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Extra-Heat Dryer Heat Diverter

  • Deflects dryer heat and humidity from your dryer into your home
  • Deflects heat outside in warm weather
  • Quick, easy installation
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Product Overview

Help regulate the temperature of your home with the Extra-Heat Dryer Heat Diverter. It deflects heat and humidity from your dryer into your home in cold weather and outside during warm weather so you save energy in all seasons. This diverter is quick and easy to install and made of durable white plastic. It's compatible with all electric dryer brands.
  • Compatible with all electric dryer brands
  • Crafted of durable white plastic
  • Energy-saving system diverts dryer heat and humidity indoors or outdoors depending on the season
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Includes two clamps



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Appliance Type
Brand Compatibility
Compatible Appliance Type
Electric Dryer
Dryer Part Type
Model Compatibility
all electric clothes dryers
Part Type
Conversion Kit

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Questions & Answers


Can it be used with gas dryers

Asked by Jj January 22, 2019

Hmmm. I would not suggest it. If you develop a leak between the heater and the air plenum, you might asphyxiate people. If I had a gas dryer, I would keep a canary in the laundry room.

How do you make it divert the heat in summer

Asked by Ssss555 January 31, 2018

There is a flapper valve lever on the side that doesn't work very well.

We have a vertical dryer vent that exits on the roof. It runs through the wall. Can we use this...

Asked by Dee January 26, 2018

Loaded Question. It needs to connect between the dryer and the connection to your vent.

Where can i buy one of these at

Asked by Nita October 23, 2016

Maybe, Home Depot.

why don't Lowes or Home Depot carry this product?

Asked by BIGREDAIRPLANE April 4, 2016

Due to space limitations it is not possible to accommodate some of the products on the shelves in store. If a product is not available in store we suggest researching it online, in this case by typing "ex12 deflecto" into the search engine of your choice.

Does it keep cold outside air from flowing back into the room?

Asked by DXS February 16, 2016


What prevents lint from discharging into home?

Asked by Cletus January 1, 2016

The front screen stops a lot. However... very fine lint will accumulate all over the room if you let it; like I do.

where is it connected?

Asked by Heather March 14, 2015

The 4" tubes on the top and bottom. you can see them in the picture.

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I have one of these and it is a great idea... but the design is very poor. the flapper valve does...
I have one of these and it is a great idea... but the design is very poor. the flapper valve does not seal or lock into place. the screen is very small and hard to put back into place. Once you learn it, it is ... usable.
by EBuzz
In the winter I easily divert the heat from my electric dryer and it adds to the heat and humidit...
In the winter I easily divert the heat from my electric dryer and it adds to the heat and humidity of my house. In the summer I divert the air outside so that when I use my dryer it works as it should. Note: Don't forget to use a solar clothes dryer (i.e. hang clothes outside) in the summer so that you save energy (money and environment). This was easy to install. I put a knee-hi nylon on my inside dryer vent and have little lint make it into my home. Nylon must be cleaned every couple of cycles when air is venting inside.
by Energysaver
Deflecto dryer vent diverter
Been using for years - have only had to replace once. Little flimsy but I'm 60 years old female & not very mechanical & I was able to remove old one &replace by myself. Wish flap lever was little stronger - my son bent it out sideways instead of pushing straight back so getting ready to break off now but for $6 will buy new box & just replace the flap. Definitely helps to warm nearby rooms & anything helps to save electricity.
2 people found this helpful
Not worth the $6.00
You get what you pay for. less than a week after I bought this the lever broke off; which wasn't surprising since it was a plastic stem not even a quarter inch in diameter. I wish there was something of better quality out there. Even if I had to pay 3 or four times the price.
by Richard
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Flimsy Consruction
I don't know who wrote all the other reviews. i tried this, it's flimsy construction keeps falling apart, despite numerous attempts to put it back together I will return it to HD.
by invisibleman
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Great Product
Puts off good heat, works as a humidifier, and makes the place smell good all from power you would use anyway. Not for use with gas dryer
by Chevroletman
7 people found this helpful
waste heat rocks!
This thing rocks! I've been using this product for 4 or 5 years. It allows you to recycle your waste heat in the winter and vent it in the summer. As an added bonus it also acts as a winter humidifier and makes your house smell like clean laundry. The only drawback is that you have to clean a second lint trap.
by JustinFromDC
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Great for Electric dryers!
I wouldn't ever use this on a gas dryer because the exhaust would probably kill you. This is meant for electric dryers only and it will help warm up the basement. Although, when the water is being vaporized, it will be sent into your home and you will notice condensation on your windows (in winter). So realize you are sending moisture into your house when you use this when the electric dryer is on, drying clothes. It does work and warms up an area such as the basement. Plus, with a fabric softener sheet, it smells up your basement too. Easy to install, easy to use. It does what it's supposed to do.
by weekendyardman
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Works TOO good!!
We bought this to help cut our heating costs and also because our dryer vent in partially clogged and maintenance is too lazy to do anything about it. It cut my drying time down drastically and it will heat the house up very quickly. I'm pleased with it, but it is a bit flimsy. We put holes straight through the back into a stud.
by Princessmanda
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Brilliant product to help with high heating costs!
This is a great product for anyone that wants to save cash and energy on heating your house. The heating costs for my house are high, so why not use the heat from your dryer to help with heating your home? Had it installed in just under 10 minutes and with the first load of laundry could tell the difference. On cold winter days it also help with adding humidity into your house so you don't have to run a humidifier constantly also. Only improvement I would have liked to see with the diverter is a better way to mount it so its not just laying on the floor. I actually ended up drilling a small hole from the inside and used a screw to mount it to the wall to blow the heated moist air in a more controlled direction. You need to use a fairly flat headed screw so the baffle will pass the screw head and let you switch back and forth from blowing air inside or to the outside vent.
by Tony
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Showing 1-10 of 11 reviews