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21 in. 3-in-1 Variable Speed Gas Walk Behind Self Propelled Lawn Mower with Auto Choke

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  • Twin blade mower provides fine cuts and small clippings
  • Dual-lever system easily adjusts to 7 cutting heights
  • Deck made from 16-gauge steel to ensure long-term use
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The Honda Self-Propelled 3-in-1 Variable Speed Lawn Mower with New GCV 170 engine and auto choke offers a simple, adaptable and reliable design. It efficiently adapts the mowing speed to match your stride for ultimate comfort. Easily mulch, bag or discharge without the use of tools using a simple clip director knob.
  • For questions about service and repair, please call Honda at 770-497-6400 or reference the Service & Repair document
  • Smart drive intuitive, variable speed control while mowing, 5 adjustable positions for user comfort
  • 3-in-1 system with clip director simply slide the clip director for mulching, bagging or discharging versatility, no attachments required
  • Dual-lever height adjustment system user-friendly front and rear levers conveniently adjust to 7 cutting heights
  • Honda GCV170 engine reliable, easy starting power to tackle the toughest mowing conditions
  • Microcut twin blade system stacked and offset twin blade design provides superior cut quality and smaller clippings for better mulching and bagging
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Questions & Answers

Q:does this model have balbearing wheels?
by|Mar 24, 2023
0 Answer
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Q:What is the horsepower of the engine!
by|Mar 18, 2023
0 Answer
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Q:Does it have a blade clutch?
by|Mar 18, 2023
1 Answer
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A:  Yes, in the sense that there is a lever bar at the top of the handle that you must keep held against the handle for the mower to start and run. If you release the lever, the clutch stops the mower blade. This is a different lever than the thumb levers you use to control the walking speed of the mower.

by|Mar 26, 2023
    Q:Does it come already assembled?
    by|Mar 9, 2023
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      Don’t buy! Uneven cut, not fixable.
      Got a Honda HRN216VKA 2 years ago. I was happy with it for a bit, but then it started cutting unevenly. 2 different sets were f blades didn’t fix it. Deck height was correct. We took it to 2 different Honda repair shops and both said it was within spec and there was no issue. You can see how horrible the lines in the grass are and Honda said to take it to yet another place that I’ll have to pay for b/c they can’t find an issue. Several YT vids and forum posts about people having the same issue and no real fix available. I sold this and got a Toro. Hopefully it works like it’s supposed to.
      Response from Honda Power EquipmentMar 6, 2023
      Hello, We are sorry to hear you are dissatisfied with the cut quality of your lawn mower. We have asked our Customer Relations team to reach out to help you resolve this.
        DO NOT BUY
        Go ahead and buy if you like to stop mowing to flip the front wheel back in place 4 to 5 times each mowing. Requires unbolting the front wheel, flipping the front wheel assembly in place, tightening the one of a kind star bolt assembly, and reattaching the front wheel. No one sells the bolt assembly online or in stores. I bought in 3 years ago and it is destined to be another piece of junk in a landfill.
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          Design is seriously flawed
          I looked for an image of the grass chute and found MarkP99's review. I can echo his sentiments about this lawnmower. I am 61 years old and have been mowing yards since I was 8, and have never owned a mower I hate any more than this one. I will list the worst problems first. 1) The drive control is bulky and can not be controlled unless you continually run the mower on high and chase after it the whole time (it is geared really high), or use your thumbs to push the huge gray plastic piece down which becomes painful after awhile - the manual says "causes thumb fatigue" - yes it does! You will end up trying to use your palms to control the speed which I have illustrated in one of my images. This doesn't work very well either. You have about 3 or 4 positions you can put that gray lever in: all the way down and you can't make the mower go fast enough, up high or in the middle and the mower wants to jump out of your hands anytime you put excess weight on the lever. And you will put excess weight on it - "hypersensitive" MarkP99 called it. Honda needs a bar for the drive control like 99% of the other self-propelled mowers on the market. Not a smart control. This one isn't smart. 2) This mower does not mow the grass well. Two blades and it doesn't mow the grass well. I don't sharpen blades either. I just replace them when they get dull, which means I will have to buy 2 new blades that don't mow the grass well. In the mower's defense, however, some of the images from other reviewers showed lush lawns that looked to be nicely cut. I live in north Florida though, I have a sand bed for a yard with no saltwater anywhere around it, and this mower does a terrible job cutting the forked weeds that we used to pull through each others mouths as kids. The mower just bends over a lot of them - it doesn't cut the weed. 3) The grass chute will be full of sand and grass when you're done, and when I say full I mean really FULL. I thought I could hose it out. Wrong. The chute is angled backwards so spraying water in it only pushes the debris to the back. I have to reach my hand in to pull the mulch out while spraying inside at the same time; a very nasty business. Lastly, 4) The cheap green plastic piece - it fell off on my very first mowing. Luckily, I found it. I keep an eye on it now while I'm mowing. Summary - I needed this mower in a hurry and fell victim to the totality of the other reviews. (4.6 or something like that? Hmmmm...) I didn't do my research like I should so I blame myself for this. No review is complete without both sides so my positives are that it cranks easily, is light, and since it's Honda I'll assume that it has a great engine.
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            Oil on my garage floor
            I saw oil on the deck area when I did a test run one evening. A week later I pull it out and oil was on the garage floor. I guessed it was about the same amount as the bottle I put in that was supplied. Exchanged and the I kept the cardboard under it. Oil again.
            Response from Honda Power EquipmentAug 8, 2022
            Hello, We are sorry to hear you are having trouble with your lawn mower leaking oil. We have asked our Customer Relations team to reach out to help you resolve this.
              Poor design
              This mower is a huge disappointment due to its design issues. Power to weight ratio is the first problem. The mower is so light and the engine so powerful, you're in a fight with the rear wheel drive to keep the deck on the ground. The controls are poorly placed and hyper sensitive. Adjustable, but no way to hold it at less than full speed. With the mulch setting, grass still accumulates in the grass chute. See picture. Overall, a great engine atrached to a terrible piece of equipment.
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                Self-propelled isn’t what it used to be.
                This lawnmower new wheel adjustment system ruins this mower. The rear level adjustment system has a bar that sticks below the deck and drags through the grass. This bar makes the self-propelled system basically ineffective in thick pile grass. It’s harder to push than a push mower. I have tried other mowers that have the same system, and they all have the same problem. Buy a mower with independently adjustable wheels.
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                  Strong, good, powerful lawnmower
                  This lawnmower has good power,easy to assemble, great double blades for cutting or mulching.
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                  Leaks oil
                  Noticed oil leaking on my garage floor under the mower. Appears to be leaking from the bottom of the oil dipstick tube. Mowed with it maybe 4 times. It’s about 6 weeks old so past the 30 day return to store window. This is NOT what I expected for an almost $600 push mower.
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                    upper michigan thick lawn
                    i recently purchased the 216 w/ out blade stop I replaced an 8yo Ariens razor self propelled which i really liked but broke and the repair was to expensive to fix. so I did my homework and read up on the best lawnmowers and the Hondas were always on top my neighbor has the 217 which I could not afford so I bought the 216 and I absolutely love it I am 6’ 1”240 and it fits me perfect what I like the most is when you are not using the drive and you just need to push it a few feet it rolls very easily no gear drag . The Honda mulches better than my Ariens did hopefully I get more than eight years out of it I highly recommend it
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