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Folding Lock-Back Utility Knife

  • Folding Lock-Back Utility Knife with 10 utility blades
  • Designed with an aluminum handle and a belt clip
  • Lifetime Warranty with no questions, no receipt required
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Product Overview

Husky Folding Lock-Back Utility Knife locks in place for efficient cutting. The handle is crafted of aluminum for strength. The knife features a folding design to help ensure safety. Includes 10-blades. All Husky hand tools are backed by a Lifetime warranty-the best in the industry. In the unlikely event that a Husky tool breaks, we'll replace it free of charge. See product packaging for details.
  • Ergonomic, textured aluminum handle provides non-slip and comfort usage
  • Folding design for safety
  • Quick-release blade change
  • Convenient belt clip, as well as an end clip for easy hanging
  • Set includes 1 folding lock-back utility and 10 utility blades
  • Accepts standard size utility blade
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty, if your Husky product ever fails, bring it back and we will replace it for free
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FeaturesFolding Handle,Lockable Blade,Removable BladeFolding Handle,Lockable BladeFolding Handle,Lockable Blade,Removable BladeBlade Storage,Folding Handle,Lockable Blade,Removable Blade,Retractable Blade
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Blade Length (in.)2.4 in1.181.27 in2.5 in
Handle MaterialSteelAluminumMetalMetal
Blade MaterialSteelCarbon SteelSteelMetal
Blade Width (in.)
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Blade Length (in.)
2.4 in
Blade Width (in.)
Handle Length (in.)
Product Depth (in.)
Product Length (in.)
Product Width (in.)


Blade Edge Type
Straight Edge
Blade Material
Folding Handle,Lockable Blade,Removable Blade
Hand Tool Type
Utility Knife
Handle Material
Knife Type
Folding Knife
Lock Type
Lock Back
Number of Pieces
Product Weight (lb.)
Replacement Blade Type
Utility Knife Blades
Tools Product Type
Hand Tool

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty
Lifetime warranty

Questions & Answers


how do I close the knife when when not in use

Asked by Sandysea June 23, 2020

toward the tail of the knife is is a small cut out on either side. This allows you to push down on the silver spine, releasing the lock and allowing you to fold the knife down. Hope this helps!!

Who was hotter Jennifer or Bailey ?

Asked by Magicmike1968 March 4, 2020

Bailey, hands down. Never was much for the "augmented" look.

Is 32 square feet of paneling a 4x8 sheet or how many square feet are in a 4x8 sheet

Asked by Lorri August 16, 2019

Johnny had 33 apples. Johnny gave one apple to Lorri during mafh class.While Lorri ate her apple the class studied multiplication. That left Johnny with 32 apples. So 32 is the correct answer.

Does it have a belt clip?

Asked by Kenny March 19, 2019

Yes Kenny, this item comes with the belt clip included. Hope this helps!

Does anyone know who manufactures this knife?

Asked by Brian December 12, 2018


Are the blades made of stainless steel

Asked by Bains November 21, 2018

normal razorblade material. Yes

How to change the blades

Asked by Jac September 24, 2018

You slide the pin above the blade and pull down on the metal piece that hold the current blade in place. Then you easily change the blade and reverse the process to lock the new one in place!

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This knife is a really good design, and the price is unbelievable! It works well and with the re...
This knife is a really good design, and the price is unbelievable! It works well and with the replaceable blade, should last a very long time.
by Windsock
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I love this knife when extended, it is very thin and appears high quality.  The problem is that t...
I love this knife when extended, it is very thin and appears high quality.  The problem is that the blade doesn't fold into the knife all the way.  In fact it doesn't even come close.  The picture on the back of the package shows it closing further than it really does.  I brought it back and, the team at the help desk insisted that I got a defective one, going so far as to say that they had personal experience with ones that closed better.  Though skeptical, I exchanged the blade, but it is the same problem.  Perhaps older models closed better, but this blade is better reserved for the tool box, it is too cumbersome when closed to be useful in the pocket.  Honestly the problem could be fixed by removing the blade and angle grinding the lock bar and a little on the blade retainer, but is it worth it?  In exchange I bought this same blade, but with 100 spare blades which cost only a couple dollars more. Unfortunately, I didn't get a defective one, the new blade closes just as poorly. I'll keep the new one simply for the blades, and toss the knife in the tool box where I'm not bothered by its bulkiness. I bought a Milwaukee knife for my person, and am pleased with that tool.
by seano
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Con: I'm frustrated that the post that allows you to open the knife one-handed only allows for ri...
Con: I'm frustrated that the post that allows you to open the knife one-handed only allows for right-handed use. On most knives, that post just goes all the way through. It would also be nice if it was slightly closer to the tip of the blade. Pro: I like that it came with a little box for a smaller amount of replacement blades.
by Hannah
I got this to use for a new project a combination temperature and humidity control. The HuskyFol...
I got this to use for a new project a combination temperature and humidity control. The HuskyFolding Lock Back Utility Knife is versatile and easy to work with what you can do with it is really only limited by your own imagination. This is being done as a special super review . The finished product is a combination temperature and humidity controller. it can be used for a egg incubator, exotic pet snake tank, water dragon tank, and cigar humidor, etc. The list of parts for this project are : a leviton 15 amp duplex outlet a leviton single gang duplex outlet cover a Carlon 1-Gang 18 cu. in. PVC Old Work Box a leviton 2 gang decora black switch plate a Carlon 2 gang 32 cu new work box a HDX 15 amp 120 volt 3 prong grounded 6 foot appliance cord Southwire (By-the-Foot)16-2 Stranded White Lamp Wire and Southwire (By-the-Foot)16-2 Black Standed Lamp Wire a wire nut for said wire 4 Everbilt #6 x 3/4 in. Zinc-Plated Pan-Head Phillips Drive Sheet Metal Screws a temperature control a humidity control Rust-Oleum Professional 15 oz. Safety Red Inverted Marking Spray Paint and Rust-Oleum Professional 15 oz. Gloss Royal Blue Spray Paint Easy MaskKleenEdge 0.94 in. x 54-2/3 yds. Low Tack Painting Tape, news paper. vinyl letters 2 sets of Everbilt #8-32 tpi Zinc-Plated Machine Screw Nut with Everbilt #8-32 in. x 1 in. Truss Head Combo Zinc Machine Screw The wire nut and wire strippers came from the GARDNER BENDER304-Piece Electrical Project Kit, Includes Tools, Tester, Wire Nuts, Cable Ties, Staples and Tape in Reusable Canister tools : Sharpie Professional Black Marker, drill, Husky Folding Lock Back Utility Knife, flat and Phillips screw driver, wire strippers, straight edge or ruler, needle nose pliers, precision small screw driver set, multi meter step 1 : remove the mounting screws from the outlet 2] put the outlet into the the holes for the switch plate and the outlet cover, use a black magic marker to mark the mounting holes 3] drill out all of the holes so the screws will fit snugly. 4] take the outlet cover and cover 1/2 with the news paper using the painters tape and paint it red and put it aside. 5] take the back wire cover off the temp control, hold it up to the decora switch plate for each hole and use the marker to mark off the excess plastic on the left and right sides. this should be done on the back side, the wire covers are dis-guarded. 6] using the knife cut away the excess plastic so the temp control will fit into both holes snugly with out moving up or down. 7] take both box's, where they will connect together and mark a center line, the 2 gang box needs to have the mounting ears facing down. 8] measure 1 inch from the back of the 2 gang box and make a x on the center line, now measure 2 inchs up put a - and then out from each side of that - and make a x in each spot. 9] do the same to the 1 gang box 10] drill out the outer x holes so the nut and bolt combos will fit the outer holes 11] drill out the center x hole to 1/2 , 5/8 or 3/4 inch 12] on the back of the 2 gang box their is a knock out opposite the wings 13] above the knock out drill 2 holes so a sheet rock screw can fit in them but not the head. 14] pop the knock out, out, and use the knife to cut from the knock out up to the outer edges of the holes so you have a hanging hole with a slot that will hang on a dry wall screw. 15] on the inside of the 2 gang box their are wings on each side of the wire holders that need to be removed. as they stick out past the screw mounting posts they can be cut out with the knife, i did that the first few dozen times. then I started drilling the out side wing area and rip them out with needle nose pliers from the inside. this is all so the temp and humidity controls will fit. 16] the decora face plate can be placed on the front of the 2 gang box, use the screws to make sure the mounting holes line up correctly, make a line on the back of the face plate where it meets the edge of the 2 gang box on the bottom where it will connect to the 1 gang box. 17] now the top and bottom box's can be bolted together. 18] using the sheet metal sheers cut the plastic line across the bottom of the decora face plate. put it aside. 19] the power wire comes in the bottom of the 1 gang box through a wire holder and the ground from it can be screwed onto the earth ground of the outlet and so can the neutral wire. 20] the hot wire gets connected to 4x 14 or 16 gauge wires with the wire nut and they get run through the hole from the 1 gang box into the bottom of the 2 gang box 21] those 4 wires left to right connect to pin 1 solenoid supply and pin 3 power supply on both controllers, you can connect them later. the pin numbers are facing the back of the controllers 22] 2 ground wires are connected to the second screw of the neutral on the outlet and are run to pin 4 return on both controllers, for now they can be run through the hole box 1 to box 2 they are connected later. 23] break the tab connecting the 2 screws together on the outlet for the small spade hot wire 24] connect 2 wires 1 to each screw these are your feed wires they will connect to pin 2 on each unit, they can be run through the hole. 25]pry open the wire holders with a screw driver and put the humidity sensor wire in the top section and the temp sensor wire in the lower section, both in the lower wire holders of the left side facing the front of the unit. 26] take the tape off the one side of the outlet cover , reverse it and paint the other side blue. 27] take the decora face plate and with the cut side facing down put the temp control in the lower spot so the cut edge is below it. 28] using the wire strippers strip 1/4 inch off the ends of all of the wires after they have been cut to a appropriate length, remembering the extra wire goes into the bottom on the 1 gang box. 29] using the small screw drivers connect the sensor wire first to the temp control from the temp probe, then connect the rest of the wires as described above. using the multi meters beep for closed circuit function to determine which wire is which if their all the same color, the hot feed wire should go to the left side of the outlet. 30] now put in the humidity control, you can see it blocks the screw blocks on the temp control, which is why it had to be done in the correct order. now connect all of the wires as listed above and match up the sensor wires to the listed colors on the wire diagram on the control box, ignoring the rest of the wiring diagram. hot feed to right side outlet. 31] now for the real fun, carefully push the face plate with the now wired up and mounted controls into the 2 gang box, while gently pulling on the sensor wires so they are not jammed in the box and the same to all of the supply wires pulling the excess into the base of the 1 gang box under the outlet. 32] once the face plate is close enough , put in your screws and gently start tightening it so the face plate depresses into the 2 gang box. once it is behind the front of the single gang box that sits out 1/2 further then the 2 gang box your good. 33] gently squash all of the extra wire down into the single gang box so the outlet will fit in their. if your wires are too long now is the time to shorten them. 34] you can put your vinyl letters on top of the humidity and temp controls 35] if the outlet cover is dry you can mount it using its 3 screws, dont put on the vinyl letters just yet in case you reversed the feed wires. plug it in and your all set, if the feed wires are correct for function you can put on your vinyl letters. other wise just reverse the outlet cover. I developed this entire project off the top of my head, their are no blue prints or diagrams and this is the first time I have ever typed out a entire procedure of how I build them. This is how to build the combination single zone temperature with humidity control. I also build multi zone temp controls some with over temp alarms. EVERY THING beyond the temperature and humidity controls them self's was purchased at Home Depot.
by JurassicParkStaff
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very useful on everyday work
The knife is a must have on all my heating cooling and appliance jobs use it more times in one day than I can even count. Very durable product. Its easy to use and great folding action lasts years unless you loose them of leave them at a job site.
by mike
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This knife's blade does not pull out.
I currently have five Husky utility knives. I bought this one because I had temporarily lost four of them. I have a gold, a silver*, a black*, a red*, and this orange one. All but this one have the blade release toward the front of the blade hinge and you push up on it to release the blade. This one has the release near the handle and you depress a button to release the blade. When cutting thick material, the other knifes releases the blade making it somewhat unsafe to handle, this one does not. I WOULD NOT recommend the other Husky knives. I would recommend this one. *Bought as a set.
by BobS
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That is one tough knife. Cuts clean and holds strong....
That is one tough knife. Cuts clean and holds strong.
Its good. Works great....
Its good. Works great.
by Tj
Rating provided by a verified purchaser...
Rating provided by a verified purchaser
by HomeDepotCustomer
Waste of time
I used it once, right out of the package but could not close/fold the darn thing afterwards. I even took the blade off because I did not want to cut myself. Spent too much time trying and gave up. It was a good price but if I can’t find my receipt, it’s going in the trash. RS
by RS916
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