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8-3/4 in. Philodendron Selloum in Pot

  • Magnificent tropical shrub!
  • Great for an entryway accent.
  • Ships direct from farm, handpicked by grower
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Product Overview

The Delray Plants Philodendron Selloum makes a dramatic tropical statement wherever it is used. It makes a handsome foundation for planting. Philodendron selloum is often used in a large container on the patio or indoors.
  • Do not recommend shipping to states currently experiencing extreme cold weather/temperatures
  • Deeply divided long leaves on a long trunk
  • Effective in removing formaldehyde from the air
  • Broad spreading type of plant
  • Direct from farm, farm fresh
  • Shipping height between 26 in. - 34 in. sleeved from the bottom of the pot

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Mature Width (in.)8 in. 12 in.120 in.
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Mature Width (in.)
30 in


Blossom Color
No Blossoms
Botanical Name
Philodendron selloum
Common Name
Light Requirements
Bright Light
Mature Size
Water Requirements
Medium Light

Questions & Answers


The plant on the previous page is similar to mine. Although my plant branches hang. Is there so...

Asked by pk May 8, 2017

Hello, The 8-3/4in Selloum you receive should resemble the first, main image. If you're plant does not resemble the main image please contact Home Depot Customer Service and they will replace it with the correct plant. Thank you for you inquiry! Delray Plants


Asked by Frannie April 10, 2017

Hello, Yes, the plant can be toxic to both cats and dogs if they chew on it or ingest it. Please contact your veterinarian if your animal has ingested the plant for the best advice. Thank you for your inquiry!

Is this plant toxic to cats?

Asked by Lori February 12, 2017

Hello, Yes, the plant can be toxic to both cats and dogs if they chew on it or ingest it. Thank you for your inquiry!

Hope philodendron?

Asked by teddydog October 2, 2016

Hello! Yes, that is one of many names for this plant. Thank you for your inquiry!

what does yellowing leaves mean? Too much water? Not enough plant food?

Asked by Kwallace June 26, 2016

Hello! The Philodendren selloum yellowing of the leaves can be caused by excessive soil moisture levels or low fertility. If the plants receive too much water it can cause a root disease issue. The plants should have ongoing moderate soil moisture. Avoid both excessive watering and also overly drying of the soil. Do not allow the pot to set in standing water in a saucer or in a container with no drainage holes. Also, fertilize monthly with a water soluble blend formulated for foliage or house plants. Do avoid excessive fertilizer which can cause high soluble salt levels in the growing media resulting in a reduced growth rate and overall vigor. Thank you for your inquiry!

Can the philodendron selloum planted outside?

Asked by Smitthe May 6, 2016

In Florida, I have had them grow outside both in pots and in the ground. They grow large in the ground and form beautiful hedges providing privacy (if you let them grow wild).

Will it survive the winters here in Dallas / Zone 8B?

Asked by Kat October 24, 2015

Hi! No trimming is needed other than to remove an old leaf and stem. This plant can't be cut back for size, so make sure its ultimate height and width will work in your landscape. If cold damages an established selloum it may die all the way back but send up new sprouts in spring. Water regularly but give the plant time to dry out between waterings. Philodendrons cannot take a wet area - they'll rot. Fertilize 3 times a year - in spring, summer, and autumn - with a quality granular fertilizer.We hope this helps!

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best plant I've ever purchased online
Arrived healthy, packaged with care, bigger than I expected and thriving on my porch. It sprouts 2-3 per week. Common sense would tell you to order when weather is warm. This is a tropical plant and is sensitive to cold weather. Well worth it and I've got another on the way!!
by Dartamu02
2 people found this helpful
Super plant
The plant is *very* large and a super value for the price. Although the box was on the flimsy side and somewhat banged up, the plant was superbly packed in an ingenious net and was in perfect condition. The plant definitely makes a statement! I am very pleased with this purchase.
by Usagi
2 people found this helpful
Wild and exotic looking
I really loved this plant, the leaves were super huge and very vibrant. Unfortunately I think I may have overwatered it, so she didn't make it.
by ForestMaiden
1 person found this helpful
Beautiful Plant
As I was opening the box, I kept hoping & praying the plant was still in one piece & had no major damage during travel ,and my prayers were answered. Thank God! Please give that sales person a raise as he/she did an excellent job in picking out a beautiful & healthy plant & safely packed it for it's trip to NY. Thanks.
by BarginShopper
7 people found this helpful
This Plant Arrived In Earlier Than Expected.. When I Opened The Box I Was Surprised How Well It Was Packaged... When I Took It Out The Box I Was Very Surprised How BEAUTIFUL & LARGE This Plant Was For The Price I Paid For It... Thank~You So Much Home Depot..
Nice plant
This plant came on time and looked very healthy, straight from the nursery. It is not as tall and not as full as the photo but I'm sure it will grow to look like it.
by CLinNY
Bad experience
This plant was extremely over watered and in less then one week, the leaves were yellow and rotten. Would you please replace it and not over water the new one? Thank you, Wendy Banen This is a very large plant and would be too difficult to return.
by Wendy
Response from Delray Plant Co.Aug 18, 2016
Hello, we apologize for the inconvenience and want to assure you that your plant left the nursery in excellent condition. We want to ensure that you are satisfied with your purchase and would like to send you a replacement, please contact us at customerservice@delrayplants.com. Thank you for letting us know! DelrayPlants
1 person found this helpful
Split leaf philodendron
Never bought live plant on line before, but these philodendrons are very hard to find here in Alabama and I thought I'd give it a shot. Plant came in 5 days and was in very good shape, in spite of being in a UPS warehouse for the weekend before being delivered to me on a Monday. Haven't re-potted yet but it has visibly grown in the week or so since it was delivered..have a really cool 'bean pot' it'll soon call home. Thanks HOME DEPOT for offering it on your site and a special thanks to UPS for delivering it in such great shape!
1 person found this helpful
Beautiful exotic plant
I wanted something new to add to my plant collection and I am glad I found it at home depot. Big plant and came nicely packaged.
by NJCab
2 people found this helpful
I suppose the plant was beautiful, but couldn't tell because was delivered when know one was home and the plant froze. Was just packed in a box with no insulation. Was very disappointed with purchase.
by risingmoon3770
3 people found this helpful
Showing 1-10 of 14 reviews