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16 oz. Organic Pump and Grow Home Grown Herb, Vegetable and Tomato Fertilizer

  • Ideal for potted tomato, vegetable and herb plants
  • Organic and natural; people and pet safe
  • No mixing required
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Product Overview

Our Pump & Grow concentrated liquid fertilizers are very quick and easy to use because it can be applied directly to the soil. Simply apply two pumps to the soil and water within 24 hours to feed your plants 100% sustainable nutrients for 2 weeks. Gardening made easy with no mixing and no mess. Made from premium food-grade ingredients so it will not burn your plants. It is 100% organic & natural and free of synthetic ingredients. Home Grown is great for all types of vegetable gardens, both summer and winter, rooting and flowering gardens. Quick & Easy - Pump & Grow!
  • Dr. Earth Premium Organic Fertilizers
  • Organic blend that needs no mixing and no mess.
  • Quick & easy to use. Can be applied directly to the soil.
  • Simply apply two pumps to the soil & water within 24 hours.
  • No synthetic ingredients or GMO infested chicken manure.
  • Sustainably made in the USA from premium human grade food.
  • Click here to learn more about our Healthy Home Eco Options
  • Click here to learn more about our Healthy Home Eco Options

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Season UseAll-Season,Fall,Spring,Summer,WinterAll-Season,Fall,Spring,Summer,WinterAll-Season,Fall,Spring,Summer,WinterAll-Season
N-P-K Ratio1-1-23-2-20-0-32.5-2.5-4.5
Delivery MethodLiquidLiquid Liquid
Fertilizer FormulaOtherOtherOtherOther
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Product Depth (in.)2.75Product Height (in.)8
Product Width (in.)2.75


Active IngredientsOtherCompatible Grass TypeAll Purpose
Delivery MethodLiquidFeaturesNo Additional Features
Fertilizer FormulaOtherLiquid Fertilizer TypeLiquid Fruits and Vegetables Fertilizer
Longevity (weeks)4N-P-K Ratio3-2-2
OrganicOrganicPlant NameBean,Carrot,Cucumbers,Eggplants,Lettuce,Melons,Onion,Pepper,Potatoes,Strawberries,Tomato
Plant TypeFruit,Garden,Herb,VegetableReturnable90-Day
Season UseAll-Season,Fall,Spring,Summer,WinterTime releaseFast release
Volume (oz.)16

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer WarrantyDr. Earth, Inc. warrants that this product consists of the ingredients specified and is reasonably fit for the purpose stated on this label when used in accordance with the directions under normal conditions of use. In the event of a defect, the consumer is limited to repair or replacement of the Purchased Product.

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Same as many- pump top does not work + mold
Came here to say the same thing as many others- the pump top does NOT work. Fine fine I didn’t care enough to write a review about that because I’m not bothered just pouring from the bottle opening. However now I’ve lost about $200 worth of plants to the mold that is growing now. I would recommend staying away from this. For reference, my plants were all “fine” no issues prior to using but I wanted to help them thrive and do even better. Womp Womp.
    Young gardeners, especially with herbs listen up
    I've seen 40 of the same "I used this product, and it killed my plants the next day!". "It also left mold on the dirt, I followed the directions PERFECTLY I don't understand." First of all, NEVER EVER apply non diluted nutrients to the soil, ESPECIALLY close to the plant. It will uptake too many nutrients, burn, lockout, die. There are directions on the bottle (across the industry standard) for the proper amount per gallon of water. Then feed normally and you'll have much different results.
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      Wish I read reviews before buying
      I bought this 4 days ago and after transplanting my 3 herbs into larger containers in fresh good soil, I used this exactly as directed on my 3 herbs, cherry tomatoes, and cucumbers. All of my plants have a white fuzzy mold exactly where I applied the product to the soil. After reading reviews I've learned that apparently that's what this product does. So many people report this mold directly after using this.. I'm honestly devastated as a novice gardener that spent a lot of money and almost 2 months growing these plants and taking photos of their progress daily, feeling so proud of what I'd done. Now I'm literally crying because all of my hard work has molded and is dying just 3 days after using this horrible product. I wish I could go back in time.
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        Pump is junk
        Thought I'd give this a try to feed my seedlings with, but the "no mess" pump sprayer gizmo was stuck, despite turning it, pushing it and then the whole thing popped up in the air and did make a mess all over my hands and the kitchen counter. I put it back together but now it's open and exposed smh. Instead of making junk why not just use a good ole fashioned screw top? 80 miles round trip to my nearest Home Depot just return this useless gadget.. Won't buy again.
          Expired and leaky packaging
          Purchased yesterday - when following directions to “shake”, it went everywhere. I then used it on 2 plants, and stepped away to work elsewhere in the garden. When i came back, the product had seeped out all over the table, i assume due to pressure build up. I picked the up the bottle to clean it and the tag on the bottom has a date from March 2019. I will be returning these and hope the best for my two plants.
            1 found this review helpful
            This product is amazing hear Dr. speak with Learn organic gardening at growing to greens on YouTube. Dr. Earth has dedicated his life to provide for us organic products. This product in particular he describes that he works with whole food and picks up the scraps from whole food like meat, fish, veggies and fruit that they throw away and they use their organic products to produce this liquid fertilizer don’t judge it until you listen to how passionate he is about no chemicals in products. This man is God sent love how much he cares. Thank you Dr Earth this products is amazing! Highly recommend!
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              Killed all my herbs
              I haven’t had much experience with fertilizers so I followed the directions perfectly. Within 24 hours my thyme, oregano, sage, and parsley had all gone limp and died. I then followed what internet plant moms said to do and repotted and rinsed off the roots but that offered little help. Unless you’re trying to commit plant homicide do not touch this plant poison.
                4 found this review helpful
                Plant killer.. it killed all my plants
                Please font use this on any plants its a plant killer. After the first application within 12 hours all my plants died. Such a waste of money..
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                  1 found this review helpful
                  This stuff doesn't seem to be much better than any number of other similar items we are using, bu...
                  This stuff doesn't seem to be much better than any number of other similar items we are using, but it certainly is no worse, and of the lot it's the only one that is ORGANIC. So if that is the make or break deciding factor, this is the product. Unfortunately I can't rate it any higher because the pump top has defied any and every attempt to make it work. I mean really, it's hard to come home from the store without SOMETHING that comes in a pump type container, so it's not as if I haven't had a lot of practice. But this one has defied every effort, including pliers.
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                  Potted vegetables like it
                  I pre-dilute it in water to use for indoor vegetable plants from seedlings, Odor is too strong to pump directly to indoor containers.
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