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3-in-1 Air Purifier

  • UV LED light helps kill bacteria, viruses and germs
  • True HEPA captures 99.97% of dust, allergens and pets dander
  • Ultra-silent technology for sleep mode
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Product Overview

This modern looking Eureka Air Purifier will purify the air in your home all year round. Its sleek tower design makes it perfect for medium and large sized rooms at home or the office. Using Ultra-Silent technology, this purifier can be as quiet as you'd like it to be, perfect for a good night’s rest. This unit removes 99.97% of allergens, pet dander, pollens and more. Choose from 3 different speed settings, while also being notified when the filter needs to be replaced, thanks to the filter change indicator. Featuring a InstantClear - True HEPA Air Purifier with UV Germicidal Lamp and Activated Carbon Pre-Filters. From capturing smoke, dust, pollen, pet dander and more, to reducing common household odors, this is the air purifier for your family and home.
  • True HEPA filter eliminates 99.97% of the allergens and pollutants down to 0.3 microns like pet dander, pollen, dust, spores, smoke etc., protects against biological contaminants
  • Activated carbon filter of Eureka Air Purifier is to trap and reduce pollutants like toxins, chemicals, VOCs, as well as odors from pets, smoking and cooking
  • Eureka's UV LED is a sterilizer, it helps to kill bacteria, viruses and germs, also can prevent mold growth. The patented LED UV Light Technology provides 5 times more life cycles than traditional bulbs
  • Ultra-silent Technology, only 32dB on lowest fan speed is "whisper" quiet
  • Zero Light Pollution. Its UV LED Light is built in for creating a room-darkening environment
  • Eureka offers high CADR with Long Distance Air Circulation, which can greatly improve the air purification capacity, air in the whole room will be equally purified
  • 1 Eureka InstantClear Air Purifier, 1 True HEPA Filter, 1 Carbon Activated Pre-filter, 1 User Guide, Eureka 3-Year Worry-free Guarantee, 24-hrs Friendly Online Customer Service, 1 Exquisite Packaging
  • California residents

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Maximum coverage area (sq. ft.)
Product Depth (in.)
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Product Height (in.)
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Product Width (in.)
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Air Purifier Features
Air Purifier Type
Air Treatment Product Type
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Appliance Category
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Automatic shutoff
CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate)
Color Family
Control Type
Effectiveness (%)
Filter/bulb monitor
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Number of Air Filters Included
Number of Air Purifers (Per Pack)
Number of cleaning stages
Number of Fan Speeds
Package Size
Primary Filter Type
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Product Weight (lb.)
12.79 lb
Remote Control
Removes bacteria
Removes dust
Removes mold
Removes odors
Removes particulates
Removes pollen
Removes viruses
UVC lamp
Voltage (volts)
Wall Mountable

Warranty / Certifications

Certifications and Listings
UL Listed
Manufacturer Warranty
3-year limited

Questions & Answers


Where can I get the replacement filters?

Asked by ENat November 19, 2020

When the "replace filter" light blinks, is it indicating that the hepa filter or charcoal filter ...

Asked by Hgonet October 15, 2020

Well it depends on how dirty it is-The HEPA filter according to Eureka should last approx 12months and the charcoal @ 3months-it all depends on usage and how dirty the filters look-you can vacuum the filters/outer cage to see if it removes some dust/dirt etc and replace back into unit and push and hold the UV button for 3seconds or so to reset. It’s a tricky question because environmental factors come into play-but if it looks REALLY dirty better to replace....hope this helps....

How many square footage is this for?

Asked by CyndiA September 16, 2020

According to manufacturer it’s 222sq ft

How can I get filters for my purifier filter numbers nea-f1

Asked by Ken September 16, 2020

Where can you purchase replacement filters for this air purifier? I can't seem to find any specif...

Asked by cait September 11, 2020

If unable to find at Home Depot the filters can be found online. The HEPA (NEA-F1) should be replaced once a year and the carbon filter (NEA-C1) should be replaced once every three months.

Where can I purchase replacement uv bulbs and filters for this? Eureka’s website isn’t helpful...

Asked by Shopper101 August 31, 2020

Can you leave this product on all of the time?

Asked by CJ August 31, 2020

I leave mine on for days at a time, especially with the particles in the air from the wildfires in California.

Does this air purifier need to be plugged in while in use or is it chargeable? I need it in a roo...

Asked by Amanda April 16, 2020

This purifier is plug in only

What is the CADR for this unit?

Asked by CD7 April 11, 2020

Does this air filter remove the off-gassing from particle board? I built particle board shelving ...

Asked by cg April 7, 2020

I use mine to remove cigarette smoke from a cabana and it has done a good job as well as various smells from cooking and even in the garage when using smelly chemicals so I would think on my non-scientific estimate that it should.

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This is an excellent purifier. It has a HEPA filter and a carbon activated filter too (3 in 1 uni...
This is an excellent purifier. It has a HEPA filter and a carbon activated filter too (3 in 1 unit). We already have several types of filters throughout the house. We mainly got this for the purpose of having it in a bedroom, but instead put it in our front room. Because we tend to have our windows/door open throughout the day, we use this primarily at night. I have had it on low and medium speeds and it so quiet that it does not disturb our sleep whatsoever. When on the high setting, it just sounds like a normal oscillating fan would. In fact, when on, the product works with the filter in the back and what feels like a little fan in the front. It will not cool a room down as a fan. But if it is a warm summer day and this is on and you are near it, the machine can be a nice little extra feature. I like that it is black and is small in stature. It is also thin, so you can put it pretty much anywhere in the house and it will blend in. As with any air purifier, you can't really see it "working." Instead you will notice the difference after it has been turned on. We don't sneeze nearly as much in our home. Not that we sneezed a whole lot before. But I got this at the beginning of summer so a lot of remaining spring allergens were still present. I think it also cuts down on household dust too. The box says it is good for 222 sq feet, so it won't do your whole house. But for the immediate area this is in, I don't nearly pick up as must dust when I do weekly house cleaning. I also think it does help with the air. Especially at night when I cook dinner. Most meals you want to smell because they are good. But there are some cooking smells, that despite being delicious can leave a lingering and unwanted smell in the house. This unit helps with that! The machine is supposed to let you know when to change the filter. And the directions say it should be good for a year or so. I have only had it a month. Only time will tell there. It comes with a 3 year warranty.
by tvs75
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I primarily needed and air filter to remove smoke and dust from our backyard cabana because we sm...
I primarily needed and air filter to remove smoke and dust from our backyard cabana because we smoke in there and this Eureka purifier really works well and cleans the air fresh. Very user friendly and simple to use,you just push a button for on and push another for fan speed. While there is no remote control, it really isn’t needed and operates with a few pushes of a button. The unit itself is tall but slender making it a good fit for smaller spaces or fit nicely into a corner. It is very quiet and is really only slightly noticeable when on high, but with life and family noise, it would blend into the background. It is lightweight and can be moved easily at a moments notice if needed and is portable if you need to take it with you(I take one when I travel for the room so it is clean smelling and dust free). Overall, this is a good unit for removing all types of odors and allergens and is simple to operate. I tried an experiment and closed all the windows in the cabana and smoked a cigarette with the unit on medium and it sucked all the smoke and smell out and the air actually felt cleaner. I was able to watch TV without any distraction from the unit as it did it’s job. It fits neatly in a corner and doesn’t take a large footprint.
by Beachbeardad
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I am impressed by this stylish and sleek air purifier by Eureka since we have three indoor cats a...
I am impressed by this stylish and sleek air purifier by Eureka since we have three indoor cats and a dog as part of our family. This unit is rated to purify the air in mid to larger rooms up to about 222 sf and use it primarily in our bedroom. The supplied carbon/HEPA filter is nicely constructed and good for 12 months of use, and fits nicely into the back of the air purifier with an audible alert to let you know the filter was installed correctly. The HEPA filter claims to eliminate up to 99.97% of the allergens and down to 0.3 microns to trap things like pet dander, pollen and dust. Along with the filtration there is a built in UV LED light to sterilize and kill germs, bacteria and viruses that can breed in the air. Some things I really like about the air purifier is how little space the unit occupies since is built vertically and the footprint is quite small. I also like the LED lights along the top where the controls are located are quite dim. My wife and I are very sensitive to light at night in our bedroom and find this one does not bother us much when we sleep. The unit is quiet but perhaps not as quiet as claimed. On the box I noted the claim of 32dB on the lowest speed. Using my smartphone with the sound meter app installed and at a distance of 6 feet from the unit I recorded sound levels of 41dB, 50dB and 57dB on the low, mid and high speed settings, respectively. Still very quiet over all for it's output. Our old air purifier was too noisy to leave on while we slept so this is a huge improvement. After using the air purifier for a few weeks I have noticed I am less congested in the mornings and seem more refreshed. Lastly, I also appreciate that this unit comes with a 3-year warranty meaning Eureka stands behind their products.
by FishFool
Being only about 7” wide and 10” deep, the Eureka NEA120 Air Purifier can fit into tight places. ...
Being only about 7” wide and 10” deep, the Eureka NEA120 Air Purifier can fit into tight places. We placed ours in the den next to where we sit. Since the air intake is in the rear, we followed the recommendations of setting it at least a foot away from the wall. The filtered air is then blown out from the front of the tower. Even on the lowest fan speed I can still feel a gentle breeze about 8’ in front. It’s also barely audible at that setting so it’s suitable to have it “On” next to us while listening to TV. A well designed, sturdy handle is built on top providing good balance and easy mobility. My wife has serious sensitivity to seasonal allergies so we have this air purifier plus one other (in our bedroom) to help clear the air and give her some relief. The HEPA filter catches the allergens and pollutants while the activated carbon pre-filter takes out odors. A separately controlled UV LED sterilizer eliminates germs and mold. We consider this a “must have” item to help her fight her allergies.
by Pappy
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This relatively quiet, (see photos of dBA measurements), air purifier has a combined HEPA and cha...
This relatively quiet, (see photos of dBA measurements), air purifier has a combined HEPA and charcoal filter that not only removes odors, dust mites allergens and some viruses, but also includes an ultraviolet light that kills viruses and bacteria as it draws the air in and through the unit and dispenses clean purified air. The sound levels are quite acceptable and really are more like a background "white noise" that can actually help you to get to sleep. The sound was measured in dBA at a distance of 3 feet from the front of the unit. On high it was high was measured at 55.3 dBA, on medium it was 48.9 dBA and on low it was 38.2 dBA. The filter is accessed through the rear panel and the controls are located at the top of the unit as shown in the photos. For allergy sufferers this unit can easily be transported when you travel, (By car), as it is light in weight, so that you can still have clean air during stays in hotels, etc.
by k4zmb
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fabulous and quiet
I can run this on low - med - or high so it acts as a fan as well as an air purifier, so those three speeds are convenient! And, it's silent, which is really nice. Also, it is slim and fits in between my desk and filing cabinet, a space of just under 7" so my office is much more comfortable now.
by Theresa
Rating provided by a verified purchaser...
Rating provided by a verified purchaser
by HomeDepotCustomer
Have had this unit only one month, but it appears...
Have had this unit only one month, but it appears to be working well, even amid the wildfire events in Northern California. It is quiet, handsome, and the fan provides enough moving air while filtering it that it provides some cooling - enough to elmininate the need to use the superannuated ceiling fan -- an energy "sink." Good purchase!
by MJ
The air purifier is AMAZING. It's very quiet, looks great and is light weight. Easy to set up a...
The air purifier is AMAZING. It's very quiet, looks great and is light weight. Easy to set up and I run it 24 hours a day with no problem sleeping with it on. If you want a good product at an affordable price, this is the one!!!!
by FAN
Works good in the bedroom. The air is like day...
Works good in the bedroom. The air is like day n night. I love it.
by HomeDepotCustomer
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