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Brevard 2-piece 1.28 GPF Elongated Toilet in White with FlushIQ

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This high-efficiency Delta Brevard two-piece elongated toilet is equipped with FlushIQ functionality that protects against overflows and leaks, and enables hands-free flushing. Simply wave your hand past the flush sensor to release a conservative 1.28 Gal. of water-ample volume to thoroughly rinse and drain the elongated toilet bowl but modest enough to merit the EPA's WaterSense distinction for supreme efficiency. Built-in battery-powered sensors detect tank leaks and monitor water levels in the bowl to pre-empt overflows, making this commode not only green-friendly but upkeep-savvy.
  • Includes toilet tank with cover, elongated closed-front soft-closing seat with lid, toilet bowl, wax ring, mounting hardware and SmartFit multi-tool
  • High-efficiency toilet quietly delivers ample flushing power aided by jet siphoning action
  • Leak detection and overflow protection monitored by built-in sensors (4 AA batteries included, or power with 4 separately-sold C batteries)
  • Flush rated at 1.28 GPF, meeting the EPA’s WaterSense efficiency standards
  • Seat rests 16-1/2 in. above the floor, which conforms to ADA chair height standards
  • Touch-free flush sensor releases water with the wave of a hand
  • Equipped with a 3 in. flush valve and a 2 in. fully glazed trapway
  • No additional tools required for installation
  • SmartFit tank-to-bowl connection optimizes fastening and prevents over-tightening
  • Constructed of durable crack-resistant vitreous china
  • Toilet won't flush when bowl water exceeds a certain threshold, preventing overflow
  • Built-in sanitary dam prevents liquids from accumulating between the bowl and tank
  • Lifetime limited chinaware warranty; 5-year limited mechanical/electronics warranty
  • The Best Toilet For Your Home
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Unreliable flush mechanism. Flush IQ lost it's mind.
I reviewed this product about a week after installing it in 2014 and it seemed ok at the time. But things went badly, so I asked HD to allow me to rewrite this review. For reference, here is my original review back in 2014: "====== 5 stars.... As well as being very efficient, this one works well, in a "cute" way. The flush handle is gone, replaced by a sensing button that does not require you to touch anything. It works almost all the time. Sometimes it does not work unless you actually touch it, but that is about 1 time in 50. I don;t know the reason for that and it doesn't bother me at all. The flush is typically efficient for this water usage, no complaints. Installation was easy as expected. Most toilets are easy to install these days. I am happy with it. I will have to wait and see how the battery life preforms.======" Fast forward to today, 4/5/2016, and the story changes a lot. Two months after installing this toilet, the electronic flush mechanism failed to extinguish the blue light on the front after flushing. I was concerned about the battery life being shortened dramatically by the light being lit continuously, so I emailed customer support at Delta. They kindly sent me a replacement mechanism. I installed it and it worked fine for about 6 months. Then it started flushing randomly by itself. Now, we live in an area where water is very expensive and there was no way I could afford to risk having this toilet stick on and easily drain away 100 bucks of water a day if I wasn't home to notice. So I removed the mechanism and installed a conventional one in its place. As an electrical engineer, I can recognize this as a bad design. It never should have left the drawing board. I did not bother to contact Delta again since I did not want another replacement mechanism. As far as the basic water-saver toilet goes, it just OK.
Response from DeltaFaucetMar 13, 2020
Hello GaryDoug,

Thank you for your review on the Brevard 2-piece 1.28 GPF Elongated Toilet in White with FlushIQ. I do apologize for the inconvenience and will be more than happy to assist you.
We are able to switch to a manual flush if this is something you prefer. When we face issues with these units we offer replacement parts, manual flush, or a refund. If you are not happy with the toilet I will be more than happy to offer a refund.

If you would like to reply back with your name, telephone number, and address I will do my best to rectify the situation for you.

Consumer Care
Delta Faucet Company DeltaFaucet
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Take my advice - do not buy this product!
I bought two toilets in May. After a few weeks, one of the toilets battery went low. I used the manual flush and after it flushed, the tank never filled back up. I replaced batteries and still did not fill up, nor would it flush. I called a plumber and the plumber talked to Delta customer service. The battery compartment had water in it and was corroding, therefore shorting the mechanism. I was sent a complete electronics kit to replace the bad one. It was very easy to install and is working. BUT, my second toilet battery went low, I went to replace it and once again, there was water in the battery compartment. I dumped out the water and dried out all of the corrosion. Delta has once again agreed to send me a new electronics kit. How often will I have to replace the electronics? This is a terrible design flaw. Do not buy this toilet!
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Internal workings failed after 3 months
First off its VERY efficient, almost too much. Have to flush twice occasionally. I get the drought but having to watch or reopen the lid to see how the flush went gets old, and I'd say a second flush puts you back to square one as far a saving any water. After roughly (3) months it stopped flushing. Called Delta which was a pretty bad experience. No menu option for toilets, separate number I had to track down and a guy that obviously dislikes his job. He was adamant it was the NEW batteries I installed the day before, and that I needed "NEW" batteries today to continue. Guess what? Still didn't work. He advised it was the control module and would send a new one. He would not send next day or priory mail but only ground. Package arrived 2 weeks later and its EVERYTHING in the tank with NO instructions. The motion sensing is not accurate(need to swipe a few times occationally) and the cool LED does not remain on, only when flushing. Not a germaphobe and pretty clean household so in hindsight should have went with a standard toilet or waited for next gen. Overall customer service would have saved the day but here we are...
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Hi Tech Fulshing for the home
Brevard Toilet with FlushIQ Technology-Elongated I like this toilet. If you have kids then this flush technology is wonderful. I also like the sanitary aspect In that everyone is not touching the flush handle just after doing his or her business. It’s easy to use. Just wave your hand in front of the sensor. So it’s different then the auto-flush toilets in public bathrooms. That is good because if it was the same it would be flushing every time you walked past it. For home use this is the best solution. The toilet also has over flow technology. Although, I don’t normally have a problem with that, I have experienced the problem of kids continually flushing trying to get something to go down when it’s plugged up. So it will save you some messes. I’ve also noticed this toilet is easy to clean. It must have a good surface finish. Installation was easy. They provided a tool for all parts of the job. This toilet also came with a toilet seat, which installed easily. That’s nice since many toilets sell the seat separately. I think total installation time was 30 minutes. I’m a small woman and so I recommend installing the bottom half first and then the top since its less weight to move around. If you’re a big person then maybe it doesn’t matter. Yes, I recommend this product.
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Modern with Great Features
The Delta Brevard toilet with Flush IQ is excellent choice. Nice design, modern and a great look. Well packaged for shipping and comes with every thing you need to install. Touch free flush great idea and if you have kids, awesome choice. Built in sensor alert for possible tank leaks and high efficiency toilet. You can put it in sleep mode to keep it from flushing while cleaning. Have elongated in master bath and the round for children/guest bathroom. If you don't have backup batteries you can flush manually. In this household it comes with grandchild approval. Great job Delta.
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Product Purchase
Easy to install and good directions. Water level should be raised higher, this may be the only design flaw, but good--to-excellent product just need to work on the quality of performance.
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Awesome Toilet
We have had this toilet for about a month, and it is great. It is very quiet when it flushes, and it's very nice looking for a toilet (clean, modern lines). I also like the self closing lid, so that it never slams shut. The automatic flush sensor always works; you just need to hold your hand in front of it for about 1-2 seconds. The sensor could be in a more convenient spot (hence 4 instead of 5 stars), because you have to either put the entire lid down or reach behind the lid to activate the sensor. (We choose to reach behind the lid, and it's not really that big of a deal.) It would be great if it was on the side of the toilet to avoid this issue, however. Overall, we are very pleased with our purchase.
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Tips and Tricks
This toilet installs just like any other except that instead of a flush handle, you have a battery operated sensor. There are a few wires that require connecting, but it’s all very straightforward. The toilet looks fantastic. I appreciate the touch free operation as this toilet will live in my workshop. When my hands are dirty, I don’t have to touch anything! Here are some tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years when it comes to working with toilets. Replacing an existing toilet: - Try not to remove the old flange. Clean up the old wax with a scraper or flat head screwdriver and then check the integrity of the flange. If it seems ok, leave it alone. The flange should not move and should not be rusting away. Modern flanges are made from PVC and aluminum. - If you are replacing the floors, cut them around the outside of the existing flange if possible. The wax ring will ensure a good seal when you set the toilet. So long as the new floors are the same thickness or thicker than the previous floor, you won’t need to remove the existing flange. - If you do need to remove the existing flange, use an internal pipe cutter attachment for your drill to cut away the old flange. The OD of the new flange should be smaller than the ID of the existing pipe. Installing a brand new toilet in a new location: - Slip the new flange (don’t glue yet) over the PVC stub out and measure from the bottom of the flange to the top of the finished floor. Cut away that much of the stub out pipe and then install the new flange in its permanent location. - I’ve found that the blue concrete anchors work really great for installing toilet flanges directly to a slab. Install the wax ring against the toilet with the tapered end facing down towards the toilet flange. This will also ensure the wax ring seats well against the flange. If you can, hold the new toilet base between your legs, so you are looking straight down through the bolt holes. You can generally align these with the flange location before setting the toilet. Set it straight down and then apply pressure from above until you feel the base rest firmly against the floor. Bolt it down and continue your installation.
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Nice Upgrade
Bottom line, this is a great toilet that’s easy to install and has as many bells and whistles as you could ask for in a toilet. The touchless flushing is a nice feature and so far, it’s worked flawlessly – simply place your hand in front of the sensor for a couple seconds & it picks you right up. And while that feature is cool, for me, the real selling feature was the overflow protection. Hopefully it will be a long time before I have to test that feature out, but this toilet is located in a bathroom directly over my kitchen, so if it ever overflowed it would send toilet water raining down onto my stove, and trying to sanitize that just isn’t on my bucket list. Ergo, I’m really hoping the overflow sensor is as top-notch as the touchless flush sensor. As for installation, Delta did a great job making this as easy as possible, right down to including the wax ring and installation tool in the box. I replaced a standard builder's grade model with this toilet, and it is worth noting that this toilet is MUCH heavier, so a second set of hands will be useful in getting it carried inside. Once the old toilet was removed, the new one was in place in about 30 minutes. The seat connection is ingenious and makes it very easy to remove the seat for cleaning purposes. The fact that the inner-workings of the tank were pre-assembled was a huge help, as was the pre-assembled tank-to-bowl connection. The touchless flush sensor runs off 4 AAA batteries, also included & hooking it up is as simple as inserting the batteries and connecting a small cord. While so far I have zero complaints about this toilet, the fact that there is no manual flush option does concern me slightly. As long as the sensor continues to work properly, it won’t be an issue. However, if the sensor were to fail 5 or 10 years down the road, I could see it being quite a headache to find a replacement part. I can’t tell from looking at it, but MAYBE you could remove the sensor assembly & pop the light out of the tank & install a traditional handle & chain through the hole it would leave? Again, I can’t really tell if that’s a viable option or not, and with any luck, I’ll never have any reason to find out. Other observation: this toilet is elongated, so if you’re replacing a round bowl like I was, make sure you have the room as it will likely be about 3 inches longer. It also sticks out a good inch further from the wall than the other elongated model I have in the house, so if space is tight, be sure to take measurements ahead of time. Overall, this is a top-notch toilet even before the bells and whistles. It was a definite upgrade to the original builder’s grade model, and installation was extremely straightforward. If you’re looking for something with touchless flush & that’s easy to install, you won’t find a better option than this model.
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High IQ toilet for High- hygiene seekers.
The modern technology and design of this Brevard 2-piece 1.28 GPF Elongated Toilet with FlushIQ looks unique and performs great. Delta Faucets are thinking ahead with new technology for people who crave for hygiene. It has touch-free flush, overflow protection and also leak detection. (Flush IQ) I got one of this toilet from Home Depot on Friday. I was excited to install it soon, to see the new technology, and I did install it on Saturday. It is really facinating! Delta says that it helps to reduce overflows by preventing flushing if the water in the bowl is at a critical level in the bowl. I can flush touch-free with a simple wave of the hand. they also say that the built-in sensors alert you to possible tank leaks. The technology in the sensor works with the power of 4 AA batteries. I love Delta's unique and exclusive SmartFit tank-to-bowl connection reducing potential leak points, over-tightening of the fasteners and cracking the toilet, with 3 each nuts and bolts, rather than the conventional 2 each. No more Bangs by the toilet seat: It is provided with a slow-close, quick-release seat for added comfort and convenience. You can remove the seat with a push of a button. That is one of the other nice feature I love. Everything to install the toilet is included: the tank, bowl, toilet seat, mounting hardware, wax ring and the SmartFit multi-tool. The installation is so easy, just under 30 minutes. The elongated bowl is easier to use. The height of the toilet makes it very comfortable to sit. I have included a few pictures and a very short video, which shows the IQ Flush. I enjoy the new No Touch Flush IQ toilet!
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