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10 in. Locking Adjustable Wrench

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  • Adjustable wrench with gripping power of a locking plier
  • Anti-slip adjustable jaw opens to 1"
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
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Product Overview

The Crescent Locking Adjustable Wrench features an innovative design that gives the versatility of an adjustable wrench with the gripping power of a locking plier. This wrench can be used anywhere a standard adjustable wrench would be used while providing double the grip on rounded fasteners. The wrench features a dual material egonomic comfort grip and a quick release handle.
  • The versatility of an adjustable wrench and the gripping power of a locking plier
  • Delivers twice the gripping power on rounded fasteners
  • Anti-slip adjustable jaw opens to 1-5/16 in. to fit a wide variety of fasteners
  • Dual material handle for maximum comfort and control
  • Laser etched scale in SAE Standard and Metric sizes for quick and easy adjustment to fastener
  • Quick release lever allows for easy disengagement
  • Locking handle tightly grips fasteners, reduces slippage on rounded fasteners
  • Jaw design features gripping teeth and 14 locking positions for enhanced gripping power
  • Chrome Plated Finishes wipes clean easily and resists rust or corrosion
  • Chrome Plated Finishes wipes clean easily and resists rust or corrosion

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Color FamilyChromeFeaturesNo Additional Features
Hand Tool TypeAdjustable WrenchHandle TypeNormal
Head TypeSingle Open EndIndividual/SetIndividual
MaterialSteelMaximum Opening (in.)1
Returnable90-DayTools Product TypeHand Tool

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer WarrantyLimited Lifetime

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Great idea with good execution. Basically vise grips upgraded.
I was walking through a store a month ago in December when all the tools were out for Christmas in the stores and I saw some wrenches similar to these. It was the first time I'd seen an adjustable wrench that clamped down and released much like a vise grip. I thought upon seeing it that is was a cool idea and I wondered why it took all these years for someone to come up with it. Whomever did - kudos. Great idea. Anyway, I almost bought that pair on the spot but I was in a hurry and there for other things so I filed it away as something to come back to later then promptly forgot. Then I saw this Crescent brand one at HD. I've had good luck with this brand and I have some of their stuff that I've had well over 30 years and it is still solid. So I said there's the one to try. I'd thought I had everything one could want in adjustable wrenches but I believe this one definitely was an addition that was worthwhile. On the operation of it, it really gets a firm grip. It has just enough movement though to really grab the heck out of a nut or whatever. The release mechanism is well designed and easy to pop loose but not so easy you'll be doing it accidentally. I like that. I can see this being great when you have something stubborn that you really need to get a good grip on. For breaking something loose that has a death grip it's a crazy good idea. I see it being better than vise grips for certain situations because it will give more surface contact with say a nut. Also the jaws have serrations something like a vise grip. So it's like a vise grip upgraded and specialized. It's probably not something you will use every day but when you do I can see it being something you say man I'm glad I had that thing. A couple things it is well suited for in my mind is changing saw blades and lawnmower blades. Both those can be hard to break loose sometimes. I had a 12 inch masonry blade a while back I would loved to have had this on since in the end I had to hammer on a impact socket and remove it with an impact wrench because I messed up the bolt a little. I think this will be a big aid for jobs like those. The first time it keeps me from rounding off a bolt I figure it has earned its keep. It should cut down on my use of the more unsavory elements of the English language. It's a great new idea.
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-Should have made them like this to begin with!
This combines two tools (the crescent wrench and vise grip) into one. One you have adjusted the wrench to whatever nut or bolt you're working with, simply lock down tight and twist away. There are teeth which give it extra grip and an unlock lever just like you would have with a traditional vise-grip. This is an ingenious tool. I think they should have just made these to begin with, but it's definitely a tool of the future! A traditional crescent wrench can be painstaking to use as it loosens and unloosens to easily, but with this you have the option of working with it in the loose (quicker) or locked position. It's nice to pick up one tool and be able to accomplish several tasks with it, that's always a win in my book.
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Excellent locking wrench with easy release
I needed to replace a pressure release valve on my water heater and this was the perfect tool for the job. I adjusted it to size and then locked it onto the valve. I was able to easily unscrew it off using this wrench. I had plenty of room to lock and release it, but in tighter areas where space may be limited, this may not be ideal as extra space is needed for the moving part of the handle. The entire handle needs to be squeezed to lock while only the bottom part (separate) needs to be squeezed to release. Smart design but requires more space. When it’s locked however, it will not come off until it’s released. It locks for good, very strong grip. This is another great tool from Crescent. I have a set of wrenches and various pliers, but didn’t have a solid locking wrench and I’m glad I got this one. It seems like the entire tool was well designed and no corners were cut. The rubber handle has excellent grip with a hang hole at the tip. The locking mechanism and the release part on the bottom are easy to operate and have a secure feel. It easily adjusts and has the nut size markings on both sides: one has inches and the other has millimeters. The maximum opening size is 1.5 inches. Crescent included a nut gripped by the pliers inside the packaging. Although it may look cool, it is a total waste in my opinion since most people would probably just throw it away. I couldn’t find it anywhere on the tool, but on the packaging it says that it’s made in China. Nonetheless, it is an excellent locking wrench that should serve me for many years.
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Great Tool
I like to discover tools that are useful but I didn’t even know they existed. This one seems really useful. With an adjustable wrench it is often hard to get it adjusted tight on to the nut especially if it is rounded off a little. With this tool you can adjust it down on the nut and then clamp it down a little more. It is like a set of grips and a wrench combined into one. The handle has a nice rubber grip that makes it easier to hold. It also come with a nut in its “mouth” so you can try it out as soon as you get it. That is a nice touch. I think this is definitely a tool to go in my primary tool box. It is pretty reasonably priced too. It even looks nice with chrome, black and red not that looks matter that much.
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Brilliant Wrench
10 in. Locking Adjustable Wrench Every now and then a company comes up with an awesome new tool. This is one of them. What a brilliant idea. They have combined a crescent wrench with vice grips. So to tighten or remove a bolt you adjust the crescent wrench to fit the bolt just like normal, but then you clamp the lever and the crescent jaws tighten down on the bolt. When I say tighten I mean really tighten. This prevents stripping of the nut head. It also prevents the crescent jaws from loosening while working. Also, you can leave the wrench on the bolt while you do something else and it won’t slip off. I actually believe that this wrench is the best tool for getting a stubborn bolt out without stripping the head. I am a small woman and when I was working on my ski boat trailer this tool made everything so much easier. I am going to put one in each of my vehicles since it is also the perfect emergency tool. Good job.
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Useful new concept
I am never disappointed by Crescent products, and this wrench is no exception. It is sturdy, well engineered and attractive. A perfect wrench would have parallel jaws and exert force on the nut or bolt to avoid damage. The jaws of this wrench remain parallel to within 0.01 inch and after tightening the wrench with the conventional worm adjuster the lever then adds a substantial force. One extra feature that I haven't seen before in a wrench are scales- on one side in millimeters and on the other side in sixteenths of an inch (see photo). The scales have at least two uses. The first is to preset the wrench ahead of time, for example before you crawl under a car. The other use is as a caliper to measure nuts and bolts to identify them. This wrench is going to see a lot of use.
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Heavy Duty, Excellent Tool
This is a very solid wrench, with a strong, high quality feel and easy to use. It has some features that make it an excellent replacement for my old wrench, which I thought was fine until I used this one. This is much better because it has a rubber grip over the handle, making it easier on the hands and less likely to slip while using it. Also, the locking mechanism that holds it in position is much easier to use. It does stay locked when you want it to, but is easier to release when you want it to. The roller for the width rolls nicely and stays in place, and it has very good "teeth" for holding. There is also a handy "ruler" area which makes it easier to get closer to the exact size you need before lining it up. Great tool!
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Closer to a vice grip than adj. wrench
It has fine teeth but I prefer locking wrenches with a smooth contact surface so that the one wrench can replace having to carry a set of open-end wrenches, which I use on fasteners that I don’t want to mar. It could replace a vice grip except for when deeper teeth or a deeper box are needed. The box is 7/8” deep. The 10” length is great for leverage but this wrench is very bulky and heavy. It’s actually heavier than my 10” vice grip. I would have liked it much more if it was slimmer and closer to an adjustable wrench in scale. The head is 9/16” at the thickest point, and 3/8” at the thinnest. The head is 3” H & W. The rubber handle by itself is ¾ thick & 1 3/16” wide at the middle, and 1 ¾” wide including the locking lever. It’s well made, strong and locks and unlocks easily with one hand. The soft handle wrap is a nice bonus. The inch scale is etched onto one side of the head, metric on the other. This is truly part vice grip, part basic adjustable wrench, but it’s a bit of a compromise between the two tools, so would depend on your preferences if it will please you.
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Works very well!!!
This review is for the Crescent Locking Adjustable Wrench Crescent Model # ACL10VS. I was given the opportunity to check out the Crescent 10" locking wrench and have found it to be quite effective. Similar in theory to the standard vice-grip type pliers the Crescent jaws can be locked around the work with the press of a locking lever. Pressing a release lever releases the wrench from the work. The action of both levers is smooth. The jaws are adjusted first by using the standard Crescent wrench knurled knob and then the wrench can be 'locked' to the work using the lever. This reduces the chance of the wrench slipping off of the work or rounding off a sharp cornered nut or bolt. Very effective in actual use. I find that the release mechanism is more easily engaged than on my large vice-grip type pliers. Fit and finish are good and the wrench has a solid feel. The handle has a comfort grip and is easy to manipulate with slippery hands. The wrench is chrome plated and warrantied for life. I was quite impressed by the effectiveness of this tool, and I think it deserves consideration either for your own toolbox or as a gift for others. HTH Regards, Jim
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Get A Grip On It
Skeptical at first that this would be yet another superfluous variant of locking pliers, I quickly came to realize that it has an entirely different mission. Not intended to apply Godzilla-like force to totally deformed or rusted hardware, it is best used on either sound hardware, when you lack a third hand to keep the wrench in place, or slightly corroded fasteners which have essentially maintained their parallel faces, just not the same dimension as when they were free from corrosion. While the typical adjustable wrench can be snugged down on even rusty hardware, the inherent "slop" of the adjustment screw mechanism usually can result in, at the least, the wrench slipping off the hardware or, worse, rounding over the already deformed corners of the nut or bolt. With this wrench, once the jaws are snugged down on the fastener head (or nut) actuating the locking lever applies a specific amount of clamping force to remove the "slop" of the jaws. Voila, as a result of the clamping force and serrated jaws, the wrench doesn't slip and, if you need your two hands for the other side of the connection, it will stay in place and can be braced against a fixed part of whatever it is you are taking apart (or putting together...hopefully not with rusted hardware). Jaw openings are etched into the tool, inches on one side, millimeters on the other. A nice addition to the wrenching aresenal.
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Showing 1-10 of 76 reviews