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Faucet Handle and Sleeve Puller

  • Removes seized faucet handles and 1/2 in. compression sleeves
  • Zinc-coated for corrosion resistance
  • Unique sleeve-puller design easily removes compression fittings
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Product Overview

The Husky duel use Compression Sleeve and Faucet Handle puller offers a reliable way to remove seized 1/2 in. fittings. With its A3 steel design and zinc coating, this is sure to provide you with the leverage you need. This item is backed by the Husky lifetime warranty and satisfaction guarantee.
  • Dual purpose tool
  • Easily handles most compression fittings
  • Quickly remove faucet handles
  • High quality A3 steel construction
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty, if your Husky product ever fails, bring it back and we will replace it for free
  • Industrial grade

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Compatible Pipe Size (in.)1/2 in.


Compatible Pipe MaterialMetalPack Size1
Returnable90-DayTools Product TypeHand Tool

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer WarrantyLifetime

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Not easy to use but works
This tool does remove the compression sleeve, but it took 25 minutes to remove it when I figured out how to use the tool properly. The instructions are poor. The first time I used it; I did not know what to do with the outside brackets. The outside brackets should be pulling the nut. You will need to adjust the screw so the brackets will just fit behind the compression nut before you screw the tool end into the compression nut. Once the tool and the compression nut fits behind the brackets; duck tape the brackets together as shown in the attached photo. Also you will want to use a pipe or a tool to turn the screw lever clockwise or you will strain or hurt your hand. I used a bathtub drain removal tool as my lever; I also will attach a photo of the lever. I also added a drop of coconut oil to the sleeve of the tool that fits in the pipe. The tool does scrape / compress the 1/2 copper pipe, so the new compression sleeve was too loose to compress. I had to cut of some of the compressed pipe to get a section that was not compressed too thin. With all the frustration and time wasted on removing the compression sleeve; it would have been easier to just used the old compression nut and sleeve as some people suggested. I personally wanted to use the new compression nut and sleeve, so I tortured myself in removing the old nut and sleeve. By removing the compression sleeve; I was able to keep the pipe in the wall a little longer than if I had cut the old valve off behind the compression nut.
Response from THD-CSOMar 18, 2022
Thank you DAVID, we appreciate you taking the time to share. We're sorry to hear that you're not satisfied with your purchase. We want to ensure the best possible experience with your purchase, and we would love for you to reach out to us directly so that we can have the opportunity to assist you further. Please, contact us at 1-888-434-8759.
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The metal head is only press-fit into the threaded rod. After moderate force, the tapered end bites into the threaded valve and the head then shears off the threaded rod. See picture. I just bought this item today. It is going back to the store. Rubbish.
Response from THD - CSMar 7, 2022
Hi HomeRepairWarrior, we are sorry to see that you returned your purchase. We take pride in our products and the happiness of our customers. If you require future assistance, we encourage you to reach out to us at 1-888-434-8759, so we can help.
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    Made things worst
    The metal piece in the middle broke and it is now stuck where the handle’s screw goes. Now, I have a handle and a piece of metal stuck on the handle and have hot water leaking from my shower head.
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      Poor Instructions For Use
      After much searching I discovered this tool to enable the removal of a compression sleeve from a copper line - on paper it seemed like the answer to my problem. The "paper" part is the issue here - the instructions that accompany this tool are limited and not clear - something as simple as "which direction to spin the handle" is not mentioned. I learned more by reading comments and descriptions from other users then from the instructions. The video on the HD website for the tool only shows the "handle pulling" - nothing about "compression sleeve" removal. Even so, it could not have prepared me for the issue of transferring the "problem" from the copper line to the tool's "peg" - as can be seen from the pix, now the sleeve is stuck on the peg rather than the copper line (no instructions for removal). I called the "Husky phone number" (in reality a HD customer service rep) who had no idea how to resolve - he suggested I return the tool and get a new one to take off the second sleeve, and he also gave me the manufacturer phone number. I called the manufacturer phone number and was give zero assistance - the person couldn't help with any technical question and suggested I call a plumber for resolution (seriously - call a plumber to trouble shoot their $14 tool??). It appears the tool should include multiple "pegs" in order to be used more than once - or be given instructions on how to remove the sleeve from the peg. With no information or technical assistance it appears this is a single use tool - I will return it again in order to be able to use the tool on the next "sleeve pulling" situation.
      Response from THD - CSOct 21, 2021
      Hi casadedale, we are sorry to see that you returned your purchase. We take pride in our products and the happiness of our customers. If you require future assistance, we encourage you to reach out to us at 1-888-434-8759, so we can help.
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        Got 3 out of 4 handles off before the tip bend.
        I needed to remove two shower and two tub handles in order to replace leaky valves. The handles were stuck on from 30 years of hard water. I was able to get 3 handles off pretty easily using this tool. Unfortunately the last one always has to be difficult. The handle wouldn't budge, but the tool did. It buckled... literally. The tip bent and some threads slipped. Either I have bionic hands or the tool is made of soft, cheap steel. I could understand it buckling had I cranked it with pliers, but I was only using my hand to turn. In my opinion, this is not a professional tool. Even though it comes with a lifetime warranty, I don't have time to deal with that.
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          Not strong enough for some faucets
          My faucet handle bent the tool. One of the metal pieces that are bent 90 degrees got straightened a little and kept slipping out from under the faucet, causing slight chipping of the faucet. I had to re-bend that piece. Hand strength wasn't enough to keep the sides of the tool together so I had to use a strap and two pieces of thick baling wire. Then I needed a large wrench to turn the handle.
          Response from THD-CSFeb 22, 2021
          Dear Valued Home Depot Customer, We have reached out to the manufacturer and their reply is, We're sorry to hear that your experience has been less than stellar. We believe in the quality of our products and we take pride in being able to assist our customers at every turn. We'd like the opportunity to turn this around and we encourage you to reach out to us directly at 1-888-434-8759 so we can assist you further and have you enjoying your product!
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            Just buy this thing ... it will save you a lot of cursing and a lot of time. I wish I had bought...
            Just buy this thing ... it will save you a lot of cursing and a lot of time. I wish I had bought this years ago. Of course you can fiddle brass ferrules off copper pipe but this puller makes it fast, easy and near risk free of damaging anything. For under eleven bucks one of the best tool investments I've made in a long time. If pulling ferrules, take the screw out of the arms to make it easier to get into tight places under sinks. Also the instructions aren't so clear which way the silver insert goes into the pipe, turns out only the skinny end fits in 1/2" copper.
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            Choose one function - here covering ferrule puller
            This tool oddly has two functions, as the name implies. I wish the manufacturer would have dedicated this tool to only one function to make it easier to understand how to use it. I'm a degreed mechanical engineer, so I figured if use of this tool was not clearly intuitive, I am likely not alone. In need of a tool pull a stuck compression fitting ferrule (commonly called a compression ring or sleeve), I purchased this tool as no other such animals were available in my area. Almost any tool will work better than hack-sawing the ferrule at an angle to remove it. Once you score the surface of the pipe or get it out of round, you will not be able to achieve an effective seal, meaning that your repair will leak. The environment I was working in was under a kitchen sink with a horizontal drain pipe several inches in front of the valve location and braided water supply lines dangling about. The dangling arms I initially thought would be needed to pull against the back of the ferrule nut. Nope, not so. No instructions, just a couple of small pics on the face of the packaging which definitely aids in sale but not in use of this tool. Since those arms were annoyingly in my way, I simply unscrewed and removed them along with the aluminum cast arm they hung from. Then I hack-sawed off ~5/16" of the ends of the handle cross bar and ground the ends round on a grinder. This allowed the handle to turned a full revolution without obstruction, due to a drain pipe clearance issue. With very little screw pressure required to draw the ferrule off the end of the tube, the handle should be much shorter, so I made it so. Lacking instructions, use of the remaining pieces was not clear. So I have provided a pic of the modified assembly with all parts in exploded view, including the just removed ferrule and ferrule nut included. I suggest applying a light coat of oil on the outside of the aluminum barrel piece around the larger diameter end. This is so that when the ferrule is pulled off the copper pipe and onto that piece, it will also not be found to also be stuck, this time on the barrel piece. Similar space constraints may be experienced in the open behind a toilet in replacing an angle valve, also requiring the above mentioned modifications. If the handle threaded rod is too long for your working environment, it would be better to buy a shorter such tool by another manufacturer which is activated using a socket wrench, available at many true hardware stores. Com[pression fitting installation tips: 1) Clean the bare pipe of debris and film with rubbing alcohol, then apply a thin layer of pipe joint compound around the ferrule to assist in a water tight seal, before assembling your new valve, ferrule and ferrule nut. \ 2) Hand tighten gently the nut and then use two wrenches to tighten further: one to hold the valve body and the other to tighten (open end or adjustable wrenches - not a pipe wrench or channel locks). This prevents strain on the pipe joint behind the wall, which could break integrity of the pipe. 3) Tighten with wrenches gently 1/2 to 2/3 turn only. Turn the water supply main valve back on slowly, with a couple of other plumbing fixtures open some to relieve pressure, and check for leaks. Tighten the nut slightly more if necessary. Remember you can always tighten more, but not less.
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              Remove the arms when removing a compression sleeve
              Worked perfectly, with a minor modification to the instructions. Remove the arms by spinning them off the puller. They are not used when you pull a compression sleeve. 1. Screw the brass fitting onto the puller handle and Insert the narrow end of the silver fitting into the pipe (you may have to open up the end of the pipe ever so slightly). 2. Insert the pointed end of the puller into the silver fitting and carefully thread the compression nut onto the brass fitting. 3. Turn the puller handle clockwise until the compression sleeve slips off. 4 & done. Tap the sleeve off the silver fitting. Pretty simple and, unlike other reviews, you only need two hands to do it.
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                Absolute garbage!
                I bought this tool with the intent of easily removing a compression sleeve from a leaky toilet valve. Worst $12 I have ever spent. Unless you have 4 hands, don't expect this to work for you. I would rather replace the copper pipe coming from the fitting in the wall.
                Response from THD-CSJul 31, 2020
                Thank you Ben, we appreciate you taking the time to share. We're sorry to hear that you're not satisfied with your purchase. We want to ensure the best possible experience with your purchase, and we would love for you to reach out to us directly so that we can have the opportunity to assist you further. Please, contact us at (866) 461-8665 or info@olympiatools.com.
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