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Blend with Nike Grind 100 sq. ft. 3.3 ft. x 30 ft. x 71 mil - High Performance Underlayment - LVT, Laminate and Hardwood

65¢ /sq. ft.
Covers 100 sq. ft.
$64.97 /roll
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  • Unique blend of Cork provides long term durability
  • Comes with pre-attached vapor barrier to protect against moisture
  • Acoustic insulation reduces noise transfer between floors
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Product Details

Go4Cork Blend with Nike Grind Cork/EVA Underlayment is a high performance underlayment that combines recycled EVA from Nike Grind with sustainably sourced cork. This cork/EVA blend material is designed to be glued or floated under Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT), Laminate and Hardwood flooring, providing superior durability and sound performance. This underlayment includes a pre-attached vapor barrier for moisture protection. The underlay Go4cork Blend with Nike Grind is an excellent option for customers looking to achieve a balance between performance and environmental sustainability. Cork provides excellent compressive strength, maintaining its performance over time. In a simple installation process, you will have the perfect flooring for your home. This product will not work with the application of nails through it.
  • Premium underlayment for high durability sound insulation
  • Performance over time: sustains up to 4x more weight than 100% PE foam solutions, according to standard EN16354 - When compared to other solutions, our underlays perform better over time. In general, cork has a higher compressive strength and compressive creep due to its resilience, which means that cork completely recovers its thickness after being compressed and preserves the technical properties (acoustic and thermal performance) where it is applied
  • Vapor barrier for moisture protection: this solution has an attached vapor barrier, which provides moisture protection for sensitive finished flooring products; it prevents the diffusion of water vapor through the floor, also maintaining the thermal resistance. The result is a better performing floor
  • Acoustic insulation: reduces noise emissions generated inside the room when walking on the floor; reduces impact and footfall noise; Enables the reduction of structure-borne noise transmission
  • Long term durability: thanks to cork and its characteristics, this underlayment long-term durability, allows it to preserve its characteristics over the years
  • Easy to install: In simple steps you will have your underlay quickly installed
  • Eco-friendly: has a carbon footprint 5x lower than a standard PE foam material and requires 7x less environmental impact than a standard PE foam material
  • NEGATIVE CARBON BALANCE: the product sequesters more CO₂ than is emitted. According to a recent analytic study conducted by EY, Go4cork Blend with Nike Grind has a negative carbon balance of -5.5kg CO2 eq/m2. The associated carbon sequestration promoted by the cork oak forest exceeds the CO2 emissions from production.
  • COMFORT AND PROTECTION: improves comfort under foot
  • RECYCLED AND NATURAL MATERIALS: made with 90% recycled and natural materials
  • HIGHLY RESILIENT: recovers and protects from falling objects and loads without changing the flooring’s long-term properties.
  • Loads: enables the floor to sustain heavy loads – e.g. furniture
  • Temperature: suitable for underfloor heating or cooling as a natural thermal barrier
  • Compensates: for imperfections and unevenness in sub-floor
  • Certification: floorscore certified - no VOC's
  • Thickness; 1.8mm thick, providing comfort and cushioning
  • Non toxic: inert, non-toxic, approved for skin contact
  • Anti-slip underlayment
  • Suitable for residential and light commercial applications
  • Suitable for LVT, laminate and harwood floors
  • Suitable for heated floors
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Carbon Negative, easy install
Working in the building industry I am always looking for products to help with the carbon footprint of our renovation projects. When it came to finishing our attic we knew we wanted some acoustic separation and this product was the perfect blend of old and new school technologies. Its thin, which was important in a space with already limited height. Easy to roll out, and generally very easy to install.
  • Recommended
Another quality Nike product
I’m impressed with the cork Nike blend as we all know Nike has quality products which I like is soft to the touch and to walk on. I also like that I used in a small room which is cold and noticed a difference in the temperature. I used the room as an office so I don’t need a blanket now. What I didn’t like is the cork foam would tear easily if you didn’t handle carefully. I did use a razor to cut which was easy just make sure you are patient in handling when installing
  • Recommended
Good Use of Materials
Any product that contains cork gets my attention since it is a resource that is sustainable. Add in recycling Nike shoes and you have a customer. I needed something to put on the floor in my downstairs cold room. I had enough left over to also apply it to the shelves. My cold room is now more comfortable to walk on and the shelves now have protection for my food storage jars and cans. The insulation factor played a part too in using it in this room. I plan on replacing the carpet in several rooms over the next few years and this product will be the underlayment for the laminate, hardwood, or LVT I use.
  • Recommended
Easy to use.
I love the colors in this cork underlayment flooring and it's a pity that it has to go underneath your carpet or other flooring. It is easy to lay out and provides a buffer between your flooring material and the base layer. I actually use this up in a play room that has bare floors (and a area rug) but is also over the lounge area and it creates a more tolerable environment for people downstairs and a bit of a softer play area for the kids upstairs.
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Impressed by the weight
Hey ladies and gentlemen here again with another review this time I'll be reviewing some flooring padding/sound deadening, so I was shipped this product last week, came home from work it was on the porch I simply went to grab it to bring it in the house and immediately noticed and was surprised by the weight of the product I personally don't have a use for the product at the moment due to recently getting new flooring, but I'm seriously considering using this in an unconventional way and sandwiching it between some drywall on my wall to use it as a mass loading material to help STC
  • Recommended
Eco-friendly underlayment. Easy to work with.
This underlayment differs from others I have used because it is manufactured from a blend of scrap, unused manufacturing materials and old footwear – including rubber, foam, fiber and textiles, and cork. The cost of this 100-foot roll is the same as others, maybe even a little less, but the quality of this underlayment is superior. The weave is tight, so while cork breathes naturally, it will also prevent moisture from passing through it. One side of the underlayment has a smooth finish on it, while the other side is unfinished. I installed with the unfinished side touching the concrete floor with the smooth finish side against the new flooring. It works well under luxury vinyl tiles, laminate, engineered or hardwood flooring, and can be glued of free-floated, so its use is very versatile. This underlayment can also be trimmed for use to line cabinets and draws. Out of the plastic wrap, the underlayment had a faint odor and was reluctant to lay flat, but after a day out of the wrapper the odor dissipated completely and the underlayment laid flat without having to weight it down. The underlayment cuts easily with scissors or a razor knife and straight edge. Because this underlayment has a thickness of about 1/8 inch, its important to not overlap as that’ll result in an uneven floor. Since no adhesive is installed along one edge, you will need tape to hold the lengths of underlayment from moving during installation of the flooring. I used Gorilla duct tape, which is probably overkill, but it works well and makes a permanent bond with the underlayment. Nice product. Better than the majority of available underlayments on the market, and especially those that rely on Styrofoam beads to provide for air flow, and I highly recommend it.
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Exceptional flooring underlayment
Although installing laminate and engineered hardwood flooring can be time consuming, there is just something so satisfying about seeing an old room come to new life so I don’t mind putting in new flooring time and time again. From experience I have seen that having the proper underlayment can make a huge difference in the way my floors feel so when I saw this GO4CORK underlayment I knew I wanted to try it. I had to research what Nike Grind is though, which is literally grounded Nike shoes headed for landfills. End-of-life shoes transformed into recycled Nike Grind materials which are then turned into products. When I first opened this colorful underlayment with its vinyl like feel, I can definitely see that and the concept is so cool! Nike Grind combined with cork makes quite a durable product. This roll is pretty heavy. Very easy to open then unroll. The top feels like vinyl while the bottom has a rougher, non slip texture. Must acclimate for 48 hours. The humidity of the substrate cannot exceed 2.5%. To install, with vapor barrier face up, unroll, leaving a little space between wall and underlayment. Use a sealing tape to seal rows together. Floors should be installed perpendicular to the underlayment. With great flooring and a superb underlayment, you should enjoy your floor with no sags, excessive noise or those annoying gaps. This recycled underlayment is certainly one of the best I’ve used, which were pretty much thin sheets of waxy paper. This underlayment is quick and easy to install and knowing it’s made from recycled rubber like material blended with cork certainly lets me know it should be effective for years to come. Also suitable for heated floors. 39.4” x 30 ft. Has Negative Carbon Balance, which means the product sequesters more CO₂ than is emitted.
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This Stuff is Great and You Should Use It
This Stuff is Great and You Should Use It ... over the years, The HandyManiacs have installed a lot of wood (and Bamboo) floors here in the desert and all of them go on concrete pads (that's how houses here are built) and you really need the extra softening or your knees will be rubbish in a year or two. You don't have to do it ... but you really should and this version of the padding is fantastic.
  • Recommended
First Time using Cork
This was the first time I have used a cork underlayment. I like how the cord doesn't slide around. It is a bit different cutting. I ended up using a scrap piece of wood and another scrap 2x4 to hold the cork down, then I used a utility knife to cut. Installation is easy and working with this underlayment is a breeze. There is no crinkle sound walking on this like you might get with some other options.
  • Recommended
Excellent quality underlayment made in Portugal
This underlayment by Amorim Cork Components, Inc. is just what I need for my bathroom floor. Although it is thin (about 1/16"), it is enough to provide cushioning and it adds vapor and sound barriers for my new flooring. I will probably use what is left over for some shelves in my laundry room cabinets where I store cleaning supplies. This roll will cover 100 square feet and it measures 39.4" X 30'. I like that it is made with recycled and natural materials (Cork & Nike Grind). The plastic moisture barrier film is pre-attached to the bottom of the sheet. I like that it is also suitable for heated floors. There is a slight odor after unwrapping, but it does not linger very long.
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Showing 1-10 of 22 reviews

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