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65 ft. Customizable Irrigation Kit with Spray Head

  • Manufactured by GENESIS
  • Complete Watering System in a Box
  • Contains 6 Micro Sprinklers (360 Degree Spray)
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Product Overview

The Genesis Irrigation System was created for gardeners and growers who are looking to conserve water consumption by delivering the right amount of water directly to the root system of the plants. Each of the Genesis Drip Irrigation Systems is designed for specific projects to make it easier to select the system that is right for you. Genesis also offers additional accessories to allow for the grower to customize their own system to fit their own personal needs. This kit is A Portable Sprinkler Watering System, designed for customers who have an area that needs watering but do not want a permanent system in place. It's ideal for watering grass or crops that are planted in rows. All that is needed is an existing garden hose that will need to be cut to allow for the quick connectors to be placed in line. The slim-line design allows for easy hose reel retrieval without bunching and will work with up to 1,000 ft. of hose. The ideal use is when your crop is planted up to 16 ft. wide (3- 4 rows wide). By placing the micro sprinklers in the middle of all the rows will ensure that all crops will be watered.
  • Quick up sprinkler system design
  • Includes 6 micro sprinklers (360° spray)
  • Micro sprinklers spray in a 16 ft. Dia each
  • Includes 6 flow control valves and quick up connectors that work on any hose between 1/2 in. and 5/8 in. in Dia
  • Includes pressure regulator
  • Includes quick connect to water hose
  • Connects directly to water hose with some assembly required
  • Complete watering system in a box
  • Designed by growers

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Garden Hose Connection,Pressure Regulator,Sprinklers,Tubing
Irrigation System Component
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Questions & Answers


Can i hook one set to another. Csn i teturn to home depot

Asked by Dave June 15, 2020

Yes, these kits can be connected. If you are not happy, you can return to Home Depot.

would this fit on a 100 foot hose ?

Asked by Fred July 29, 2019

It doesn't matter how long the hose is, you can put as many heads on the hose as you would like. You need a good box knife, because you cut the hose wherever you want a head. Just know the 360 tops go about 12 feet around.... seriously. The 180's and corners go about 6-8 feet. it's pretty awesome. Check out my review of this product so you can see how it looks/works

Can you connect two kits together

Asked by JRoc July 10, 2019

yes you can connect them but the longer the hose the less pressure there will be.

Can you buy two kits and use them together?

Asked by Jroc July 10, 2019

I would imagine the only reason you would not be able to is if the pressure of your water is not strong enough... I have mine set up all over my yard on a 150ft hose and have no problems with pressure. I would imagine adding more heads would not diminish this significantly at all

Can the spray be adjusted and if so, what is the minimum distance it can be set to?

Asked by Bob May 24, 2019

no, the distance of the spray cannot be adjusted. You only have the option for the shape of the spray (360,180, 45 degree). I found that I could push the stake lower into the ground in order to shorten the distance though....

Will this irrigation kit work on a circular grass area?

Asked by LB May 5, 2019

You attach it to a hose... and can choose the angle of the water spray. So, If I had a circular yard, I might put the hose around the circle and put 180's on the ouside. So if you don't mind a hose surrounding your yard, then yes, it will work. Or, you could have the hose go to the middle and put in a 180.... my 180 sprays out about 12 feet... so if your circle is 12 ft or less you could have one just in the middle.

I want to string the irrigation line along the edge of a flower bed and spray only the flowers. ...

Asked by ubi June 30, 2018

I bought 2 sets... one for a garden and one to do this exactly. Works amazingly... just run your hose down the line and attach a head wherever you want it. I have a 150 ft hose and did this all over the property. This kit comes with 360, 180 and 45 degree head attachments for the sprinkler heads

Can they be used with a timer?

Asked by Donnat May 28, 2018

yes.... here is the one I like the best after trying many... it turns on when the sun hits it. I also wanted to have a hose we could use for random stuff... so I added it to the split. Works like a dream

Can addition sprinklers and hide be purchased to extend the watering area?

Asked by Sh1456 April 20, 2018

You can buy another kit to extend it.

Is is possible to set the sprinkler heads to spray a half circle and or quarter circle instead of 360 degrees?

Asked by Woodlandlady May 29, 2016

I just ordered this and it come with 6 360 degree heads, 6 180 degree and 4 90 degree heads.

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This is the second set I have ordered. I have one huge garden, 4 small additional gardens and a c...
This is the second set I have ordered. I have one huge garden, 4 small additional gardens and a couple trees/shrubs that need additional watering throughout my property. These little heads go about 6-12 ft each (the 360 goes about 12ft , the corners and 180's go about 6-8 feet). So I just bought one 150ft hose and ran that hose past each garden... and at each garden I attached a single sprinkler (comes with 6). Then, I have that one hose set to an automatic timer, and viola, all my gardens get watered every day. The end piece took a little figuring out... but once I understood that I needed to cut the end of the hose off, and take apart the included end piece to make the red button go inside the end hose, then just use it like the other pieces, it was easy. not sure why that was not included in the instructions. Since I have an extra sprinkler head/hose attachment, I am thinking to have that one set up to fill the water bowl for the chickens. Seriously, this is a great product!
by MommaHen
The connectors for the hose leaked heavily and could not...
The connectors for the hose leaked heavily and could not find remedy to fix. Also instructions were very poor and does not comment on other products you need to purchase like an end cap.
by OC3
Great sprinkler set system (6 per box).
I bought this to water new lawn from seed on a lot in an L shape. I was planning to basically do a full circle and put sprinkler heads all around the L shape so the 180 heads could reach everywhere. I bought a total of 4 sets (24 sprinklers) and it does the job. Keep in mind you cannot attach all series together. I have 2 sets on one line and 2 on the other, if you put more you lose pressure and it wont work. I live in town. So 2 sets I can use only the 180 heads, if I have 360 some sprinkles on that line it loses a lot of pressure. Its a lot of trial and error to figure out what works for you and your water line, but for us, 2 lines for 12 sprinklers with 180 heads work. I have them set up on double water timers (2 lines per timer, bought on amazon. They are orbit ones) and is the easiest way, no hassle and enjoy new, green lawn all season. Could not be happier. They spray micro droplets, like a spray, evenly waters and does not create puddles or push the seeds away. The 180 heads reaches out around 6-8 feet on 1 side. The 360 heads maybe 12-20 feet in diameter depending on wind conditions and water pressure. I could not put those sadly, I had to be more strategic so it does not water the house and the main street, so 180 facing the lawn only, works wonders. I have them overlapping a bit (spaced about 6 feet apart) and covers everything. Easy to assemble, not disappointed with the results. I bought maybe 200 feet of 1/2 inch basic hose tubing (miracle grow ones) that could be cut up and some couplings you can find in the garden center in the places I needed them where I didn't need a sprinkler so I could put the sprinklers exactly where I wanted. First season with it. Will see how they can provide year after year. I plan on cleaning them and bring them in late fall so winter does not damage them (We live in NB, Canada, winters can be VERY snowy and cold). They are just like tent pegs, you stake them in the ground and move them around if needed.
by Caissie
I sent it back. It did not fit my purpose. I simple sprinkler did the job.
by Alicia
Overall everything worked as expected. I would like to see a 100ft option and 3 or 4 foot risers. Saved us a lot of time.
by Paul
It work just the way I need it...
It work just the way I need it
by HomeDepotCustomer
Works better than I thought they would. Only complaint...
Works better than I thought they would. Only complaint was the instructions. I had to play with the different tips to get a stream that was suitable, but once figured out, worked tremendously
by Dave
The best product that I have taken from the box...
The best product that I have taken from the box to place it was going
by HomeDepotCustomer
Instructions were a bit confusing. Otherwise the system seems to...
Instructions were a bit confusing. Otherwise the system seems to be working just fine for my needs. Instructions said it fit 1/2 or 5/8 inch hose, but we ended up using 1/2 inch because it was easier to insert hose into the fittings.
by ca
Being able to customize the design of our watering plan...
Being able to customize the design of our watering plan was key. Very satisfied with how easy it was to set up! Would recommend this product to anyone needing specific plants/bushes/trees watered where a sprinkler won’t do.
by TJC
Showing 1-10 of 19 reviews