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Noticeables Dual Scented Oil Warmer Plug-In Air Freshener

  • Eliminates tough odors with two scents for long-lasting freshness
  • Plug into any outlet to remove underlying smells for 30 days
  • Compatible with all versions of Febreze plug warmers
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Product Details

Febreze PLUG cleans away odors, instead of simply covering them up. Plus, this air freshener plug cleans away stinks for 1200-hours with just 1 pluggable refill (on low setting). Simply plug into any outlet to clean away stinks with a fresh, citrusy twist. Febreze PLUG air freshener refills are compatible with both the classic and newly redesigned Febreze plug warmers.
  • Like what you smell, Febreze is also available in Febreze air (air freshener spray) and Febreze car (car air freshener vent clip)
  • Cleans away odors rather than just masks them and leaves behind a light, fresh scent
  • Get 1200-hours of Febreze freshness (on low setting) from 1 Febreze plug odor eliminator refill (that's 72,000-minutes)
  • Febreze PLUG (formerly Febreze noticeable) air freshener refills are compatible with all versions of Febreze PLUG warmers
  • Just plug into any outlet to start cleaning away your tough stinks in the kitchen, mud room or even pet odors
  • We do not use phthalates, formaldehyde or flammable propellants as ingredients when we make Febreze
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Good improvements on a good product
We have a closet off our kitchen where we keep our trash can,recycling bin and vacuums. It can create some odors especially in warmer weather. I installed the new dual scent plug in warmer to see what kind of effect it would have in that small space. First off, you can adjust the amount of scent to correspond with your needs. The warmer switches automatically between the 2 scents so you don't get used to and stop smelling them. The best addition to the warmer is a small light that goes on to indicate that you are out of scent oil. That makes a big difference. So far it has performed well and creates a pleasant and not overwhelming scent.
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Fresh and clean
I wanted to freshen up the air in my home office room so thought I would give this a try. This works really well and very noticeably freshens up the room. It is very easy to use and load/unload the oil scents. You just pop in the scent oil and then plug it in. It does use a dual scent container though. Need to make sure you like both! I have the setpoint as low as possible and still works extremely well.
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Two scents make good scents to me but you need to check your outlet orientation for compatibility
The Febreze Dual Scent Plug In warmer must be turned upright to work properly and has a swivel in the plug to allow turning 90 degrees although this does require the outlet ground pin to be on the bottom when vertical or on the right when horizontal. The warmer will not work correctly if the ground pin is on top or is on the left! There is no code requirement for outlet orientation. You may have to change your outlets orientation to be compatible with the plug in. When you plug in the warmer to the top outlet of a compatible vertical duplex it leaves the lower outlet open for a typical size grounded plug to insert. In a compatible horizontal duplex inserting the warmer on the left side will leave the right outlet open for a grounded plug but inserting on the right side will partially obstruct the left ground pin so access will depend on your plug. My Plug In came with the Linen and Sky scent combination although there are many other combinations available. The two oil bottles are connected with a plastic strap but it is possible to remove them and put together different combinations using other combination packs. The bottle pair just snap into the plug in warmer with finger pressure and are equally easy to remove to install new scents. The light on the warmer turns on briefly when powered on to let you know it is working and then comes on again when the scent oil is low. The warmer alternates between the two scents to keep the fragrance more noticeable. There are three intensity settings with the low setting giving up to 50 days of very light scent. When first plugged in the scent is overwhelming so I think the wick is just soaked full from storage and after running a few days it cooks off the excess and comes down to the rate of oil flow from the bottle. After a few days the scent did drop off to a much less intense level. I like the Febreze Dual Scent and the Febreze fragrances but the limitation on orientation looks like a design oversight.
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Super strong scent produced
Installing the dual bottle scent was easy - remove the tops and insert into the plug-in air freshener. The scent was immediate and strong. We moved it around to several rooms. The Linen scent was a but much. It smelled like a potent laundry soap. Note: I am sensitive to perfumes shops as they give me a dull headache. Others in the family had no problem. I purchased a refill of Winter Spruce that was much better. There are many scent refills to buy and you can scratch and sniff them in the store. I thought about covering up one of the dual bottle holes so the scent would be weaker. There is a min to max setting and we have it on min. In any case, the product is easy to use and definitely removes odors in a large set of rooms.
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The scent from our Plug -In Air Freshner fills the room with a fresh scent that you smell as you enter the house.
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My home smell cleaning, great scents.
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  • Verified Purchase
Me gusta bastante el olor y es duradero
      Not a big improvement over previous holder and so far does not really fragrance the room well. Not impressed.
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