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2.6 Gal. Febreze Fresh Lemon Scent Green 100% Compostable Trash Bags (44-Count)

Contains 44 bags (32¢ /bag)
  • Traps, Locks And Neutralizes Odors
  • Febreze Fresh Lemon Scent
  • Earth Friendly, 100% Compostable
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Product Details

Keep your compost bin clean and your kitchen smelling fresh with Glad 100% Compostable Small Kitchen Trash Bags with a classic Fresh Lemon scent. 5-day odor control continuously neutralizes food odors, leaving your kitchen smelling like Febreze Fresh Lemon. These kitchen garbage bags meet the requirements of municipal compost programs and ASTM D6400 and are certified compostable by the industry standards authority, BPI. For use in municipal compost programs where applicable. The small size is well suited for a countertop compost bin or other trash bins throughout your home or yard. A flat top and standard opening make it easy to change and refresh your kitchen compost bags whenever you need. Contribute to a better environment with Glad compostable trash bags. If you are looking for an odor eliminator, Glad has you covered. These 2.6 Gal. small trash bags can be used throughout the house. Get a handle on trash with Glad.
  • GLAD 100% COMPOSTABLE TRASH BAGS: Small trash bags are just what you need for the compost bin for kitchen counters; send these kitchen garbage bags right out with the compost
  • NEUTRALIZE ODORS: Compost trash bags trap, lock, and neutralize odors, protecting against the smelliest garbage odors and refreshing any room with a Febreze Fresh Lemon scent
  • COMPOST BIN LINER: Glad's compostable garbage bag liners meet the requirements of municipal compost programs so you can feel good about composting waste
  • STRONG AND RELIABLE COMPOSTABLE BAGS: Backed with Glad strength, these durable 2.6-gallon kitchen compost bags can handle your heaviest compost loads
  • CONTRIBUTE TO A BETTER ENVIRONMENT: Glad 100% compostable bags make it easy to incorporate or continue the eco-friendly habit of composting into your household
  • Usage Directions: Store bags in a cool, dry area. Use bags within one year of purchase.
  • Caution Statement: To avoid danger of suffocation, keep all plastic bags away from babies and children. Do not use plastic bags for food storage.
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Questions & Answers

Q:Why is the price of this product so confusing? The product pictured states 44 count, but the fine print says 22. Why make this price so inscrutable? What is this count of this product?
by|Jan 22, 2022
2 Answers
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A:  Why, 6 months later, has this error not be corrected?

by|Jun 10, 2022

    A:  Hello Michael, Thank you for bringing this to our attention regarding the quantity of the Glad 2.6 Gal. Febreze Fresh Lemon Scent Green 100% Compostable Trash Bags. We do see that the picture and description does state it has 44 bags, however in the Specifications it does state that it comes with only 22 bags. We do see the discrepancy and will provide this information to the proper persons to get this corrected. The correct amount should be 22 bags in one box. We apologize.

    by|Oct 18, 2022
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      Environmentally Friendly and Made for the Bedroom or Office Bin!
      The Glad 2.6 Gal. Febreze Fresh Lemon Scent Green 100% Compostable Trash Bags were just the right size for the bins in my office and bedroom! I had been using old plastic grocery bags, but they were, actually, too large with a lot of overhang, as well as being unattractive! These Glad bags are Compostable, which is good for the environment and the box contains 44 bags inside! I like the Febreze lemon scent, too, which helps to trap in foul odors! And, since these are Glad brand bags, the toughness and durability are still evident! I am pleased that Glad offers this 2.6 gallon size for the smaller, more stylish bins!
      • Recommended
      Compostable Bags
      This is a kind of odd size and shape bag at least for the waste baskets we have. They have a lemon scent so they say but I really couldn’t smell anything that smelled like lemon to me. 44 bags in the box. Made for food scraps etc items you’d use to compost. Traps and neutralizes odors. Not sure that they’re really practical for us but if you do a lot of composting maybe they would be.
      • Recommended
      Great idea to avoid more plastic in landfill
      These bags are almost indistinguishable from regular plastic bags, but will biodegrade and disintegrate in the composting process, freeing their contents to compost naturally. Some cities, such as Sacramento, encourage residents to separate their food waste and put it in separate recycling containers for pickup. That is what these bags are designed for – in fact the box says “Commercially compostable only. Facilities may not exist in your area.” I’m not sure why this wouldn’t work in your background compost heap, but for people whose trash/recycling service does support the service, this is a great solution. No downside to their use that we have found. They feel like plastic and have a slight scent added. But they do have a limited shelf life (1 year) and are supposed to be kept cool & dry – presumably to prevent premature biodegradation.
      • Recommended
      Just throw the whole bag away
      These 2.6 gallon (9.84 L.) size GLAD Compostable Garbage Bags will keep your kitchen counter throwaway-food container smelling much fresher, as long as you keep the lid on. The manufacturer states that the Lemon Febreze will neutralize odors for up to five days, which is probably time to dump the bag anyway. There are 44 approx. 16 x 16-inch 0.71 MIL. bags in the dispenser box. Bags open easily and do not cling like many plastic bags.
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      Convenient size for kitchen compost pails
      We use a plastic bag inside our kitchen compost bin, to ease in transfer to the large compost bin outside and also to hold the compost in the garage until we can transfer it, if we are knee deep in snow. This is always a hassle because the bag must be emptied and then thrown in the regular trash, and it is smelly and icky. These Glad bags, being compostable, are the solution to that problem. They fit nicely in the kitchen compost bin, and are strong enough to hold a full load of peels and coffee grounds and other waste. The Frebreze lemon scent is a plus as these bins can get rather smelly. They are kind of pricey, but I expect that one box will last us almost a year.
      Great product
      I compost all my vegetable peelings and other green waste. I use a stainless steel container but it always gets smelly and really dirty after a few days. These bags gives me a solution to that. I just line my container with the bag and when it is full I can take it directly to my compost pile outside. My container stays clean and doesn't smell. These are just larger than 2.5 gallons. They come with a very mild lemon citrus scent that doesn't smell perfumy or is overpowering. Even if you don't compost you can still use them knowing they won't last years and years in a land fill.
      • Recommended
      Perfect Size for my small Compost Bin
      It neutralizes odors! The 2.6 gallon bags work perfectly in my 1.75 gallon Safco bin; there is enough material to fold over the top (see photo). My bin has clips on the side and hangs perfectly inside the 50qt waste container in my Rev-A-Shelf cabinet pull-out. I was using the standard vegetable bags from the grocery store, but they are a little too small. These compostable bags are perfect. My pick up service allows kitchen waste in the huge yard waste container, but they don’t accept any plastic bags -- Not even this one that is compostable in some municipal systems. Our service provider (EDCO) explains that even “compostable” bags slow down the composting process. They allow paper bags, but that doesn’t work well for me. I really like this plastic bag. I use it for a few days and put it in the garbage bin when it gets too soiled to reuse. It won’t go through the compost, processing plant but it won’t last for decades in the landfill like a normal plastic bag would either..
      • Recommended
      Compostable Glad Bags
      I recently acquired a compostable bin and needed some bags and found the Glad 2.6 gallon Febreze lemon scent green 100% compostable trash bags. These are perfect for the fruit and veggie material leftovers when preparing food and meals. I like these bags as I am trying to become a better steward of the environment and they are eco-friendly. These bags are expected to last up to 180 days. These bags would also be useful and should be considered for bathroom trash instead of plastic!
      • Recommended
      Computable bags!
      I got these bags because I was nervous about putting my recycling in plastic bags. I know that you are not supposed to put plastic bags in the recycling so I was searching for a bag that would decompose. These are completely compostable so I have been using them for my recycling. I also like to put kitchen scraps in them because I know the whole thing well decompose in time. I really appreciate this product and will continue to buy it.
      • Recommended
      Great trash receptacle liners
      Glad 2.6 Gal. Febreze Fresh Lemon Scent Green 100% Compostable Trash Bags (44-Count) We have a small container in the kitchen where we save organic waste that is suitable for the compost pile. These trash bags will make great liners for that container. The lemon scent will offset the odor of the compost material. These will also be useful as liners in the regular trash bin that goes under the sink.
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