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Tempur Material with SpillSafe Moisture Barrier 7/16 in. Thick 8 lb. Density Carpet Pad

$1.03 /sq. ft.
Covers 270 sq. ft.
$278.10 /roll
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  • Exclusively sold at The Home Depot
  • Surface protector provides easy clean-up
  • Inhibits the growth of bacterial odor
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The Future Foam Tempur Material is a premium carpet cushion made with high-grade finely ground Tempur material to provide a luxurious feel. The Tempur Material product is exclusive to Home Depot and equipped with a high-quality SpillSafe moisture barrier film to help keep spills from reaching the subfloor. A superior product and great alternative for the eco-conscious consumer.
  • Made with premium fine grind prime urethane and Tempur material to provide consistent softness underfoot, FHA Class 2 approved for heavy traffic
  • Can be installed over concrete, wood, tile, or vinyl subfloors to pad carpet
  • SpillSafe moisture barrier prevents spills from soaking through pad for easier clean-up
  • Tempur material also inhibits the growth of mold and mildew
  • Manufactured with 90% recycled materials. 100% recyclable after use
  • CRI green label plus approved for low VOC's; sound rating: STC 61, IIC 79
  • Excellent thermal insulator and noise reduction
  • Approved for Radiant Heat Floors; R-Value 1.7
  • Learn more about the different types of carpet pads and their benefits
  • California residents

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Product Thickness (in.)0.375 in0.437 in.50 in0.315 in
Pad/Gripper FeaturesAntimicrobial,Memory Foam,Moisture BarrierAntimicrobial,Memory Foam,Moisture BarrierAntimicrobial,Cushioned,Moisture Barrier,Water repellentAntimicrobial,Cushioned,Hypoallergenic,Moisture Barrier,Soundproofing
Carpet Pad MaterialRecycled FoamRecycled FoamFoamFoam
Square Feet per Unit270270270450
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I installed (myself, super easy BTW!!) carpet in my...
I installed (myself, super easy BTW!!) carpet in my grandma's bedroom, and this carpet pad is just the comfort and quality that I was looking for! Cero complain 100% satisfied.
  • Verified Purchase
Comfort, moisture protection and easy to cut.
While this padding is intended to be used under carpeting, it’s memory foam comfort and moisture protective features make it perfect for a variety of uses. Not only does this protect sub-flooring from spills, pet and child “accidents”, it can protect any area where these types of accidents may occur..... It can be easily cut into sizes that will accommodate the area you need: area rugs, pet bedding, children’s seating, etc. and is made of antimicrobial memory foam making it resistant to mold....The memory foam construction adds extra comfort and cushioning to these areas as well. With 270 square feet to a roll, there’s lots of areas where this padding can come in handy..... The roll is 47 ½ ft. long so it can also be cut to size to be used under multiple area rugs..... I gave this four stars, and not five, because there are small, hard pieces of plastic scattered throughout the underside which you could possibly feel, depending on the plushness / thickness of your rug or carpet.
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Very soft! SpillSafe barrier keeps liquids from going through.
First off, make sure you have help from at least 1-2 people when attempting to carry this roll of pad anywhere. It is VERY heavy. That being said, once you get it into position it unrolls and lays flat very easily. I used the roll to pad underneath many of my area rugs. The density is 8 lb./cubic foot. The appeal is the softness it gives underneath my rugs and the spill barrier is a nice feature since I have pets and little kids in the house. There’s always a drink that gets knocked over, and preventing the liquids from going through the hardwood floor and into the subfloor is important to me. Specifications also state it’s mold and mildew resistant but I haven’t had a chance to see if that’s true yet. Time will tell. I do love how it feels beneath my feet. It’s not quite a uniform consistency, but a huge improvement over regular cheap carpet pad.
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Good to go!
We seen a lot of reviews about hard pieces but since we've laid it down we have not felt one yet. It's made from 90% recycled materials so I'd understand if you may find a hard spot or two randomly but again we haven't. We're using this in an area everyone uses, adults walking small kids playing and sitting and everyone brags it's a great upgrade from the old thinner padding we had. We have yet to test the Spillsafe aspect, but hope not too. Added bonus after use it's 100% recyclable.
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FUTURE FOAM Tempur Material with SpillSafe Moisture Barrier 7/16 in. Thick 8 lb. Density Carpet Pad
Grabbed FUTURE FOAM Tempur Material with SpillSafe Moisture Barrier 7/16 in. Thick 8 lb. Density Carpet Pad so I could install bedroom carpet. At first I thought no carpet until I found this! It’s waterproof it prevents spills from getting to your subfloors! It’s eco-friendly and even better is once you step on to it before the carpet is laid your feet sink in as if you’re walking on clouds. FUTURE FOAM Tempur Material with SpillSafe Moisture Barrier 7/16 in. Thick 8 lb. Density Carpet Pad Is extremely well made, clean and easy to lay and trim the thickness, the spill safe, with moisture a barrier alone is enough to grab this for all the rooms in my home! I have grandchildren and great grandchildren so when I see spill safe it’s like a neon sign to me! I cut a piece went straight to the kitchen and tested the spill safe yes and moisture barrier!I did not go over board but I feel confident my grands are going to be okay in those rooms with this padding and a drink! I’d refer FUTURE FOAM Tempur Material with SpillSafe Moisture Barrier 7/16 in. Thick 8 lb. Density Carpet Pad to anyone looking to protect their subfloors while stepping onto a plush thick density carpet pad. High quality well made and yes spill proofed tested by me!
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That's padding !
I've purchased premium padding with the carpet in the past. It didn't feel anything like this and was collapsed flat when I removed it. This gives me hope that the cushy feeling will last a lot longer. In the pictures there's actually a cup of water sitting, beaded up, on the moisture barrier, couldn't get it to show. The material cuts easily with a box cutter. no tearing. And the markings facilitate doing it by eyeball. I expect, as the Tempurpedic suggests, it will make make my morning stretches or just laying on it more comfortable.
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Cushy Carpet Pad
At 7/16" thick and fairly dense, this is a well constructed pad with plenty of cushion effect. It is also approved for heat radiant floors, and can be installed over any type floor substrate, including concrete, wood, and vinyl. There is a moisture barrier to keep spills from seeping through and ruining what may be underneath, like wood. It is also 100% recyclable.
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Wow so thick and soft!
Future foam with tempur materials. Wow we are ready to roll this out and staple it in ! What got me is the moisture barrier and it is 7/16 in thickness . As we have 4 dogs of all ages there are bound to be accidents, throw up , pees , or us spilling water. It is refreshing to see a product that can also provide a extra thickness making it more comfortable with the carpet. We are happy with this product and will update more pictures later.
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The Future Foam Tempur Material With Spillsafe Moisture Barrier 7/16 IN Thick 8 Lb. Density Carpe...
The Future Foam Tempur Material With Spillsafe Moisture Barrier 7/16 IN Thick 8 Lb. Density Carpet Pad is low voc emission and eco friendly. I especially like the moisture barrier, since the carpet can be cleaned without getting water into the underlayment, which can lead to bacteria, mildew and odors. The carpet is easy to clean and dry, and smells fresh, since I don't have to worry about that. The material itself has small bits of plastic film, styrofoam, etc., within the spongy base, which feel like little hard bumps, but when I placed it under carpet, I did not feel them. The pad is dense, resilient, and cuts cleanly and evenly. It is easy to install. After my last carpet, where the padding disintegrated and soaked up water, I thought I would never want to have carpet again, but these improvements made me glad that I took the chance because I am loving it.
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This premium carpet pad arrives in a roll 71" long, about 16" thick; it covers 270 sq ft. The ca...
This premium carpet pad arrives in a roll 71" long, about 16" thick; it covers 270 sq ft. The carpet pad is cream colored, and has a nice cushiony feel, but with a strength all its own, which suggests to me the padding was built/designed to last, to maintain that cushiony feel for a good LONG TIME. It adds a lot to the carpeting for adding that great cushiony feel when you walk on it... a cushiony feel your feet will LOVE sinking into, which feels almost therapeutic to tired feet. I also love that it can be easily cut with scissors, so any leftover can be put to good use on other, smaller rugs. For instance, I have smaller oriental rugs on marble floors (otherwise hard as a rock) in my bathrooms, and this cushiony carpet pad feels just great when you walk on it... so you enjoy the beauty of the oriental rug, while your feet are treated to a luxury feel as you step on this pad below your carpet. You don't see it, but it makes a MAJOR DIFFERENCE. It is NOT the same experience at all walking onto an oriental rug without this pad... I even put carpet padding beneath a rug I have in front of the kitchen sink; I LOVE that idea... I say that because there are days that I am on my feet all day, and my feet are killing me. I still need to stand, cook, wash dishes, do my kitchen chores. I MUST STAND for some kitchen chores, but with the carpet padding beneath the rug, it is a LOT MORE COMFORTABLE for tired, aching feet than without it... especially on a tiled kitchen floor. I would much rather my feet sink into luxury vs standing on a ceramic tile floor, which would not sooth aching, tired feet. It is a premium carpet pad with Tempur materials, reported as "exclusive to Home Depot"; the Tempur materials gives it its soft, deep cushiony, luxury feel. It also has a Spill Safe moisture barrier, to resist any spilled fluids from penetrating the pad, then reaching the sub flooring beneath it. Depending on the subflooring, if it gets wet it might swell, get mildew, develop odors, etc... so I consider this a real plus for containing the spill, limiting how deep it can penetrate. Actually, this material is reported to also inhibit the development of mold or mildew... an added plus. I have a carpet cleaning machine that could clean up the rug in the case of a spill, in which case this moisture barrier would aid to protect both the pad, keep it from becoming saturated, also protect the subflooring, which I like; it is a very nice added feature. Again, I am thinking that if a liquid were to reach the subflooring (ie. grape juice), it might produce long term odors that you can never get rid of, but to replace the subfloor. Imagine also if your pet (ie. a puppy) voided on the rug in your living room; NO ONE WOULD WANT THAT PENETRATING THE PAD AND SUBFLOORING... then you would NEVER get rid of that odor, but to replace the subflooring, which means ripping out the rug, padding, and replacing the floor; COSTLY! At least superficial spills can be corrected, reversed with a good cleaning when the reach of the spill is contained, LIMITED to the carpeting and the superficial surface of the pad, which a deep cleaning carpet cleaner might remedy. The padding material is also approved for heavy traffic areas, and it has an insulation factor, also a noise factor, which are added pluses… It can be installed over concrete, wood, tile, even vinyl subfloors. For those that are environmentally conscious, the pad is made of 90% recycled material, also recyclable following its use. I consider this pad an excellent product, also a great find! No regrets!!!
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Showing 1-10 of 80 reviews