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Great gift idea!
Purchased for a birthday gift. Works great. Makes room very cozy and soothing with its glow. I purchased a decent size salt rock and we love it. Use it every day. Would definitely purchase again
by Obrien1234
Nice piece
Bought 2 of these after reading the reviews. Placed one in our living room and the other in our bedroom. The adjustable light is perfect for whatever the mood. We highly recommend this lamp and the price can't be beat.
by Art
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Love these Natural Salt lamps.
These are beautiful in a room. I have the larger size in my living area and I can tell a big difference in air quality. I have the mid-size by my bed at night. I have allergies, and my breathing is so much better. I just dim the light at night.
by Smitty23
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Calms the room.
Just plug and go! I leave it on in the office all of the time. Makes the home office more soothing.
by Teknowiztx
I am not sure, but...
Beautiful unique looking and at a very low price. It is a Himalayan Salt Lamp. Removes bad things in air, creates a clean environment to help sleep and generally be healthy. I am not sure if it works, but if it does I now have not only a well made orange glowing light but the healthiest thing in my home. Came well packaged and includes a light dimmer / on-off switch on power cord. I like it a lot!
by Greengo
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This Salt Lamp Rocks!
I love my salt lamps. I bought 2 of these for a wonderful price. Sooo wish I had bought more than 2!
by CathyD
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Bulb Socket Disintigrated. Safety and Fire hazzard.
Received just over a year ago. Left on 24/7 since then. After 13 months it was not on, assumed the bulb had given out. When removing the lighting fixture the bulb and lots of small crumbling plastic bits fell out. The electrical contacts inside the bulb socket were exposed.
by Kraydad
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Bought it for the looks, love it for what it does.
The packaging was great and the lamp made it safely despite the outer box being beat up a little. The base is sturdy and the dimmer knob works well. The best thing about the lamp is how it cleans out the air in the room. When we have guests over, we turn it on a couple of hours before they arrive and it helps remove some odors and cleans out the air nicely.
by Scott
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Love it!!!!
This Himalayan Salt Lamp is a very good quality lamp. The crystal is attached at the base, light bulb changing is easy to do, the dimmer switch is a very nice perk and it really does all the things that it is supposed to do: neutralize odors, help reduce allergies, promote better sleep and the size is perfect for a master bedroom. I purchased two of them and have the other one in the living room. I am very happy with this product and this brand.
by AvigatorGirl
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It's an unusual piece - a definite conversation piece.
This lamp has given us much joy during this very cold winter. It's warm, soft glow just gives a warm and cozy feel to the room. The fact that it is a real piece of nature really makes you feel that spring will be here soon.
by THG2014
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Showing 1-10 of 361 reviews