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65-140 ft. lbs. Torque Limiting Impact Extension Bar Set (5-Piece)

  • Ideal for removing lug nuts on multiple vehicles
  • 8 in. in length
  • Lifetime Warranty with no questions, no receipt required.
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Product Overview

This set of Husky Torque Limiting Extensions bars is not just your ordinary impact extension set. These 1/2 in. drive extensions are pre-set to a designated torque limit to prevent over tightening and damage to wheel lugs, studs, wheels, drums, and rotors. This 5-piece set covers 5 of the most common torque requirements for today's cars, trailers, and trucks. A must have set for any DIY or professional garage.
  • Set includes: (5) 1/2 in. drive torque limiting extension bars: 65, 80, 100, 120, 140 ft. lbs.
  • Bars are designed to limit the amount of torque applied to a fastener when using a calibrated impact wrench
  • Color coded rings allow for easy torque range identification
  • Bars are designed for use with both cordless and pneumatic impact wrenches
  • Designed to be used with a calibrated pneumatic or battery powered impact wrench (calibration instructions included)
  • Extension bars are 8 in. in length
  • Ideal for use when changing lug nuts on multiple vehicles
  • Pin hole at the base of each bar for use with pin and O-ring for a secure attachment to drive tools
  • Cold formed from chrome molybdenum alloy steel (Cr-Mo) to withstand heavy-duty impact use
  • Chamfered lead-ins help to provide fast and easy placement onto drive tools and fasteners
  • Laser etched marking stand out on the black finish for easy identification
  • Plastic storage case is stamped with size markings for easy identification and organization
  • Meets or exceeds ANSI standards
  • Call 1-888-HD-HUSKY for customer service and support.
  • Backed by a Lifetime Warranty. If your Husky product ever fails, bring it back and we will replace it for free. Click here for details.
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65-140 ft. lbs. Torque Limiting Impact Extension Bar Set (5-Piece)
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Manufacturer Warranty
Lifetime Warranty with no questions, no receipt required

Questions & Answers


What country of origin are these made?

Asked by David June 15, 2020

These are made in Taiwan.

How come Set only has 5 and other Sets have 10

Asked by Billy December 30, 2019

This set is contains 5 pieces, as described. The values are ones which will be useful for most tire mounting.

Are these bars tested to perform properly (to rated torque values) using battery powered impacts ...

Asked by mark December 6, 2018

I used a Ryobi cordless 18v impact, worked great after calibration.

Is there a way to get a copy of the calibration instructions?

Asked by MJ June 4, 2017

Torque limiting bar extensions can not be "Calibrated" they don't clutch or slip to control torque but rather they flex twist to absorb energy from the impact wrench. These are used mainly for automotive and light pickup truck lug nuts, and not so much for work on engines where more precise torque requirement are required.

What is the manufacturer's accuracy tolerance for this set +/- ?

Asked by DiYGuy November 9, 2016

I did not find that information in the package. I did test the torque of each with a Snap-on torque wrench after torquing down the lug nuts on my F350. All were spot on. They function like a torsion bar and twist enough to cause the impact wrench hammer to reset so the nut cannot be turned any further. There is instructions on calibrating an AIR powered impact wrench to the extensions. I use a cordless 1/2" drive 20v Max DeWalt impact driver so there is no adjustment.

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like three months ago and is working wonderful what I like about it the lifetime warrantee that ...
like three months ago and is working wonderful what I like about it the lifetime warrantee that you can’t go wrong with a lifetime warranty And any probably return right back to Home Depot
by Booboo
Safely install lug nuts without over tightening
The Husky 5-Piece 65-140 ft. lbs. Torque Limiting Impact Extension Bar Set includes 8 inch long extensions for 65, 80, 100, 120 and 140 ft. lbs torque limits. They come in a nice molded case with markings on both the tools and the case. In addition, each extension is color coded. The hinge and latch are of a design that should survive repeated use. The female end has two holes for ball/pin style secure attachment. The male end has the standard ball on one side. They are cold formed from chrome molybdenum alloy steel (Cr-Mo) to withstand heavy-duty impact use and have the standard Husky hand tool lifetime warranty. While the bars themselves cannot be calibrated, you do need to calibrate your impact wrench. You accomplish this with either a setting on the impact wrench or via air pressure. Once the gun is set, you can use these to achieve a fairly consistent torque limit rating. The lug nuts on my vehicle are designed to be tightened to 94 ft. lbs. so I used the 80 ft. lbs. extension and checked it against a standard torque wrench to find the extension did stop at 80 ft. lbs. I then used the standard torque wrench to take me to the final 94 ft. lbs. setting. Why not just use the standard torque wrench you might ask. It is much faster to spin on the lug nuts with an impact gun and using this extension kit allows me to do so without the worry of over tightening or breaking off a lug nut. Overall I’m happy with this set and it does its job well. I just wish the kit was twice as big and included extensions only 10 ft. lbs. apart instead of a 20 ft. lbs. gap between each extension.
by RJJ21
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Nice complete kit
This kit arrived in perfect condition. The packaging was a clam-shell which was heat sealed on 3 sides, and required a nice set of scissors to open. The kit comes with a case, with a plastic red latch. If it's anything like the red latches on my other Husky kits, it's likely to break. However, this is a lighter kit, than others. I still like the case, as it's easy to snap the extensions in and out of it. I measured the overall size of case, it's 9 in x 5 in x 2 3/4in, take an 1/8 in. You'd need a hole this size in your tool box. The markings are clear, but felt the size could be bigger and thicker, say maybe as big as the Husky logo. Edges are well defined. Compared to a torque wrench, these were in the ball park. These are really used for wheels on a car, mostly. They are a great idea for anyone using an impact gun to put on alloy wheels. An impact can push lug nuts far deeper into aluminum alloy wheels, than people realize. So these torque sticks limit this, as they flex at a stated torque. Overall, very nice set, at a competitive price point. I recommend it.
by MacEwen
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Avoid over-torqued lug nuts
This set comprises a molded plastic carrying case and five 8 inch long, torque-limiting, ½ inch drive, impact extensions ( 65, 80, 100, 120 and 140 Lb. Ft), intended for installation use only, using an impact type tool (electric or pneumatic). Manufactured in Taiwan, they appear to be of quality construction and, according to the packaging, are backed by a “Forever Guarantee”. Although the packaging notes that no calibration (of the tool) is needed, the instructions provided do outline a calibration procedure to be followed for each different impact tool (and air line pressure) these extensions are used with, to avoid exceeding the stated torque limits. When checked against a calibrated torque wrench, the 65, 80 and 100 LB-Ft extensions accurately torqued the lug nuts (the 120 and 140 LB-ft extensions were not tested due to lack of a vehicle with lugs rated for that applied torque). Each extension has its rating engraved in the shank and has two circumferential color coded lines on the drive end of each extension (although with use and the accumulation of grease and grime these two narrow lines could become difficult to discern). There is quite a spread between rated values, but if the value needed for your vehicle is close to one of the five provided, these would be a nice adjunct to your impact tool.
by DonK
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Handy Set
This is a very handy set of extensions if you do your own auto repairs and use an impact gun on your lug nuts. They are color coded for easy selection, and come in a durable, molded case that should last a long time. These extensions require that you calibrate your impact gun prior to use, so be prepared for that. Instructions say to do final torquing with a torque wrench, so these will not replace that step. Handy if you remove wheels a lot.
by eee
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Avoid Over Torquing Lug Nuts
This 5 piece set of "Torque Sticks" is a nice adjunct to the use of impact wrenches for installing lug nuts. Although generally intended for removing hardware, many use it to install lug nuts...and using these torque-limiting extensions can minimize the chance of over-torquing the nuts when doing so. Although the packaging notes that no calibration of the bar is required, the instructions outline a procedure for calibrating the impact tool itself. After going through the procedure outlined, it became clear that it is more than likely only a concern if you are using a really hefty impact gun, as I was able to use the bars with my impact gun at "full throttle" as it is a lighter capacity tool. Attention to the proper line pressure to your pneumatic tool is recommended. If your needed torque value is one of the five provided ( 65, 80, 100, 120 or 140 Lb-ft) these will get you almost spot on, although final torquing with a torque wrench is always recommended. As these torque sticks rely on the "twisting" of the "necked down" section to limit the applied torque, the use of an impact gun is required. These tools can be used with either "detent" style or "pin and O-ring" style impact tools. Manufactured in Taiwan, they appear to be of quality construction and they are covered by the "Guaranteed Forever" policy noted on the packaging.Each bar is color coded, though only by the use of two circumferential lines at the driven end. If this wears, one can still identify which one is which by the imprinting on the shaft of the bar. However, the two small lines are more difficult to pick out than when the entire tool is color coded (as other versions are). Other than the minimal color coding and the large gap in torque value from 80 to 100 Lb-ft (sticks for 90 and 95 would have been nice), this would have earned a fifth star. Checked against a calibrated torque wrench, the results for the values supplied were acceptably close.
by DonK
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Torque Sticks for Impact Wrench
Husky 65-140 ft. lbs. Torque Limiting Impact Extension Bar Set (5-Piece) is a good set that comes with a sturdy plastic storage case. The set covers the most common sizes. They are intended to work only with an impact wrench and nullify the tightening blows at the designated resistance torque setting of the stick. Before using the extension bars they recommend they be calibrated to the impact wrench you are using. This is to match the wrench's impact setting to that of the torque bar. Then check the torque bar after tightening the lug nut to a torque wrench. I did this and was worth doing as the lowest setting on my impact wench was enough to tighten the lug nut to the required torque. The torque bars are really easy to use just put an extension bar on the impact wrench as you would any other 8-inch extension. They are color coded and stamped on the side to use the right one. I checked the 80 foot pound torque stick for my car wheel lugs with my torque wrench and it was close. Its a worthwhile accessory for an impact wrench for those without built-in torque limiting. Given the power of impact wrenches to easily over tighten that can result in stretched nuts and other damage like shearing. You shouldn't be using an impact wrench to tighten lug nuts without torque limiting, either in the wench setting or with a torque bar. Some have issues with them, but if you are concerned be sure to check it when done with a torque wrench that its tightened the nut to spec. I was hesitant to use my impact wrench to tighten nuts, always did it by hand until now that I've got this accessory.
by FXP1
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They make installing lug nuts so much faster!...
They make installing lug nuts so much faster!
by 907thpeterson
Rating provided by a verified purchaser...
Rating provided by a verified purchaser
by HomeDepotCustomer
Rating provided by a verified purchaser...
Rating provided by a verified purchaser
by HomeDepotCustomer
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