is a BRAND and not a type of wrench. It is a great tribute to a company that their brand is known as a type of tool. I even still have some Crescent wrenches that belonged to my dad and grandpa. These things are high quality and last for decades. I didn't have an 8" one, so I got this. Alas, I see it is made in China now, but it is still a solid tool and I'm sure is the same original specifications. I'll never call it an adjustable wrench. It will always be a Crescent wrench to me.
by Oceanside
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Opens up to 1 1/2"!
The 12" Crescent adjustable wrench (item # AC212VS), with a jaw adjustment between fully closed and 1 1/2" full opened is the largest Crescent wrench in my tool box. Actually I now have two sets of Crescent wrenches, one for the basement and one for the garage; I got frustrated at always being where the wrench was not. The fit and finish of the 12" wrench are fine, no mars or blemishes and no sharp edges. Unlike my 6" and 8" Crescent wrenches however, the 12" inch did not come with a rubberized handle. Since the 12" wrench is alloy steel covered in a chrome finish in cold weather that thing gets pretty cold pretty quickly and gloves are recommended. (Home Depot sells a rubber/plastic material that one can dip tools in to give a rubberized coating and I'm going to give that a try. Working on a car in the driveway at 15 degrees Fahrenheit means cold hands when grabbing this Crescent wrench!). Made in China - but the guarantee is "Forever"; I worked as a car mechanic many years ago and I've never broken a Crescent wrench. Nice to have the warranty, tho - just because I haven't broken one doesn't mean that I won't at some time. The adjustable Crescent wrench is just a timeless design - very handy to have around. The 12" for me these days has limited applications - I do mostly minor home repairs and car repairs, not like the old days when I was more active - but still I don't like being without one. For some plumbing applications the 1 1/2" jaw is perfect and when you need to give that extra added leverage that the 8" Crescent isn't offering to move a stubborn work piece the 12" long handle fits the bill. I should also note that there is a 'laser engraved' scale on the wrench head that allows one to set the desired size of the jaw opening without guessing. Nice to have when one can't easily reach the knurled adjustment knob when the wrench head is on the work piece. I'm not exactly a 'fan boy' of many tools - I've had far too many bad experiences with cheap pliers and screwdrivers and poorly designed power tools - but there are a few that simply work as advertised and are such nice designs that they fill the required need with the least fuss. The Crescent wrench is one of those tools for me. HTH Regards, Jim
by WarrenJim
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