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Horizontal 275 Gal. Black Oil Tank

  • Made of 12-Gauge steel for durability
  • Powder-coated to resist weather conditions
  • Custom carrying handles designed for easy transportation
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Product Overview

AT and S uses a sophisticated five-step process to provide the finest paint finish in the industry. After quality assurance testing, each tank is pre-treated with an iron phosphate cleaning process then run through a drier to ensure a tight bond between the paint and steel. The tank then passes through a powder coating process where a beautiful, yet tough, weather resistant coating is applied. Single wall steel tank for oi-burner fuels and combustible liquids.
  • 12-Gauge steel
  • Meets UL/ULC specifications. UL-Listed. UL-80
  • Overlap weld
  • Custom carrying handles
  • Accessories (legs, gauges, oil filters, etc.) sold separately; available in stock at your local Home Depot or by online order
  • Fittings not available online can be purchased at your local Home Depot or consult your professional installer
  • Be sure to have the tank(s) installed by a licensed installer; domestic heating oil tanks are to be installed in accordance with NFPA-31, installation code for oil burning equipment
  • Installer shall ensure that applicable federal, provincial and local codes are met prior to installation
  • California residents

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Questions & Answers


I have a narrow doorway opening leading into the tank room of 24" What are the various measuremen...

Asked by Carman January 6, 2021

If you look under the header "Info and Guides" you will find the specification sheet which contains and illustration with measurements. Unfortunately this tank will not fit through a 24" door way. Based on my experience the premium for odd sized tanks is high. You may find it less expensive, in the long run, to remove the door and reinstall it or a larger one, than buying a tank that will fit. You may also want to look at Home Depot SKU 207175402. If you put that in the search block on the Home Depot site it will come up. Its a European style tank. Its still larger than 24" but not by much. I find its square shape makes it easier to get into odd places than the round ones. And its a better tank.

are there outlet bungs at the bottom of the tank or a drain out plug?

Asked by otis November 12, 2020

This tank has five tapings. Four 2" Female connections on the top and 1/2" taping on the bottom. The bottom tapping is usually used to connect the fuel line to the appliance. It however fuel is being pulled from one of the 2" tapings by way of a duplex bushing, the bottom tap would need to be appropriately plugged. Please refer to the specification sheet found under the header "Info and Guides" on the home depot product listing page.

So by calculation based on exterior dimensions, the most this tank could hold is 318 gallons. My ...

Asked by Jim August 3, 2020

Thank you for your question and the opportunity to explain. The methodology for determining and expressing tank volumes was established more than a century ago. You may find it interesting that much of this stems from legislative action taken after the great molasses flood that took place in Boston on January 15, 1919. In fact if you were in that part of Boston yesterday you would have been able to smell the molasses residue as you can on any hot summer day. Although it may be counter intuitive and appear misleading, that is not the intent. The intent is to be compliant with the rules regulating industry standards. I would liken it to the fact that 2x4 lumber does not measure 2" x 4"; in fact it’s not even close. It is about being consistent and compliant with established industry norms and standards. Unfortunately it is not literal. I can assure you that this tank is what is consistent to what is referred to as a 330 Gallon tank. I can say this definitively because of more recent actions taken to safe guard the storage of residential heating oil. This series of code is referred to as UL80. The UL stands for Underwriters Laboratory, They are the third party entity that set the prodigal and certifies compliance. The UL 80 system is fairly involved but part of compliance is a plate or sticker you will find on the tank. On that sticker you will find the UL logo. As well as the tank size which is stated as 330 in compliance with their rules. As well you fill find the tank capacity with is stated to be 319. Very close to the calculation you came to. I commend you on your math skills. I would have found the parabolic shape of end caps impossible to deal with. Now let’s move to why your delivery of fuel. Although the tank has an internal volume of 319. The tank is only one component in a storage system. As part of that system and in compliance to UL80 rules there will be a 2" whistle in the vent. During the filling process the flow of fuel displaces the air in the tank. This air leaves through the vent. This causes the whistle to sing. This sound travels through the vent pipe confirming to the delivery agent that there is still sufficient space in the tank for additional fuel. When the full level reaches the bottom of the whistle, which typically hangs down into the tank roughly 8" from the top the sound stops. This tells the delivery person that they must stop the flow of fuel or they risk a spill. The unused space above the bottom of the whistle is there to give the person doing the filling time to shut off the flow of fuel. With some older equipment this involves actually running back to the truck. This void space also gives room for the fuel to expand when it’s internal temperature and resulting volume changes. Again thank you for your question. I will add a copy of the UL sticker to the Home Depot listing on all oil tanks to avert any confusion in the future. For others that read this please know that you fill find this inconsistency with almost all tanks. For example a 500 gallon propane tank will not hold 500 gallons. Instead it will have a usable volume of roughly 80 percent of that figure. Void space is needed to allow the liquid fuel an area to vaporize. And you cannot get 40 gallons of hot water out of a hot water heater because the exiting hot water is being displaced by entering cold water. So again the 80% is a great rule of thumb.

how long can i expect this tank to be leak proof indoors?

Asked by george July 4, 2020

Great Question! It is border line tragic that so few people realize that an oil tank is potentially the greatest source of liability in the home, A large discharge of oil can make a home uninhabitable and the fact that most if not all home owners insurance policies do not cover oil spills means oil spills can also ruin you financially. For this reason I have changed the tank in every home I have moved into and replace mine every 20 years. Many would find this extreme, but as I work in this industry and have seen people's lives ruined by oil spills, I take a very conservative view. Let also say I am aware of tanks failing sooner than that. In fact I am aware of them failing in a year. These situations had nothing to do with a tank defect but were the result of either a improper installation and in most cases bad fuel. The highest quality number 2 oil is used as jet fuel, kerosene and diesel. More often than not the lowest quality number 2 ends up as home heating oil. Add to that bio fuels you can end up with corrosive fuel that can effect the tank. I have opened old tanks and found french fries. This was due to improperly possessed used restaurant cooking oil being sold as bio fuel. Thus my strong recommendation is to buy your fuel from the same reputable dealer consistently. Keep the tank as full as you can because that leaves less space for air and the subsequent condensation of the water contained in that air. And most importantly make sure it is installed correctly in accordance with the UL 80 guidelines.If your concern rises to my level you may want to consider a double wall European style oil tank. The Home Depot carries them as well. They utilize a polyethylene inner tank, that is inside a galvanized tank. Between the two tanks is a leak detection devise that indicates if the primary tank has failed. These tanks are now required in many mobile home parks where the tanks are outside and susceptible to snow plow strikes.

Does Home Depot offer installation of this?

Asked by Rod May 12, 2020

I am sorry but these questions are routed to the manufacturer not to The Home Depot. Thus I can not speak definitively as to there installation offerings. I would advise you contact your local store.

How much does this weigh?

Asked by Barbara May 1, 2020

Product Weight (lb.) 320lb

I am planning to purchase this tank and want to know if it is strapped down and shipped on a pall...

Asked by JoeD November 10, 2019

We do ship oil tanks strapped to a pallet. However, as i do not work for The Home Depot I can not speak to there delivery services and policies.

can this tank be used with fuel oil

Asked by raz61 July 10, 2019

Yes, this can be used with fuel oil.

What are the specs for the feet on this tank. I want to make concrete pads for the legs and need ...

Asked by Christina May 19, 2019

The center to center measurements on the leg tappings are 51" on the length and 36 3/4" on the width.

Can this tank be buried underground

Asked by Jim March 20, 2019

No, this tank can't be buried underground.

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Excellent construction no issues...
Excellent construction no issues
Easy to set up. Legs shutoff value and a fill pipe. Pick a good place for it.
Easy to set up. Legs shutoff value and a fill pipe. Pick a good place for it.
by shorty
The tank Is good , the straps used to hold...
The tank Is good , the straps used to hold the tank to pallet cause some scratches where they meat the tank edges . It left some pretty large spots of bare metal which were already rusty. About 8 spots an inch or larger . There are several other rusty spots . One leg was also hard to install as the paint filled the threads and required me to run a tap in it to clean them out. Still went in harder then it should have.
by lee
by gpost
Rating provided by a verified purchaser...
Rating provided by a verified purchaser
by HomeDepotCustomer
Easy installation. Built in handles make positioning less tedious. No...
Easy installation. Built in handles make positioning less tedious. No leaks so far.
Worked out nicely. Very heavy duty as my neighbor and...
Worked out nicely. Very heavy duty as my neighbor and I struggled to move to my basement. Love my oil heat now. Produces more heat that gas would per btu. Thanks.
by HomeDepotCustomer
So far so good no regrets! Much better tank than vertical.
So far so good no regrets! Much better tank than vertical.
by kbm
very upset with this tank , hooked it up and...
very upset with this tank , hooked it up and put 60 gallons of very expensive kerosene in it, only to find out its leaking at thr bottom, i just bought this a few months ago
by HomeDepotCustomer
Showing 1-10 of 30 reviews