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FEN 92520

36 in. x 82 in. Black Fiberglass White Trim Magnetic Center Opening Screen Door

  • Designed with high-quality magnetic seal for tight closure
  • Flame-resistant fiberglass mesh ensures durability
  • Features an extra-wide header piece for secure installation
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Product Details

Fenestrelle Magnetic Door Screens keep bugs and flying insects out while providing a hands free, self-closing barrier that allows fresh air in. The secret is in the center closure: both sides are lined with magnetic strips that push open easily then automatically close behind you. Simple and reliable, the Fenestrelle Hanging Door Screen keeps working after other products wear out. Installation is quick and easy. Attach the screen to your existing door opening with strong, long lasting hook and loop tape. White trim strips and white hook and loop tape included to match your existing door color. Built with quality Fiberglass mesh. Fenestrelle Door Screens give you greater fire resistance and durability than polypropylene screen. Open up your home to fresh air and cool breezes with the Fenestrelle Hanging Door Screen.
  • Durable flame resistant fiberglass
  • Extra wide header for secure installation
  • Top quality continuous magnetic seal, ensures tight closure
  • Hands free opening, self closing
  • Quick installation
  • Attaches with strong hook and loop tape
  • Includes white mounting tape to match existing frame
  • Easily detaches for storage
  • Pet and child friendly
  • Keep bugs out, let fresh air in
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Questions & Answers

Q:Does this size come in a black trim.
by|Oct 10, 2022
3 Answers
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A:  This screen is available with a black trim. The model number is FEN 92510.

by|Nov 10, 2022
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    A:  Yes, only in black to the best of my knowledge. The white that's shown in the picture is the door frame, I believe. Hope this helps.

    by|Oct 15, 2022

      A:  It appears it does come in a black trim. Click on included Home Depot link. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Magic-Mesh-39-in-x-83-in-Hands-Free-Black-Plastic-Mesh-Magnetic-Screen-Door-MM011124/206924746?source=shoppingads&locale=en-US&pla&mtc=SHOPPING-BF-CDP-GGL-D30-030_023_GLASS_SCREEN-NA-NA-NA-LIA-NA-NA-NA-NA-NBR-NA-NA-NA-NA&cm_mmc=SHOPPING-BF-CDP-GGL-D30-030_023_GLASS_SCREEN-NA-NA-NA-LIA-NA-NA-NA-NA-NBR-NA-NA-NA-NA-71700000044150121-58700004608004196-92700038790561217&gclid=Cj0KCQjwy5maBhDdARIsAMxrkw0-7-ZxWd6Z-hD_PfgnlHlzeHx_zdYyKrTNr6z42tj0q7s9v2TYfGwaAk_EEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds

      by|Oct 12, 2022
        Q:The wind is blowing the screen open. The magnets are not strong enough. Can you suggest a modification to make the closure stronger. We are using a safety pin to keep it closed, but would like a different method to keep it closed. Stronger magnet?
        by|Aug 1, 2022
        3 Answers
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        A:  I have this problem, too. What I do is to try and control the wind so that the full force of the wind is not hitting the screen. If there is a door behind the screen shut it part-ways to lessen the impact on the screen. I know it's an imperfect solution but it works for me.

        by|Aug 8, 2022

          A:  We have never had this issue with ours even though we have gotten some strong winds. I would try stronger magnets. You can probably find them on scientific sales websites and attach them with glue.

          by|Aug 8, 2022

            A:  I just aimed a squirrel cage fan at mine that moves about 500 cfm of air. The screen did puff out like a sail but the magnets held. I pushed on it to break the hold of the magnets at the bottom of the screen. The air kept the screen separated so the magnets would not come back together. I turned off the fan and the magnets came back together. I turned the fan back on, the screen puffed as if a sail but the magnets did not separate. I hope this helps.

            by|Aug 5, 2022
              Q:Our opening is 45". Could I buy an extra kit and cut down a second piece to extend the first to cover the extra 9"?
              by|Jun 18, 2022
              3 Answers
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              A:  I think it would be easier to purchase a double door screen and cut it down. Otherwise you would have to somehow sew the two pieces together.

              by|Jun 22, 2022

                A:  The screen attaches to the door frame with a velcro strip so in theory you could. The problem would be that the outer edges attach to the sides of the door frame and there are magnets that pull the two halves of the screen together in the middle when no one is walking through the doorway. If you want to put an extra width on, I would suggest gluing or otherwise attaching it to one half of the screen so there will not be a place where bugs can get in.

                by|Jun 24, 2022

                  A:  Wow! Great question and I wish I knew the answer. This is a case of trial and error. In my opinion, you're just going to have to attempt it and correct any errors as you proceed. Please let us know the details when you succeed.

                  by|Jun 23, 2022
                    Q:Our door opening is an unusual 34.5" x 78". Do you have a kit that will work for us? Thanks,
                    by|Feb 14, 2022
                    2 Answers
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                    A:  I had to modify my installation just a bit by adding a narrow 2” wide molding to the glass  edge side to attach the screen on that side.  Very easy.  Installation was easy and I love this screen!

                    by|Nov 25, 2022
                      1 found this answer helpful

                      A:  You might have to overlap but it should work for a slightly smaller door.  It’s excellent by the way, if you’re in the market for a screen door like this, this is the one to by.

                      by|Feb 19, 2022
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