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Evolution Supreme SS Lift & Latch Quiet Series 1 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal with Power Cord Kit

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  • Comes with Power Cord Kit
  • Stainless Steel Grinding Components with 40 oz. Chamber Capacity
  • Backed by our 10-Year "We Come to You" Limited In-House Warranty
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Product Details

Hero image of Evolution Supreme SS garbage disposal

InSinkErator Quiet Series

Upgrade your kitchen with the advanced performance of the Quiet Series. Our best performing disposals are also the quietest.

Assembled, Designed Invented in the USA

America’s #1 Disposal Brand

There are more InSinkErator garbage disposals in homes around the world than all other brands combined.

Icon that says all InSinkErator disposers are septic safe

Got Septic? Get InSinkErator®.

Experts agree that all InSinkErator® garbage disposals are safe for properly maintained septic systems.

Graphic of soundwaves

The World’s Quietest Garbage Disposals

Our SoundSeal technology provides whisper-quiet performance while grinding even the noisiest of food waste.

Evolution Supreme SS garbage disposal cutaway closeup of internal components

Industry’s Best Jam-busting Torque

Long-lasting and dependable Dura-Drive induction motors have the most jam-busting torque based on the industry standard load testing.

Bones in sink

Handles the toughest food scraps

Quiet Series disposals are designed to handle even the toughest kitchen food scraps like bones, and fibrous fruits and veggies.

Image of clean white kitchen

Keeps Kitchens Clean

InSinkErator disposals eliminate household food waste effortlessly, leaving you with a cleaner and fresher kitchen.

Highest Durability Icon

Highest Durability

Most Power Series disposals feature stainless steel grind components that resist rust and provide lasting durability.

Horsepower Icon

3/4 – 1.0 Horsepower

Depending on the model, our Power Series disposals feature ¾ to 1.0 Horsepower motors.

Multi-Stage Grind Icon

Multi-Stage Grind

Our MultiGrind technology adds up to three, high-capacity grinding stages to repeatedly break down food scraps into finer particles.

Easy Swap Installation Icon

Easy Swap Installation

Our Quick Lock mount system makes it fast and easy to switch out one InSinkErator garbage disposal for another.

Advanced Noise Reduction Icon

Advanced Noise Reduction

SoundSeal technology provides whisper-quiet performance while grinding the noisiest of food waste. The Quiet Series includes the quietest disposal on the market.

Six to Ten Year Warranty Icon


Depending on the model, our Quiet Series disposals feature 6-year to 10-year limited warranties.

Evolution Supreme SS Quiet Series garbage disposal features a powerful 1 HP induction motor with the finest grind technologies and sound reducing technologies making it the quietest disposal on the market and delivering exceptional performance where it matters most. This model features InSinkErator exclusive Lift & Latch installation technology allowing for quicker sink connection. It's our easiest install ever.
  • Equipped with Lift & Latch technology for hassle-free sink connection
  • Sold Exclusively at The Home Depot
  • Features Long-Lasting Dura-Drive Induction Motor w/ 3-Stage MultiGrind Technology to Handle Tough Food Waste
  • Includes Power Cord, LeakGuard Liner, and Rubber Sink Gasket for Putty-Free Installation
  • Keep the Conversation Going! Sound Seal Technology Delivers Quieter Performance, Eliminating the Need for Elevated Voices While in Use
  • Septic Safe for Properly Maintained Septic Systems
  • Removable Antimicrobial Quiet Collar Sink Baffle to Inhibit Growth of Odor-Causing Bacteria
  • 1-1/2" Anti-Vibration Hose Clamp Drain Connection
  • InSinkErator's 10-Year "We Come to You" Limited Service Warranty Covers Repair or Replacement by an Authorized Dealer
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Questions & Answers

Q:Can it be unlocked in case it gets stuck ? Like From under ?
by|Nov 30, 2022
1 Answer
Answer This Question

A:  Hi Annir, thanks for reaching out. In case the unit gets jammed, you can manually turn the plate from underneath with the use of the service wrenchette that comes inside the box. Here's a troubleshooting guide for your reference: https://bit.ly/2RFXRN0. We hope this helps.

by|Dec 1, 2022
    Q:Are the Evo select & badger 1 compatible to exchange especially the drain
    by|Nov 26, 2022
    1 Answer
    Answer This Question

    A:  Hi Rich1, thanks for your question. These two models are different in size, so the plumbing dimensions are slightly different, but the mounting assembly that attaches to the sink are the same. For your reference, here are the specs sheet for the Badger 1 - https://bit.ly/3VeYD0J and the Evolution Select - https://bit.ly/3VfdDvO.

    by|Nov 29, 2022
      Q:If I have an old InSinkErator 77 will this work?
      by|Nov 22, 2022
      1 Answer
      Answer This Question

      A:  Hi Andrew, thanks for your continuous support to our products. Yes, Evolution Select Plus can be a replacement. It would have the same 3/4 horsepower. I hope this helps.

      by|Nov 23, 2022
        Q:Does this model replace the Insinkerator 60s model?
        by|Nov 20, 2022
        1 Answer
        Answer This Question

        A:  Hello Meemaw, thanks for your continued support to our products. Evolution Select can also be a replacement with your 60s model disposer. Although it is wider, but plumbing is unlikely to be affected. For more specification of Evolution Select, please visit this link: https://bit.ly/3UXurXQ. We hope this helps.

        by|Nov 27, 2022
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          So far so good!
          I installed Evolution Select model 5/8 horsepower. Took 2 hours from start to finish. No major problems. I give the instructions a C+ grade. They could have been clearer about how the parts arrive in the box and how they need to come together during the installation. The unit is quiet and smooth so far. I did not give it 5 stars because only time will tell about the quality. Some reviewers had a problem installing the wiring harness, but I did not. I am uploading a photo of the instructions.
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            Some pros and con.
            I thought I would give a try to install myself. Plumber want $500 to install. Crazy. I had a learning curve on getting it hung, Tricky to line up to twist on. Do a dry run before you mount the bracket to the sink. Difficult to line up in a tight space. This model recommended to use the included rubber gasket on the upper sink side of flange and not plumbers putty. At least with my sink it was a total failure. I had the bracket as tight as I could and it leaked. Make sure you fill your sink very full after install. After 6 minutes I noticed a small drip. Obviously I had to pull everything out and reset the sink flange with plumber putty. Success but very time consuming. Had a tough time trying to get the slip ring on the flange while trying to hold all the parts. I used 3 zip ties pulled to the mounting bolts to spread the ring out to fit over flange. Once I had it in position, I snipped the zip ties and the ring snapped into place Fast and easy.
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              Fantastic unit and super quiet!
              My old 18 year old Insinkerator 555SS was on its last leg, grinding loud as all heck and clogged up with gunk that I didn't seem to be able to remove. I purchased this unit after reading up on it and seeing that it would be easy to install. And easy it was! Great to have it come with ALL of the necessary installation parts including the AC cord clamp and wire nuts (which the instructions said were NOT included)! As others have said, the unit is super quiet and yes, I had to shine a flashlight down the drain to confirm that it was actually running when I flipped the switch! One bugaboo was that the power cord is not color coded (hot and neutral) despite indicating such in the instructions. Fortunately, I am perfectly capable of determining which wire is which on my own and completed the wiring without issue. Don't guess at this. Get it right. If unsure, call an electrician!
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                Less than two weeks old... already rusting!!!
                BUYER BEWARE: Yesterday, I turned it on and I heard something that sounded like food partials that just didn't grind. I removed the drain gasket. I saw rust right below and around both blades on the floor of the grinding chamber. Very disappointed!
                Response from InSinkEratorJan 28, 2022
                Hi Sman, thank you for posting a review and we’re sorry to hear that your experience was not up to standards. Grinding components with brown discoloration or surface rust is normal and simply cosmetic. It will not affect the life or performance of the disposer unless it is well outside of the disposer's lifespan. The amount of rust or discoloration varies and is dependent on usage and what may have been put through the disposer. We appreciate you spending the time to share your negative experience with us. If you're having issues with your disposer, please feel free to reach us at https://support.insinkerator.com/app/ask.
                  8 found this review helpful
                  Got a bad unit
                  I bought the Evo Select Plus II 3/4HP model from HD on 9/27/21 and received it on 10/4/21. I installed and checked plumbing and everything was fine until today when the unit began leaking from the bottom of the disposal motor body. Very disappointed.
                  Response from InSinkEratorJan 3, 2022
                  Hi, thanks for posting a review. All comments from our customers are important to us, and we are sorry to hear that you had such a frustrating experience with your new disposer. Sometimes when it appears the disposer is leaking from the bottom, the water is actually leaking from a higher place like the mounting assembly. To determine where the leak is coming from, run the disposer and water for a few seconds as you normally would then turn the power off to your disposer. If your unit has a plug, unplug it from the outlet. If it is hardwired, shut the power off at the circuit breaker. Use a dry paper towel to wipe the unit starting from the top and working your way down to find the source of the water. Wipe along the top mounting area, down the sides of the canister, and wipe along the dishwasher connection if you have a dishwasher connected. Also, carefully wipe around the discharge drain connection. Then check the bottom of the disposer last. If you still need assistance, you can reach us at https://support.insinkerator.com/app/ask.
                    3 found this review helpful
                    missing key part for install
                    bad luck with inskerator. They appear to have quality control issues. my wife bought a badger 9000 which started making a horrible noise within 3 weeks. I replace it with this model and it's missing the key part for installation.
                    Response from InSinkEratorNov 25, 2021
                    Hi, we're sorry to hear about your experience with our products. We'd like to learn more and see how we may be able to help. You can reach us through https://support.insinkerator.com/app/ask.
                      6 found this review helpful
                      Easy install with the help of someone on YouTube. Very,...
                      Easy install with the help of someone on YouTube. Very, very quite. Actually had to check and see if I had it tuned on.
                        4 found this review helpful
                        Questionable Quality Control
                        Perhaps against my better judgment, I decided to replace my 26 month old Badger 500 with another unit from InSinkErator. The first model barely made it past their 2-year warranty period before it shot craps. This time around, I upgraded to the Evolution Select 5/8HP - stainless cutting chamber, good reviews, etc. Looking back, this may have been the first mistake. . .second mistake was not thoroughly inspecting the unit before I started the replacement. Finished the wiring and was ready to hang it when I noticed that the red reset button was missing. A further look found it wired and actually floating around inside the unit. Looks like they failed to mount it, or it broke off. As well as this was packaged, and since the button is recessed, I can only imagine this happened on the assembly line. Next came the scramble to find another unit in the area. . .1 left in another store. Another 30 mile round trip is in my future and this 20 min project will go on for a couple more hours. I should have went with the Waste King unit.
                        Response from InSinkEratorAug 17, 2021
                        Hi Bart, we’re sorry about the frustration that you experienced with your garbage disposer. Having been in business for over 80 years, we always ensure our customers receive a high-quality, long-lasting product. That is why we have stringent quality control measures, plus each disposer is backed by a We Come To You® Limited Warranty. We apologize again for the inconvenience this caused. Your feedback is important to us and will be shared with our disposer team. Should you still need assistance, feel free to reach us at https://support.insinkerator.com/app/ask. We’d be glad to help you!
                          7 found this review helpful
                          Buyer Beware - Poor Quality Control
                          With a family of six and a wife who cooks nearly all meals at home the garbage disposal was critical for our kitchen remodel. Based on reviews and how this is the 'Supreme' I bought it, feeling secure in my choice. Purchased on 7/13/2020 and stopped working on 12/10/2020. Just short of five months. Completely dead. I contacted customer service and they will give you a local number to call and have someone come out and look at it - but if they deem it not a quality issue you're on the hook for the full amount of the service call. Their customer service is done via text so I sent a copy of the receipt and let them know I will not be assuming the unpaid position of quality program coordinator and risk getting stuck with a bill. The same pic is included, the top line item is this disposal. I bought a unit I believed would last years. I'm too busy to deal with all this and will simply buy a better product from another manufacturer. Buyer beware.
                          Response from InSinkEratorDec 16, 2020
                          Hi Drew, thanks for sharing your comments with us. Our quality control team and top-notch engineers are always testing our products to make sure you get the very best quality. If we find a flaw, we fix it and stand behind it. Therefore, we warranty our products for any manufacturing quality issues. In order for the Servicer to properly assess and troubleshoot, the unit needs to be checked to determine the problem and whether or not it is a quality issue. We’re sorry to see you go, but hope you’ll consider InSinkErator again in the future.
                            20 found this review helpful
                            20min installation
                            This replaced a 9yr old 1/2hp badger that came with the house. so installation was a breeze. I was able to use the same sink bracket so it was a direct swap out. I only had to wire the power cable to the garbage disposal (why is this left for me to do??) and cut the new horizontal pipe to fit into the tee.
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