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Smart Garden Hub 6 Zone Wi-Fi Irrigation Controller

  • Manages irrigation programs based on changing weather conditions
  • Sensitive weather sensors that analyze and report water usage
  • Controls 6 zones with 4 programs each making it very efficient
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Product Overview

GreenIQ, the leader of the Smart garden revolution, introduces the innovative Smart Garden Hub. The Smart Garden Hub controls irrigation scheduling based on current and forecasted weather, and saves up to 50% on the outdoor water consumption. The device connects to the internet via Wi-Fi and is easy to install and setup. The Smart Garden Hub can be controlled from anywhere, at any time, using an app that works on iPhone, iPad, Android smart phone/tablet, PC, or Mac. The Smart Garden Hub can connect to a wide variety of smart devices and sensors. It connects to soil moisture sensors such as Flower Power and Koubachi, Netatmo weather station and saves even more water.
  • GreenIQ automatically adjusts watering duration based on past current and forecast weather, connects to parrot flower power soil moisture sensor, connects to koubachi soil moisture sensor, connects to netatmo personal weather station and rain gauge, compatible with IFTTT platform waterproof - IP55 certified
  • Daily/weekly water usage and savings report, visual indication of each zone's status, evapotranspiration and rainfall indicators, zone pictures can be uploaded to the web application from your computer, smartphone or tablet
  • Supports 24 VAC valves, connects to an analog rain sensor and up to 3 additional analog sensors
  • Controls garden lighting based on sunrise and sunset schedule throughout the year, supports up to 6 zones with 4 independent programs per zone
  • Supports "every x days" periodic irrigation, configurable "days of the week to run", ad-hoc "always-on" switch per zone
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Product Height (in.)
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Manual Bypass
Irrigation System Component
Number of Programs
Number of Zones
Pack Size
Program Type
Odd/Even Day Program,Programmable
Smart Home
Smart Home Enabled
Smart Technology
Smart Timer,Wi-Fi

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty
1 year - limited warranty

Questions & Answers


Is this for a 220 VAC electrical power outlet?

Asked by Irrigation May 21, 2019


Asked by DOUG May 21, 2019

Why can't I get my controller to hook to the internet We have had it for 2 years now and got a n...

Asked by JEANINE November 15, 2017

Poor design, full of bugs and now company has closed it doors. No cloud connection anymore. It is now a piece of plastic without any use.

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I have it for 3 years now and it was working as expected. But now this product is no longer supp...
I have it for 3 years now and it was working as expected. But now this product is no longer supported. The company that designed it has gone bankrupt. The internet connection does not work anymore including any cloud connection. Don't buy !!!
by buyer
Excellent product!
This product is excellent for saving water. I've only been using it for two months and my water bill has dropped by atleast 40%. Secondly, the installation was simple and took about 20 minutes. It's cool that I can finally control my garden through mobile apps without the need to actually go outside and mess around with timers and primitive solutions. Turns out this product syncs with many other sensors and products making all your smart house products more efficient. To summarize, excellent product which is definitely worth your buck. Fully recommend it!
by Shesek
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Excited to get for Father's Day but ultimately disappointing
I was very excited to finally get this product as I have been waiting for a legitimate app controlled irrigation that would be better than the poor offerings that were previously on the market. I chose GreenIQ because it could also control garden lighting whereas the other options didn't have this integration. The unit was relatively easy to install being my first job in life was an irrigation system installer and my 2nd job was a Nuclear reactor electrician. To get the system setup for wireless use (which will probably be 99% of the installs because I doubt anyone has a cat-5 plug near where their current irrigation timer is installed) you have to hard plug into a network that is near enough to your wifi access point so you can get the inital wireless connection. Then you go to your install site and wire it into your valve wiring. Instead of including a screw panel connection where you can quickly slide in each control wire and screw in to secure, which is included in even the cheapest $15 irrigation controller, you have a hardwired, unstripped pigtail with very fragile low gauge unstripped wire. So you have to strip the wire and then hardwire them to your control valve wire. Then you realize you probably need to take the extra time to make quick connectors (which are difficult when you have such small gauge wires) because your network needed to be reset or upgraded and your settings change, requiring you to disconnect your greenIQ box and take it back to a computer to wired ethernet and reestablish network connection to then go back and reinstall again. After getting it hooked up and running the app it turns out that it is not a polished app but just a webview interface. It's not terrible but it's not a great UI/UX either, so it's marginally acceptable but should be better for a $250 product in the new growing smarthings commodity market. For me the biggest disappointment was to see that I had to order an add-on to be able to control my landscape lighting. They point to a $19 relay accessory to enable lighting control. I figured all I would have to do is connect the power wires to the relay and then plug in the control wire. So really $270 to do what it says on the package. Unfortunately when I got my $19 relay it was just a simple $6 Omron MY2N relay, with no installation instructions to be found. The only guidance was a simple generic relay schematic, and a warning to only have a qualified electrician to install. So now you need to research the pinouts for the relay order a special socket mount to run your heavy gauge power wire and small gauge control wire then assemble the circuit or pay an electrician which adds at least $75 if they only charge for a service call. So actually this unit costs at least $350 or more to work as advertised.
by Bruceo
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Good product
I have it for two weeks now with the Netatmo rain gauge, and unfortunately we didn't have to much rain, so I don't know yet if I will save money yet, but it works as advertise for the schedule portion. I just hope that it will reduce or stop the water if it rain the day before or the previous day.
by Ray
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Effective Simplicity
Simple setup with web centric technology. This product is great now and as the applications improve you'll see the improvements without doing anything! Their support is responsive and can even update your device remotely if needed.
by Montane
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Doesn't Work
Just received my first one, which is only available online. That makes things real convenient when they send you a dud. Hooked up the power supply to a volt meter and it has no output. Green IQ: I recommend a little QC on your power supply's.
by Mark
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Initial experience
Equipment seems fine, but the "app" is terrible. It isn't actually an app, it's a web page. Setting up programs is not intuitive. You can't see an overview of watering times per zone.
by Divernut
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Work and Worry Saver
This spring we were able to turn zones on and off from outside the house using a smart phone. The application is very easy to use. So, we replaced a head and repaired a leak without having to run in and out. It makes doing this ourselves much easier. The wiring was not too difficult. We removed the ancient controller we had. Then, we simplified the wiring by removing the old outdoor rain sensor. That thing never worked and was a real pain. Now we save water based on real weather information. BTW, the response time from the phone is good. There is a very minimal delay from command to result.
by happyguy
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provides peace of mind for you sprinkler system
The GreenIQ hub works very well. Stops my sprinklers from going when it's going to rain that day, and it often stops them from running the next day as well since the ground is still saturated. Gives me peace of mind that I'm not wasting water by forgetting to turn off the sprinklers. Plus I can tell when I'm on vacation that they are still running and working correctly. I had a bit of trouble hooking up my sensors to it so I contacted customer service via email and got a response within 10 minutes, on a weekend! Wow! It works really well now that I have it hooked up, but I found the installation a little bit difficult (it's not that hard, same as any other sprinkler controller probably, I've just never installed anything like this before). Their website indicates that they'll have an installation video up soon, and I think that would help a lot. Also, the web app is a bit cumbersome and the delay between doing something in the app (e.g. manually turning the sprinklers for a certain zone on) and them actually going on is pretty long -- around 5 seconds sometimes -- which can make it a bit confusing when you first start trying to test it. They mention this in the manual so just be patient when you use the app and don't hit a bunch of buttons over and over -- the sprinklers will turn on (or off) eventually! I'm going to hook up my garden lighting to it as well!
by LAmist
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Smart Garden Hub
Great Product. I bought earlier version a year ago and it works very well. A bit expensive but will save water and money in the long run. Highly recommend
by HomeDepotCustomer
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