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Wireless Table Top Strobe Door Bell Kit

  • Receiver is portable and can be moved around for convenience
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Emits strobe alert upon doorbell ring
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Product Overview

Hampton Bay
Door Chime Kit
Digital Bell
Buttons Included
Multiple Songs
Adjustable Volume
Batteries Required
Zone Specific Sounds
You'll always be aware of your visitors when you install this Hampton Bat Wireless Door Bell Strobe Kit. Alerting you by sound and light, this unit emits a flashing blue LED strobe light when someone rings your doorbell. Boasting a convenient portable design, you can place this wireless doorbell anywhere in your home. It features volume control, three selectable tunes and a wireless push button. Powered by three C batteries, it is compatible with all other Hampton Bat wireless push buttons, door bells and alerts.

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Bell Button Color Family
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Questions & Answers


does this comes with the outdoor push button also

Asked by lex May 17, 2020

Hi Lex, Yes, this strobe doorbell does come with an outdoor button.

So I already bought one Hampton Bay Wireless Table Top Strobe Door Bell Kit and I wanted to buy another one

Asked by Mack January 2, 2020

It's in the instructions.

Does it come with a door button?

Asked by Juanita August 21, 2019


Can you put 3 chimes on 1 push button

Asked by BB August 8, 2019

Yes just by setting your choice

Is this product weather resistant?

Asked by Woody June 18, 2019

Somewhat. Is not meant for outside exposure.

can i have multiple strobe lights with one button

Asked by beii March 11, 2019

No. According to the instructions, the strobe pattern and sound are controlled by a jumper setting in the button. There are two positions.

can I get a second strobe unit to work off the same button?

Asked by Antc977 February 2, 2019

Yes you can do that. If you need any assistance with syncing the units together please call our Technical Support Team at 1-800-858-8501. We would be happy to assist.

i have the notifi elite video doorbell and would like to sync strobe bell to it is this possible?

Asked by bandito70 September 17, 2018

Bandito, This will not work with a wireless doorbell, you will need a wired doorbell to work with your Notifi Elite.

The base rings but when I push the button it does not ring. I have changed the batteries

Asked by peg July 2, 2018

Peg I suggest to return the item and get a replacement. This is the same thing that happened to my father's but the second one is working fine. There my be a defect in the button unit itself, but if the item isn't returned to the company, they will never be able to fix the issue.

why does the battery in the doorbell button run down quickly? i have to keep replacing battery ev...

Asked by fred40fl July 2, 2018

Fred40fl, Sorry to hear you are having issues with your Wireless Door Bell Button. This should not happen. Please call our Technical Support Team at 1-800-858-8501. We will be happy to assist you in getting your Door Bell functioning properly.

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This product let's everyone know they're welcome.
This product let's everyone know they're welcome.
by Welcome
Works wonderfully. Is loud enough and the strobe does get a persons attention. Wish the strobe wa...
Works wonderfully. Is loud enough and the strobe does get a persons attention. Wish the strobe was even stronger, so that it could light up a room during daylight hours. It worked so well for my deaf roommate, that my hard of hearing parents purchased one. They are very happy with it. The fact that it is portable makes it so much more attractive.
by Ding
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It works perfect for our situation. I use it at my office for my church. For security reasons, we...
It works perfect for our situation. I use it at my office for my church. For security reasons, we do not leave outside doors open at the church during the week, and do not heat the entire building. I heat only my office when I am there throughout the week. In order for the public or people from our congregation to make contact if they need to see me they can use the door bell. With it being portable I can take it with me throughout the building if I am working somewhere other than my office. It is also attractive.
by Pastorron1
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Strobe and bell tone options perfect. Fits neatly with our decor.
Strobe and bell tone options perfect. Fits neatly with our decor.
by NA4665
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Unreliable with Incomplete Instructions
On a positive note, this device is attractive and has a bright, pleasant, flashing blue strobe light that activates with the chime, making the doorbell ring “visible”. Unfortunately, the chime doesn't activate every time the doorbell button is pressed, even from the same physical location – and neither does the strobe. Nor does it work at anywhere near the “up to150-ft” distance advertised. I was lucky to get 40 ft away before the unit ceased to activate at all. Even from 25 ft it would not work consistently, so I would never feel comfortable moving the desktop unit to where I needed it without testing it thoroughly each time. Another major problem relates to the step-by-step instructions, which are remarkably clear and easy to follow for a “Made in China” device. Unfortunately they leave out a key step – synchronizing the pushbutton (transmitter) and doorbell (receiver) – which I only found when looking at the Troubleshooting section at the end of the instructions. Until you do that the receiver won't recognize the pushbutton. To add to the issue, the units loose sync EVERY TIME either the pushbutton or doorbell loses power, such as when changing batteries or when the batteries come loose. That happened a lot in the push button unit (which comes with an included 12-volt battery) until I improved the connection by bending the battery contacts to provide more force against the battery. Another minor issue with the instructions involves the plastic jumper used in the push button to set the button as either a “front door” button or a “rear door” button. How it's set determines the type of chime that sounds and the flash pattern of the strobe. The step in the instructions for setting the button (and the accompanying drawing) imply the jumper is already installed and, in fact, there is a small plastic piece on the appropriate pins that can be removed, but it IS NOT the jumper. It is a spacer designed to keep the pins upright. The jumper itself is found in the small accessory pack that includes screws and double-sided tape for mounting the button in the desired location near the door. To be fair, it's shown in the instructions under the “Hardware Included” drawing but a simple “Remove jumper from the hardware accessory bag” in the step related to “Setting up the push button” would save a lot of time and confusion. Without the jumper the button works as a “front door” unit. One last minor irritant: The desktop unit has a multi-purpose button and volume control with TINY embossed-lettering instructions which were impossible to read without a magnifying glass and perfect lighting. That's fine for younger eyes but given that a large group of potential customers are hard-of-hearing because of older age they are also likely to have weaker eyes (like me) – and might not even realize the instructions are there! Bottom line: I can't recommend this unit unless the receiver will be placed VERY close to the push button and the user is willing to test it regularly. Besides, there is no other indication that batteries are weak or dead.
by Starmapper
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Mobile Doorbell Idea Is Great.. In Reality This One Fails Miserably
I chose to try this wireless doorbell to replace my existing doorbell from when I purchased my home that is unreliable taking multiple presses to get the bell to ring, and even then it often is not heard upstairs. My hope was that with the doorbell being able to be carried to wherever I may go in the house, I can always ensure I will hear the bell ring. That was my hope. Unfortunately, just like the existing doorbell, this one fails to send the wireless signal with enough strength to activate the doorbell regardless of distance when mounted to the aluminum siding. I was able to sync my existing doorbell button to the new doorbell, so I tried it as well with the same result. I was able to get the doorbell to ring when positioning the doorbell button on the wooden door so if you are fine with a white door bell button directly on your door instead of to the side of the door as is normal, you shouldn't have any issues, assuming of course that you don't have a steel-wrapped door. Because of the complete inability to activate the doorbell with it positioned less than 1 inch to the side of the push button when the button is mounted to metal siding, I am giving this product 1 star. If the range had been limited to even 10 feet out of the 150 foot manufacturer rated max range, the product would have received at least 3 stars. Beyond the wireless failure of the doorbell kit, the doorbell is quite bulky and heavy for a mobile electronic device. The closest comparison I could give is it feels heavy like a bookend, is a little large in bulk, even for someone like myself with larger than average hands and has a slight issue with being top heavy making it susceptible to tipping over.
by SteveW
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The Hampton Bay wireless doorbell with strobe light is a nice kit for use where you need a wireless doorbell but do not have a wall to mount one on or prefer not seeing one on a wall. The main doorbell base can be placed on a table top or shelf and takes up very little space due to its small size. There is a bright blue strobe light on the top which visually notifies you when the doorbell rings and also has three selectable tunes ( Westminster/ ding dong for use as front doorbell and ding for use as back doorbell. The volume of doorbell can also be adjusted to the loudness that best suits your needs. The wireless doorbell button can be mounted with either double sided tape or screws that are included in kit.
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A chime in any room
The wireless strobe light door bell kit from Hampton bay has so many features. Wireless function allows me to place in any room. Nice for when I am napping or out in my back yard. There is a volume control that allows me to turn up or down if needed. The strobe is nice for when Ia am watching TV or on a phone call. Takes 3 c cells in the strobe unit and 1 24AE in the push button. The strobe is 6'' tall 4'' wide and 2'' thick. The push button mounts with screw or 2 sided tape that are supplied.
by HandyAndy2010
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Rating provided by a verified purchaser...
Rating provided by a verified purchaser
by HomeDepotCustomer
I would maybe recommend this product. It worked for a week in the place I put the bell but this ...
I would maybe recommend this product. It worked for a week in the place I put the bell but this week, it's hit or miss. I've changed the batteries and changed the location of the door bell itself per your suggestions, and it's still hit or miss. Both pieces have been in the same place for an entire week, nothing changed, and yet now it seems spooked and not working at 100%.
by Patsy
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