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16 oz. Window and Door Insulating Foam Sealant

  • Formulated with a flexible cure specifically for windows & doors
  • Air-sealing and insulating saves up to 20% on home energy costs
  • 16 oz. Window and Door Insulating Foam Sealant
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Product Overview

Looking for an inexpensive, fast air sealing solution? Then you've got to get GREAT STUFF Window and Door foam sealant. For windows, doors and skylights, this minimal-expanding foam with a low pressure build forms a durable, airtight and water-resistant seal. It won't bow or bend window frames. It's the original window and door draft stopper.



Coverage Area (sq. ft.)
Product Height (in.)
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Compatible Install Surface
Cement,Concrete,PVC/CPVC Pipes,Plywood,Wood
Cure Time (hours)
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Spray Foam Insulation
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Questions & Answers


Can this foam be used to reduce movement in the shower stall flooring

Asked by Pete January 30, 2018

Hi Pete, we would advise against that application. GREAT STUFF™ is water resistant not water proof and it has not been rated to support weight.

Can Window and Door sealant come in contact with with low density polyethylene water tank withou...

Asked by RVer January 4, 2018

While GREAT STUFF(TM) has some known compatibility issues with polyethylene plastics, it is mainly restricted to a question of adhesion. If the GREAT STUFF(TM) foam is fully cured, contact between the two materials should not have any other adverse effects.

I live in Michigan's U.P. I am building a cabin. Right now, I have an enclosed, with reinforced...

Asked by Virgil December 13, 2017

The contents of GREAT STUFF™ should be as close to room temperature as possible when dispensed. When using GREAT STUFF™ Window & Door, apply when temperatures are between 40° -100°F (4°- 38°C.). When applying the foam in cool temperatures, misting the foam with water from a spray bottle may help the foam to expand and cure better.

Below a basement aluminum door sill, the wood is all rotted. Can I scrape out the rotted wood, an...

Asked by manlystanley March 10, 2017

Based on the information you have provided, it is difficult to determine whether GREAT STUFF(TM) Window & Door will work in this application. Please call us at 1-866-583-2583 and select prompt 8 to discuss your application and receive our best recommendation.

What is the coverage area?

Asked by Jackie February 3, 2017

Hi Jackie, the theoretical yields on one-component foams is measured in lineal feet of a 3/8" - 1/2" diameter bead. The 16 oz. Window & Door yields 360-425 lineal feet (3/8" diameter). GREAT STUFF™ products are not insulation and are instead insulating foam sealants in that they insulate by sealing, preventing the free flow of air (and are also water resistant). GREAT STUFF™ is not to be used for filling closed cavities or voids such as behind walls and under tub surrounds; this improper use of the product could result in the accumulation of flammable vapors and/or uncured material. Failure to follow the warnings and instructions provided with the product, and/or all applicable rules and regulations, can result in injury or death.


Asked by ADRIAN January 11, 2017

It expands.

How can I remove from the door? It blew on the wood door.

Asked by Rh November 22, 2016

Hi Rh, GREAT STUFF™ Insulating Foam Sealant products will chemically bond to just about all surfaces in a matter of minutes. Once cured, it cannot be removed with solvents and the only option is mechanical removal. On hard, smooth, or polished surfaces this may be accomplished very carefully with a single-edged razor blade. If this does not work, or if the foam is on a soft or porous surface, the only option is to attempt to remove it using a non-abrasive cleanser. The more effort spent scrubbing, the more likely it is to see positive results. If the non-abrasive cleanser does not work, consider replacement or refinishing. A more aggressive approach such as steel wool or sandpaper will damage the underlying surface. Only UV light will break the foam down and this takes months. Heat has no effect on the foam. It may soften, but it will not melt and the resulting fumes may be harmful.

Can great stuff be used to fill rusted space on car wheel well

Asked by Jc October 14, 2016

I have in fact used Great Stuff to fill rust holes. You want to be sure the area is dry and all loose rust removed before filling the area. Once it has cured completely you can trim any excess with a sharp knife. Just be aware, if you fill a hole that has standing water or is still damp that water will be trapped within. Whenever I've used it to fill holes in sheet metal I make sure all the loose rust is removed and then use a shop vac to clean any debris leftover inside the cavity. Keep in mind these cavity's often have dirt (mud) accumulated. If I detect moisture within the cavity I use a blow dryer to dry it first and then vacuum again before filling the whole. Avoid getting this on moving parts such as door hinges and latches. Also, latex gloves are highly recommended. When filling larger holes you may want to apply Great Stuff in layers rather than all at once as thinner layers cure quicker and more thoroughly.

can you stain or paint this stuff ?

Asked by miteymo October 10, 2016

Blue can shown doesn't keep paint well since by it's nature is considerably flexible. The red can cures to a tighter bond and is more accepting of paint. Keep in mind though, in many applications you'll want to trim the excess after it's cured which leaves a rough surface since it forms air pockets within the membrane. Hence a trimmed painted surface will have a rough finish. I have never used stain over Great Stuff and would suspect the chemical make up of some stains may actually damage the cured surface.

Is this toxic or non-toxic if accidentally ingested after it dries?

Asked by Leslie September 29, 2016

Since one of the active ingredients in this product is isocyanite it is toxic during the curing process (about 24 hours). Once cured it's toxicity falls off greatly since the active liquid ingredients have evaporated. That said, if you are concerned with children or pets attempting to eat the cured product I would avoid areas that can be easily accessed by them. Also, after Great Stuff has cured, you can cut away any excess that protrudes where it could easily be picked at.

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Read and follow directions for great results
I'm going to guess those writing negative reviews either just got a bad can - it happens - or didnt follow directions or expected something from this that it was never meant for. I used this product on every window in my house - 20 in total - and it worked wonderfully everywhere. It can get a little messy but keep a rag with acetone handy and it cleans up great. Also, if you get overage on windowframes resist the urge to wipe it immediately. Better to let it cure fully, then it will seperate easier from the frame and you can trim it cleaner. If you wipe it immediately you'll create a smearing mess. Also make sure the outside temperature is above 40*. If it's less than that the side exposed to the exterior may not expand fully and you wont get the full benefit of it's insulating properties. Read and follow directions and you'll be just fine. One suggestion - a flexible extension hose would be great for areas that are tight to a ceiling, since the can typically has to be used upside down. Otherwise love the product, and my energy bills do even more. Otherwise, you can take any small hose, heat up the end slightly to fit it over the nozzle, and you're good to go.
by JayM
Poor Delivery System
Can only use one time. Due to the delivery system design it clogs no matter what you try to do. - Leave product in tube and cut for next use = does not work next time - Take off clear handle/hose and spray clean with brake cleaner and shoot compressed air to really clean out = does not work next time Ends up being a huge waste of money unless you intend to utilize the entire product right when it is first used. The company needs to talk with the can vendor or if Dow is also making the can they need to re-design! Will find alternative products to use.
by joe123
Response from CIGOct 24, 2013
GREAT STUFF (TM) polyurethane foam sealant products are one-component foams and do not lend themselves to re-use. Once a can has been used and allowed to sit, it will seal itself shut. One time use should be expected, which is stated on back of can. Here is a tip on how to prolong the use of a can: before starting your project, have a long nail or pipe cleaner with some WD40 handy. Once you are done using the product, saturate the long nail or pipe cleaner with the WD40 and slide that into the straw applicator. Leave the straw attached to the can and store it upright. That can may then restart for you for up to 30 days.
This product is great if it will come out.
I have had nothing but problems with this product not coming out of the can once you open it...........
by bevyoung436
Response from GREAT STUFF TeamSep 16, 2013
GREAT STUFF (TM) polyurethane foam sealant products are one-component foams and do not lend themselves to re-use. Once a can has been used and allowed to sit, it will seal itself shut. One time use should be expected, which is stated on back of can. Also, GREAT STUFF (TM) polyurethane foam sealant products have a 12 to 18 month shelf life, it could be that you may have purchased a can that was either expired or sealed itself shut. The expiration date information can be found on the bottom of the can. As will items sold through retailers, Dow recommends to return any issued cans back to the place of purchase for exchange or refund.
More information
I couldn't find anywhere to get more detailed information on this product so I thought I'd ask here. My ham radio club is contemplating building our own "hard line coaxial cable" for a remote radio repeater. We need a product to, well, "spray down the inside of a length of (copper or aluminum) tubing to insulate the center conductor from the outside shield". We need to know how far this will expand into a 1" inner diameter tube and more importantly, what is the "dielectric constant" of the product. Incidentally, I have used this product on occasion around the home and have found it to work well.
by hyperone
Hey, this stuff works!
DIY homeowner. Used it around the bases if garage access--3 foot--doors, in areas too large for silicone caulking. AWESOME! Filled 'em right up. Then just trim away the excess, Bingo Bango Bongo. Ready for primer and painting. Would definitely recommend it. Have some acetone ready--if you get any on your hands. Have fun. Jay
by Jay259
Great if you can get it to work!
Although the product seems very effective, I found it to be extremely difficult to use. The directions say to apply it slowly, but my applicator tool had only two speeds: nothing and full throttle. The applicator needs to be much more touch-sensitive!! In addition, when I took off the plastic, the applicator was broken. Fortunately, I bought two cans so I had a back-up applicator. Bottom-line: despite its effectiveness, I will be looking for a different product on my next project.
by karrin
Response from Great StuffJan 2, 2013
We are sorry to hear that you are having issues with our products.. Since the cans are a onetime use and will seal itself shut if left sitting after use we do not recommend swapping out the straws. As with all items sold through retailers, the product should be returned to the place of purchase for exchange or refund.
poor performance
product wont dispense from can date code is 14 april 2013 today is 25 july 2012. just purchased at home depot. nothing comes out and trigger broke of can what a waste of time energy and money.
by alan52
Response from CIGJul 31, 2012
We are sorry to hear that our products did not work properly. It sounds like you may have purchased defective product. As with all items sold through retailers, please return defective product back to the place of purchase for exchange or refund.
Good Grief Great Stuff
As a new user of Great Stuff, I knew what it was supposed to do but was not sure how much to spray on - after spraying around my 4th window I finally figured out how to control the flow better and how to keep it out of my hair (!). It sealed all the gaps in my new windows and was easy to scrape or slice away when it cured. It really is great stuff!
by azkateo
Excellent product for insulating most anything.
I am restoring a military M-1028 1986 4x4 pick up truck. I used FatMat to insulate the entire cab, floor, firewall and doors. The roof is a double shell with a 1.5" gap. I drilled 6 evenly spaced holes 4/32" to accomadate the great stuff filler tube. I used 4 cans of the window and door product. I waited 8 hours then tapped on the roof. I used to get a tin can sound. Now I get a deep base THUNK.....WHOA....! My project is now complete thanks to great stuff...!
by Islandguydon
I have used it for everything from filling gap and voids to filling inflatable decorations.For great success plan, prepare, and read the directions and you will have excellent results! AWESOME STUFF! Wish they made bigger cans!
by jdrewf
Response from Great Stuff TeamApr 4, 2012
GREAT STUFF™ polyurethane foam sealant products use moisture in the air to cure. Please keep in mind that they are designed to fill small cracks and gaps. The foam does not cure properly if it is used to fill large, the foam will have an eggshell affect. The GREAT STUFF™ will harden on the outer layer and stay liquefied in the middle. Do not use GREAT STUFF™ sealants to fill enclosed voids. If you have any questions, please contact us at 800-441-4369.
Showing 1-10 of 13 reviews