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DU-1 1 lb. Water Putty

  • Fill cracks, gaps, holes and voids in all surface types
  • Can be sanded, drilled, sawed and painted when dry
  • For long-lasting repairs indoors and out
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Product Overview

For 80 years, Durham's Rock Hard Water Putty has been making repairs in wood, plaster, drywall, stone, tile, concrete and other stable surfaces. Just add water to this powdered material, apply it into voids, cracks and holes. When thoroughly dry, it can be sanded, drilled, sawed and painted. Repaired areas are very hard and long lasting. Durham's can also be cast or molded to reproduce missing trim pieces or in handicraft or artistic applications.
  • Sticks and stays - putty will not shrink
  • Makes long lasting repairs in wood, plaster, drywall, stone, tile, concrete and other materials
  • Easy to use and ready when you need it - just add water and mix
  • Use indoors or outdoors must be kept painted on outdoor work
  • Use to fill holes in wood, plaster or tile
  • Get the right stain for your project - click here for a buyer's guide

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Product Depth (in.)
Product Height (in.)
Product Size (oz.)
Product Width (in.)


matte off-white
Drying Time (hours)
24 h
Paintable,Sandable,Shrink Resistant
Pack Size
Paint Tool Product Type
Wood Filler
Patching & Repair Product Type
Wood Restoration
Product Weight (lb.)

Questions & Answers


I used this product to replace wood that I had to remove from a frame in order to replace broken ...

Asked by Ysletaguy June 14, 2021

What is the best way to mix this proportion-wise (i.e., putty + water) for a small amount to fill...

Asked by texasmomoftwo May 18, 2021

The best way to mix it is not by strict quantity ratio of water-to-powder, but to your desired consistency. Place about an inch depth of the powder in a Solo cup and then add a few dribbles of water while stirring with a plastic disposable knife, add more powder to dry out and firm up the mixture, or add more water to make it more creamy and pliable. It is very easy to work with, and the 1.1 lb. can is enough to make a pretty large amount of it, considering a little bit goes a long way. It behaves like liquid, until it dries, then it is behaves like stone. It is good for things that will be inside and/or outside. It is essentially indestructible. 16 years ago, I used it to make a softball-sized wrecking ball for my son's toy crane (using a picture hanger D-ring at the top), which my son then used to bash things apart for 16 years straight, and the wrecking ball looks as good as new and shows no signs of wear, erosion, chipping or discoloration. I also used it to replace rotten wood at the bottom of an exterior door jamb that had lost its paint. After drying, it was exposed to sun, immersed in water, exposed to heat and cold, and after 15 years, we replaced the door jamb, and the Durham's Rock Hard Water Putty part was is perfect shape when the old door jamb was torn apart. I highly recommend this product.

Can this be used under water in a pool ?

Asked by Matt March 27, 2021

So long as the area being filled is drained prior to application, it can be used underwater in a swimming pool. It dries to a magnificent smooth finish if sanded. It will match and repair Marcite, and behave just like it.

Will it stick to plastic? I have a 24" Christmas tree in a plastic pot that has come loose and I...

Asked by Glennie December 31, 2020

It behaves like liquid until drying, and then like stone once dry. So it will attach your Christmas tree permanently to the plastic base, and then 1,500 years from now, after the plastic has eroded and melted away, they will find the cast fill piece made of Durham's Rock Hard Water Putty in near perfect, originally-cast condition. When they say permanent, they mean permanent. It is very easy to use. Just be sure that you actually want to attach the two things you are bonding together. Because you wont be able to separate them after drying, which takes about 12-18 hours.

How long do you have to wait until painting over the putty?

Asked by Sw83 December 26, 2020

Since you should sand flush before painting, wait until hard and dry completely then sand and paint. However, I’ve found that this putty does not sand smooth enough for perfect blending. If that’s important I don’t fill void completely leaving enough room for a thin finish of wood filler or spackle both of which offers smooth sanded finish for painting.

Can this be used on those cheap particleboard kitchen cabinets?

Asked by Dave September 13, 2020

That's a very vague question Dave. What are you trying to do with those cheap particleboard cabinets? If you want to fill a hole where a screw no longer will hold, then no, drill it larger and use bondo or some other epoxy.

Does this work well in a wooden door frame that cat's scratched?

Asked by Melissa August 27, 2020

Yes, that's a great use for this product,

How thick can I put it on in one application?

Asked by RRRoger August 9, 2020

I don't think there's a limit on thickness, as long as it sits long enough to air dry.

IS this product heat resistant? Up to how high a temp can it take before melting?

Asked by hot July 7, 2020

It will tolerate extremely high heat. Once dry, it behaves like ceramic. Very thick and dense ceramic.

will it kill mice if mixed with peanut butter?

Asked by paul June 24, 2020

They'll die laughing at you!

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i was hoping for a putty that would dry hard and this worked perfect for my project .. that i eve...
i was hoping for a putty that would dry hard and this worked perfect for my project .. that i even got another can for next time. .. i used to seal replaced wood molding around the door to be a stop for any water intrusion and is on the south face door that get sun all year round ,, i expect his to last for years .. and this was also painted over too .. i applied two layer of the putty over replaced wood trim ,, then painted .. my photo shows first coat ,, and the finished result ,, i was not looking to make it pretty but you could if you take the time .. i just wanted functionality ..
by controler
This product worked surprisingly well. I used it to fix a section of roof trim which was rotten ...
This product worked surprisingly well. I used it to fix a section of roof trim which was rotten due to rain water. I could not take off the entire trim (that would require remove some tiles as well - more than I wanted to take on). So I removed all the rotten wood and used this product to patch it up (about an inch deep along the edge). I applied this product one layer at a time (a quarter inch thick) so that I could mold the edge and corner. After it dried, I sanded it smooth and painted. No one can tell it is not the original wood. This stuff hardens quickly - about 10 minutes, so one needs to mix a small patch and apply it immediately.
by Boca
10 people found this helpful
Actually Works
Ive walked past the quirky retro looking can at the store many times but finally decided to give it a try on some upcoming carpentry projects. Once you get the hang of how to mix it to the right consistency and not to make too much at one time (because it does set up rather quickly) its a perfect wood filler. I used it to fill holes left in trim from a 18ga and 15ga nailer as well as cover countersunk screw heads and other imperfections in plywood. Everything but the screw heads needed only one coat and after a light sanding and paint the finish is flawless! This putty really does not shrink and sands just like wood once set. Cant believe I just found out about this great product but will always have a can handy from now on.
by Zach
3 people found this helpful
This stuff is amazing. I wish I had found it sooner. The powder should last forever and not dry o...
This stuff is amazing. I wish I had found it sooner. The powder should last forever and not dry out like the rest of the wood fillers out there. Much cheaper than other fillers. It is very sandable and smooth. It does accept stain well and changes color. Here is some pictures of pine with a just a satin polyurethane. It filled the knot holes well.
8 people found this helpful
I hate plastic wood. I have thrown out so many containers because they dried out, even when prope...
I hate plastic wood. I have thrown out so many containers because they dried out, even when properly stored, I was beyond frustrated on the waste. So on my current remodel, I thought I would give this product a try. Well, I am sold! This stuff is so easy to work with and it doesn't shrink or crack! Yes, it is an added step that you have to mix it up, but this has its own benefit besides not wasting product (and money). You can make it the consistency needed for your current patch work. On the instructions, it recommends about 3 parts powder to 1 part water. I didn't have any thing to use to measure, so I just kept adding powder until I got the consistency I wanted. It was a smooth consistency that when you raised your putty knife it sat solidly. I used a coffee mug (only thing on hand) to mix it, but next time I will use a square/rectangle container to make it easier to mix and use (i.e., scrape off excess on the rim of the container). It was super easy to clean up with water.
by Franztini
8 people found this helpful
This is the best putty I have ever used. It's easy to use and the container allows for a long she...
This is the best putty I have ever used. It's easy to use and the container allows for a long shelf life. I patched the knots in my deck and then painted it. Wow, how amazing my deck looks now.
by Kphillips
13 people found this helpful
I repaired a thumb size broken front corner of the base of an expensive statue. I made a fairly thick solution and used a putty knife to form the corner. I wiped up any excess with a damp paper towel I give it 24 hours to dry but I'm sure it didn't need that much time. The instructions do not say exactly how much time is needed due to the varying amount of water and powder used by an individual. It came out solid and smooth, I hardly needed to sand. The paint dried quickly. It's almost impossible to see the repair. In fact it all blended so well I don't even need to paint the entire base it all matches. This is a great product, easy to work with, it dried smooth and hard and painted well. I don't usually write reviews but I was so pleased I wish I could attach a photo.. It's nice to purchase an inexpensive product that actually does what it says it does.
by DJohns
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Can’t beat this for price and performance. It does dry...
Can’t beat this for price and performance. It does dry rock hard but don’t lay it on more than a finger thick. You can easily mix the stiffness you need, but the water will take it’s sweet time leaving. I put some fiberglass matting in to keep it from cracking if its going to be covering a big, deep problem.
by REX
Like being able to use the powder as needed and...
Like being able to use the powder as needed and not find leftover useless dried out putty.
Rating provided by a verified purchaser...
Rating provided by a verified purchaser
by HomeDepotCustomer
Showing 1-10 of 82 reviews