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Lyric Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat

  • Control via your smart device for precise temperature control
  • Uses geofencing technology to optimize savings and comfort
  • Features smart cues to help extend the life of your system
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Comfort when you're home. Savings when you're away. Comfort. Savings. Life. Perfectly in tune. Your life doesn't follow a set schedule. You can control the Lyric smart thermostat from anywhere, or let it manage your comfort and savings automatically, so there's no learning curve, no rigid scheduling. Enable geofencing, and the Lyric thermostat will automatically adjust based on your smartphone's location. Or, tap the Away button on your thermostat to set the temperature back while you are gone. Resulting in comfort when you are home and savings when you are away.

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Display height (in.)3.78Display width (in.)3.78
Product Depth (in.)0.79Product Height (in.)3.78


Battery Power TypeLithium IonBattery SizeAAA
Color FamilyWhiteColor/FinishWhite
Control TypeManual,Phone ControlledFeaturesAuto Changeover,Backlit Display,Battery Back-Up,Built-in Wi-Fi,Daylight Savings Time Ready,Filter Indicator,Low Battery Indicator,Outdoor Temperature Display
Heating & Cooling System Type2 StageIncludedMounting Hardware
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Thermostat TypeHeating and CoolingVoice Control Hub RequiredNo Voice Control
Voltage (v)24vVoltage (volts)24 V
Voltage TypeLow VoltageWire Configuration4-Wire
Works WithIFTTT

Warranty / Certifications

Certifications and ListingsNo Certifications or ListingsManufacturer Warranty2 year limited warranty

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At least it looks cool?
Physically installing the unit was easy enough seeing how I got to do it twice, but from there on it was nothing but issues. First it took about 6+ hours for the confirmation email to come. Guess what? The unit won't work until you successfully sync it with your smartphone, even after contacting customer support they just told me to wait it out. It's still the tail end of summer so no way I'm waiting 6 hours with no a/c in the house. So I uninstall and put my old unit back. The next day with confirmation in hand I get the unit back on the wall and synced with my iPhone. Okay, we're in business now right? Nope. I set the Lyric to 78 but I'm noticing it feels much cooler and my a/c has been running more than usual, oh because it's 72 degrees, not the 78 i requested. I proceed to check 2 other thermometers and notice the Lyric seems to always be at least about 2-3 degrees off. I try to adjust for this and hope everything goes smooth from here. Over the next few days the head scratching continues while I experience the following: Waking up in the middle of the night because it's wayyy to cold, certainly not the temp I wanted. Constantly getting disconnection notices on my phone night and day. The battery going dead by day 3, only to replace the battery 3 more times times over several days. Finally after battling all these issues I just removed it and replaced it with another popular wireless unit that's worked flawlessly from day 1 which in contrast has highlighted how poorly the Lyric was. So as you can imagine, I don't recommend this product and would look elsewhere if you're trying to get into the wireless/smart thermostat market. I had really high hopes, but this seriously missed the mark.
Response from Honeywell SupportApr 15, 2015
Thank you for the feedback. You help us enhance the Honeywell experience. Honeywell
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Great "Smart" Thermostat
I recently installed the Lyric Thermostat in my home. I've been considering a similar thermostat but from another brand for awhile but then I saw this one and decided to go with it since it is the same brand (Honeywell) as the thermostat I already had. I was a little worried about installation since I didn't want to pay an electrician to come out. It ended up being easy to install and only took about 45 minutes. I had to call customer service because I have a non-standard wiring connection but the person I spoke to was great and walked me through it. I have to patch the wall a bit since the Lyric unit is smaller than my old one, even with the included backplate. Even so, a great aesthetic improvement over the old rectangular models. Before you install you have to install the app on your smartphone (I have an iPhone). It sends you a confirmation email, I got mine in less than a minute. Then you can use the app to fine tune your use. So far I have found the app to be simple and intuitive. My husband also installed the app on his phone and I love that we can so seamlessly both have the Lyric linked to us since obviously we're not always both home at the same time. I've been pleased with how it can "learn" to use less AC when no one is home and while we have only had it a short while I think the benefits will be apparent in how much we spend on heating and cooling. Furthermore, the smart phone capabilities that enable us to turn it off if we leave home and forget to adjust it or turn it back on as we're heading home are great. There are even more advanced settings but to be honest the basic settings are such an improvement that I haven't even spent much time tinkering with them yet. We have two zones for our AC and heat and I look forward to getting a Lyric for our other zone so we can maximize our efficiency.
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Easy installation. Very intuitive. Lyric does a nice job of maintaining a comfortable temperature in my home
The Honeywell Lyric is lighter than it’s wi-fi competitor, feels more plastic in the hand, and is a bit wobbly on the wall, but has some good features that make it superior to other thermostats. Removing my old thermostat revealed that the walls had been painted different colors at least twice. Since the Lyric has a smaller footprint than my old thermostat, I chose to repair and repaint the wall rather than to use the white plastic cover-plate, which could be painted to make it less visible. I stripped back about ½-inch of casing from the thermostat wires, threaded the wires from the backside of the Lyric through a small hole in the center of the Lyric and inserted them into the corresponding color-coded locking tabs. It’s important to make sure you strip back enough wire to make a good connection. My single-zone system utilizes the red, yellow, green and white wire (the blue wire is not needed for my application). Attachment of the Lyric to the wall was easy using the two provided, self-tapping Phillips head screws. Even though I screwed into drywall and not into a wall stud, it feels solid. Once the Lyric was attached to the wall, I visited the Honeywell website and downloaded the Lyric app onto an Apple iPod touch. Alternatively, you can download the app onto any Android or IOS mobile device. After running through the installation, connection to my wi-fi network and personalization portion of the app, the Lyric displayed the room temperature and the A/C immediately came on. However, a few minutes later the A/C shut off, the Lyric became unresponsive and had disconnected from the network and was unable to reconnect. After waving my hand repeatedly in front of what looks like a button on the front of the Lyric, which is a motion sensor, a message “charging” with a green bar below flashed across the display and faded away. A few minutes later another message “I’m filling up” appeared and quickly disappeared. A while later, the A/C came on, and the interior temperature and all of the symbols were illuminated on the display. I checked the app and the Lyric had automatically reestablished a connection with the network. Apparently the Lyric’s AAA Lithium battery needed to charge before use, although the need to charge isn’t addressed in the installation and setup app. As for the temperature, the Lyric seems to be maintaining the interior temperature within 1-degree, which is an improvement over my old thermostat that had a 2-3 degree temperature fluctuation. The Lyric is much less complicated to use than my old thermostat that required constant monitoring and adjustment of the clock and program settings. The numerous positives and potential for cost savings aside, a huge negative is that you need an Android or IOS mobile device to run the setup, even if you intend to operate the Lyric manually. I tried to run the setup without a network connection but was prompted repeatedly for a network connection, such that it seemed impossible to proceed without one. Connection to my wi-fi network seems stable and I’ve experienced no problems, although there have been a couple of brief periods of time where the local weather was unavailable, which was evident because the icon was not illuminated, although the away from home icon was. The Lyric does a very nice job of maintaining the temperature in my home. I used to constantly have to fiddle with my old thermostat to maintain a comfortable temperature, but that’s not the case with the Lyric which always seems to be one step ahead of me.
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Very happy customer
The Lyric is a very intuitive thermostat. It’s been installed for about 2 weeks in our home, and we are loving it. INSTALLATION: For me, it was pretty simple. You download the Honeywell Lyric app, sign up for an account, then the app walks you through the installation. Not every thermostat has standard wiring, but fortunately mine did, so it was all straight forward. My only hiccup was the account activation email didn’t send when I signed up for my account. Without it, you can’t move forward with the installation. It was a weekend so I couldn’t call customer service. Mysteriously, though, the next day the account was activated without me ever receiving the email. USING THE THERMOSTAT: It’s a very simplistic thermostat. The only controls on the unit itself are for temperature, to set it in “away” mode, and to show the weather forecast. I never use the weather forecast feature, but Lyric supposedly does, along with indoor and out humidity levels, to “Fine Tune” your indoor temperature (you can turn “Fine Tune” mode off if desired). I will probably never use the away button, either, since the Lyric knows when we leave home and automatically enters away mode. USING THE APP: The app is my favorite part of the Lyric thermostat. I love being able to check/adjust things right from my phone. Call me lazy, but it’s nice to stay on the couch or in bed and just grab my phone to make an adjustment. Of course it’s also nice to have that ability when we’re away from home. For example, if we forget to turn off the air conditioning when we’re on vacation we can easily do it from anywhere in the world (assuming we have cell or wifi service), or to turn the A/C or heat on prior to us arriving home so the temperature in the house is comfortable from the moment we walk through the door. The geofencing works well. The app always seems to know when we’re home and away. Some features of the app are currently a little too simplistic. Considering the system is in it’s infancy, I expect it to become a little more robust as time passes. For example, even though the app is designed to be “smart” I’m sure many people would still like the option of creating a schedule, which isn’t currently possible. On the Honeywell user forum, employees respond to questions and comments and indicate that some requests are taken into consideration for the app. Overall, I’m very happy with the Lyric. I’m a little bit of a tech geek, so I’m always happy to have more information/controls at my fingertips. Good job, Honeywell!
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Not my favorite smart thermostat
Pros: Thermostat has a very nice look. It has a large outer diameter which will nicely cover any unpainted areas under your thermostat. The glowing back light is nice and the setup was a breeze. The thermostat kept my house nice and cold during the hot houston summer. The device is also very thin. Cons: I do not think this thermostat is trying to save energy like other smart thermostats. While my other smart thermostat sometimes let the house get a little too warm, I know it did so because it is trying to save me money. The biggest con is that my installation only has a red, green, yellow and white wire which apparently means this thermostat needs a new $2.50 about once a week. I am not sure why it does not stay charged because my other smart thermostat does not use lithium AAA batteries and it stays charged without incident.
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Lyric is an Excellent Thermostat but ...
Honeywell makes excellent thermostats but the market has some good competitors. Rather than revise their latest model, Honeywell went back to the drawing board and created the Lyric thermostat. Lyric resembles the Nest thermostat but in all honesty Honeywell introduced the round thermostat in the 1950s. Lyric follows the minimalist trend you find in many new products. It's sleek, modern, yet simple in design. It comes nicely packaged with the thermostat (face and base), an optional wall plate, and two screws. Before you do anything, download the app for iOS or Android. The app guides you through the entire process from removal of your old thermostat to the installation, configuration, and customization of the Lyric. I had everything wired up in less than five minutes. Getting Lyric connected to my WiFi took about ten minutes due to issues with Lyric not being able to find my phone. As a bit of advice, I would suggest checking the Honeywell Lyric website if you have questions or concerns before purchasing. There's a ton of information regarding Lyric's compatibility with different heating and cooling systems as well as WiFi routers. One thing I should mention is that Lyric does not require a C wire. It includes and can run solely on a lithium AAA battery. I have a C wire and prefer that because it allows the display to remain on. If Lyric is running on battery power, the display will only come on when the proximity sensor detects you in front of it. The main selling point of Lyric is the geofencing feature. Geofencing has worked for me off and on in the past couple of weeks. In Honeywell's defense, I have two other devices that use geofencing and they don't always work either. Geofencing involves the phone, the phone carrier, the service in your area, and sometimes your WiFi router. When geofencing doesn't work it may not be the fault of the product itself. Another feature of Lyric is the Fine Tune Feature. Lyric knows the humidity inside and outside. It also knows current and near future weather conditions. With this information, it makes the temperature you set (say 78 degrees) feel spot on. I would love to know exactly how this works because my home has never felt as comfortable as it has been since I installed Lyric. There's a ton more that I could say about Lyric but keep in mind that it's fairly new. The firmware of Lyric and the app both need some work. I love gadgets and understand that getting the latest gadget comes with its quirks. I have no doubt Honeywell will continue to improve Lyric to make it even better.
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Digital Thermostat with *Cool* Features
Thermostats have come a long way since the Honeywell T87 made in 1953! The design has stayed pretty much the same throughout the years, but technology has hit a newer age where cellphones MUST be used to control pretty much everything else ... your security alarms, your video camera, your television. Now your cellphone has another friend: the thermostat. But not just any kind of thermostat. Following the shadow and foundation of the T87 but with more hip design and better features, the Lyric is not here to disappoint. You've got a screwdriver, right? Because that's about all you'll need for this oh-so-easy installation. And you'll need your smartphone too; I'm talking about your iPhone or Android device. Look for the term "Honeywell Lyric," and you should find it near the top of the list. There wasn't much in the instructional department, but since we're in the smartphone era, usually everything we need to know comes from the app. Talk about minimal! Once you have the app, it will request you to set up a new account, which will require an email confirmation, and that can take anywhere from an hour to four hours to receive (***if you do not receive a confirmation WITHIN THE HOUR, call Honeywell's customer service). Once your account is set up, you are ready to continue. It's a GREAT idea to take a picture of your old thermostat's wiring before taking it off, because mine didn't have flag notes on the wires to identify them for the next step. There is an optional backplate for the thermostat which looks like it belongs with the overall appearance of the device, and it will cover most of the old thermostat's left over old paint job, depending on how big your last thermostat was. Wiring up is quite easy. I used pliers to straighten each wire and to hold the wires for insertion. You will feel the wire click into place once it reaches the terminal. I would tug on each wire to make sure they're snug. Then you can screw the main back unit with the backplate. The back unit has a tiny level, which is handy when screwing it in! Two screws were included for this step, but we used some plastic anchors we had to ensure it would be snug and stay on the wall. And there you have it, you've removed the old one and installed the new one in under 30 minutes, I hope! Now for the fun part ... telling your smartphone to have a talk with your new toy! You are finally done with setting it up, now what? You have to tell it what temperature you want it set at for cooling and heating, and after that you can either walk away and leave it alone, or mess with it some more, absolutely up to you. I like being able to see the weather at a quick glance, tapping the Cloud button. You can control from the top black area when to heat, cool, or turn it off altogether. The right button is the Away feature, which I've used a few times and it's worked fine. Of course, I am not a perfectionist, so the Geofencing feature is a bit more accurate for my needs. By the time I am closer to my house, it's back to the right temperature for my needs. The dial on the outside of the thermostat can easily be turned, much like the older thermostats. Other than that, this Lyric is here to sit and look pretty when you walk by it. Further tweaking can be done from the smartphone if you want, or you can really just leave it alone and let it do its thing, as we've done for the most part. It has gotten comments from guests, and we like to show it off, but really it just sits there on the normal days. Lastly, the unit does feel a bit loose from it's backplate, but it is firmly connected so I am not worried. It does a good job using the humidity and outside weather to determine a comfortable temperature for the house, to a temperature that truly feels like 78 degrees. And I like being able to control the temperature from my phone. I'm not too crazy about the geofencing; I feel that is way too much to worry about for a device that's just supposed to cool your house. But if you're crazy about energy savings you can definitely take advantage of this feature, because that's where a lot of energy can be saved! Also from the app, you can tell it when you're leaving, or when you're about to go to sleep, etc., and doing this leads the Lyric into more savings. Instead of programming the thermostat for different days, you now tell it how long you'll be gone for today, and it will go to a temperature that is still safe for the house, and return to a more comfortable temperature by the time you come back. And for that, I think it's quite ... cool! So who is this thermostat for? It's for the geeky, and for the energy savers. There's a number of things it can't do yet, but I am happy with what it does so far. As far as energy savings? Only time can really tell, but the Lyric is looking out for you while you're gone, and when you're asleep, so letting it know of these events is when the Lyric will really take charge and save you some dough. There are many factors to consider, like your location, the humidity, general weather patterns, and your overall activity. And realistically it could take longer than a month (probably 6 months to a year) before you see the savings; until then it's nice to be able to control the thermostat from the phone. And in the future Honeywell should make it work on a remote website, as they have for their previous wi-fi thermostat product. I cannot comment on other features in the future, but Honeywell definitely has a development group focused on making this thermostat one of the best in its time for the customer, and I'm on their side. One last cool thing to mention is the included rechargeable battery, which is interchangeable! So when your power goes out, your thermostat won't forget how you set it. If you feel your air conditioning and/or heater are a major energy sucker, and you have a smartphone, consider the Lyric. It will be another toy in your house to control, and will help you save the money you deserve at the same time!
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Accurate, well-made
An interesting installation procedure, wherein you go on the web, download the app, then go through the installation procedure while online. There is no written manual. I used my iPad Mini, propped up next to the thermostat, to follow along. Installation was straightforward; remove the old, making note of which wire goes where, then install the new, inserting the wires in the clearly marked holes. One issue I had was that the wires needed to be pushed further into the holes than was obvious. Otherwise, the connections were not tight enough to make a proper connection. After the hardwire installation, follow the instructions to set up the wifi, being sure to select the Lyric wifi connection instead of your home wifi. After setup, your home wifi takes over again. The wifi setup went smoothly, and the Lyric began working immediately. Several very nice features include: Setting the thermostat from the app on my iPhone or iPad, either at home or away. Programming the Lyric for away-from-home temps, and for at-home temps. The Lyric can be programmed to set various temps at various times of the day, like a typical programmable thermostat. The Lyric adjusts for humidity levels. The Lyric knows what the weather is outside, and compensates accordingly. You can also adjust the thermostat at the wall by simply turning the round display. So far, I am very pleased with the performance of the Lyric and can recommend it. The house feels more comfortable, somehow, and I suspect that it's due to the compensation of the Lyric for humidity and outside conditions.
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We're on hour 13 of trying to install this thing. Nothing works. The setup works ok if you're onl...
We're on hour 13 of trying to install this thing. Nothing works. The setup works ok if you're only trying to link it to one phone, but if you attempt to link a second phone or reset anything the entire "smart" functionality breaks down. It was controllable from our phone for about two hours, and not can't connect at all. We've trudged through web forum after web forum. Several sections of the instructions are flat wrong: it needs a C wire to even turn on, even though the instructions say it doesn't need it. The housing is a non-standard shape and won't fit on your old box, if there is one. There are two stages of shared pairing: homekit and the lyric app, both of which require invitations from a person already paired. Homekit invitations can be sent, but never arrive or grant access to others. The homekit pairing code can only be displayed once and if you don't write it down the entire system has to be factory-reset to get it back. The lyric app invitation sent the first time and sort-of worked. It allowed me to see the device in the lyric app on the second phone, but not connect. I reset the system and tried to pair again, and this time the invitation never even sent and I was unable to even see the device on the second phone. I tried a home-kit reset, then repair homekit. The only result of this was homekit couldn't connect to the device at all.
Response from Honeywell SupportMar 31, 2018
Anthony, We are sorry to hear about this installation experience. If you are still in need, we would be happy to help get your thermostat and app set up and working properly. You can give us a call at 1-800-633-3991 or send us a message at HoneywellHome@honeywell.com (ref. # 00502043). We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you. Honeywell
    I like the features and and stylish look but the instructions are horrible. It only shows a hook ...
    I like the features and and stylish look but the instructions are horrible. It only shows a hook up for a 5 wire system. I have like 8 wires. What do I do with them?? I have searched and searched and you would think SOMEONE would have the same amount of wires that I do...guess not! I am bound and determined to get this thing hooked up correctly. I have it to where the heat and air switch over but the Wifi doesn't work and my back up heat.
    Response from Honeywell SupportApr 26, 2017
    Hi Rob, We're here to help get your Lyric Round connected and working properly with your system. At your convenience, please send us an email at HoneywellHome@honeywell.com with an image of your current wiring, previous wiring, and the model number of the thermostat you are replacing. We've created case number 01053541 to assist you further, and we look forward to hearing from you. Thanks! Honeywell
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