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75-Watt PVC Clamp Light

  • Accepts one 75-watt maximum incandescent bulb (not included)
  • Clamp has strong design with grips for a secure mount
  • Backed by a 1-year limited manufacturer warranty
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Product Overview

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75 Watts
Cord Length is 6 feet
1 Year warranty

Illustrations may vary from actual product.

The HDX 75-Watt PVC Clamp Lamp features a lightweight design for a versatile use on different job sites. It includes rubberized grips for comport and strong design for a secure mount. A 6 ft. long cord for convenient access to electrical outlets. Its non-metallic design offers high-impact durability for a long-lasting use.

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Product Height (in)
Product Length (in)
Product Width (in)


Bulb Type
Cord Length (ft.)
Cordless/ Corded
Electrical Tools Features
Adjustable,Built-in Clamp
Number of Light Bulbs
Power Source
Product Weight (lb.)
0.75 lb
Wattage (watts)

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty
1 year Limited Warranty

Questions & Answers


Can this handle a heavy Grow Light bulb, about 13 ounces?

Asked by Saphira July 17, 2020

Only if it is low wattage.

Can this be used with Sengled smart led A19 dimmable bulbs?

Asked by Me April 17, 2020

I can’t see a reason why not

can i use an LED bulb with this and if so what is the maximum watt

Asked by cb February 23, 2020

I only use LED and as long as it is less than 60 watts, it is fine.

Can I use this fixture with a UVB bulb or reptile heat bulb as long as they are under 75 watts

Asked by CC January 27, 2019

Yes... just ensure to not exceed the max watt usage.

Van it be used outside and withstand rain/snow?

Asked by Mike November 24, 2018

No, this model is for indoor use.

What is the diameter of the hood at the outermost end?

Asked by happycamper July 25, 2018

I believe it's 9-10 inches.

Does the shade come off?

Asked by Rudy July 22, 2018


Is it suitable for outdoor use, under a covered porch? It would not get wet except with strong winds/rain.

Asked by LL October 24, 2017

I use some of mine that way and fasten them under the eaves. They are on dusk to dawn timers. With LEDs, they are set and forget. I have two that I haven't touched in 2 years.

Can this be left on for periods of 15 hrs daily? Then off 8 hours? thanks

Asked by Dakota September 28, 2017

I don't see why not

will it take an led bulb

Asked by partsisparts July 9, 2016

Yes, it will take an led bulb with the correct base

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This product was easy to use and was way more efficient than the previous model . I like the mate...
This product was easy to use and was way more efficient than the previous model . I like the material which made it easy to clamp. Its used in my lizard's terrarium and its safe to the touch. Love this product. Thanks HDX
by Zeus
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Always had the metal ones and I really like these PVC ones I use them on my fish tank sumps & ...
Always had the metal ones and I really like these PVC ones I use them on my fish tank sumps & my plant holding tank .
by HomeDepotCustomer
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Perfect for small jobs
I have been renovating my master bathroom, and this has been the perfect lamp for the job. Its durable, lightweight, and gives off an adequate amount of light in the bathroom without casting a lot of shadows. It has an easy on-off switch on the base, the clamp pads are adjustable to fit the angle you need. Once clamped into place, it stays put. The product does not get too hot even after long use. I'm guessing due to the lower 75 watt max.
by sean
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Clamp Lamp Champ
This HDX-brand Clamp Lamp is made from PVC, meaning it feels both durable and ultra-lightweight for easy maneuverability. It accepts traditional-style light bulbs up to 75W (120V), so is able to easily light up any relatively-close work you might be doing. To turn it on, simply plug in the 2-prong power cord and flip the rocker switch from "O" (off) to "|" (on). One of the best features is the clamp. It takes some grip strength to squeeze the clamp open, meaning that it also holds onto things really well once attached. Also, the two clamp pads are adjustable, meaning they can meet the angle (to a limited degree) of whatever the light is being attached to. That's a nice extra feature. Finally, the angle of the light can be adjusted once the clamp has been set by loosening/tightening the nut on the lamp's arm. The nut head is made out of plastic, but the screw it's attached to is metal, and so I'm not worried about it loosing its integrity over time. This clamp lamp is more expensive than most of its metal peers; however, those metal clamp lamps don't have the adjustable-angle arm which is a nice feature.
by JasonH
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not good for spot heating so keep your old metal clamp lights
so I have seen several people have done some good reviews on this product, but not for what I use them for. Some of you may or may not know in the country and on farms we use clamp lights to heat eggs in a chicken coup and other uses in milk houses and such. came packed in a box with crumpled shipping paper the main label for use is sitting inside the radiator or shade. So mostly I get the metal shade clamp lights at home depot for bearded dragon and turtle basking spots. you can get many different kinds of clamp lights but for the purposes of this comparison I am only going to test the 2 that come from home depot. since I run a small animal shelter when I get animals in and have to get them a heat lamp I go to home depot as I am not going pay extra for a fancy name on it. My big concern is with the thermal conveyance, how much heat can it reflect onto the target area. this is determined by many factors, but include the size, shape, depth of the reflector shade and position as well as type of bulb used. so let's see if this lamp has got what it takes. I put in a 40 watt rough duty bulb in the new plastic fixture at 6 inches above a old cracked rock that was a basking spot. it hit hit 96 F* I put the exact same bulb in a old metal shade fixture from home depot at the basking spot it hit 113 F* this fixture may be innovative but fails as a spot heating lamp as it seems to either absorb or fail's too reflect the heat to the target zone. So don't run out get these and throw away your old metal clamp lights, this clamp light just can not do the same job.
by JurassicParkStaff
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Nice step up from the old aluminum lamps!
This review is for the HCX model 1102 Clamp Lamp, which I was given a chance to check out. The lamp measures about 8 inches in circumference, 8 inches long, and the clamp is about 5 inches long with a jaw opening of about 3 inches. I don’t have a force meter, but the spring on the clamp has no problem holding the lamp and a 60 watt incandescent bulb to a ceiling joist (SEE PHOTO). The jaws are plastic and thus won’t damage the mounting surface quite as readily as some of the old fashioned aluminum clamp lamps. I have such an aluminum lamp, purchased at Home Depot, and in functionality it’s about the same as this newer polycarbonate version. In fit and finish, however, this newer lamp is much nicer. In cold environs, of course, the new polycarbonate material is easier on the hands than the aluminum. There is a nice off/on rocker switch (see photos) which I like better than the push/pull switch on my aluminum lamp. The lamp will handle up to a 75 watt incandescent bulb, but my ceiling wiring maxxes out at a recommended 60 watts. I plan to replace the incandescent with an LED which will draw less power while providing more light, but I didn’t have one on hand when the lamp was delivered. The lamp has no problem with the weight of a 60 watt incandescent causing drifting; once the nut was tightened the lamp has stayed in the same attitude, facing my workbench. The cord (a two prong unit) is six feet long. Once attached to the joist (or rafter, or whatever) the lamp can be adjusted to just about any angle but there is a wing nut that has to be loosened and then tightened. There is a 1 year limited manufacturer warranty on the lamp. I’m using the lamp to light up my basement workbench (see photo below) and it works very well for that purpose. While the polycarbonate lamp costs more than the old aluminum version, it’s simply nicer – it looks better, feels better, and the fit / finish is better. Unless you’re on a tight budget or the lamp will be used under circumstances where it is likely to be quickly damaged, I think the new polycarb is the way to go. I’m rating it at five stars – it works as advertised, the market price is competitive, the fit and finish is nice, and it’s a step up from my old lamp. HTH Regards, Jim
by WarrenJim
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Lightweight polcarbonate
This is a nice lightweight plastic type (they say it's unbreakable) clamp on light that has good gripping power (see pics). The only downside I see is that it is only rated for a 75 watt bulb and I use much larger watt bulbs in my work lights. I'm going to try a higher wattage LED bulb because they don't generate very much heat and I guess the 75 watt rating is bc the lamp housing is the material that it is. The light does swivel in one direction when clamped on but you have to loosen a wing nut in order to turn the head in a different direction. That means that you can't just grab the head of the work light and twist it to pretty much any position you want, you'll have to loosen that nut. Think of it this way: you can turn the head from side to side but you can't turn it up and down without loosening that nut (see the pic). Other than that it works and handles fine. It has a nice switch on the end which is a plus. I hope you find this helpful.
by Baltoborn
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Good clamp lamp for working on projects
This clamp lamp is great for providing extra light where needed for working on projects. The rocker switch on the top of the lamp is convenient and much easier to find and use then an in-line cord switch. The plastic jaw clamp on this lamp has a multi-shape inner jaw with a strong steel spring to hold the lamp securely clamped onto flat or round surfaces without marking or damaging surfaces. The plastic jaw clamp has textured plastic grips to clamp the lamp onto flat surfaces such as table edges, shelves, and exposed 2x (1-1/2" thickness) framing in a shed, garage, attic, etc. and the plastic jaw clamp also has curved inner teeth to clamp the lamp onto round surfaces such as pipes from 1-1/8" to ~1-5/8" in diameter. This clamp lamp has two axes of movement to hold the lamp into position where you position it. One axis tilts the lamp up and down from the plastic clamp and is moveable and lockable through a wing nut. The other axis allows the lamp to rotate side to side through a plastic detent mechanism. The lamp does giggle a little on the clamp from the weight of the lamp and light bulb installed in the lamp when the light position is changed. The manufacturer rates this clamp lamp for 75 watts maximum based on the amount of heat generated by a 75 watt incandescent or halogen light bulb and for operating in dry locations only. CFL and LED light bulbs with an A19 (standard medium screw base) can also be used with this clamp lamp. I use an LED light bulb in this clamp lamp instead of a incandescent or halogen light bulb because LED light bulbs last a lot longer, do not generate much heat, and are not easily damaged from thermal shock or vibration.
by DIY03038
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Rating provided by a verified purchaser...
Rating provided by a verified purchaser
by HomeDepotCustomer
A very sturdy light. Great switch. Easy to aim. Great...
A very sturdy light. Great switch. Easy to aim. Great clamp.
by Nells
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